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Hello, busy american residents! Hit the bell icon and not miss any update
from me. Yours on the entire, Mahatalli. Jahnavi, shall we move to Goa
for my bachelorette occasion? We've been to Goa for my bachelorette occasion
and you are saying we deserve to maneuver again? Are you planning on
making Goa your 2d dwelling? Where else can we move?
– There tonnes of other cool locations in India. We can move to Gokarna or to Bangalore
or to Mysore or to Ooty or to Kochi or to Humpi or to Bhubaneshwar or to Jammu or to Kashmir
or to Jaipur or to another place but Goa.

I need to attempt new locations.
Hell with your obsession with Goa. I get to resolve for my bachelorette occasion.
– Make it a solo occasion then. Click only pics, not a video.
I would not have american residents to realize I'm only pretending. People would've guessed that my feet
don't touch the bottom.

Stop it atleast now. Jones, where are you?
I've been waiting for you forever. I'm proper next to you?
– Screw you for losing my cellular balance. What is wrong with this place?
– What is wrong? Look at this deposit of filth.
Seems like no grownup takes 'Swatch Bharat' significantly.

Indians in no way take cleanliness significantly.
– Of course, not. Mawlynnong is favourite for its cleanliness.
– Where is it? In Hong Kong? You're asking so on account that Mawlynnong
rhymes with Hong Kong? It is near Cherrapunji.
– What is Cherrapunji? A magic spell? It is an quarter in Meghalaya. Of course, I know Meghalaya.
It is a mountain diversity, proper? The mountain diversity is named Himalayas
which is a few 700kms transparent of Meghalaya. Don't you know about Meghalaya and all?
– Of course, I know.

Let's move now. Jahnavi, I'm going to Goa this August.
– You're entering into the course of the off season. What is that?
– During off season, Goa would be pretty. Neither would there be any crowd nor any shacks.
– Shit! I already paid for the tickets.

Alright. Maybe I'll have to be content drapery
with taking selfies on the ocean coast. December is appropriate for vacations.
I've planned a vacation to Leh this December. December is off season for Leh.
It'd be highly bloodless their in December.

He'll lift four rugs with him.
– I'll have to boost four more I wager. Serves you proper. How can you be so senseless
while planning vacations? I'm vacationing to Europe this December.
– It is off season for Europe too. Maybe that's why air fares were so cost-favourable.
– You guys could well've consulted me.

Or which it's essential to well've googled it. Jahnavi, I'm going on a honeymoon.
– Nice. Where to? You counsel me where.
– Are you planning to exit of India? Yes, I am.
– Would you prefer beaches or hills? Anything would do.
– Head for Croatia. My company say it is striking.

Croatia. The name sounds cool.
– The first song from the movie 'Tamasha' was shoot there, at white sand sea coast.
– Sounds striking! Or try visiting Turkey?
– Turkey? You imply the bird? No. The movie 'Dookudu' was fast there.
– Yes, now I do not forget. In case you trip at Spain, move to Barcelona.
– My wife won't like me going to bars.

I talked about Barcelona. It is favourite for its shape.
– Is that an quarter? In the movie 'Iddarammayilatho',
the metropolis where Allu Arjun lives in and plays violin is Barcelona. Jahnavi, I'm hungry. What do we order?
– It's upto you.

I'll order Hyderabadi Dum Biryani.
– Cool. You know, Biryani isn't a Hyderabadi dish.
It is a Persian delicacy. 'Biryan' in Persian means
to fry formerly cooking. Mumtaz Mahal, one wife
of the Mughal Emporer Shah Jahan loved Biryani.

And so she is the only
who brought Biryani to India. Most of the delicacies we appreciate
are from Middle East, like Shawarma, Samosa etc. Infact, they call it Sambosa.
But, it is all cool. Biryani being made in Hyderabad
might also be called Hyderabadi Biryani.

I was only telling you
some enjoyable facts. When would we attain there?
– By 8AM. Is your aunt cool about us coming over?
– Of course. But hers is a small place.

So, we're going to have to sleep on the couch.
– I don't even mind slumbering on the surface. Infact, I'm even used
to slumbering in tents while vacationing locations. Okay. I get it.
'What a categorical off.' Jahnavi, he's Bhanu from Orissa.
Today is his first day at work.

Are you from Bhubaneshwar?
Your place ought to be pretty with reference to Puri temple. I've been there. It is so pretty.
That is a sun temple. Infact, I can communicate
some Odiya myself.

No. I can not communicate Odiya.
I just picked up some traces. Would you please shut up? Jahnavi, what nonsense is happening?
Do you ever take your job significantly? I'll have to fireplace you
if this retains. Is this what you're hear for?
Do you even know your job title? I would not have to do that
but you will be asked to leave.

Gau, I'm taking two days off.
Apply for sick leave on my behalf. 'Won't it bring about any problems?'
– I don't care if it'd. How could well she yell at me formerly each and every grownup
with out reference to me being a unconditionally difficult employee? 'Take it simple, Jahnavi.
She in spite of the entire lot is your senior.' I don't care. I'm leaving.
I'll be again only when I experience want to.

'Where are you going?'
– I'm going to the Himalayas. Jahnavi, my family unit and I are vacationing
to Mauritius. I purchased a equipment for Rs. 50,000.

We'd be taken to solely the several beaches
via the tour guides. And then to the traveler spots. Breakfast and explicit day out fares
are included. It is gratifying of air fares even though.

Don't you check out it is so cool?
– Only Rs. 50,000? Isn't it so cost-favourable?
– Yeah. I imply, yeah, Rs 50,000 might also be cost-favourable. Isn't that a scouse borrow?
– Here is my trouble with equipment tours.

Why deserve to the guides
resolve our itinerary? Why deserve to we shop on with an itinerary
even if we are vacationing? Purpose of vacationing is to spot locations.
I'd rather move to put and identify the place like the method
I need to all via myself. Don't you check out which is the entire factor
of vacationing? To experience the place you're at. But, yeah, Rs. 50,000
Seems like a scouse borrow.

Jahnavi, what all do you were given
for your bucket list? I need to day out to 30 countries
formerly I turn 30. I need to day out to Ladakh on a motorbike.
I need to day out an quarter with no cash on me. I need to bungee start out,
scuba dive and sky dive. I'm in genuine statement a mountain grownup.

I need to rearrange a tent
on a mountain and stay there on my own. I forever sought after to maneuver on an all girls day out.
It'd be so much enjoyable. Of course, all my company including me
have were given married. But still, at some factor in all probability I'd day out with them.

Not to Goa.
But to some place brilliant. I need to day out with no ticket
and share a meal with overall strangers. I need to run
with out paying for my meals. I need to be on a cruise.
I need to day out from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

Alright, I get.
Be cool. I do want to day out.
But there may be assorted forms concerned. I'd signal on you if you do
all of the paper work. I love my residence.
That's why I don't day out.

I'm too scared to day out.
What if there may be an earthquake or Tsunami or Volcano? Hyderabad is the most nontoxic.
– What about the floods of Nizampet. I don't remain in Nizampet. My body can not adjust to the waters
of another place. Also, I don't want to apply the bedrooms
and washrooms of hotels and motels.

Travelling is past me.
Also, I prefer my residence over anything else. And I can not day out
with teams either. But, would you mind
obtaining me some stuff for me. Even the elements
influences me lots.

Visas and air fares
are moreover so dear. I would not have economies
of other countries to grow as a influence of me. So, that's that. Travelling is intensely important.
There are instances when we identify no objective in life.

Travelling would assist in such instances.
Movies say so and I concur. Anyways, I wager you all
could well relate with this video. I hope you all had enjoyable
watching this episode. Bye for now!.

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