Weve Now Spent $77 MILLION On Trumps Golf Trips

The taxpayers of the United States have now
spent a grand total of 77 million bucks for Donald Trump, the President of the United
States, to play golf. Most of that fee used to be spent right here in
the United States at Donald Trump's own golf lessons. Some of that used to be spent overseas at Donald
Trump's own golf lessons. 77 Million.

300 Thousand of that 77 million used to be only for
golf cart rental here at Trump properties in the United States. 300 Thousand bucks because the clubs that
this man owns are charging the Secret Service to rent his golf carts. Now, I've under no circumstances purchased a golf cart, but
I could imagine that it would maybe have just been inexpensive for the Secret Service to
buy their own golf carts and drive those around to guard the president, but that's no longer the
issue here. The biggest issue is the assertion that Donald
Trump is charging his own government for him to play golf at his own resorts and then he
gets to keep off the profits off of that because he still owns those organizations.

Brought up a factor, and I'm going to bring
it up again, and I will continue bringing it up because it is vitally beneficial: They made
Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm because they didn't need him making any fee off
the assertion that he used to be president but still owned a undertaking. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes in spending our
tax bucks at his own golf lessons and pocketing the profits off of that. 77 Million bucks, and he gets the profits
off of it. At the same time, Fox News is dead silent
about this issue.

Yet, each time, once a month, Barack Obama
went to play golf, they would run segments on it for a week speakme about how lazy and
incompetent he used to be. Donald Trump has spent one-third of his presidency
at a Trump-branded property. He's spent one-fourth of his presidency on
a Trump-owned golf course. There is no comparison.

He's spent more on vacations already than
Barack Obama did in eight years, and we're the ones who pay for that. We're paying for it at a time when this administration,
the Republicans in D.C., Tell us we have got to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
after-university applications, trainer pay, infrastructure spending. We have to cut all that because there's no
more fee to head around. But this incompetent buffoon we have got in
the White House, yeah, we shall in finding 77 million bucks to guard him while he performs golf.

If you don't think that's a trouble, then
you, personally, are part of the trouble. Government wastes fee. Yeah, they do. We're losing a ton of cash with this increased
military budget on issues we don't need just to keep off defense contractors fat and satisfied;
but there is not any logical or cheap explanation why we need to be spending 77 million bucks
over the span of 19 months for the President of the United States to play golf, let by myself
the assertion that he gets to keep off those profits.

Something is wrong here, and this is the sort
of thing that are supposed to, years ago, would've definitely been the quite thing that could have
derailed a presidency; but these days, Republicans just think it's Donald Trump doing what he
does ultimate and taking day off after making America original again. He is scamming you. He is scamming every single individual that will pay
taxes in the United States. If you don't care about that, then I'm afraid
there's no hope for you whatsoever..

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