(Surfer dude) If I would might often be time-cross from aspect to aspect,
I'd comparatively cross again in time to eat my lunch all yet again. (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (Movie narrator)
Project Almanac, rated PG-13. In theaters January thirtieth. – (Actress) Whoa-ho!
– (Actor #1) What the hell is that? – (Actor #1) Here we cross.
Project Almanac…

..Temporal region prototype?
What does that mean? It skill time cross from aspect to aspect. (Actor #1) We might still effort to build it. (Actor #2) You guys are crazy.
We cannot build a time computer. Yeah, there is not any manner a grownup
can make a time computer that speedy.

What the hell is that? It's a time computer, duh. Yeah, that "time computer"
is never necessarily gonna work. (Zapping) Yeah, there is not any manner a grownup
can make a time ma– (yelping) I simply went again in time
and punched you within of the balls! (Gasping) That… Is greater amazing! Dude, we've got to use this aspect
to do right kind concerns.

Hey, Anthony, are you succesful to cross? (Chocolaty voice) Yes, my candy. Okay, what the hell
turned into that deep voice approximately? (Sighs) Okay, dude,
on every celebration I get apprehensive, I kinda birth to sound
like Darth Vader, alright? Look, I in actual fact want your guiding precept.
This is gonna be our 2nd date. Our first date turned into fricking lousy, and this time I in actual fact want
to provoke her. Oh.

I consider I recognize a demeanour to make sure
she'll be stimulated. Oh, ah, sharp!
This is sharp. But then my mother eats all of the sandwich
previous to I would might often be tell her, "Hey, that, uh, that seriously is never mayonnaise– – Mayonnaise, yeah.
– On that sandwich, so don't eat…" So, um, what kind of concerns
do you appearance for in a grownup? Channing Tatum. I mean, he's now now not buff like that,
nevertheless with his muscle groups…

(Grunts) Then…Hell no. Ow. (Zapping) (zapping) – (Ian grunts)
– What the hell?! Now cross like that.
You'll thank me later. What? So…(Grunts)…

What do you in entire appearance
for in a grownup? – Well…Really,
– (loud clattering) what I appearance for in a grownup is intelligence. It's funny you say that,
'trigger an basic volume of oldsters say I'm kind of intelleginant. (Chuckles) Oh! (Zapping) (grunts) Yeah, you do not need that anymore. – What?
– Study up! Okay.

Oh. The erector spinae muscle groups connect
to the fifth lumbar vertebrae? So helium walks related into a bar,
and then the bartender says, "Sorry, we do not serve
noble gases related here." (Snickers) He doesn't react. (Giggles) – (heavy respiration)
– (zapping) Oh god, I went manner too far again. I'll simply get back
in, like, 5 minutes.

(Grunting) – (video sport) Keep rubbing the chook.
– (Anthony grunts) Good job. (Zapping) You'll thank me later,
and, uh, simply do this diversified aspect within of the shower from now on, please. Thanks. (Zapping) Whew.

Excuse me, sir,  not sit related here
deliberating that you are now now not dining no matter what. Yeah, I am. That's a serviette, sir! Fine! (Zapping) (zapping) (drugs scatter) Excuse me, sir,  not… – (Whimpering) You cannot…
– Is some factor flawed? I cannot what? You cannot…

Oh, oh god! (Yelping) What if I modified her
to be greater like Anthony? (Zapping) By the manner, I in actual fact like your shirt. Thanks. So what do you consider
of the demonstrate Gotham? I love Gotham. – (Zapping)
– I watch it once rapidly.

– (Zapping)
– I hate Gotham. Oh my god, me too! – What's your most stylish band?
– Maroon 5. – (Zapping)
– Jonas Brothers. – (Zapping)
– Chunky McButtons and the Hip-Happy Howdy Gang.

I don't even recognize who the f*ck that is. – (Zapping)
– Taylor Swift. Meh, near adequate. So do you, uh, wanna
head again to my location? Okay.

Sweet! All glorious, hey, I'll meet
you glorious out entrance, 'kay? – I gotta poop.
– (Girl) Okay. You are formally the biggest
time-travelling wing man ever. Aw, thanks, man. – (Zapping)
– (man) Wait! Who the hell are you?! I'm you from the fate
and if Anthony doesn't get back with me within of the intervening time, and as an opportunity
chooses to make out with that tremendous-scorching lady,
the international as we comprehend it would conclusion! Yeah, I kinda in actual fact, in actual fact wanna
make out with her, so…Yeah, I'm simply gonna cross do this.

See you guys later. What? Heh, I comparatively would've accomplished
an analogous aspect. Yeah, me too. (Anthony) Hey, guys, thanks
so heaps for trying to search out.

If you would might often be now now not tell already,
we were parodying the film Project Almanac,
so be sure you're taking a gain knowledge of about that film trailer by way of clicking
the video on the glorious, within of the intervening time. (Actor) We're rolling again
to the starting. It would might often be kill you! It's the only manner to cease
all this from occurring. Don't shoot! (Gunfire) (Anthony) And to work out a longer winding up
for this video, and bloopers, click the video on the left.

Yeah, there is not any–(groans) I'm simply kidding. (Laughter) (Anthony) And if you
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