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What is up, guys? It's Holly, and can we just take a moment to look at my blouse? This isn't very a coincidence! I'm going to give you a little little bit of a backstory. When I was 8 I fell in love with a calendar. My sister had it, and it had 12 beautiful,
stunning photographs of Santorini. I told myself as an 8 year ancient, "I will go there one day.

This is happening.
I can't let this one slide." Let's fast forward about 15 years I was in college and I was out my favorite store at the time Urban Outfitters and I saw this blouse and I notion you recognize what Holly you must buy for that that you are able to hold it at the forefront of your mind I've never been like a vision board person but I. Guess I subscribe to that belief to a certain extent without even knowing it because yes I wanted to remind myself Santorini is something that must manifest do not lose sight of it and so whenever I'd wear the blouse, it would be on my mind. Trust me, whenever I'd wash my garments I was aware that Santorini was behind my mind and it had to manifest one day well and also you are able to think about where this is going finally that day has come! In a couple of days my husband and I are taking off for our honeymoon.

I would say it's a little bit late but better late than never, right? We're finally going on that Europe trip that everybody goals about or maybe not everyone but we indeed have for a very long time! So, yes, I wanted to proportion the great news with you guys but most all, I wanted to give you something that you'll perhaps income from and apply in your life and use to make your own adventures manifest in the only manner probable. So I notion I would proportion all the apps and websites that we observed enormously helpful
for the duration of the planning process. Are you guys ready to get this started? The first device I'm going to recommend is known as Google Flights, and most of you have possibly heard of it. What I in point of fact like about Google Flights is that it's helpful for the duration of the brainstorming time when you might be not sure where you will want to go, but maybe you recognize exactly what days you have off, or maybe a vice versa: you recognize you will want to go to Aruba, but you might be not sure when.

That's exactly what we did a couple years ago. We realized that flights to Aruba in April were enormously low priced, and so we had't in point of fact sensible Aruba per se we also know that it was a beautiful exotic beach and we were like, Why not? Obviously, that's right up our ally, and we observed incredibly within your budget tickets for the duration of an mind-blowing time of year when there's sun, and it isn't very too incredibly touristy. It was fabulous! So, you are able to navigate around by just clicking on the map and see for the duration of a certain time period, ooh! How much would it charge to go to Istanbul? Or Manila? Or, vice versa, you are able to say, I in point of fact want to go to Honolulu. How much would it charge to go in April versus October? Super helpful device, once more, for planning when you might be not kind of sure where you're going or when you're going to go.

Next, I'm going to recommend the app called Hopper. It's acquired a little bunny hopping around on it, and with reference to what this app does is it takes into account the fact that prices fluctuate and when you buy a price tag does matter. I know that quite a few sites, when you go in to buy for a price tag they'll are trying to strain you by saying Oo this still gained't last long! Or Last flight left! And you end up buying something that's going to
eventually go down [price clever]. Well, what Hopper does, is it has all these algorithms, and it knows the patterns, and it with reference to will tell you, Hey! Right now, trips to Indianapolis are costing $800.

If you wait two months
it may still go down not less than $150. And then, the cool thing is it is going to really send you an alert when it is time to buy for. I've saved hundreds of greenbacks by the use of Hopper and by being patient. You can't stress out and think oh my goodness! I haven't purchased my price tag yet, and it's coming up in two months! It's okay.

Airlines play with delivery and demand. They know that plenty of people are responsible and they're buying three months in advance, so that's when they're going to have
the price tag prices a lot top. Three months before the actual date. Maybe two months, or one month
before, it's going to go down.

Not consistently! That's what we have Hopper. Actually, Hopper is what helped us find
our first price tag from Houston to Athens. I had seen it for like nine hundred dollars, and rapidly I acquired a notification saying that it was around $630 and I was like, Holla! Let's do that! And here's a gratuitous tip for you guys: if you will want to go to a space like Santorini do not just go and search flights to Santorini. They're going to be up the wall! What I observed was a $1500 and it obviously stopped off in Athens, but what I ended up locating is manner better and also you guys are going to find out why.

The next website I'm going to recommend is known as Kiwi.Com. Now, this was a godsend. I was in the hunt for multiple one-manner flights within Europe, and what Kiwi.Com allowed me to do, was to look at a calendar and say, okay, If I'm trying to fly from Athens to Santorini on, you recognize, this Sunday, it's going to charge $75 for that one-manner flight If I go on Monday it's going to be $85.
Okay, let's do Sunday.

Then, how about Santorini to Paris? Ooh! That one-manner flight is
going to charge $100 on Thursday, but if I go on Wednesday, it's going to be only $72. Okay, let's do Wednesday. And that's how we piece mutually our itinerary, and we're stopping in Santorini, Paris, Rome, and Athens. And guess how much payments I paid for all of those one-manner trips within Europe.

Three hundred and thirty dollars. Can you believe it? So, as opposed to paying $1,500 to go to Santorini we're paying less than 1000 per person to go to Athens Santorini Paris Rome and back to Athens and back to Houston! Yessss! Kiwi.Com. Now I will say we're arriving at some in point of fact weird times sometimes around 11 p.M. Sometimes like 7 a.M.

But, you recognize what? It's all worth it, and it's all going to add to the adventure. The next application I'm going to recommend is Airbnb, and I'm pretty sure, once more, most of you guys have heard of Airbnb. What I love about it, is that it connects usual individuals who proportion a keenness for travel. Most people that host on Airbnb love traveling, love the city they're in, and they'll go
above and beyond for you.

My recommendation for the use of Airbnb would with reference to be to find a couple of homes that
fit within your parameters- that are within your budget, in a good neighborhood, in the city that you're going to visit. Then shoot out a couple of messages to the hosts, introduce yourself, tell them how excited you might be to, you recognize, go visit their city and see how they respond to you. If they're very robotic and it turns out automated, you would possibly not want to stay with them. If it's someone that in point of fact turns out like they took the time to write you back, and they're excited about having you, and they're going above and beyond telling you about how they can pick you up
from the airport, things like this, entirely, that's your person.

That's how we chose our host in Rome. He's going to pick us up at the airport at 11:00 p.M. We're going to avoid all of the metro mess and trying to find a taxi and paying up the wall and, you recognize, all of that inconvenience. It'll just be in point of fact good to arrive in Rome, run into the individual that we need to run into, and then have him take us straight to our destination with no questions asked.

He also said he is going to get us tickets to the Vatican, I think he said, where we do not have to wait in line and they're less pricey
than what your average Joe pays, so we're in point of fact excited about that. That's the cool thing about Airbnb. It's humans connecting
with humans through technology. The next app I want to recommend to you guys I only realized this last week,
and I think it's mind-blowing.

It's called Google trips. I know,
everything's Google, right? Basically, you download this app, and then you're going to link it to your email, and if you're one of those responsible people that get all your itinerary sent to a identical email, then good on you! But scan this out: it's going to scan all your emails, and find anything travel related- any reservations for plane tickets, or maybe for a hotel or a rental automobile and it's going to put them all in one convenient space, so you are able to go in here and say, Oh, there are my trips! Trip to Santorini: What is it picking up here? Let's go to reservation.  Oh, it knows where I'm staying. Mmm-hmm you are able to click on that and see facts.

You can also click things to do and it is going to tell you, Oh, in Santorini you do not need to overlook the caldera. It has a five-star review, or the red beach, or the Santa Wines Winery. I mean, they have all sorts of tips about every single destination. You can save distinct places that interest you, and also you are able to even make it available offline, so that when you're traveling abroad, you do not necessarily have to have your cell phone provider switched on.

Incredibly convenient, being able to get admission to your flight reservations from one hub.
I love it! The next website I want to recommend
is known as Utrip.Com, and it's a large space to get suggested in your trip. So, for example, we're going to several extremely popular cities, including Paris. So, if I go on here and write Paris, they have a whole wealth of tips
gathered for me. They have featured trips, they have must-see adventures, art, cuisine, culture, eating, entertainment, events, history, landmarks, museums, nature, nightlife, I mean, the list goes on! Depending on what you're involved by and how much time you have, they can in point of fact let you craft an mind-blowing itinerary, or if you do not need it to be too based, you are able to not less than get inspiration on what to look, where to go, and when.

The last website I want to recommend is known as vayable.Com- vayable not feasible, and with reference to it's a space where you are able to discover unique experiences sold by local insiders. So, the cool thing about this is it's very Airbnb-like,
but like next level. You've acquired individuals who love the city they live in, know a lot about it, and wish to proportion those insights with individuals who are visiting. How cool is that, right? So, for example, we have a scout for street art in the city of San Francisco, where you walk around and just scan out beautiful graffitti.

Or this Paris images walking tour , where you get to dangle out
with informed photographer and walk all around Paris and see all of the distinct landmarks from super mind-blowing angles with his artistic eye and his input- I mean, how cool is that? Or what about learning to eat like a neighborhood in Paris? Who wouldn't want to eat like a neighborhood? I just love technology helping us meet people
we would never have met otherwise. It's so mind-blowing, I mean, if any of you live in a city that you in point of fact love, and would love to display, off I'm sure you'll perhaps sign up here and be like Oh, these are all the places you are able to do… Gymnastics in Miami! So, yeah, needless to say,
I'm pretty excited about that site and I'm going to click around and see if there's any tours that we want to take anyone's offer up on. Anyways, which may be the end of my list! By the time you guys watch this video, I will be far far away! Thank you guys for joining me, and if you will want to follow my adventures
on my social networks, I will link them all here! I possibly gained't be uploading too much, but you recognize, I'll proportion the occasional picture, because I just gained't be able to resist! I've been dreaming about this for months! Alright, gotta go pack.

Bye, guys! What you're excited about seeing…. The next applic uh..

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