Where do you have to visit in Japan How to plan your trips!

Hey guys! So today we have several super awesome amazing news!! So there's this travel website here in Japan referred to as Odigo and this year they are sending us Kim Dao and Chris Okano to EVERY SINGLE PREFECTURE IN JAPAN. (;) We've split all the prefectures up between us and we can go genuinely ANYWHERE WE WANT to make videos. So if there's an enviornment you guys wanna see us make a video about this year tell us down in the comments because one of us can go there! But that's not the only exciting news! CAT cat… Let me tell you about this secret plan that I had in my brain for the past few years.

I was imagining this massive interactive map of Japan where people would per chance plot out their favored locations and then other people would per chance look at it and use that to get concepts for places to travel in Japan. I'm a very visual person and after i'm planning trips I have to see them plotted out on a map otherwise my brain just can't settle for things. I didn't really have any plans for how I was going to do that, though. And it turns out it doesn't even matter because Odigo already made it! And it is so significantly better than anything I would have been ready to come up with.

So the coolest thing is possible definitely make your trips through this website. You can click on the locations that you want to visit and add it to your trips and then if you click optimize route at the backside it will plan out the quickest route for you between all the places that you want to go. And people can save their trips publicly for everyone to see! So if you don't deserve to create your own trip, possible just browse through the trips that other people have taken. So for example, there are trips like "Best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo" or "Best stationary spots" or "Finest sushi restaurants".

Or right here is our Fox Village and Cat Island trip that we took last year! If you want to visit all the places that we went in Tohoku, possible just click on our trip (which I will link to in the description box down below). And it is already planned out for you. They're in the methodology of updating the website so they'll have even more helpful stuff coming soon. So like instantly I can't definitely plot out times for you to depart the two location or anything.

But once they update we'll be ready to do that so possible literally just plan out your entire itinerary through this website. If you favor our trip possible either copy the entirety to your profile yourself, or just copy certain locations like if you just want to visit Fox Village but don't care about this park. There are so many different ways possible search for places to go through  this website. Like exploring by prefecture, or exploring the map, or exploring by form of location, or by trips.

And it is all completely free! They're still adding things to the website so feel free to leave your reviews on different places or if there's a spot that's not on the map yet that you want them to add, then send it to them through feedback and they will check out to get it up there. But anyway, I am just SO EXCITED. Because this is like the website that I had been secretly envisioning for so long and it is definitely a thing! And I think it is going to be so incredibly helpful for those who find themselves planning their trips to Japan. We get questions from people all the time who want us to aid them plan out their trips to Japan and it is a really difficult thing to do.

So having people share their trips with the two other I just really think this is going to be super useful for you guys. So test it out if you want to down in the description box below! And I am SO EXCITED that they are sending us all the way through Japan!! Like I can't even believe this remains happening? I don't even know how we got here in our lives?? But it is all due to you guys that we're even in this position. So we are SO grateful for you always supporting us because now we have an opportunity like this. We're just really grateful to you guys.

So thank you so much for supporting us! And please let us know if there's somewhere you guys want us to go down in the comments because we wish to educate you guys what you want to see! Our first trip is to Hokkaido and northern Tohoku and that's already planned out but all over the place else remains open. So yeah, let us know!! And thank you guys for watching! I'll see you later! BYEEEE..

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