SMG4 Mario’s Train Trip

*Glitchy Boy startup sound*
Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro(RETARDEDNESS) Glitchy Boi and SMG4 intro(ALERT!ALERT!INCOMING RETARDEDNES) *retards chasing the train* Mario: Oh mama mia *gibberish* Mario: Oh mama mia *gibberish* Toad: Yuhoo! Yah! Toad: Yeah bitch! Yeah, bitch! LATEEEEEEEEER… LATEEEEEEEEER… Mario: Woah huhuhuh… Mario: MAMA MIA!! Mamma mia! Mario: Yeah, ha ha haah! (Youre fat Merio) Oh my god! SMG4: NO! NO! All we had to do changed into follow the damn train! All we had to do changed into follow the damn train! Mario: Uluhuwrtshzcvczhstw…

*Merio is ded* Dr. Eggman: La la la la la, Dr. Eggman: La la la la la, HEY! La la la la, Dr. Eggman: La la la!
Mario: AHAHAHAHA!!! (Never let go Mario) Eggman: AHHHH!!!!!!!! GET OFF!!!1!1!!! 2X Eggman: AHHHH!!!!!!!! GET OFF!!!1!1!!! 2X Eggman: Take that!
Mario: OOF!! *Eggman announcing "Get off' time and again again* KILL HIM!! AAH!! Eggman: Get the fuck out of here! Mario: I'm gonna rape your ass!!!! Mario: LE'S GO RIGHT NOW BRING IT ON YOU LITTLE WANK! Dr.

Eggman: Oh fuck! WatchMojo: Top 10 anime fights Eggman: SHIIIIIIIIIII- Eggman: SHIIIIIIIIIII- Mario: Dum-duh-duh-duum! Mario: Dum-duh-duh-duum! HA-HAAH! HA-HAAH! Mama mia… Mama mia… *Gibberish* Yipee! *Gibberish* Ya-hoo!!! UNDERPAL STUDIOS!!!!!!!! (Uh oh, it's you-recognise-who!) Hmm? (Oh shit, the container is alive!) Hmmmmmmmmmmmm??????? Bob: JeSuS ChRiSt, I cAn'T bReEtH! WhY dId I pAcKaGeD mYsElF iN a BoX? I'm A dUmBaSs! Bob: YeS, I wAnTeD tO gO wItH u GuYs To UnDeRpAl StUdIoS! PlZ tAkE mE tAkE mE wItH u MaRiO! Bob: PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
Mario: AAAAHHHHH!!!! GET IT OFF!!!!! 4X SMG4: Shiet! Old man: Kill him! SMG4: Hold still! Die bitch! *Mario is ded* SMG4: Did uhhh….I…. Did I win? Bob: OMG! It'S tHe ReAl SmG4! PlZ tAkE mE oN uR aDvEnTuRe PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ.

SMG4: I'M SICK OF YOUR SHIT!!! Bob: WeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe I cAn FlY! Mario: Mama mia… Hmm? *Gibberish* (UHHHHHHHHHHH) Old Man: Aww, awwwwww….. Mario: Little Toadie? Hmmmmmmmm… *Gibberish* No! Hmm? *Gibberish* No! *Singing* SMG4: TOAD! Guy: AHHHHHHHH!!!!! OH MY FUCKING GOD, SOMEBODY HELP!!!!!!!!!! SMG4: Oh come on! (Sorry you're not getting any help, ur chomp, ur main issue) OHHHHHHHHH, YEAAAAAAAAHHHH…

SMG4: GOD, DAMMIT! Mario: *gibberish* WUT DA FUK IZ DIS SHET? Mario: Mamaf****er! *Grunt* Hmmm? Hmm? Woah! Wait a minute… WAIT A MINUTE! Oh mama mia! *Gibberish* (Stupid Mario…) WOOOAAAAAH! AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Mario: I'm gonna do it, bro! I'm gonna do it! Niiiiiintendo! *Fat Italian screams* SMG4: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! :D. (No we're not :P) Mario: Mario think you SUCK! D:< Toad: UUUUAAAAH YYAAAAA, bhwroifewoi9drefiodruofiofu Uhhhh! Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaaaah…. *Punch* OHHHHHHHH!!! F********!!!!!!!! *Loud crash* Bob: WaT tHe FuCk DiD u jUsT fUcKiNg SaY aBoUt Me?! U lItTle BiTcH! SMG4: Ah crap! Bob: I'Ll HaVe U kNoW- GoD dAmMiT hOw Do U wOrK wItH tHiS tHiNg? I wAnNa PlaY mY mIxTapeS! Conducter: Cock-eater! I'm ThE nEw CoNdUcToR biTcHeS! LoL! (U R 2 DUM to be a conductor) Toad: Wa-hoo! (You had one job Toad! ONE JOB!) Bob: ThIs IsN't EvEn My FiNaL FoRm BiTcHeS! (OOPS) Koopa: What the fuck?! Well that changed into a load of shit…

Bob: Oh ShIt, WRoNg LeVeR LOl GoNe 2 FaR? BiTcH I aM tHe BeSt CoNdUcToR eVeR! HoW dArE u- Oh, cRaP. *Gotta go fast!* (Too fast bOB) SHIIIIIIII- SMG4, Mario and Toad: Oh shit! Bob: SeE u BiTcHeS lAtEr, I aM oUtTa hErE! We could not let those f*ckers take this land! SMG4: Don't- do not tell me! Don't tell me! 2X I can do this! X2 Don't tell me! 3X *Mario fucked up* Mario: Oooooooo… (OOF) I'mma do not think you can do that.. Bob: CaN't CaTcH mE bItCh! I'm FaSt As FuCk BoI! Bob: YoUr StUbBy AsS lEgS cAn'T kEeP uP wItH mE.

*You just triggered Toad* Bob: I'm LiKe GeRuDo BiTcHeS fLiBlA-(Untranslatable Gibberish) OW! Ow My BoB tItTiEs, So ThAt'S hOw'S gOnNa Be? U wAnT 2 DaNcE? *Blade hands ready* ThEn LeT's DaNcE bItCh! Epic combat of weird idiot bob and short toad *idiots panicking* Mario: MAMA MIAAAAAAAAA!!!!! *Beep* *Glitchy fucked up* *Beep* *mobilephone numbers* *mobilephone ringing* Hello sir, can I take your order? SMG4: Oh shit… Mario: Wa-hoo! A Large order of fries, a BBQ bacon burger- WatchMojo: Top 10 anime fights 2 Bob: It'S nO uSe BiTcH! I Am sExEr ThAn U! SUpEr SpIcY mEmEy HoMiNg AtTaCk! SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG SWAG. WTF DOES DAT EVEN MEEN? Ha, ThAt'S wAt I sAiD 2 Ur MoM lAsT nIgHt! Toad: No no no! *G3t r3ck B0b* Toad: FOR THE MOTHERLAND!!! Bob: WaIt, WaT- What motherland? B0b gETs h1t BiTcH, iS dAt AlL u GoT? I'vE hAd BaBiEs KiCk Me hArdEr ThAn- SHIIIIIII- Toad: Yeah, bitch! Don't ever trigger toad Bob: BiTcH u ThOuGhT I wAs DeD. THe WiNd FrOm ThIs SpEeD iS iNfLaTiNg My RoBeS lIkE a GoDdAmN pArAgLiDeR.

I dOn'T eVeN kNoW iF tHaT mAkEs aNy SeNsE, bUt FuCk It, CoMe At Me BrO! CoMe HeRe U lItTlE sHiT! StOp MoViNg! GOd DaMn U- Mario: -piece of hot apple pie, tremendous order of fries, orange soda with no ice and a BBQ bacon burger *Mario keeps ordering stuff* Oof! *Grunt* You… Son of a bitch! *War of the Fat Italians: Train Edition* (STOP PRESSING BUTTONS!) Bob: HaHa, BoW dOwN 2 Me BiTcHeS! I aM uR- Oh ChRiSt! 2 MuCh SmOkE! *CoUgH* *CoUgh* TaStEs LiKe AsS – AnD nOt ThE gOoD kInD eThEr Toad: Gotcha bitch! *War of the Fat Italians: Train Edition Part 2* (Enough with the butt0ns already) Bob: WeLl, WeLl, WeLl… I jUsT wAnTeD 2 Be Ur FrIeNd I'm not crazy… I'm just lonely…

WaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!! (Bob turns into Darth Vader) *ded* oWfUcK. SOnOfAtIt oHmYaSs jEsUsChRiStThIsHuRtS. WeE-E-E-E-E-E- (That's sad) SMG4: Just a 2nd… All related…? *Ded* Mario: *grunt* *gibberish* Come on! Ha ha! Take-a that! Oh certain! That's-a so excellent! Wa-hooooo! (AAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDD…) Ooooooo….

(Ya fucked up again Mario!) (Elevator music) Mario: WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!!!!!!!! *Panic* *Toad has no clue of mortal doom* *Panicking keeps* (Who dis man?!) *Mario being an idiot* AHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! (Rep trayn man. 8:20 – 8:36) *Even more panicking* Mario: Haaaaaa haaaaaa….! I did it! 3X Oh yea! Thank you such a lot! :D. Eyy, no main issue Fucking jack-ass… (Majik?) I obtained you fam! Oh yeah! *Calling* Release the BRAINSTORM to make your motherfuckin BRAIN WARM to make your motherfuckin BRAIN WARM
Mario and Toad: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!! Mario and Toad: YEAAAAAAAAH!!!! SMG4: Wat? Mario and Toad: Yayyyyyyy! 2X (SMG4 in all fairness confused) (How iz dis evn possibl?!) Mario: Ya-hoo! Wa-hoo! YEAH!! (SMG4 is awfully confused.) Smoke! Weed! Erryday!
*And the three retards made it to Underpal Studios* (The finish.) (The finish?) (Or not) Bob: Ow, GoD dAmN mY aSs…

ThOsE dArN gUyS… 1 DaY… 1 DaY tHe'Ll LeT mE bE tHe PaRt Of ThEiR sQuAd FaM… ThEn ThEy'Ll LeT mE hAvE aDvEnTuReS wItH tHeM…

(NOPE) I'm GoNnA mAkE aLl ThE fRiEnDs! Oh YeA bItChEs! MuA-HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa- -HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa UhM.. (Aren't y0u f0rGeTTiNg s0m3th1ng?) WaIt A mInUtE… ShIt, HoW tHe HeLl Do I gEt HoMe?! Shit how the hell do I get home The finish (for genuine dude) Sub to SMG4, TheAwsomeMario and Hobo Bros for more dull stuff! 😀
Subtitles by: Oks Bonk and Caden, oh and likewise Devin. There greater be a half 2 to this memery.

This is going on in SMG4 history..

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