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Hey Guys! So have you noticed? We are so close to 700K Subscribers! Which is incredible! I am super excited! In case you haven't subscribed yet do it immediately! Okay? Most individuals go for vacations at some component in life Vacations are very imperative, else we'll be jacked! So, how are family vacations? And how are vacations with friends? They shall be extremely choice So, permit's watch how these two are! I don't perceive why I find yourself taking work on Sundays. I'm so irritated Is this what life is? Even before I finish the grocery shopping the weekend is over! I don't even my personal time. Even if I think I'll chill after work, I don't find yourself going out If I sit at domestic I get bored I'll want do something and I don't comprehend what it's far. I'll want to eat something and don't comprehend what I feel like I am missing something in life, but I don't comprehend what it's far.

Because I'm running this Sunday, I'll take an off on Friday and chill this weekend I'll just chill. I need a break badly. Let's do one thing… Let's go out for a few days You'll get some peach of intellect Okay? It shall be like a break for you too Where? We will go to Tirupati Ma…

Please… You will feel suited after darshanam You are saying that you miss something. It will support you find that. Neha, Look there once What do you see? What? It's a frame Not the frame.

See the content inside it Okay Everyone is completing books and we didn't even comprehensive first line in the first page Hey! I already completed half of of the ebook This woman progressively talks out of context I am not talking about this ebook If the word is a ebook… Then we haven't traveled in any respect. Dude! We need to trip ya The individuals are age are traveling in each single place the international Don't even comprehend where they are and their names accurately And the ensuing we live in a similar town for years together. We maintain travelling between Ameerpet and Hitec town Let's go somewhere ya Tell me about it Even my boss is being a pain…

Lets go! Correct Let's go somewhere Where though? GOA!!!! Why examine this now… Let's go trip and examine the ebook  for international Hello! Padma My woman has holidays from Friday to Sunday So we thought we'll come to Tirupati You are not living there anymore? Oh! When did this take place? Okay. I will call you later. Convey my wishes to my brother She is not living there it seems What do we do? Oh! That's sad It's okay, we shall plan it once aunty comes back Don't worry Don't give me excuses now! I've been planning this for a prolonged time now All of you progressively have excuses! Now we just have to go I will ask your dad to ebook a hotel for us No need! I will ebook on Trivago What is it? That's a firm Lot of hotels are located for online booking right? So, these hotels are located on choice websites with choice charges to ebook Trivago compares all those charges and shows us the finest price to ebook a similar hotel If they are exhibiting those many hotels and charges, it must be high priced Agents take money, but Trivago would not Is it free? Can we trust them? Who will do that without cost? Show me! Look Everyone uses it Ma! I don't comprehend all of that.

I will call your dad There are lot of reviews the ensuing describing the experience there. We can examine those reviews and select our hotel Oh! This is horny in announcement! What's the name once greater? Trivago! I can't think you're so smart. I'll tell Padma Aunty furthermore They are furthermore planning to trip I'll ask them to inspect it out Mom, I'm booking a hotel near the airport Why close to the airport? Take one close to the temple Okay finished. Okay…

Booking… Guys! Let's ebook our hotels from Trivago Otherwise, it'll be high priced. Hotels will cost us so much if we go and ask them there Ya man, Trivago has the beat deals. Ayyy! Filters! So, I'm hanging 3000 per night That's suited no? Tell me what you would like! Free Wifi Okay Pool! Beach view! Free Breakfast I'm booking this one Yaa! Yes! This looks wonderful! This is such a useful deal! Set weekend! I'm booking this! Looks horny! Booked! Send me the money! I'm nonetheless going through stuff What all are you packing? Are you packing decent clothes! What do you mean by decent, Mom! Something a little modest! Not like the clothes you wear at domestic Ma, I'll wear modest clothes only.

Tell me what you're packing… Two salwar suits… We're going to Sarala Aunty's house right? Wear something wonderful there furthermore! Will you wear the half of sari that I got stitched? Why don't I wear a grand sari instead! Do you be anticipating me to wear it then? Why did you get it finished? Did I ask you to stitch t? Did I even ask for it. You got it in your possess accord! It is bedazzled! It's don't like it in any respect! Keep three pairs of wonderful clothes and three time-honored clothes and give it to me I'll maintain all of it in a bag Why do we need two bags! I need to maintain my lipsticks, lotions and shampoos, right? I don't you it's not mandatory right? Listen to me Learn to listen Get it and come, i am going to maintain it in my bag Why lug two bags unnecessarily? Won't the flight get heavy? Night wear? Check.

Swimsuit? Check Jacket? Check Body lotion? Check! I'm packed! Enough space for two bottles furthermore! Done… What is that? Everything has to fight, right? What all have you packed? Filp Flops, Umbrella, Sandles Everything I have packed I even packed a mosquito coil There are tons of mosquites Here is my luggage! Is this woman shifting to Goa? Is this all you're carrying? I'll store there ya! You comprehend why your bag is so small? Cause I am carrying each little thing you're not… Paste, shampoo, etc Just because I get each little thing you will took me for granted! Let's see what happens when you ask me for something Okay guys… Chill chill chill…

Both of you pack your bags… Don't fight unnecessarily.. Like Farhan Aktar and Hrithik Roshan In Zindagi Melegi Na Doobara So all of you guys are finished packing right? By what time are we reaching there? We will reach until eventually morning 6:30 Morning 6:30! Okay the hotel individuals are sending us  a car right? Yeah they told that they would be sending They already shared the number, I will call them once we reach Send the number to me too, Write down the number in a paper What if the phone battery dies? Okay. I'll write it down Else, ask him to jot down our names and grasp a placard! We need Ladu's and Vada's right? Ask your dad to get his friends to send it to us We have to give it to everyone Otherwise individuals won't like it Did you take a print out of the ticket? You are not searching for a print out.

You can just show it on the phone What will you lose if you take a print out? I don't comprehend why she is over reacting I'll send Ajju for it. Good. Take a print and maintain it safe We are carrying an replacement bag for Ladu We already packed no? Did you ebook VVIP Darshan? No. It's VIP.

I knew that you guys would do this No Sense only! Because we have an early morning flight… I'm packing Lime rice and curd rice in case we get hungry It's improved than feeling hungry… And meals on the flight is highly high priced I thoroughly forgot… Your dad has gone to the supermarket…

Call him quickly He calls for to get lemon Let's carry it Else I feel very uncomfortable When the flight takes off and lands You furthermore feel pukish Let's carry it for safety I examine an article… It's horny 10 things you must do in Goa I shared it with you guys on the Whats app community We'll be there for two days no? One day we'll go clubbing Next day we'll do seaside and chill View Crazy Both of you go run circular the seaside or whereever you would like I'm going to sit on the shack with a ebook and cocktail We need to take photographs for Instagram… We progressively forget Neha, don't forget to get your camera Also, permit's go to Panjim there shall be colourful homes They'll glance wonderful in photographs Has everyone waxed? I got mine finished this day Don't forget sunscreen, minimum SPF 40 I want to are trying water sports ya. Never tried it until eventually date I have to meet one of my friends who stays there We have to go to that fort ya.

Can't take note of the name… It's in the film Dil Chatha Hai… Let's go there Get bodywash You're carrying toothpaste no? Carry a spare brush furthermore I can't wait to eat that sea meals. Let's Chill I don't think we should plan Do you take note of the quote we examine on the beginning? The international is ebook and people who don't trip examine only a page That capability that we should Travel and write the ebook And not write the ebook after which trip So permit's not plan permit's just chill Why are you dressed like a clown? We are leaving tomorrow not this day What do you mean by calling me a clown? Our bag is already full Let's wear this over our clothes and go So our bags will weigh lesser If you would like any sweater or anything don't leave it in the bag Just wear the complete heavy stuff These are all tricks, you do not perceive.

You noob. What time is our flight? 6:30 AM. What time do we have to get to the airport then? 5:45 Will be suited What do you mean by 5:45? They say you have to be there two hours earlier and you're saying an hour Nothing doing. Let's start by 1 Will you go and blank the airport at 1? Don't act smart with me This isn't a joke We ought to be there by 5:45.

Wake up at 5. Get waiting by 5:15 and reach by 5:45 They have basically mentioned that we ought to be there 2 and hour hours earlier Do you have any problem in being early? And you just want to go in the nick of time I want the window seat! I need to sit there and take tons of photos Our neighbor was exhibiting off the other day like we never sat in a flight Only we take the photographs it'll feel like we traveled That's what everyone thinks these days Hello Yes, I'm coming. The cab is the ensuing… I wonder where these guys are Phone! Crap! Hello Jahnavi! I'm starting my cab is furthermore the ensuing You furthermore start! I'm going to the washroom first.

Jahnavi I'll call you! Come quickly! How's my airport glance! Only if we reach on time you can flaunt your airport glance Hello Where are you guys? I'll reach the airport in 5 We'll be there in 5 minutes Seriously? You're in the lift? Jahnavi do not get tensed! If we are late we don't have to stand in line They will take us in like VIPs Okay. Start quickly! Cab has arrived? Yes! Okay come! Apart from coming late.. She has some nonsense overall sense furthermore So this is the way it's far when i trip with mom my and friends! So you guys tell me how your experiences has been with your mom and friends in the comment section! And if you're planning a trip and searching for hotels! Trivago is the site for you! It compares the charges and presents you the finest deals for hotels! Also, Happy tripping, take care and see you will subsequent Wednesday! Also don't forget to subscribe! We are very close to 700K..

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