Where do you have to visit in Japan How to plan your trips!

Hey guys! So today we have several super awesome amazing news!! So there's this travel website here in Japan referred to as Odigo and this year they are sending us Kim Dao and Chris Okano to EVERY SINGLE PREFECTURE IN JAPAN. (;) We've split all the prefectures up between us and we can go genuinely ANYWHERE WE WANT to make videos. So if there's an enviornment you guys wanna see us make a video about this year tell us down in the comments because one of us can go there! But that's not the only exciting news! CAT cat… Let me tell you about this secret plan that I had in my brain for the past few years.

I was imagining this massive interactive map of Japan where people would per chance plot out their favored locations and then other people would per chance look at it and use that to get concepts for places to travel in Japan. I'm a very visual person and after i'm planning trips I have to see them plotted out on a map otherwise my brain just can't settle for things. I didn't really have any plans for how I was going to do that, though. And it turns out it doesn't even matter because Odigo already made it! And it is so significantly better than anything I would have been ready to come up with.

So the coolest thing is possible definitely make your trips through this website. You can click on the locations that you want to visit and add it to your trips and then if you click optimize route at the backside it will plan out the quickest route for you between all the places that you want to go. And people can save their trips publicly for everyone to see! So if you don't deserve to create your own trip, possible just browse through the trips that other people have taken. So for example, there are trips like "Best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo" or "Best stationary spots" or "Finest sushi restaurants".

Or right here is our Fox Village and Cat Island trip that we took last year! If you want to visit all the places that we went in Tohoku, possible just click on our trip (which I will link to in the description box down below). And it is already planned out for you. They're in the methodology of updating the website so they'll have even more helpful stuff coming soon. So like instantly I can't definitely plot out times for you to depart the two location or anything.

But once they update we'll be ready to do that so possible literally just plan out your entire itinerary through this website. If you favor our trip possible either copy the entirety to your profile yourself, or just copy certain locations like if you just want to visit Fox Village but don't care about this park. There are so many different ways possible search for places to go through  this website. Like exploring by prefecture, or exploring the map, or exploring by form of location, or by trips.

And it is all completely free! They're still adding things to the website so feel free to leave your reviews on different places or if there's a spot that's not on the map yet that you want them to add, then send it to them through feedback and they will check out to get it up there. But anyway, I am just SO EXCITED. Because this is like the website that I had been secretly envisioning for so long and it is definitely a thing! And I think it is going to be so incredibly helpful for those who find themselves planning their trips to Japan. We get questions from people all the time who want us to aid them plan out their trips to Japan and it is a really difficult thing to do.

So having people share their trips with the two other I just really think this is going to be super useful for you guys. So test it out if you want to down in the description box below! And I am SO EXCITED that they are sending us all the way through Japan!! Like I can't even believe this remains happening? I don't even know how we got here in our lives?? But it is all due to you guys that we're even in this position. So we are SO grateful for you always supporting us because now we have an opportunity like this. We're just really grateful to you guys.

So thank you so much for supporting us! And please let us know if there's somewhere you guys want us to go down in the comments because we wish to educate you guys what you want to see! Our first trip is to Hokkaido and northern Tohoku and that's already planned out but all over the place else remains open. So yeah, let us know!! And thank you guys for watching! I'll see you later! BYEEEE..

Weve Now Spent $77 MILLION On Trumps Golf Trips

The taxpayers of the United States have now
spent a grand total of 77 million bucks for Donald Trump, the President of the United
States, to play golf. Most of that fee used to be spent right here in
the United States at Donald Trump's own golf lessons. Some of that used to be spent overseas at Donald
Trump's own golf lessons. 77 Million.

300 Thousand of that 77 million used to be only for
golf cart rental here at Trump properties in the United States. 300 Thousand bucks because the clubs that
this man owns are charging the Secret Service to rent his golf carts. Now, I've under no circumstances purchased a golf cart, but
I could imagine that it would maybe have just been inexpensive for the Secret Service to
buy their own golf carts and drive those around to guard the president, but that's no longer the
issue here. The biggest issue is the assertion that Donald
Trump is charging his own government for him to play golf at his own resorts and then he
gets to keep off the profits off of that because he still owns those organizations.

Brought up a factor, and I'm going to bring
it up again, and I will continue bringing it up because it is vitally beneficial: They made
Jimmy Carter sell his peanut farm because they didn't need him making any fee off
the assertion that he used to be president but still owned a undertaking. Meanwhile, Donald Trump goes in spending our
tax bucks at his own golf lessons and pocketing the profits off of that. 77 Million bucks, and he gets the profits
off of it. At the same time, Fox News is dead silent
about this issue.

Yet, each time, once a month, Barack Obama
went to play golf, they would run segments on it for a week speakme about how lazy and
incompetent he used to be. Donald Trump has spent one-third of his presidency
at a Trump-branded property. He's spent one-fourth of his presidency on
a Trump-owned golf course. There is no comparison.

He's spent more on vacations already than
Barack Obama did in eight years, and we're the ones who pay for that. We're paying for it at a time when this administration,
the Republicans in D.C., Tell us we have got to cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid,
after-university applications, trainer pay, infrastructure spending. We have to cut all that because there's no
more fee to head around. But this incompetent buffoon we have got in
the White House, yeah, we shall in finding 77 million bucks to guard him while he performs golf.

If you don't think that's a trouble, then
you, personally, are part of the trouble. Government wastes fee. Yeah, they do. We're losing a ton of cash with this increased
military budget on issues we don't need just to keep off defense contractors fat and satisfied;
but there is not any logical or cheap explanation why we need to be spending 77 million bucks
over the span of 19 months for the President of the United States to play golf, let by myself
the assertion that he gets to keep off those profits.

Something is wrong here, and this is the sort
of thing that are supposed to, years ago, would've definitely been the quite thing that could have
derailed a presidency; but these days, Republicans just think it's Donald Trump doing what he
does ultimate and taking day off after making America original again. He is scamming you. He is scamming every single individual that will pay
taxes in the United States. If you don't care about that, then I'm afraid
there's no hope for you whatsoever..

TutorialHow to Use Google Trips

Hey! Hello from a windy San Miguel de Allende,
Mexico. Don't intellect the wind. If you shuttle lots, you is always familiar
with things like TripIt, Kayak Trips, Worldmate, nevertheless I'm really here to run through a newly
recent and larger than ever shuttle app – Google Trips. Google Trips is a free app that not only helps
you manage your air, hotel, ground transportation, and your reservations, nevertheless combines it with
criticism of places to visit and things to do at your destination.

It's unimaginable, and I'll present you just how unimaginable
it is! Let's have a take a look at my preceding trip to Boston. I promise never to do this accent again, I'm
so sorry. We're going to open the map – nope – you're
going to open the app, and click on on Boston. First and foremost, you will see a purple
box labelled "reservations." Right off the bat, Google Trips is going to
aggregate all of your info.

If you have got made a shuttle arrangement using
your gmail tackle, it's going to be here under the "reservations" tab. It will aggregate things like your flights,
hotel, prepare, bus, automobile rentals, restaurants, and you can also well click those legs for precise
details. If you'd like to understand where you're sitting from
Boston to Mexico City, it will pull up things like your confirmation number, your departure
gate, the terminal, your seat number. Because my trip has already handed, those
details aren't any longer here, nevertheless it surely's extraordinarily efficient if you happen to don't desire to dig through your
email tackle to find those confirmations.

Let's say you did not publication something using
your gmail tackle, or in all probability you made a preparations over the cellphone. You can click on this purple plus symbol down
here, and you can also well manually add any details you'd like. Input you automobile rental details and click on save
internal the higher righthand corner. I like to actually use this for notes.

As you can see here, I got tickets to a
Red Sox online game, go Sox. They lost. That's irrelevant nevertheless it surely's OK, I'm over it. It grow to be extraordinarily efficient to positioned the details in
here so I did not need to fish through my email for Stubhub details.

Going back to the homepage, if you happen to look above
reservations, you will see an option to download a map of Boston. You can toggle this button to download the
map, and Google Trips will immediately upload it to Google Maps for you. I love using Google Maps since it gives
me get right of entry to to a urban the 2 online and offline. I don't really need to be connected to wifi
to either see where I'm going or to lookup factors of interest.

Back to the app, less than you'll be able to see things like
"things to do," "food and drink," "getting around." Google really pulls a list of the peak factors
of interest in Boston. You can even click on those things for more
details. So I'm looking at Boston Commons. From here, I can see reviews, a description
of the site, instructions, website, and in some instances, even hours of operation.

It is surely the optimum handy manner to look
up things to do with no need to actually surf the net. It's an identical for "food and drink." Let's say I'm attempting to find a lunch spot, and
Neptune Oyster right off the bat appears pretty solid to me. I can really star this location, and again,
you get hours of operation. I can really read through those reviews
and kind of assess if this is a venue that aligns with places that I like, or things
that I like to do.

By clicking the star, this will immediately
sync with that map of the urban that you have got just prior to now downloaded. So I've just starred Boston Commons, I'm going
to just quickly present you what that appears like. Without having to physically go into – ooh
I by chance un-starred it! Without physically having to open my map and
re-star things, I can just add factors of interest right from the app, which is perfect. As I stated, I have already gone to Boston,
those stars, and hearts, and green areas of interest are things that I starred directly
from the app.

You can see that Neptune Oyster that I just
clicked on for lunch. This is a extraordinarily handy manner to save things
that you're concerned in without, again, having to pass through and manually enter those
details onto the map itself. One of my favorite things that I'd be remiss
if I did not mention is the "getting around" tab. I absolutely love that Google Trips pools
facts about the perfect manner to shuttle contained in the urban that you're in.

For me, I flew into Boston Logan, I had no
inspiration how I grow to be going to get to – I grow to be meeting mates and family. It grow to be smooth enough to click on the app and
see – oh, I can take the subway. It's a blue line that connects
to XYZ and it costs $three. Whether you'd like to take public transportation,
or you'd like to hail a taxi service, Google Maps aggregates – sorry, Google Trips aggregates
everything for you that you can see ok, here's an immense cab company.

If you're driving, driving tips, parking,
adding costs, what it's like to shuttle the urban by motorbike. It's everything you can also well most certainly want to
know about the manner you can get around a particular urban. But in all probability my favorite feature of this app
is the "deserve to understand" area. More regularly than not, I will get to a urban
and feature no inspiration the manner you can call the police, or the manner you can find an ambulance in case of an emergency.

Heaven forbid there is one, nevertheless you can really
just open this app and spot, OK, here's the major hospital, in this article are major pharmacies
internal the urban that I'm in. They contain currency exchange, customs on
tipping, and again, those are things that I don't regularly lookup before I shuttle to a
new urban. I need to, nevertheless I forget those things until
I'm there and it's regularly too late. So are there downsides to using this app? Sure.

The app won't immediately update your details
if you happen to publication something with a non gmail tackle, or if you happen to publication something by cellphone. But again, you just need to manually update
the ones, wow, update the ones details. Not a deal breaker for me, nevertheless I think it's
something you must be acutely aware about. There are quite much of reasons though why I
pick this app over special ones on the market.

It's free, it retailers all my info that I need
in one succinct place, it syncs with Google Maps, which is in depth for me. I use it all the time and it makes it extraordinarily
smooth to plan a trip, and extraordinarily smooth to figure out if the things that I am looking up align
with my pursuits. Let us know if you happen to download the app. If you have got used it, what did you think, what
capabilities did you like, what did not you like? Thanks for watching! I'll wait.

I'll wait for the wind. This is why I don't wear lip gloss outdoor..

Trips – Mom vs FriendsMahathalli

Hey Guys! So have you noticed? We are so close to 700K Subscribers! Which is incredible! I am super excited! In case you haven't subscribed yet do it immediately! Okay? Most individuals go for vacations at some component in life Vacations are very imperative, else we'll be jacked! So, how are family vacations? And how are vacations with friends? They shall be extremely choice So, permit's watch how these two are! I don't perceive why I find yourself taking work on Sundays. I'm so irritated Is this what life is? Even before I finish the grocery shopping the weekend is over! I don't even my personal time. Even if I think I'll chill after work, I don't find yourself going out If I sit at domestic I get bored I'll want do something and I don't comprehend what it's far. I'll want to eat something and don't comprehend what I feel like I am missing something in life, but I don't comprehend what it's far.

Because I'm running this Sunday, I'll take an off on Friday and chill this weekend I'll just chill. I need a break badly. Let's do one thing… Let's go out for a few days You'll get some peach of intellect Okay? It shall be like a break for you too Where? We will go to Tirupati Ma…

Please… You will feel suited after darshanam You are saying that you miss something. It will support you find that. Neha, Look there once What do you see? What? It's a frame Not the frame.

See the content inside it Okay Everyone is completing books and we didn't even comprehensive first line in the first page Hey! I already completed half of of the ebook This woman progressively talks out of context I am not talking about this ebook If the word is a ebook… Then we haven't traveled in any respect. Dude! We need to trip ya The individuals are age are traveling in each single place the international Don't even comprehend where they are and their names accurately And the ensuing we live in a similar town for years together. We maintain travelling between Ameerpet and Hitec town Let's go somewhere ya Tell me about it Even my boss is being a pain…

Lets go! Correct Let's go somewhere Where though? GOA!!!! Why examine this now… Let's go trip and examine the ebook  for international Hello! Padma My woman has holidays from Friday to Sunday So we thought we'll come to Tirupati You are not living there anymore? Oh! When did this take place? Okay. I will call you later. Convey my wishes to my brother She is not living there it seems What do we do? Oh! That's sad It's okay, we shall plan it once aunty comes back Don't worry Don't give me excuses now! I've been planning this for a prolonged time now All of you progressively have excuses! Now we just have to go I will ask your dad to ebook a hotel for us No need! I will ebook on Trivago What is it? That's a firm Lot of hotels are located for online booking right? So, these hotels are located on choice websites with choice charges to ebook Trivago compares all those charges and shows us the finest price to ebook a similar hotel If they are exhibiting those many hotels and charges, it must be high priced Agents take money, but Trivago would not Is it free? Can we trust them? Who will do that without cost? Show me! Look Everyone uses it Ma! I don't comprehend all of that.

I will call your dad There are lot of reviews the ensuing describing the experience there. We can examine those reviews and select our hotel Oh! This is horny in announcement! What's the name once greater? Trivago! I can't think you're so smart. I'll tell Padma Aunty furthermore They are furthermore planning to trip I'll ask them to inspect it out Mom, I'm booking a hotel near the airport Why close to the airport? Take one close to the temple Okay finished. Okay…

Booking… Guys! Let's ebook our hotels from Trivago Otherwise, it'll be high priced. Hotels will cost us so much if we go and ask them there Ya man, Trivago has the beat deals. Ayyy! Filters! So, I'm hanging 3000 per night That's suited no? Tell me what you would like! Free Wifi Okay Pool! Beach view! Free Breakfast I'm booking this one Yaa! Yes! This looks wonderful! This is such a useful deal! Set weekend! I'm booking this! Looks horny! Booked! Send me the money! I'm nonetheless going through stuff What all are you packing? Are you packing decent clothes! What do you mean by decent, Mom! Something a little modest! Not like the clothes you wear at domestic Ma, I'll wear modest clothes only.

Tell me what you're packing… Two salwar suits… We're going to Sarala Aunty's house right? Wear something wonderful there furthermore! Will you wear the half of sari that I got stitched? Why don't I wear a grand sari instead! Do you be anticipating me to wear it then? Why did you get it finished? Did I ask you to stitch t? Did I even ask for it. You got it in your possess accord! It is bedazzled! It's don't like it in any respect! Keep three pairs of wonderful clothes and three time-honored clothes and give it to me I'll maintain all of it in a bag Why do we need two bags! I need to maintain my lipsticks, lotions and shampoos, right? I don't you it's not mandatory right? Listen to me Learn to listen Get it and come, i am going to maintain it in my bag Why lug two bags unnecessarily? Won't the flight get heavy? Night wear? Check.

Swimsuit? Check Jacket? Check Body lotion? Check! I'm packed! Enough space for two bottles furthermore! Done… What is that? Everything has to fight, right? What all have you packed? Filp Flops, Umbrella, Sandles Everything I have packed I even packed a mosquito coil There are tons of mosquites Here is my luggage! Is this woman shifting to Goa? Is this all you're carrying? I'll store there ya! You comprehend why your bag is so small? Cause I am carrying each little thing you're not… Paste, shampoo, etc Just because I get each little thing you will took me for granted! Let's see what happens when you ask me for something Okay guys… Chill chill chill…

Both of you pack your bags… Don't fight unnecessarily.. Like Farhan Aktar and Hrithik Roshan In Zindagi Melegi Na Doobara So all of you guys are finished packing right? By what time are we reaching there? We will reach until eventually morning 6:30 Morning 6:30! Okay the hotel individuals are sending us  a car right? Yeah they told that they would be sending They already shared the number, I will call them once we reach Send the number to me too, Write down the number in a paper What if the phone battery dies? Okay. I'll write it down Else, ask him to jot down our names and grasp a placard! We need Ladu's and Vada's right? Ask your dad to get his friends to send it to us We have to give it to everyone Otherwise individuals won't like it Did you take a print out of the ticket? You are not searching for a print out.

You can just show it on the phone What will you lose if you take a print out? I don't comprehend why she is over reacting I'll send Ajju for it. Good. Take a print and maintain it safe We are carrying an replacement bag for Ladu We already packed no? Did you ebook VVIP Darshan? No. It's VIP.

I knew that you guys would do this No Sense only! Because we have an early morning flight… I'm packing Lime rice and curd rice in case we get hungry It's improved than feeling hungry… And meals on the flight is highly high priced I thoroughly forgot… Your dad has gone to the supermarket…

Call him quickly He calls for to get lemon Let's carry it Else I feel very uncomfortable When the flight takes off and lands You furthermore feel pukish Let's carry it for safety I examine an article… It's horny 10 things you must do in Goa I shared it with you guys on the Whats app community We'll be there for two days no? One day we'll go clubbing Next day we'll do seaside and chill View Crazy Both of you go run circular the seaside or whereever you would like I'm going to sit on the shack with a ebook and cocktail We need to take photographs for Instagram… We progressively forget Neha, don't forget to get your camera Also, permit's go to Panjim there shall be colourful homes They'll glance wonderful in photographs Has everyone waxed? I got mine finished this day Don't forget sunscreen, minimum SPF 40 I want to are trying water sports ya. Never tried it until eventually date I have to meet one of my friends who stays there We have to go to that fort ya.

Can't take note of the name… It's in the film Dil Chatha Hai… Let's go there Get bodywash You're carrying toothpaste no? Carry a spare brush furthermore I can't wait to eat that sea meals. Let's Chill I don't think we should plan Do you take note of the quote we examine on the beginning? The international is ebook and people who don't trip examine only a page That capability that we should Travel and write the ebook And not write the ebook after which trip So permit's not plan permit's just chill Why are you dressed like a clown? We are leaving tomorrow not this day What do you mean by calling me a clown? Our bag is already full Let's wear this over our clothes and go So our bags will weigh lesser If you would like any sweater or anything don't leave it in the bag Just wear the complete heavy stuff These are all tricks, you do not perceive.

You noob. What time is our flight? 6:30 AM. What time do we have to get to the airport then? 5:45 Will be suited What do you mean by 5:45? They say you have to be there two hours earlier and you're saying an hour Nothing doing. Let's start by 1 Will you go and blank the airport at 1? Don't act smart with me This isn't a joke We ought to be there by 5:45.

Wake up at 5. Get waiting by 5:15 and reach by 5:45 They have basically mentioned that we ought to be there 2 and hour hours earlier Do you have any problem in being early? And you just want to go in the nick of time I want the window seat! I need to sit there and take tons of photos Our neighbor was exhibiting off the other day like we never sat in a flight Only we take the photographs it'll feel like we traveled That's what everyone thinks these days Hello Yes, I'm coming. The cab is the ensuing… I wonder where these guys are Phone! Crap! Hello Jahnavi! I'm starting my cab is furthermore the ensuing You furthermore start! I'm going to the washroom first.

Jahnavi I'll call you! Come quickly! How's my airport glance! Only if we reach on time you can flaunt your airport glance Hello Where are you guys? I'll reach the airport in 5 We'll be there in 5 minutes Seriously? You're in the lift? Jahnavi do not get tensed! If we are late we don't have to stand in line They will take us in like VIPs Okay. Start quickly! Cab has arrived? Yes! Okay come! Apart from coming late.. She has some nonsense overall sense furthermore So this is the way it's far when i trip with mom my and friends! So you guys tell me how your experiences has been with your mom and friends in the comment section! And if you're planning a trip and searching for hotels! Trivago is the site for you! It compares the charges and presents you the finest deals for hotels! Also, Happy tripping, take care and see you will subsequent Wednesday! Also don't forget to subscribe! We are very close to 700K..

Top 10 Scary School Trip Stories

Welcome lower back guys several colleges. Take their students on faculty trips. They could also be fun. They could also be boring They could also be memorable But what's the scariest faculty trip that you only've got ever heard approximately I imagine it will also be one of those? I'm danny burke, and here is the height ten scary faculty trip memories starting off at number 10 we've a story from a small canvas town in 1957 a teacher there decided to get senior students to take the new students on a pre Halloween trip as a result of a haunted condominium now the Principal thought he would play slightly of a prank and let the students to find him Hanging inside the dark with a rope tied under his arms And they would imagine he's striking by the neck they included the condominium with creepy decorations for the students arrival they were beautiful creeped out by the full rooms particularly the room with the scary man striking from the ceiling and Groaning as the last students left – teacher went to get a image of the crucial she called out his name There turned into no answer it turned into then that she discovered he had tripped on the floor Decorations the rope had slipped from his arms up to his neck and he had certainly died from strangulation Makes them at number 9 we had the tale of Horatio chapelle a 17-year old student he went on a university trip to Norway in 2011 the world turned into known for bears, however the leaders of the trip were beautiful trained one morning at 7:30 a.M.

The group turned into still asleep the warning system They set up around their camp failed to detect any intruder suddenly Horatio's tent turned into ripped open and there stood a Huge polar bear he barely had any time to move earlier than the lower back dragged him out front of the snow Smashing his head against the rock as the rest of the camp awakened they left their tents just in time to see the bear Slam again into Horatio. They did for that reason kill the bear it turned into too late for him coming out of 8th now We have a story from the Youtube channel, Mr.. Nightmare one of his subscribers said that in his first year of high faculty He went on a university trip to an online game resort. He went with his pal Landon on the first day They did Go-karting rock-climbing all that stuff earlier than going to bed that evening Their floor-floor room had a sliding door with a view to the lake at 10:00 p.M.

When it turned into dark they went to bed and last the blinds on a sliding door opened he fell asleep But turned into woken an hour later when Landon screamed at the window turned into a tall skinny old woman with long grey hair Just staring as a result of the window She walked away leaving them in Shock at the finish of a greater desirable day they fell asleep again But he awakened to silence, as if there has been strange feeling looming over him He seemed over at the land and to see if he turned into awake, but he could not see him There turned into just black he discovered one thing turned into blocking his vision of the other bed Not one thing someone he seemed up, and there has been the old woman standing over him She rapidly left And they did too the very next morning a number 7 now this story starts with a New York high faculty who had recently suffered? The loss of a 17-year old student who had died in a car crash now the college's forensic know-how club went our trip not long after to a morgue to investigate how they retain organs one of the students seemed at the Nametag on a jar had a human brain in it and for their horror They discovered it turned into their classmates brain who had recently died his parents thought they had buried him with all of his organs But the morgue certainly kept his brain for further investigate without even telling them They were sued for emotionally traumatizing the students who saw the brain all right coming in at number 6 now We have a story from Backpack verse comm from a woman who says that when she turned into a child she went on a nature walk faculty trip they were split into groups of ten for the walk as a instructors talk approximately nature and the History of the world they were in she hung lower back and then suddenly Victorian looking schoolchildren burst out of the trees Laughing and they had a white glow all around them one of them a woman Said hello would you wish to play but she turned into paralyzed with fear She could not answer the lady took her by the hand and into the woods they got to a cave Which turned into crammed with these ghostly kids She said they brought her there to be initiated into their family it turned into then that she decided to run away And they screamed guess she didn't discontinue running until she reached her teacher and although she could still see the youngsters inside the trees She knew she turned into safe. All right next up at number five now We have a story that will fully scare any parents watching in 2011 students at Lowell Elementary School in Seattle went on a university trip that needed parents to assist chaperone The kids alongside the instructors now during the trip one of the parents recognized an extra chaperone And then suddenly it dawned on her. He turned into on Washington's most 1/6 he had been all over the TV after being arrested greater than 20 times as a high violent offender And he turned into wanted by police. He turned into also the parent of one of the ladies on that trip He went on the run again.

The faculty ended up going into lockdown, but he did for that reason Surrender much the relief of the other parents moving on to number four in 1986 Oregon Episcopal faculty went on a Wilderness experience trip to climb mount hood as the group climbed the Mountains the weather began to get Really distinctly undesirable They grew to flip into around but were stuck in a severe Snowstorm and decided their handiest option to survive turned into to dig out a kade inside the snow for shelter until the storm passed they had Just one shovel the rest of them use their hands it took them two hours To dig the shelter and it turned into still too small for them it took it in turns to be inside the shelter two of them Then went down the mountain to go and get assist when assist ultimately arrived they found three of the students frozen inside the snow Halfway down the Mountain they will not revive them They ain't got to the shelter and found handiest two of them alive one of them ended up creating a full recovery But the other had to have similarly their legs amputated due to frostbite at number three now. We have an extra story from Mr. Nightmare approximately a child who took a discipline trip to a rural zoo after looking at the animals exterior for a even as They entered a large building that contained animal taxidermy zall frozen in position He snuck off to the bathing room without telling his teacher when he came lower back out He walked inclusive of dimly lit halls Picturing the animals moving in existence earlier than seeing a man Hidden behind a stack of chairs at the very lower back the man came out and asked where is the group the boy said "I do not know?" The man then grabbed his hand and led him to an go out door and into the woods exterior the boy pulled lower back and the man pulled harder Finally a teacher saw them and screamed the man let go and run into the woods. The instructors saved the boy.

The trip turned into then clearly canceled, but as they left on the bus, he said he seemed lower back out into the woods and saw the man crouching, smiling behind a tree. Coming at number 2 now. In 2005, Joeseph Lister went with his faculty to visit multiple caves in Yorkshire, England As they explored the caves underground, the teacher decided to bring the group lower back to the skin due to emerging water phases When they got to the skin the teacher grew to flip into around to to find that joseph turned into gone, The water kept emerging and emerging. The teacher called for assist and two rescue teams came.

They found Joeseph 215 meters into the flooded cave, he turned into rushed to health center, but died 5 hours later with his parents by his aspect. And ultimately at number 1 now. In 1976, 26 kids age 5 to 14 were on their way lower back from a swimming pool discipline trip in California. When the motive force stopped to see of a car that damaged down needed any assist.

Suddenly, three masked men stormed onto the bus with weapons. They drove the youngsters and the bus motive force around for eleven hours, earlier than for that reason stopping at a quarry. They then loaded them into a buried van with a tiny bit of food, multiple water and multiple mattresses to sleep on. The kidnappers then went off to go and make their ransom demands, however the phone lines were too full from the full media calls and the families looking for their kids.

In that point the bus motive force managed to stack up the mattresses, allowing them to climb up to the height of the quarry and escape. Amazingly, all them were fine and lived to tell this terrifying tale. Alright guys, like I at all times say in every scary video I do, matters like this are scary conveniently because they are so rare. So in case you are watching this, and you are at faculty, don't be fearful of college trips But, ahh, do be careful, yeah? Good.

I'm Danny Burke, thanks for watching guys, and I'll see all of you in a greater desirable video [static].

Thirteen Essential Bucket List Trips to Make Before 30World Travel Guide

You've just comprehensive tuition. You are taking a look to return and forth the area. But you'd want to not ever have that moderately a part money. You're younger.

You're broke. But guess what? You're rich with the optimal inexperienced alleviation of all:  time. However, as briefly as you flip thirty, your time is sucked up by paintings and circle of family commitments, and optimal folk do away with super go back and forth desires until retirement, during which time they're too historical to be given advantages from the optimal absolute best sort concerns approximately go back and forth. It's a unhappy reality.

I currently  grew to show out to be thirty, and I can vouch..You do commencing to slow down; you'd want to not ever have as moderately a part calories, and I recognize there're explicit journeys be explicit you're taking prior to than you flip thirty. Whether you're sophisticated out of faculty, in the depths of a quarter existence challenge, or like me have self belief that age is solely a wide vary, this video will inspire you to get out and see the area despite the simple fact that you just despite the fact that can. And If you have got you have got not already, hit that subscribe button. Turn on notifications.

Give this video a wide thumbs-up, and proportion it together with your go back and forth buddies while you have got you have got got not already. These are thirteen journeys you'd want to take prior to than you flip thirty. Let's do it.  Let's go.

First up: backpacking because of Europe together with your optimal absolute best sort peers. I are conscious of or not it's a strategies a little bit bit cliche, notwithstanding have self belief us, this in factor of fact is a super documents. We did it.  I despite the fact that note  my first backpacking day journey with my optimal absolute best sort peers from excessive tuition.

It is an chiefly awesome documents for first-time tourists since or not it's a strategies comparatively practical to get around. There's countless diversity in a small house, and optimal passports have visa-free go back and forth. Most importantly, or not it's a strategies an chiefly awesome day journey to take together with your optimal absolute best sort peers serious about that as you flip out to be older, unluckily existence occurs…. People get busy.

Priorities happen, and it would want to always get tougher and tougher to devote time to go go back and forth with peers. But fairly moderately a part all folk desires of going to Europe. So, or not it's a strategies the splendid day journey to take after commencement prior to than paintings, tuition, and existence take all folk in countless recommendations. Travel by prepare driving a Eurail Pass.

Make new peers in hostels, and detect procedures to say"cheers" in as many languages as your liver can hold an eye on. Trust me. This shall be a consult with you're going to notice for a very long-time period to come. In your twenties, you'd want to not ever have countless finances, notwithstanding you do have countless time.

That's why or not it's a strategies extremely important to take a wide day journey prior to than you're thirty. Sure.  Europeans get to profit from month- long vacations across their entire career. But in the u.s.a., as briefly as you starting running, you'll get two weeks of trip time per year biggest for the relaxation of your running existence.

That's why be explicit you sense taking a month or two to return and forth prior to than you in factor of fact get concentrating on your career. If you have got you have got scholar loans, we're not suggesting that you just default in your collectors and flee the country, not at all to return as briefly as more. But we are suggesting that you just positioned this second into intellect-set. You will likely not know precisely what you're taking a look to do together with your existence, notwithstanding you're additionally freer than you'll ever be as briefly as more.

In the U.K and Australia, or not it's a strategies moderately stable to take a "gap year," a year between tuition and existence to paintings and go back and forth out of the country. If you'd like extra advice approximately how moderately a part it bills to return and forth the area for an entire year, click on this card to set up your entire video. A gap year is not always an fairly a lot of for many folk. But don't fret.

A super day journey would not have to take a entire year or fee countless money. The key to longterm go back and forth on a finances is identifying on component of the area in which you're able to get by on $25 to $50  an afternoon- elements like Southeast Asia, Latin America, and the bottom priced country of all, India, in which you're able to with out difficulty get by on $one thousand a month. Do the super day journey now serious about that no-one on a dying bed ever desires he had spent more time in the place of paintings. But what if you received't persuade your peers to include you? Then or not it's a strategies time for a solo day journey.

There are few instances in your existence when nobody is founded on you….. When you'd want to not ever have a function, a mortgage, and a circle of family all taking a look at you to pay the payments. That's why of these type of stories on this listing, visiting by myself is in all probability one one of the extremely important optimal priceless ones to do in your twenties, until you get divorced and start out searching for to mum or dad the that technique of existence as briefly as more and then go on an Eat Pray Love mission for a year, serious about that which may good just happen, too. That definitely occurs.

No judgment there. Traveling solo takes you transparent of the expectation of society, a circle of family, or even of your peers. It makes it workable that you just could detect out who you're and what you really like. And optimal importantly, it teaches you to be cozy being by myself.

Southeast Asia is the ideal place for a solo day journey. It's low-fee; there may be fairly a lot of other tourists around, and sipping a lager on the Mekon River is the splendid course of to mum or dad what or not it's a strategies you're taking a look to do together with your existence when or not it's a strategies time to quiet down and get a genuine j-o-b. Whoa….Whoa…Whoa. Who stated the relaxation approximately getting a "actual task" just yet? Between tuition and a career there are fairly a lot of picks to paintings rapid jobs that let you to continue to return and forth.

If you're taking a look to be taught more approximately the ones, click on the card up there. You may good just sail around the Mediterreanian(??) On a consumer yacht and dine on sophisticated scallops….. The leftover scallops from the yacht owner, notwithstanding nobody's counting. You may good just educate English in Japan or extensively tend bar in a coastline the front cabana in Rio de Janeiro.

Rather than dwelling to paintings, paintings to reside, and see in which it takes you. For instance, when i studied out of the country in New Zealand, I labored a season in Queenstown, only doing odds and ends, the relaxation to pay the lease and purchase my snowboard bring up passes. New Zealand and Australia are an chiefly awesome house for the running excursion visa. There's extra advice approximately that in a video that we're going to shoot briefly.

So subscribe and flip on notifications, while you have got you have got got not already. If you'd want to not ever have countless coupon codes and aren't provided for a nine to five, sense a running excursion visa. Working excursion visas are solely valid for folk below thirty years historical. So what are you taking a watch for? Plus if you're in touch approximately taking spoil day to return and forth and the course of or not it's a strategies going to appear in your resume` just note that optimal employers value existence documents.

And going visiting can provide you a ton of existence documents. At some element all folk would want to always go back and forth like a free spirit….. No plans, no expectations, and not countless money to make it happen. Your twenties is a time to read Thoreau and Kerouac.

To scrape together your meager coupon codes, pack your existence absolute best into a backpack and hit the highway with thumb out-stretched. Use Couchsurfing.Org to detect free elements to stay Woof.Org to detect farms in which you're able to commerce an afternoon's labour for room and board, and hitch hike from A to B. If you go back and forth like this, you in factor of fact don't need moderately a part money in any respect. This day journey is extremely important because it teaches you the handiest course of to have self belief- to have self belief yourself,  to detect a genre forward, to have self belief strangers to assistance you while you're in need, and to have self belief existence to get a carry of what you'd like while you let go of your expectations.

Embrace serendipity.  Say "yes" to existence, and experience the experience serious about that if the trip spot is marriage and a circle of family, the time to take this experience is straight away. Good luck convincing your spouse to go hitch climbing and sofa browsing. But if you do detect anybody who is down for that, you've received a keeper.

Unfortunately, while you hit thirty, one one of the extremely important first concerns to go is your calories.. That unbridled passion to do just stuff all of the time. Trust me.. I've just grew to show out to be thirty, and all I are taking a look to do is just sit down on the sofa in my pajamas, watch Netflix, and take baths with epsom salt.

That is why be explicit you go back and forth to a festival in your twenties. The wilder, the stepped forward…. And ideally one that lasts for a few week. Raise steins in October Fest in Munich.

Run with the bulls in Pamplona.  Oh my god. Or go back and forth to the craziest carnival in your continent. It may good just in all probability be Rio; may good just in all probability be New Orleans; or it'd in all probability be Venice, Italy.

Of course, song festivals count wide vary, too.. Glastonbury in the U.K., Coachella in California, or if you're in factor of fact going for it…Burning Man. Just note: be reliable; remain hydrated, and wear sunscreen, folk. You're unlikely to be twenty with out cease.

Next up: go back and forth for romance. Travel is in all probability one one of the extremely important optimal absolute best sort how one can meet a capabilities lover. If you meet on the highway, opportunities are you have got you have got already got  factor in stable…. That you like to return and forth.

Whether you have got you have got self belief in long-time period or not, you'll not at all know what an opportunity encounter may good just in all probability be until you choose for it. Our fogeys met on a prepare in the seventies (truly 1980) in Switzerland. And if my mother hadn't requested my dad to set up his map, opportunities are we would not be the next. So go consult with that fulfilling international currency echange scholar you met in tuition, and subsequent time a handsome guy asks you in case you're taking a look to go on an adventure, say yes.

And if you're already in a courting, go back and forth may good just additionally be an chiefly awesome course of to come across out how absolute best sort you in factor of fact are, chiefly when concerns don't go smoothly. If you're in a courting and need some suggestions on the handiest course of to return and forth stepped forward as a couple, click that card. Beyond visiting for who you're keen on, go back and forth for what you're keen on on a dirtbag day journey. A dirtbag day journey is while you employ all of you money and time to pursue one among your favored pursuits, customarily on the price of convenience.

The time period originated with hardcore rock climbers who would camp out in Yosemite Valley in California to climb the face of El Capitan for months at a time. Whether you rock climb, surf, snowboard, or scuba dive, or not it's a strategies all approximately searching for to spend time doing what you're keen on. As you develop older, paintings and circle of family absorb more of your time, and pursuits flip out to be necessary in your good  being. So lead them to priorities now.

Your long-time period self shall be happier and more wholesome for it. No topic what your favored pastime, all folk would want to always spend a while backpacking in nature. And all folk would want to always use their own two feet to climb a mountain,  equally metaphorically and indisputably. Right now, you're in most really applicable physical .

Climbing a mountain is not always going to get an easier. So detect your nearest mountain and climb it. Once you have got you have got the secret gear, tenting is tremendously low-fee, and or not it's a strategies an chiefly awesome course of to return and forth and save money for increased adventures out of the country, whether or not this is usally climbing Macchu Pichu, Mount Kilimanjaro, or seeing the glaciers of Patagonia. Speaking of glaciers, be explicit you consult with them despite the simple fact that you just could.

Warming waters are bleaching the Great Barrier Reef, developing tides are swallowing Venice, and glaciers are melting in each and every and each and every place. Who understands what these elements will appear to be in ten years? Visit them now. See the affects of weather modification for yourself, and be taught what you can do to make a favorable distinction. Share your firsthand documents with skeptical peers and circle of cherished ones again domestic, and expectantly we can all detect the collective will to do  factor and protect these elements so as that our own toddlers can consult with them in their twenties, besides.

Another necessary documents is cultural immersion. Travel only progressively can provide you intellect-set because it good-knownshows you the way other cultures do concerns. But only instances we're so desirous to set up as moderately a part as we can that we circulation from place, to put, to put, frantically snapping photos, and at long final, you see not anything. At least as briefly as in your twenties, stick around a place long satisfactory to get some cultural immersion.

The optimal absolute best sort course of to immerse yourself is because of language. Use this chance to brush up in your excessive tuition Spanish in Antigua, Guatemala, or be taught French in Paris or dive in the deep finish and be taught Mandarin in rural China. If you aren't a language individual, don't fret. Maybe do solely a place of dwelling remain or take a cooking course.

Or just remain around long satisfactory to sense like a local, whether or not or not it's a strategies a two week intensive course or two years with the Peace Corps, taking the time to lose yourself in an alternate approach to existence is incredibly moderately a part worthy it. Still with us? Good. We've referred to countless journeys accordingly a strategies, and opportunities are that even the optimal footloose tourist received't be one of a kind them all off prior to than thirty. As you formula the super 3-0, you extensively are willing to be taught the handiest course of to prioritize concerns in your existence.

Let's speak approximately your bucket listing. The bucket listing is a listing of concerns that you just are taking a look to do prior to than you kick the bucket… That is prior to than you die. When you're twenty, you sense corresponding to you're invincible, notwithstanding the sorrowful fact is that you just aren't.

Between Marko and me, we've got had almost a dozen peers skip away prior to than they grew to show out to be thirty. We aren't the next with out cease. It sounds morbid, notwithstanding accepting that existence is going to come to an finish in factor of fact helps you prioritize the course of you spend your time and your money. The mystery is: dream corresponding to you'll reside with out cease and reside corresponding to you'll die the next day.

Look on the recommendations we've got just given you. Add in many of your individual, and ask yourself…..What is the simplest day journey that you just in factor of fact are taking a look to do prior to than you die? It may good just additionally be super or it would be small, notwithstanding make a choice the dream this is usally closet to your coronary heart, and promise yourself you'll do  it takes to make it happen prior to than you flip thirty. Because if you tell yourself you'll do it while you retire, it may good almost indisputably not at all happen. We're now on the finish of our listing.

Let's speak regarding the finish of your twenties and the importance of substantial go back and forth. When you're younger, or not it's a strategies herbal to set up go back and forth as a be one of a kind listing of countries to do and at the identical time as a genre of searching for repute amongst your peers. Once you've partied in Europe, taken selfies in Rio and gathered a dozen passport stamps, you're able to good just sense a unfamiliar emptiness….. A feeling that or not it's a strategies not the area that could be to be conquered, notwithstanding the self.

Enter the devout experience driving go back and forth as a device for exclusive boom, whether or not or not it's a strategies a meditation retreat in Thailand, volunteering at an orphanage in India, or the optimal literal devout experience of all, strolling the pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain. The devout experience is one that not at all ends, and it helps you articulate that feeling that you just had the first time you traveled…. This theory of the non duality of nature that inspite of our superficial cultural adjustments, below we are all one. Whoa…

Far out. You and I, an identical factor. All absolute best adult females and gentlemen, Vagabuddies, thanks for gazing. Those are our thirteen journeys to take prior to than you're thirty.

What is your go back and forth bucket listing? Share it below in the statement part. Also while you have got you have got got any go back and forth recommendations films that you just would favor us to make, make explicit you proportion the ones down there, besides. If we finish up making the video, you're getting a shout-out. Okay guys, if you favored this video,  what to do: give it a wide thumbs-up; proportion it together with your go back and forth buddies and be component of Vagabrothers and flip on the ones notifications, while you have got you have got got not already.

And meanwhile, remain curious, hold exploring, and we are going to be able to see you on the highway. Peace..

The maximum sturdy APPS for PLANNING A TRIP!Superholly

What is up, guys? It's Holly, and can we just take a moment to look at my blouse? This isn't very a coincidence! I'm going to give you a little little bit of a backstory. When I was 8 I fell in love with a calendar. My sister had it, and it had 12 beautiful,
stunning photographs of Santorini. I told myself as an 8 year ancient, "I will go there one day.

This is happening.
I can't let this one slide." Let's fast forward about 15 years I was in college and I was out my favorite store at the time Urban Outfitters and I saw this blouse and I notion you recognize what Holly you must buy for that that you are able to hold it at the forefront of your mind I've never been like a vision board person but I. Guess I subscribe to that belief to a certain extent without even knowing it because yes I wanted to remind myself Santorini is something that must manifest do not lose sight of it and so whenever I'd wear the blouse, it would be on my mind. Trust me, whenever I'd wash my garments I was aware that Santorini was behind my mind and it had to manifest one day well and also you are able to think about where this is going finally that day has come! In a couple of days my husband and I are taking off for our honeymoon.

I would say it's a little bit late but better late than never, right? We're finally going on that Europe trip that everybody goals about or maybe not everyone but we indeed have for a very long time! So, yes, I wanted to proportion the great news with you guys but most all, I wanted to give you something that you'll perhaps income from and apply in your life and use to make your own adventures manifest in the only manner probable. So I notion I would proportion all the apps and websites that we observed enormously helpful
for the duration of the planning process. Are you guys ready to get this started? The first device I'm going to recommend is known as Google Flights, and most of you have possibly heard of it. What I in point of fact like about Google Flights is that it's helpful for the duration of the brainstorming time when you might be not sure where you will want to go, but maybe you recognize exactly what days you have off, or maybe a vice versa: you recognize you will want to go to Aruba, but you might be not sure when.

That's exactly what we did a couple years ago. We realized that flights to Aruba in April were enormously low priced, and so we had't in point of fact sensible Aruba per se we also know that it was a beautiful exotic beach and we were like, Why not? Obviously, that's right up our ally, and we observed incredibly within your budget tickets for the duration of an mind-blowing time of year when there's sun, and it isn't very too incredibly touristy. It was fabulous! So, you are able to navigate around by just clicking on the map and see for the duration of a certain time period, ooh! How much would it charge to go to Istanbul? Or Manila? Or, vice versa, you are able to say, I in point of fact want to go to Honolulu. How much would it charge to go in April versus October? Super helpful device, once more, for planning when you might be not kind of sure where you're going or when you're going to go.

Next, I'm going to recommend the app called Hopper. It's acquired a little bunny hopping around on it, and with reference to what this app does is it takes into account the fact that prices fluctuate and when you buy a price tag does matter. I know that quite a few sites, when you go in to buy for a price tag they'll are trying to strain you by saying Oo this still gained't last long! Or Last flight left! And you end up buying something that's going to
eventually go down [price clever]. Well, what Hopper does, is it has all these algorithms, and it knows the patterns, and it with reference to will tell you, Hey! Right now, trips to Indianapolis are costing $800.

If you wait two months
it may still go down not less than $150. And then, the cool thing is it is going to really send you an alert when it is time to buy for. I've saved hundreds of greenbacks by the use of Hopper and by being patient. You can't stress out and think oh my goodness! I haven't purchased my price tag yet, and it's coming up in two months! It's okay.

Airlines play with delivery and demand. They know that plenty of people are responsible and they're buying three months in advance, so that's when they're going to have
the price tag prices a lot top. Three months before the actual date. Maybe two months, or one month
before, it's going to go down.

Not consistently! That's what we have Hopper. Actually, Hopper is what helped us find
our first price tag from Houston to Athens. I had seen it for like nine hundred dollars, and rapidly I acquired a notification saying that it was around $630 and I was like, Holla! Let's do that! And here's a gratuitous tip for you guys: if you will want to go to a space like Santorini do not just go and search flights to Santorini. They're going to be up the wall! What I observed was a $1500 and it obviously stopped off in Athens, but what I ended up locating is manner better and also you guys are going to find out why.

The next website I'm going to recommend is known as Kiwi.Com. Now, this was a godsend. I was in the hunt for multiple one-manner flights within Europe, and what Kiwi.Com allowed me to do, was to look at a calendar and say, okay, If I'm trying to fly from Athens to Santorini on, you recognize, this Sunday, it's going to charge $75 for that one-manner flight If I go on Monday it's going to be $85.
Okay, let's do Sunday.

Then, how about Santorini to Paris? Ooh! That one-manner flight is
going to charge $100 on Thursday, but if I go on Wednesday, it's going to be only $72. Okay, let's do Wednesday. And that's how we piece mutually our itinerary, and we're stopping in Santorini, Paris, Rome, and Athens. And guess how much payments I paid for all of those one-manner trips within Europe.

Three hundred and thirty dollars. Can you believe it? So, as opposed to paying $1,500 to go to Santorini we're paying less than 1000 per person to go to Athens Santorini Paris Rome and back to Athens and back to Houston! Yessss! Kiwi.Com. Now I will say we're arriving at some in point of fact weird times sometimes around 11 p.M. Sometimes like 7 a.M.

But, you recognize what? It's all worth it, and it's all going to add to the adventure. The next application I'm going to recommend is Airbnb, and I'm pretty sure, once more, most of you guys have heard of Airbnb. What I love about it, is that it connects usual individuals who proportion a keenness for travel. Most people that host on Airbnb love traveling, love the city they're in, and they'll go
above and beyond for you.

My recommendation for the use of Airbnb would with reference to be to find a couple of homes that
fit within your parameters- that are within your budget, in a good neighborhood, in the city that you're going to visit. Then shoot out a couple of messages to the hosts, introduce yourself, tell them how excited you might be to, you recognize, go visit their city and see how they respond to you. If they're very robotic and it turns out automated, you would possibly not want to stay with them. If it's someone that in point of fact turns out like they took the time to write you back, and they're excited about having you, and they're going above and beyond telling you about how they can pick you up
from the airport, things like this, entirely, that's your person.

That's how we chose our host in Rome. He's going to pick us up at the airport at 11:00 p.M. We're going to avoid all of the metro mess and trying to find a taxi and paying up the wall and, you recognize, all of that inconvenience. It'll just be in point of fact good to arrive in Rome, run into the individual that we need to run into, and then have him take us straight to our destination with no questions asked.

He also said he is going to get us tickets to the Vatican, I think he said, where we do not have to wait in line and they're less pricey
than what your average Joe pays, so we're in point of fact excited about that. That's the cool thing about Airbnb. It's humans connecting
with humans through technology. The next app I want to recommend to you guys I only realized this last week,
and I think it's mind-blowing.

It's called Google trips. I know,
everything's Google, right? Basically, you download this app, and then you're going to link it to your email, and if you're one of those responsible people that get all your itinerary sent to a identical email, then good on you! But scan this out: it's going to scan all your emails, and find anything travel related- any reservations for plane tickets, or maybe for a hotel or a rental automobile and it's going to put them all in one convenient space, so you are able to go in here and say, Oh, there are my trips! Trip to Santorini: What is it picking up here? Let's go to reservation.  Oh, it knows where I'm staying. Mmm-hmm you are able to click on that and see facts.

You can also click things to do and it is going to tell you, Oh, in Santorini you do not need to overlook the caldera. It has a five-star review, or the red beach, or the Santa Wines Winery. I mean, they have all sorts of tips about every single destination. You can save distinct places that interest you, and also you are able to even make it available offline, so that when you're traveling abroad, you do not necessarily have to have your cell phone provider switched on.

Incredibly convenient, being able to get admission to your flight reservations from one hub.
I love it! The next website I want to recommend
is known as Utrip.Com, and it's a large space to get suggested in your trip. So, for example, we're going to several extremely popular cities, including Paris. So, if I go on here and write Paris, they have a whole wealth of tips
gathered for me. They have featured trips, they have must-see adventures, art, cuisine, culture, eating, entertainment, events, history, landmarks, museums, nature, nightlife, I mean, the list goes on! Depending on what you're involved by and how much time you have, they can in point of fact let you craft an mind-blowing itinerary, or if you do not need it to be too based, you are able to not less than get inspiration on what to look, where to go, and when.

The last website I want to recommend is known as vayable.Com- vayable not feasible, and with reference to it's a space where you are able to discover unique experiences sold by local insiders. So, the cool thing about this is it's very Airbnb-like,
but like next level. You've acquired individuals who love the city they live in, know a lot about it, and wish to proportion those insights with individuals who are visiting. How cool is that, right? So, for example, we have a scout for street art in the city of San Francisco, where you walk around and just scan out beautiful graffitti.

Or this Paris images walking tour , where you get to dangle out
with informed photographer and walk all around Paris and see all of the distinct landmarks from super mind-blowing angles with his artistic eye and his input- I mean, how cool is that? Or what about learning to eat like a neighborhood in Paris? Who wouldn't want to eat like a neighborhood? I just love technology helping us meet people
we would never have met otherwise. It's so mind-blowing, I mean, if any of you live in a city that you in point of fact love, and would love to display, off I'm sure you'll perhaps sign up here and be like Oh, these are all the places you are able to do… Gymnastics in Miami! So, yeah, needless to say,
I'm pretty excited about that site and I'm going to click around and see if there's any tours that we want to take anyone's offer up on. Anyways, which may be the end of my list! By the time you guys watch this video, I will be far far away! Thank you guys for joining me, and if you will want to follow my adventures
on my social networks, I will link them all here! I possibly gained't be uploading too much, but you recognize, I'll proportion the occasional picture, because I just gained't be able to resist! I've been dreaming about this for months! Alright, gotta go pack.

Bye, guys! What you're excited about seeing…. The next applic uh..

SMG4 Mario’s Train Trip

*Glitchy Boy startup sound*
Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro(RETARDEDNESS) Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro(ALERT!ALERT!INCOMING RETARDEDNES) *retards chasing the train* Mario: Oh mama mia *gibberish* Mario: Oh mama mia *gibberish* Toad: Yuhoo! Yah! Toad: Yeah bitch! Yeah, bitch! LATEEEEEEEEER… LATEEEEEEEEER… Mario: Woah huhuhuh… Mario: MAMA MIA!! Mamma mia! Mario: Yeah, ha ha haah! (Youre fat Merio) Oh my god! SMG4: NO! NO! All we had to do changed into follow the damn train! All we had to do changed into follow the damn train! Mario: Uluhuwrtshzcvczhstw…

*Merio is ded* Dr. Eggman: La la la la la, Dr. Eggman: La la la la la, HEY! La la la la, Dr. Eggman: La la la!
Mario: AHAHAHAHA!!! (Never let go Mario) Eggman: AHHHH!!!!!!!! GET OFF!!!1!1!!! 2X Eggman: AHHHH!!!!!!!! GET OFF!!!1!1!!! 2X Eggman: Take that!
Mario: OOF!! *Eggman announcing "Get off' time and again again* KILL HIM!! AAH!! Eggman: Get the fuck out of here! Mario: I'm gonna rape your ass!!!! Mario: LE'S GO RIGHT NOW BRING IT ON YOU LITTLE WANK! Dr.

Eggman: Oh fuck! WatchMojo: Top 10 anime fights Eggman: SHIIIIIIIIIII- Eggman: SHIIIIIIIIIII- Mario: Dum-duh-duh-duum! Mario: Dum-duh-duh-duum! HA-HAAH! HA-HAAH! Mama mia… Mama mia… *Gibberish* Yipee! *Gibberish* Ya-hoo!!! UNDERPAL STUDIOS!!!!!!!! (Uh oh, it's you-recognise-who!) Hmm? (Oh shit, the container is alive!) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????? Bob: JeSuS ChRiSt, I cAn'T bReEtH! WhY dId I pAcKaGeD mYsElF iN a BoX? I'm A dUmBaSs! Bob: YeS, I wAnTeD tO gO wItH u GuYs To UnDeRpAl StUdIoS! PlZ tAkE mE tAkE mE wItH u MaRiO! Bob: PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
Mario: AAAAHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!! 4X SMG4: Shiet! Old man: Kill him! SMG4: Hold still! Die bitch! *Mario is ded* SMG4: Did uhhh….I…. Did I win? Bob: OMG! It'S tHe ReAl SmG4! PlZ tAkE mE oN uR aDvEnTuRe PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ.

SMG4: I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!! Bob: WeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe I cAn FlY! Mario: Mama mia… Hmm? *Gibberish* (UHHHHHHHHHHH) Old Man: Aww, awwwwww….. Mario: Little Toadie? Hmmmmmmmm… *Gibberish* No! Hmm? *Gibberish* No! *Singing* SMG4: TOAD! Guy: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD, SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!! SMG4: Oh come on! (Sorry you're not getting any help, ur chomp, ur main issue) OHHHHHHHHH, YEAAAAAAAAHHHH…

SMG4: GOD, DAMMIT! Mario: *gibberish* WUT DA FUK IZ DIS SHET? Mario: Mamaf****er! *Grunt* Hmmm? Hmm? Woah! Wait a minute… WAIT A MINUTE! Oh mama mia! *Gibberish* (Stupid Mario…) WOOOAAAAAH! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mario: I'm gonna do it, bro! I'm gonna do it! Niiiiiintendo! *Fat Italian screams* SMG4: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! :D. (No we're not :P) Mario: Mario think you SUCK! D:< Toad: UUUUAAAAH YYAAAAA, bhwroifewoi9drefiodruofiofu Uhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaah…. *Punch* OHHHHHHHH!!! F********!!!!!!!! *Loud crash* Bob: WaT tHe FuCk DiD u jUsT fUcKiNg SaY aBoUt Me?! U lItTle BiTcH! SMG4: Ah crap! Bob: I'Ll HaVe U kNoW- GoD dAmMiT hOw Do U wOrK wItH tHiS tHiNg? I wAnNa PlaY mY mIxTapeS! Conducter: Cock-eater! I'm ThE nEw CoNdUcToR biTcHeS! LoL! (U R 2 DUM to be a conductor) Toad: Wa-hoo! (You had one job Toad! ONE JOB!) Bob: ThIs IsN't EvEn My FiNaL FoRm BiTcHeS! (OOPS) Koopa: What the fuck?! Well that changed into a load of shit…

Bob: Oh ShIt, WRoNg LeVeR LOl GoNe 2 FaR? BiTcH I aM tHe BeSt CoNdUcToR eVeR! HoW dArE u- Oh, cRaP. *Gotta go fast!* (Too fast bOB) SHIIIIIIII- SMG4, Mario and Toad: Oh shit! Bob: SeE u BiTcHeS lAtEr, I aM oUtTa hErE! We could not let those f*ckers take this land! SMG4: Don't- do not tell me! Don't tell me! 2X I can do this! X2 Don't tell me! 3X *Mario fucked up* Mario: Oooooooo… (OOF) I'mma do not think you can do that.. Bob: CaN't CaTcH mE bItCh! I'm FaSt As FuCk BoI! Bob: YoUr StUbBy AsS lEgS cAn'T kEeP uP wItH mE.

*You just triggered Toad* Bob: I'm LiKe GeRuDo BiTcHeS fLiBlA-(Untranslatable Gibberish) OW! Ow My BoB tItTiEs, So ThAt'S hOw'S gOnNa Be? U wAnT 2 DaNcE? *Blade hands ready* ThEn LeT's DaNcE bItCh! Epic combat of weird idiot bob and short toad *idiots panicking* Mario: MAMA MIAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *Beep* *Glitchy fucked up* *Beep* *mobilephone numbers* *mobilephone ringing* Hello sir, can I take your order? SMG4: Oh shit… Mario: Wa-hoo! A Large order of fries, a BBQ bacon burger- WatchMojo: Top 10 anime fights 2 Bob: It'S nO uSe BiTcH! I Am sExEr ThAn U! SUpEr SpIcY mEmEy HoMiNg AtTaCk! SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG. WTF DOES DAT EVEN MEEN? Ha, ThAt'S wAt I sAiD 2 Ur MoM lAsT nIgHt! Toad: No no no! *G3t r3ck B0b* Toad: FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!! Bob: WaIt, WaT- What motherland? B0b gETs h1t BiTcH, iS dAt AlL u GoT? I'vE hAd BaBiEs KiCk Me hArdEr ThAn- SHIIIIIII- Toad: Yeah, bitch! Don't ever trigger toad Bob: BiTcH u ThOuGhT I wAs DeD. THe WiNd FrOm ThIs SpEeD iS iNfLaTiNg My RoBeS lIkE a GoDdAmN pArAgLiDeR.

I dOn'T eVeN kNoW iF tHaT mAkEs aNy SeNsE, bUt FuCk It, CoMe At Me BrO! CoMe HeRe U lItTlE sHiT! StOp MoViNg! GOd DaMn U- Mario: -piece of hot apple pie, tremendous order of fries, orange soda with no ice and a BBQ bacon burger *Mario keeps ordering stuff* Oof! *Grunt* You… Son of a bitch! *War of the Fat Italians: Train Edition* (STOP PRESSING BUTTONS!) Bob: HaHa, BoW dOwN 2 Me BiTcHeS! I aM uR- Oh ChRiSt! 2 MuCh SmOkE! *CoUgH* *CoUgh* TaStEs LiKe AsS – AnD nOt ThE gOoD kInD eThEr Toad: Gotcha bitch! *War of the Fat Italians: Train Edition Part 2* (Enough with the butt0ns already) Bob: WeLl, WeLl, WeLl… I jUsT wAnTeD 2 Be Ur FrIeNd I'm not crazy… I'm just lonely…

WaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! (Bob turns into Darth Vader) *ded* oWfUcK. SOnOfAtIt oHmYaSs jEsUsChRiStThIsHuRtS. WeE-E-E-E-E-E- (That's sad) SMG4: Just a 2nd… All related…? *Ded* Mario: *grunt* *gibberish* Come on! Ha ha! Take-a that! Oh certain! That's-a so excellent! Wa-hooooo! (AAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD…) Ooooooo….

(Ya fucked up again Mario!) (Elevator music) Mario: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!! *Panic* *Toad has no clue of mortal doom* *Panicking keeps* (Who dis man?!) *Mario being an idiot* AHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (Rep trayn man. 8:20 – 8:36) *Even more panicking* Mario: Haaaaaa haaaaaa….! I did it! 3X Oh yea! Thank you such a lot! :D. Eyy, no main issue Fucking jack-ass… (Majik?) I obtained you fam! Oh yeah! *Calling* Release the BRAINSTORM to make your motherfuckin BRAIN WARM to make your motherfuckin BRAIN WARM
Mario and Toad: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!! Mario and Toad: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!! SMG4: Wat? Mario and Toad: Yayyyyyyy! 2X (SMG4 in all fairness confused) (How iz dis evn possibl?!) Mario: Ya-hoo! Wa-hoo! YEAH!! (SMG4 is awfully confused.) Smoke! Weed! Erryday!
*And the three retards made it to Underpal Studios* (The finish.) (The finish?) (Or not) Bob: Ow, GoD dAmN mY aSs…

ThOsE dArN gUyS… 1 DaY… 1 DaY tHe'Ll LeT mE bE tHe PaRt Of ThEiR sQuAd FaM… ThEn ThEy'Ll LeT mE hAvE aDvEnTuReS wItH tHeM…

(NOPE) I'm GoNnA mAkE aLl ThE fRiEnDs! Oh YeA bItChEs! MuA-HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa- -HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa UhM.. (Aren't y0u f0rGeTTiNg s0m3th1ng?) WaIt A mInUtE… ShIt, HoW tHe HeLl Do I gEt HoMe?! Shit how the hell do I get home The finish (for genuine dude) Sub to SMG4, TheAwsomeMario and Hobo Bros for more dull stuff! 😀
Subtitles by: Oks Bonk and Caden, oh and likewise Devin. There greater be a half 2 to this memery.

This is going on in SMG4 history..

Roadtrip… due to myself.

Good morning guys, it's about 6:15 in the morning right now. It's pretty freakin dark, so I'm sorry the lighting is ASS. So today I'm embarking on a freakin'  experience to say the least. Let me explain, so, basically my mom has some kind of firm conference meeting or something in Long Beach, California Which is on the point of Los Angeles kind of so from like 8:00 to 5:00 every single day of this conference my mom's gonna be at some kind of conference and so she told me 'hey Emma if you want you possibly can possibly drive up to Long Beach on your own and you possibly can possibly meet up with me' so my mom is supposed to be there for like a week however, I didn't like to move out for a whole week So I decided I would just drive down for about four days And just dangle around there while my mom has her conference and then that means that I can just drive anywhere I want and just hand around in the arena, and so I live in northern California, so this is in southern California so basically I'm road tripping to southern California all by myself Sixteen years old.

I'm nervous slightly bit. It's not that far of a drive. It's only like six hours Here's the plan Long Beach is in general farther away from my dwelling than Santa Monica and like quite a lot of other places So I had the dope thought that I would stop in Santa Monica on my means to Long Beach Santa Monica is ready five hours and 30 minutes away from my dwelling, which in reality isn't that bad once I get to Santa Monica I'm gonna go to all those trendy places that you go to if you were there equivalent to Earth Cafe Yeah, you heard that right the  promenade or something I'm gonna do all the customary shit that people do in Santa Monica also fun assertion, okay I've been to LA like many times, however like I haven't in reality explored it very much on my own I generally had cheer competitions there, so I never in reality got to enjoy it, however yeah, so I'm excited because I'm excited because this is in general the first time I'll in general be kind of exploring it obviously I'm not gonna movie myself the full road trip I think everybody would rip their hair out adding me So instead I decided that I would test in once per hour and provide you with slightly update I'm hoping I don't hit any visitors. I don't think that I will thinking of it is 6:00 a.M.

I didn't eat breakfast or the rest, however I didn't in reality have any snacks at my dwelling, so like when I get to Santa Monica I'm to be fuckin hungry as hell, so I'm going straight to earth cafe I'm super excited owing to all the trendy people and all the trendy youtubers in LA go to earth It has been exactly sorry I visual appeal in reality weird right now, however its been exactly one hour since we last talked And I'm feeling in reality energized surprisingly. I literally went to bed at 2:00 a.M.. Woke up at 5:30 That's three and a half hours of sleep And I still don't in reality feel that tired to this point driving hasn't been too bad the views have been kinda pretty and nice But some Acura has been riding my ass, and I am going above the speed limit, however they still are riding my ass Which is so annoying? Do you know what? Fuck you Acura fuck you anyways I've been listening to my oldies playlist on Spotify It's an fair time. I'll leave my Spotify in the description.

Because I am doing this road trip alone I was forced to sing the male and female a part of don't go breakin my coronary heart by Elton John I had a coffee it gave me some energy But it also made me in reality have to pee so I super duper have to pee however I'm just gonna hold it for see you later as Absolutely viable and eliminate in general going to the bathroom because I just don't like to I drove through a bunch of like Farms like crop fields and stuff, and there's all these like fresh fruit stands and all of them were closed I was in general gonna like take note of like going to one and like getting some fruit or whatever. It's like That's cute and goals you know using my substances and also I didn't bring any snacks So I was like you know that is also amazing, however um they're all closed and I was super sad. Right now as you possibly can possibly see I'm hunting at some nice mountains and stuff I don't know if this is the most scenic route nevertheless it is to this point pretty scenic and I'm digging that factor because I like a pleasant scenic I was thinking that maybe I should like listen to a podcast or something like that But I do not have any like downloaded or the rest So it would use it would use a shit tonne of documents and like I do not have documents to spare like I run out like anyways the first time I looked at the clock it was 6:31am I like jammed out to a song I was like I bet a bunch of time has passed like wow like you know I've been like listening to a few music for ages now, and I visual appeal at the clock and it's 6:36 and I'm like it's been five minutes, and I felt like it had been a minimum of 20 But every minute that goes by is just one extra minute that I have to pee extra And I'm truthfully regretting not wearing a diaper Like I'm not kidding like I wish I might just pee my pants like not even saying that as a joke like I certainly wish I might just pee my pants when I go on road trips my mom And I have to pee I always pee In a cup like I'll use like a Starbucks cup and I'll fucking pee in it while we're driving um I probably gained't have told you that and don't ask about the logistics In case you were wondering I did stop at a rest stop, and I went pee which was interesting and kind of scary I've never been to a rest stop before and it was slightly bit sketchy, nevertheless it was fine. I'm about like 230 miles away, which it just appears to be like to this point, however I mean times passing pretty fast So what are you in a location to do however quite a lot of things I've noticed – number one.

There's so many vans in all places I don't even know what they hold like what are they even doing, however there is a bunch of vans and uh? They're in reality fucking slow So that's annoying also people get like so Annoying in this freakin highway like I'm literally going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit Which is like kind of wild for me, and everybody's like passing me, however if I go any faster I'll be going like 100 miles per hour so like I'm not making an try to literally die Sorry, and also I don't like to get a fucking speeding tickets. I'm not stupid. This truck is fucking on my ass I'm literally going 85 like and also there's two vans in front of me like I can't go visual appeal There's literally two vans in front of me. I can't go any faster.

Stop hunting riding my ass Sorry For the past like I don't know, maybe um I don't know like 45 minutes It's just smelled like cow shit and before that for like 45 minutes It smelled like garlic which garlic is not as bad as cow shit, however like it's still kind of gross They also just realized. I'm literally wearing a stroke shirt. I don't know who to tell and I'm listening to the strokes I've in general had this t-shirt since like eighth grade And I just now started wearing it my 16 year old self is giving my 13 year old self a high five for that move that's about it, it just smells like fucking cow shit. I'm not happy about it.

I am feeling some are we there yet vibes. I mean, I'm kind of like zoning out slightly bit So I don't freaking care And then I visual appeal at the clock and like thirty minutes have gone by and I'm like well swag I'm commencing to have to pee like I in reality feel like I have to pee again I don't like to stop again, so I'm probably going to carry it, however yeah, I'm bored and my back hurts this is just kind of crazy I miss the old Kanye  oh my god Okay, just went to the bathroom for the second time stopped at a pleasant gasoline station I was going to try to carry it for an exceedingly long time But then I saw an indication that was like next gasoline station is in 30 miles, and I was like oh I should probably go I walk in there, and I'm like yo do you guys have a bathroom Or do I need a key or whatever and he was like no I was like Okay, and then I started walking out. He's like just JK, and I'm like okay. That was not funny I'm sensitive, however yeah, so he's being a jokester which was hilarious Joke of the year fucking comedy at its purest so I went to the bathroom And I walk in there and my speedy reaction is holy shit this bathroom is disgusting It was just super like worn worn down paint was chipping in all places the locks were like broken on like each individual stall I was like shit.

This is like not amazing so I walk into the stall and there's literally flies flying around in the bathroom . I'm not kidding. It was probably one of those disgusting things I've ever seen and I was so scarred for life like this stereotypical kind of thought of like a disgusting bathroom It has like flies flying around and I just thought oh That's kind of like a myth like I kind of thought about was just kind of like exaggeration or whatever But no like that happens, and I experienced it, and it was the scariest thing and mind you I peed in there, okay? I didn't leave and there were flies like touchdown on my fucking ass while I'm pissing It was horrible to make matters worse and also more strange when I got back in the car I realized they were like flies flying all around my car like swarming my car like a minimum of like 50 of them So I literally drove away so fast and then they all got lost because now I'm on the freeway driving like 80 miles per hour so They're all gone now. That was kind of traumatizing I'm just excited to be there, however I'm also getting hungry, so I'm in reality excited to get food at Earth TRENDYYY.

Wow so another little while has passed and I'm like pretty close, so I'm like about 30 minutes away now And it'd be like extra like 15 minutes away, however we're in some bumper-to-bumper visitors well not in reality bumper-to-bumper however we're in some visitors I thought that I was gonna be ready to like get right here without any visitors at all that wasn't the case But that's okay I don't mind. I'm in general glad for some visitors because it's been some fast-paced shit for the past hour I just in reality feel like it's been intense like people are just intense drivers around right here. Everybody's kind of reckless I'm getting a in reality bad foot cramp from like you know frickin pedaling to the metal I've absolutely got like four numerous anxiety attacks like four separate times This is like fuckin nerve-racking as hell further driving in LA is absolutely numerous than San Francisco, San Francisco is in reality bad, too But this is similar to numerous I in reality feel like I've been in the car for like my entire life like I in reality feel like this is just What it's always been and this is how it always will be hopefully next time I talk to you I'm not in the car anymore *chill music* First time at earth cafe. It was absolutely amazing food fresh nice tasty.

Good times all around It's weird being in a new city like by yourself. It's super intimidating I'm in reality comfortable with vlogging like where I live because I don't know I'm similar to used to it So it doesn't weird me out, however like vlogging in an unfamiliar place is frightening, nevertheless it's amazing It's amazing experience for me You know like I've performed much of independent stuff in my life But like this is probably one of the most independent things I've ever performed, and I'm pleased with me. Are you pleased with me? I'm pleased with me time to do slightly bit of shopping, so we're going to 3rd Street, Promenade Promenade promenade promenade promenade. I don't know commencing route to 3rd Street, Promenade Promenade I have a feeling that it's not pronounced promenade just a thought although I had a coffee at Earth I'm absolutely gonna be getting another coffee later because they have so many cute coffee places around right here that I need to take gain of my options however I don't know how to drive around right here It's like little streets with so many numerous like lines on the ground like I don't know how that I don't know what any of these lines mean But yeah Santa Monica's in reality cute.

I would not mind living right here when I become older so maybe one day I'll move right here although I don't know if I might address this visitors because the visitors around right here is ass I've been in reality paranoid about my car like literally right through this like road trip experience I've just thought that my car's breaking down like 19 times, and it never broke down But I kept thinking that it was and it was freaking me the fuck out I've never seen extra G wagons in like a span of 25 seconds in my entire life I've literally just all like 15 numerous G Wagons I in reality feel hashtag poor with my Subaru don't back out you fucking stupid bitch Oh my god. Sorry. I saw a matte black G wagon Which I've only seen pictures of on Pinterest and stuff, and I just saw one in true life And I'm pretty sure only famous people have those so I don't know whose it was nevertheless it was absolutely a celeb and that was my first celeb sighting of the day if I don't see like I don't know one of the Jenners or like I don't know if I don't see somebody in reality cool Who's famous I'm gonna be so pissed like what's the point of coming right here? If I don't see anybody who's famous do you know what I mean? Even though I wouldn't even go up to them cuz I'm in reality a pussy But I would like visual appeal at them and like I can say that I've seen them before Okay, another g wagon if I see one extra (siri: organize to park your car.) Well. I can't Siri if I literally see one extra g wagon I'm gonna cry I'm just gonna cry of happiness because this is where I belong Oh, there's parking.

I think this one might be a winner. Yes, we found a place baby. Oh my god. What a fucking rush.

We're ultimately right here. I have a parking spot *whispers* I love this song Okay, just finished at the promenade or promenade. I don't know okay. It was fun.

I'm so wrecked though I'm so tired I need to get a coffee, so I just yelped per usual and found a coffee place called Alfred And I think it's like famous, however I'm uncertain I'm just gonna go in there and calm down go on my computer It's about three o'clock and the visitors is so bad well right here is the deal right now I'm in Santa Monica and my resort room is in Long Beach because that's where my mom's work is in some unspecified time in the future I need to in some means get there to Long Beach But I just don't like to drive there right now like I never like to drive again ever like I am so burnt out anyways have to get out of this parking garage in some means and then go to that coffee shop Which I in general need to map okay appears to be like like it's about 20 minutes away. Oh fuck It appears to be like like the coffee place Alfred that I like to move to is in general in the opposite direction That's backtracking I obviously don't like to do that so I need to find a new place in reality fast if you watch my vlog you know that I'm A titanic fan of Phil's coffee, and they also have a Phil's near right here So I think I might just go to Phil's, however I in reality should explore new cafes fuck it I don't care I'm going to Phil I in reality feel comfortable there. I in reality feel at residence there (siri:commencing route to Phil's coffee). Oh my god ugh I just need to like sit in a cafe drink a coffee and just decompress is that even a word Decompress why do I in reality feel like that's not a word.

I don't know decompress yeah Oh my god, it is the next day to come. I stopped vlogging after Phil's because I assumed that what I was gonna do was I was going to vlog and like show the room and like get food once I got back to the room, however that didn't happen. Let me explain I finished at Phil's I got in the car And I was already kind of anxious like super anxious Like I don't know like just jazzed and I was like shaking that happens to me sometimes after I drink coffee so like I'm not too stunned so I start driving to Long Beach. It's about an hour-and-a-half drive.

I was like fuck I don't like to try this right now I put on my music, and I'm just driving and it was confusing the directions It was similar to I was turning left turning right turning left turning right like every five minutes And I was similar to very anxious. At this point I'm not vlogging cause I'm like okay I'm in reality anxious I'm not gonna vlog right now. About 20 minutes go by of me Just like turning left turning right turn your left, and then I ultimately get on the freeway Which I felt better about because I'm like okay that means I'm like gonna get right here faster or whatever But I was in reality anxious because I only had a quarter tank and I was like okay that will absolutely last me But I'm not so sure you know I had to get to the resort and at this point It was like 7:30 or something and so it was pitch black external, which makes everything ten times worse But then the visitors got so thick that like I couldn't merge into like numerous lanes That was when things kind of got bad because I ended up missing one of my exits and at that point I'm just fucking crying because I'm like I like to move residence. I just like to lay down in a fucking bed so tired I'm crying without a doubt because I'm dramatic so imagine I don't even know where I was in order to get back on the freeway I had to drive through five miles of just back streets.

It was bad, okay There were like people like strung out on drugs like running through the street like I am not exaggerating like just running back and forth in the street like fighting and like I was so scared that they were gonna try to like I don't know do something to me so after five miles of driving through that I ultimately get back on the freeway Yes And I Drive on the freeway for slightly bit everything goes well and guess what guess who misses their exit again Me I start bawling again. I'm crying this time. I'm also in a sketchy arena, so I'm like This is superior, and I'm driving through this arena, and it's just a bunch of strip clubs on both aspects of me And I was similar to what the fuck then I almost got hit by a truck while I was making an try to move Okay, whatever, however that's not fundamental. Being in a new arena when you might be 16 is fucking scary and so I was just in reality feeling the warmth towards the end like the last 15 minutes of my driving experience were the absolute worst.

I was a multitude okay. I was world extensive the fuckin place I was missing every turn every exit. I swear to God and it was just rerouting me rerouting me I want one I had to move over a bridge. I hate driving over bridges.

It was so high off the water I don't know. I'm not scared of heights, however like driving over Heights freaks me the fuck out You recognize it would say eight minutes, and then I'd miss a turn and it turn to ten minutes, and I was like oh I'm never going to get there, my gasoline light turns on basically saying that I'm like running out of gasoline I didn't know how many miles left I had in my tank to me I thought I had maybe three miles left in my tank My car doesn't tell me it just has like I don't know this type of thing when the gasoline light turns on it says you have to top off I didn't know if that meant I was flawlessly empty I didn't know if that meant that I had like 20 miles left So I was freaking the fuck out and I kept passing these like gasoline stations And I'm like nope can't go in there. I would get killed at this point I gave no fucks, and I was similar to driving like an idiot to be flawlessly fair I wasn't like doing the rest that was like dangerous like I wasn't doing the rest that might even cause an accident But I was just doing things that were in reality not the finest Okay Like having to change into a lane in reality quite simply and stuff like that which people obviously do not like however that was like what I had to do because siri would reroute me, and she would be like oh get in the left lane And I'd be like fuck you know what I mean there was one intersection I was sitting at and the guy was sitting right right here And I was sitting like right back right here like I didn't pull up all the means because I might have pulled up all the means But I was like back right here because he was so mad at me for accidentally kind of cutting him off And he was like making an try to scream at me through the car But I similar to wouldn't pull up next to him because I knew that if I pulled up next to him you just fucking freak Me out on top of it I was already crying and I didn't want that bitch-ass to think that I was like crying because he scared me I didn't want him to have that delight So I didn't want him to grasp I was crying Finally I pull up to in front of the resort and My mom's standing out in front because seemingly I think my dad texted my mom and was like okay You need to kinda like support her okay? She's a multitude we went and got gasoline. We came back to the room I got room service I got a hummus platter.

It was pretty amazing You know I'm a sucker for hummus much of people do not like it, however I think it's fuckin superior And then I went to bed fast beforehand to this morning I set an alarm for nine o'clock, and I turned it off and then awakened at 1:00 p.M. I have never performed that before I've never slept till 1:00 p.M. But I only slept for three hours the former day, so it kind of makes sense, so that was about it for this trip It was insane I wouldn't say I necessarily did it the finest means I might have you know I probably should've eaten probably gained't have had as many coffees Probably should have filled up my gasoline tank before I tried to move from Santa Monica to Long Beach But either means I made it. I survived before we end this video I'm gonna do slightly haul I went to more than one stores But the only stores I in general bought things from where Urban Outfitters and Brandy are we surprised no the very first thing I got was from urban.

I was so excited about these fitted Levi's 501s I'll make this a try on haul because I'm not selfish so those jeans are super fucking cute. They have an additional special in amazing shape I've been searching out Levi's that in amazing shape for see you later and I've been making an try to wear jeans extra because I in reality feel like when I wear Jeans,I visual appeal extra put in combination next I went to Brandy the very first thing I got were these sweats that have like red stripes down the leg now my thought with these is that I might potentially Wear them in public as pants as opposed to sweats And I've been making an try to find Sweats that I might like do that with because I'm so lazy next I got a shirt I have another one of these shirts, and I love it so much that I wanted to purchase another one It's like this little lumberjack shirt short sleeve cropped super cute last thing I got was Navy corduroy kind of hunting thing jacket, and it's super cozy soft scorching Etc and I'm an outsized fan. So that was it for my haul, No well That was it for my haul, however that's all I have for you guys today I hope you a minimum of had slightly bit of fun if you probably did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down Below the rest you want I love you all establish you all and I'll see you next time.


Hey guys its Ro! As many of you be aware of, I
am on tour for a lot of this month, road tripping from town to town. And I wanted
to make a video about my widespread Road Trip Essentials! The first category, and my widespread, is snacks! When Im on the road I like to stop at new
puts and cost em out for a big meal, yet, it is a respectable thought to have
some snacks to forestall you fueled. And if youre ever treking throughout the woods
there may be a protracted stretch without any stops, so its a respectable thought to
have some things to nibble on! One of my widespread snacks are almonds, I love
almonds, its a respectable source of protein, theyre extraordinary yummy, and you
guys, you be aware of I got a sweet tooth, so, you can get almonds covered in alternative
things, you can get them covered in sour cream and onion style. These ones
are covered with a creme brle shell, so theyre extraordinary greatest! And then these
ones are Italian black truffle almonds! For the 2nd snack, I have a fresh apple,
you can deliver any fruit that you like.

I really like apples because theyre high
in fiber and, they travel properly! And you can be taught the way to juggle! If you've got
more than one. Im pretty greatest! Ah! I always like to deliver water, I be aware of that
this is a terribly bizarre water bottle, yet I love it because its flat. They just fit really properly into laptop cases
or luggage cases, they arent big and bulky, they dont take up loads
of room in the car. That does it for snacks, I more often than not forestall it
really functional once i travel.

Next, lets converse about entertainment! When Im traveling I always deliver my laptop,
wherever I go. I dont be aware of if you guys try this too, I
just positioned a gold case on it so it wouldnt get banged up while I travel. And,
the explanation I deliver my laptop and I dont just use my telephone is because
I do a ton of emails and I type faster on a keyboard, and, my parents are
so sweet, they always watch Cookie once i go out of town, and,
this could appear stupid, yet Im gonna be actual with you guys. I miss her so much
and every night, my parents are so kind, they let me Skype name her and
I need to look her stupid face as big as I can.

So I deliver my laptop,
so I can just see Cookie face, everyday! And then, You always gotta deliver a pair of
headphones. And here I got a little pair of headphones, and sure,
theyre gold, they match my laptop. Because, some americans like to match
their outfits, I like to match my technologies! I also like to deliver an iPad mini. Here I
just play with quite quite a lot of alternative apps and games, it just has a little
bit bigger monitor than my telephone, and it isnt as big and bulky
as my laptop.

So, I always deliver this little guy. And no doubt, I always have my telephone with me,
wherever I go. I am always on my telephone, even if Im on
Twitter or Instagram, or Im texting pals, I am just always using it. Theres quite quite a lot of apps that I use when Im
traveling, yet the app that I use probably the most is maybe Audible, because
theres quite quite a lot of downtime once i go on road trips, specifically on this
tour, so Ive been analyzing loads, Ive been catching up on analyzing.

I asked
you guys  in the other video what books I should cost out, and I got quite quite a lot of responses to
cost out the e-book Matched, so as that could be what I did. For those of you who arent conversant in
the story of Matched, you guys explained the basic premise to me without
spoiling it, yet, its basically a e-book set in a futuristic world, a dystopian
society where when you turn 17 you're matched with your life partner,
thru a big, like, non-public computer like algorithm that tracks, like, your personalities
and DNA. And its basically like if there was a extraordinary
smart Match.Com or like a extraordinary smart Tinder, and when you turned 17
it was like, heres your soulmate. And thats, thats the society, properly I
guess this gal, theres a glitch and shes matched with, I think, more than
one person.

I really like futuristic, sci-fi type recollections
and this one is a little bit romantic, so I thought, daw! For the romantic
in me this would be pretty cute! I really like listening to books on tape when
Im traveling because, for me, I have dilemma analyzing, I have a learning
disability. Im dyslexic, yet even supposing you arent dyslexic,
its really fun to put attentiveness to a e-book on tape when you travel. You can
just sit back, put attentiveness to a story, or some of my pals even get movement
sickness when had been traveling, so they cant read in the car
because theyll begin feeling a little queasy, to allow them to put attentiveness to books
on tape and put attentiveness to recollections on tape and I just think its really
neat! If youve never used Audible or listened
to books on tape beforehand, its really, really easy, theres a little app, you obtain
it, and then about any e-book you can think of is potential to procure. And
heres my library, the homepage right here is your library heres
all the books, and, you can see at the top right here, I am stepping into Matched! If you guys are inquisitive about trying Audible
you can go to audible.Com/rosannapansino, there you will
get a 30 day free trial and 1 free e-book.

Again, that could be Audible.Com/RosannaPansino,
if youve never tried listening to books on tape you
might like it! Ooooh! You guys, next Road Trip Essential,
music! A road trip wouldn't be complete without
a music playlist! I dont be aware of about you guys, yet every time
I go on a road trip I. Love to have a themed music playlist. And
because had been taking place a cookbook tour, I thought, I gotta have a delicacies related
playlist! So I downloaded a bunch of songs that had
delicacies in them, even supposing it wasnt necessarily about delicacies, I positioned them in this
list. Weve got: Pour Some Sugar on Me, Tooti
Fruti, Sugar Sugar, I Want Candy and no doubt you guys be aware of that I positioned Dawins
Song Dessert in there, it is number 1.

Its at the top of my
delicacies music playlist for this road trip. In the description I will positioned a catalogue of my
delicacies music playlist, please let me be aware of in the comments if theres any songs
that you think of that have delicacies in them, that I dont be aware of about because, there
are such a lot of in the market! I will forestall adding to this list, I will forestall
it going! The last thing that I needed to deliver, for like
technological units and entertainment was my selfie stick. Oh my gosh
you guys! Some americans make fun of the selfie stick,
yet I love them because I have extraordinary short arms, and whenever I am trying
to take a picture with my pals, like this, like everybody get in! It cuts off right here every time. Its like, hey, hey everybody! So, I love these, if you guys have never used
a selfie stick beforehand, theyre extraordinary easy, they just.

Then you only stick the telephone right on the
top, and then you plug this little guy in there. And now it is connected
and you can adjust it however youd like. And theres a little
button right here and this will take the picture. I love selfie sticks for
traveling because its really easy to do a group shot.

Like in front of
a eating place or a funny sign you see, or simply some thing along the way
of your travels. And you wont be taking away anybodys
heads! You may have gathered by now that I really
like technological know-how, so when youre traveling you always gotta deliver your monitor
cleansing towelettes, or as I like to name them, tech wipes! You can wipe off your telephone, laptop, or iPad,
or even your sunglasses to forestall those lenses blank! Now, onto some safety and sanitary essentials.
I always like to deliver a little first aid kit, so if some thing happens
on the road I am organized. And within there are some of the basics. Theres
a cold pack, bandaid, a little thing of Neosporin if you get any
cuts, gloves, tweezers, and within here are little packets of advil and tylenol.
In case youre on the road and you get a headache, that can also be ultra
distracting, and hazardous if youre driving.

So it has a little bit
of everything in here, just in case! Next I have a little travel size kleenex,
I like to forestall these in case you've got a runny nostril, you've got a little tissue nearby,
or you be aware of, you only have a Bat in the cave! That means a booger! If you've got an issue, heres a tissue! Oh my gosh you guys! This is something I personally
use loads, I use these everyday, I forestall one in my purse as
properly, its a Tide to Go Pen. If you spill some thing on yourself its a
little stain remover pen. You just open it, exercise it to stain, and faux
it never happened! These things are life savers. I got these, loads
of americans ask me what these are and they are hand cleansing wipes.

can get little towels or the sanitizing gels that they've at outlets.
But I like the little hand wipes. Theyre greatest when youre on the go and
you must have a little snack, yet dont have anywhere to wash your arms. And, a girly thing, I always forestall one just
in case, because you never be aware of, you never be aware of when your girlfriend might
need one. Lastly some beauty essentials that I like
to deliver.

The first one, sunglasses! Not on cute, yet I think technically
these may properly be in the safety category as properly. Because when
youre driving you dont need sun glaring in your eyes, you must be able
to look properly, so something with UV protection. Boom! Im gonna This goes in both categories. Also for your eyes, I have a sleep mask, obviously
dont wear these when you're the one driving, I came upon this one
at REI.

I really like this face mask, not only because
its really soft, yet because it has this lip, right here at the
bottom, so as that after you positioned it on, it makes a little gap for your eyes.
So its not sitting flat in your eyes, and it wont mess up your
makeup. I be aware of thats a extraordinary girly thing, yet,
its actual, look at this! So when you positioned it on, its just
creating a little lip right here, so if youre wearing mascara, it wont
smudge your mascara. In this little pouch, it comes with little
earplugs so you if you wish to take a snooze and rest while other americans
are listening to music or doing whatever, you can! I dont be aware of about you guys, yet I always
like to deliver sunscreen. A lot of americans dont think to use sunscreen
when youre in a car or on a road trip, yet UV rays go right thru
glass windows, even if theyre up or down, so I always like to deliver sunblock.

You be aware of what you guys? For some reason, whenever
Im on a road trip, Im always on the side of the car that has then
sun. Do you guys be aware of what Im speaking about? Now, lets discuss hair! I have quite quite a lot of it,
and when Im traveling I like to forestall it functional. I be aware of this appears so funny,
yet this is my little travel brush, it saves quite quite a lot of space! I dont
like bringing big brushes when Im traveling. And this brush
I came upon at Sephora, and I love it because it has longer bristles that
will take out my tangles, and then it has shorter bristles down here,
so as that if Im blowing out my hair, it will get all of em, and I can
shape it to be whatever I need.

And, I like to forestall a little bottle of dry
shampoo, this is a little travel size, yet you dont need loads, a
little goes a protracted way! And this is without difficulty greatest if youre on a protracted
road trip and you cant wash your hair every day. Say you can only
wash your hair every other day or every other, other day. Before I went on this big cookbook tour, the
longest road trip I had carried out beforehand was 18 hours, and it was so nice
to stop at a rest stop about half of way thru and just freshen up,
and I used some dry shampoo. You just spray it in your hair, it supports take
quite quite most of the moisture and oils out of the hair and it makes you
feel like, ah! Fresh hair! And then this little guy supports you smell fresh!
Sometimes when youre traveling in a car with quite quite a lot of americans it
can get a little muggy.

So, I like to forestall a little travel size perfume,
if no one is allergic these are safe to use. And, I like them because theyre just travel
size. You can just twist off the top, they've a little ball here at the top, and
you can just roll just a little amount in your wrist, boop-boop-bopp! Whenever Im traveling, for some reason,
I always get a hangnail, or my nail chips, I dont be aware of why this always
happens, yet now, I come organized! I came upon this cute little guy, hes a heart
little Emoji face! And it is a travel sized nail kit, its
adorable, you only zip him open, wee-oop! And then you've got all the essentials,
in case you get a hangnail, a chipped nail, some thing. You dont have
to sit there for hours and hours and hours and try not to mess with it.

can focus on it! And my very last beauty road trip vital
is Pandas Dream, hes so cute! Look at him! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo! I came upon it at Sephora and I love this, its
just a little stick like this, and then you positioned it on below your eye. It
moisturizes and cools very quickly below your eye. Its really greatest if
your eyes are puffy, which happens to me because I get tired on really long road
trips, and, little panda supports me out so as that I dont look like him! And
dont have dark circles below my eyes! Thank you panda! Youre welcome
Ro! Oh its, oh my deals! OK! My last road trip vital is wearing a set
of comfy clothes, once i. Travel I like to be cozy, and so, Im
wearing a terribly cozy, light-weight shirt, that could be soft and stretchy,
and you can layer it, you can positioned a tank top below it or a
jacket over it.

I like wearing outfits that you can layer because
the weather can modification, specifically when youre driving from town
to town and thru alternative states, its just greatest to be flexible! And then for pants, I really like to wear yoga
pants, or I have been wearing quite quite a lot of boyfriend jeans. I love boyfriend
jeans because theyre really relaxed fit, theyre really loose, they
dont pinch when Im sitting down or curling up in a ball, theyre just
extraordinary comfy, so, Im wearing some boyfriend jeans and then, slipper boots! Thats right guys, slipper boots! Its iciness time and my toes always get
cold in the iciness, so these forestall em nice and roasty-toasty. Snug as a bug in a rug! Alright, that does it for my widespread Road Trip Essentials,
let me be aware of in the comments down below what your widespread top 3 Road Trip
Essentails are. And, if you be aware of of any delicacies themed songs
that aren't in my delicacies music playlist, please let me be aware of, I would love to cost
em out.

And a big as a result of Audible for teaming up
with me on to make this video, heart you guys! I hope you came upon this video invaluable, buh-bye! And safe travels!.