Roadtrip… due to myself.

Good morning guys, it's about 6:15 in the morning right now. It's pretty freakin dark, so I'm sorry the lighting is ASS. So today I'm embarking on a freakin'  experience to say the least. Let me explain, so, basically my mom has some kind of firm conference meeting or something in Long Beach, California Which is on the point of Los Angeles kind of so from like 8:00 to 5:00 every single day of this conference my mom's gonna be at some kind of conference and so she told me 'hey Emma if you want you possibly can possibly drive up to Long Beach on your own and you possibly can possibly meet up with me' so my mom is supposed to be there for like a week however, I didn't like to move out for a whole week So I decided I would just drive down for about four days And just dangle around there while my mom has her conference and then that means that I can just drive anywhere I want and just hand around in the arena, and so I live in northern California, so this is in southern California so basically I'm road tripping to southern California all by myself Sixteen years old.

I'm nervous slightly bit. It's not that far of a drive. It's only like six hours Here's the plan Long Beach is in general farther away from my dwelling than Santa Monica and like quite a lot of other places So I had the dope thought that I would stop in Santa Monica on my means to Long Beach Santa Monica is ready five hours and 30 minutes away from my dwelling, which in reality isn't that bad once I get to Santa Monica I'm gonna go to all those trendy places that you go to if you were there equivalent to Earth Cafe Yeah, you heard that right the  promenade or something I'm gonna do all the customary shit that people do in Santa Monica also fun assertion, okay I've been to LA like many times, however like I haven't in reality explored it very much on my own I generally had cheer competitions there, so I never in reality got to enjoy it, however yeah, so I'm excited because I'm excited because this is in general the first time I'll in general be kind of exploring it obviously I'm not gonna movie myself the full road trip I think everybody would rip their hair out adding me So instead I decided that I would test in once per hour and provide you with slightly update I'm hoping I don't hit any visitors. I don't think that I will thinking of it is 6:00 a.M.

I didn't eat breakfast or the rest, however I didn't in reality have any snacks at my dwelling, so like when I get to Santa Monica I'm to be fuckin hungry as hell, so I'm going straight to earth cafe I'm super excited owing to all the trendy people and all the trendy youtubers in LA go to earth It has been exactly sorry I visual appeal in reality weird right now, however its been exactly one hour since we last talked And I'm feeling in reality energized surprisingly. I literally went to bed at 2:00 a.M.. Woke up at 5:30 That's three and a half hours of sleep And I still don't in reality feel that tired to this point driving hasn't been too bad the views have been kinda pretty and nice But some Acura has been riding my ass, and I am going above the speed limit, however they still are riding my ass Which is so annoying? Do you know what? Fuck you Acura fuck you anyways I've been listening to my oldies playlist on Spotify It's an fair time. I'll leave my Spotify in the description.

Because I am doing this road trip alone I was forced to sing the male and female a part of don't go breakin my coronary heart by Elton John I had a coffee it gave me some energy But it also made me in reality have to pee so I super duper have to pee however I'm just gonna hold it for see you later as Absolutely viable and eliminate in general going to the bathroom because I just don't like to I drove through a bunch of like Farms like crop fields and stuff, and there's all these like fresh fruit stands and all of them were closed I was in general gonna like take note of like going to one and like getting some fruit or whatever. It's like That's cute and goals you know using my substances and also I didn't bring any snacks So I was like you know that is also amazing, however um they're all closed and I was super sad. Right now as you possibly can possibly see I'm hunting at some nice mountains and stuff I don't know if this is the most scenic route nevertheless it is to this point pretty scenic and I'm digging that factor because I like a pleasant scenic I was thinking that maybe I should like listen to a podcast or something like that But I do not have any like downloaded or the rest So it would use it would use a shit tonne of documents and like I do not have documents to spare like I run out like anyways the first time I looked at the clock it was 6:31am I like jammed out to a song I was like I bet a bunch of time has passed like wow like you know I've been like listening to a few music for ages now, and I visual appeal at the clock and it's 6:36 and I'm like it's been five minutes, and I felt like it had been a minimum of 20 But every minute that goes by is just one extra minute that I have to pee extra And I'm truthfully regretting not wearing a diaper Like I'm not kidding like I wish I might just pee my pants like not even saying that as a joke like I certainly wish I might just pee my pants when I go on road trips my mom And I have to pee I always pee In a cup like I'll use like a Starbucks cup and I'll fucking pee in it while we're driving um I probably gained't have told you that and don't ask about the logistics In case you were wondering I did stop at a rest stop, and I went pee which was interesting and kind of scary I've never been to a rest stop before and it was slightly bit sketchy, nevertheless it was fine. I'm about like 230 miles away, which it just appears to be like to this point, however I mean times passing pretty fast So what are you in a location to do however quite a lot of things I've noticed – number one.

There's so many vans in all places I don't even know what they hold like what are they even doing, however there is a bunch of vans and uh? They're in reality fucking slow So that's annoying also people get like so Annoying in this freakin highway like I'm literally going 10 miles per hour over the speed limit Which is like kind of wild for me, and everybody's like passing me, however if I go any faster I'll be going like 100 miles per hour so like I'm not making an try to literally die Sorry, and also I don't like to get a fucking speeding tickets. I'm not stupid. This truck is fucking on my ass I'm literally going 85 like and also there's two vans in front of me like I can't go visual appeal There's literally two vans in front of me. I can't go any faster.

Stop hunting riding my ass Sorry For the past like I don't know, maybe um I don't know like 45 minutes It's just smelled like cow shit and before that for like 45 minutes It smelled like garlic which garlic is not as bad as cow shit, however like it's still kind of gross They also just realized. I'm literally wearing a stroke shirt. I don't know who to tell and I'm listening to the strokes I've in general had this t-shirt since like eighth grade And I just now started wearing it my 16 year old self is giving my 13 year old self a high five for that move that's about it, it just smells like fucking cow shit. I'm not happy about it.

I am feeling some are we there yet vibes. I mean, I'm kind of like zoning out slightly bit So I don't freaking care And then I visual appeal at the clock and like thirty minutes have gone by and I'm like well swag I'm commencing to have to pee like I in reality feel like I have to pee again I don't like to stop again, so I'm probably going to carry it, however yeah, I'm bored and my back hurts this is just kind of crazy I miss the old Kanye  oh my god Okay, just went to the bathroom for the second time stopped at a pleasant gasoline station I was going to try to carry it for an exceedingly long time But then I saw an indication that was like next gasoline station is in 30 miles, and I was like oh I should probably go I walk in there, and I'm like yo do you guys have a bathroom Or do I need a key or whatever and he was like no I was like Okay, and then I started walking out. He's like just JK, and I'm like okay. That was not funny I'm sensitive, however yeah, so he's being a jokester which was hilarious Joke of the year fucking comedy at its purest so I went to the bathroom And I walk in there and my speedy reaction is holy shit this bathroom is disgusting It was just super like worn worn down paint was chipping in all places the locks were like broken on like each individual stall I was like shit.

This is like not amazing so I walk into the stall and there's literally flies flying around in the bathroom . I'm not kidding. It was probably one of those disgusting things I've ever seen and I was so scarred for life like this stereotypical kind of thought of like a disgusting bathroom It has like flies flying around and I just thought oh That's kind of like a myth like I kind of thought about was just kind of like exaggeration or whatever But no like that happens, and I experienced it, and it was the scariest thing and mind you I peed in there, okay? I didn't leave and there were flies like touchdown on my fucking ass while I'm pissing It was horrible to make matters worse and also more strange when I got back in the car I realized they were like flies flying all around my car like swarming my car like a minimum of like 50 of them So I literally drove away so fast and then they all got lost because now I'm on the freeway driving like 80 miles per hour so They're all gone now. That was kind of traumatizing I'm just excited to be there, however I'm also getting hungry, so I'm in reality excited to get food at Earth TRENDYYY.

Wow so another little while has passed and I'm like pretty close, so I'm like about 30 minutes away now And it'd be like extra like 15 minutes away, however we're in some bumper-to-bumper visitors well not in reality bumper-to-bumper however we're in some visitors I thought that I was gonna be ready to like get right here without any visitors at all that wasn't the case But that's okay I don't mind. I'm in general glad for some visitors because it's been some fast-paced shit for the past hour I just in reality feel like it's been intense like people are just intense drivers around right here. Everybody's kind of reckless I'm getting a in reality bad foot cramp from like you know frickin pedaling to the metal I've absolutely got like four numerous anxiety attacks like four separate times This is like fuckin nerve-racking as hell further driving in LA is absolutely numerous than San Francisco, San Francisco is in reality bad, too But this is similar to numerous I in reality feel like I've been in the car for like my entire life like I in reality feel like this is just What it's always been and this is how it always will be hopefully next time I talk to you I'm not in the car anymore *chill music* First time at earth cafe. It was absolutely amazing food fresh nice tasty.

Good times all around It's weird being in a new city like by yourself. It's super intimidating I'm in reality comfortable with vlogging like where I live because I don't know I'm similar to used to it So it doesn't weird me out, however like vlogging in an unfamiliar place is frightening, nevertheless it's amazing It's amazing experience for me You know like I've performed much of independent stuff in my life But like this is probably one of the most independent things I've ever performed, and I'm pleased with me. Are you pleased with me? I'm pleased with me time to do slightly bit of shopping, so we're going to 3rd Street, Promenade Promenade promenade promenade promenade. I don't know commencing route to 3rd Street, Promenade Promenade I have a feeling that it's not pronounced promenade just a thought although I had a coffee at Earth I'm absolutely gonna be getting another coffee later because they have so many cute coffee places around right here that I need to take gain of my options however I don't know how to drive around right here It's like little streets with so many numerous like lines on the ground like I don't know how that I don't know what any of these lines mean But yeah Santa Monica's in reality cute.

I would not mind living right here when I become older so maybe one day I'll move right here although I don't know if I might address this visitors because the visitors around right here is ass I've been in reality paranoid about my car like literally right through this like road trip experience I've just thought that my car's breaking down like 19 times, and it never broke down But I kept thinking that it was and it was freaking me the fuck out I've never seen extra G wagons in like a span of 25 seconds in my entire life I've literally just all like 15 numerous G Wagons I in reality feel hashtag poor with my Subaru don't back out you fucking stupid bitch Oh my god. Sorry. I saw a matte black G wagon Which I've only seen pictures of on Pinterest and stuff, and I just saw one in true life And I'm pretty sure only famous people have those so I don't know whose it was nevertheless it was absolutely a celeb and that was my first celeb sighting of the day if I don't see like I don't know one of the Jenners or like I don't know if I don't see somebody in reality cool Who's famous I'm gonna be so pissed like what's the point of coming right here? If I don't see anybody who's famous do you know what I mean? Even though I wouldn't even go up to them cuz I'm in reality a pussy But I would like visual appeal at them and like I can say that I've seen them before Okay, another g wagon if I see one extra (siri: organize to park your car.) Well. I can't Siri if I literally see one extra g wagon I'm gonna cry I'm just gonna cry of happiness because this is where I belong Oh, there's parking.

I think this one might be a winner. Yes, we found a place baby. Oh my god. What a fucking rush.

We're ultimately right here. I have a parking spot *whispers* I love this song Okay, just finished at the promenade or promenade. I don't know okay. It was fun.

I'm so wrecked though I'm so tired I need to get a coffee, so I just yelped per usual and found a coffee place called Alfred And I think it's like famous, however I'm uncertain I'm just gonna go in there and calm down go on my computer It's about three o'clock and the visitors is so bad well right here is the deal right now I'm in Santa Monica and my resort room is in Long Beach because that's where my mom's work is in some unspecified time in the future I need to in some means get there to Long Beach But I just don't like to drive there right now like I never like to drive again ever like I am so burnt out anyways have to get out of this parking garage in some means and then go to that coffee shop Which I in general need to map okay appears to be like like it's about 20 minutes away. Oh fuck It appears to be like like the coffee place Alfred that I like to move to is in general in the opposite direction That's backtracking I obviously don't like to do that so I need to find a new place in reality fast if you watch my vlog you know that I'm A titanic fan of Phil's coffee, and they also have a Phil's near right here So I think I might just go to Phil's, however I in reality should explore new cafes fuck it I don't care I'm going to Phil I in reality feel comfortable there. I in reality feel at residence there (siri:commencing route to Phil's coffee). Oh my god ugh I just need to like sit in a cafe drink a coffee and just decompress is that even a word Decompress why do I in reality feel like that's not a word.

I don't know decompress yeah Oh my god, it is the next day to come. I stopped vlogging after Phil's because I assumed that what I was gonna do was I was going to vlog and like show the room and like get food once I got back to the room, however that didn't happen. Let me explain I finished at Phil's I got in the car And I was already kind of anxious like super anxious Like I don't know like just jazzed and I was like shaking that happens to me sometimes after I drink coffee so like I'm not too stunned so I start driving to Long Beach. It's about an hour-and-a-half drive.

I was like fuck I don't like to try this right now I put on my music, and I'm just driving and it was confusing the directions It was similar to I was turning left turning right turning left turning right like every five minutes And I was similar to very anxious. At this point I'm not vlogging cause I'm like okay I'm in reality anxious I'm not gonna vlog right now. About 20 minutes go by of me Just like turning left turning right turn your left, and then I ultimately get on the freeway Which I felt better about because I'm like okay that means I'm like gonna get right here faster or whatever But I was in reality anxious because I only had a quarter tank and I was like okay that will absolutely last me But I'm not so sure you know I had to get to the resort and at this point It was like 7:30 or something and so it was pitch black external, which makes everything ten times worse But then the visitors got so thick that like I couldn't merge into like numerous lanes That was when things kind of got bad because I ended up missing one of my exits and at that point I'm just fucking crying because I'm like I like to move residence. I just like to lay down in a fucking bed so tired I'm crying without a doubt because I'm dramatic so imagine I don't even know where I was in order to get back on the freeway I had to drive through five miles of just back streets.

It was bad, okay There were like people like strung out on drugs like running through the street like I am not exaggerating like just running back and forth in the street like fighting and like I was so scared that they were gonna try to like I don't know do something to me so after five miles of driving through that I ultimately get back on the freeway Yes And I Drive on the freeway for slightly bit everything goes well and guess what guess who misses their exit again Me I start bawling again. I'm crying this time. I'm also in a sketchy arena, so I'm like This is superior, and I'm driving through this arena, and it's just a bunch of strip clubs on both aspects of me And I was similar to what the fuck then I almost got hit by a truck while I was making an try to move Okay, whatever, however that's not fundamental. Being in a new arena when you might be 16 is fucking scary and so I was just in reality feeling the warmth towards the end like the last 15 minutes of my driving experience were the absolute worst.

I was a multitude okay. I was world extensive the fuckin place I was missing every turn every exit. I swear to God and it was just rerouting me rerouting me I want one I had to move over a bridge. I hate driving over bridges.

It was so high off the water I don't know. I'm not scared of heights, however like driving over Heights freaks me the fuck out You recognize it would say eight minutes, and then I'd miss a turn and it turn to ten minutes, and I was like oh I'm never going to get there, my gasoline light turns on basically saying that I'm like running out of gasoline I didn't know how many miles left I had in my tank to me I thought I had maybe three miles left in my tank My car doesn't tell me it just has like I don't know this type of thing when the gasoline light turns on it says you have to top off I didn't know if that meant I was flawlessly empty I didn't know if that meant that I had like 20 miles left So I was freaking the fuck out and I kept passing these like gasoline stations And I'm like nope can't go in there. I would get killed at this point I gave no fucks, and I was similar to driving like an idiot to be flawlessly fair I wasn't like doing the rest that was like dangerous like I wasn't doing the rest that might even cause an accident But I was just doing things that were in reality not the finest Okay Like having to change into a lane in reality quite simply and stuff like that which people obviously do not like however that was like what I had to do because siri would reroute me, and she would be like oh get in the left lane And I'd be like fuck you know what I mean there was one intersection I was sitting at and the guy was sitting right right here And I was sitting like right back right here like I didn't pull up all the means because I might have pulled up all the means But I was like back right here because he was so mad at me for accidentally kind of cutting him off And he was like making an try to scream at me through the car But I similar to wouldn't pull up next to him because I knew that if I pulled up next to him you just fucking freak Me out on top of it I was already crying and I didn't want that bitch-ass to think that I was like crying because he scared me I didn't want him to have that delight So I didn't want him to grasp I was crying Finally I pull up to in front of the resort and My mom's standing out in front because seemingly I think my dad texted my mom and was like okay You need to kinda like support her okay? She's a multitude we went and got gasoline. We came back to the room I got room service I got a hummus platter.

It was pretty amazing You know I'm a sucker for hummus much of people do not like it, however I think it's fuckin superior And then I went to bed fast beforehand to this morning I set an alarm for nine o'clock, and I turned it off and then awakened at 1:00 p.M. I have never performed that before I've never slept till 1:00 p.M. But I only slept for three hours the former day, so it kind of makes sense, so that was about it for this trip It was insane I wouldn't say I necessarily did it the finest means I might have you know I probably should've eaten probably gained't have had as many coffees Probably should have filled up my gasoline tank before I tried to move from Santa Monica to Long Beach But either means I made it. I survived before we end this video I'm gonna do slightly haul I went to more than one stores But the only stores I in general bought things from where Urban Outfitters and Brandy are we surprised no the very first thing I got was from urban.

I was so excited about these fitted Levi's 501s I'll make this a try on haul because I'm not selfish so those jeans are super fucking cute. They have an additional special in amazing shape I've been searching out Levi's that in amazing shape for see you later and I've been making an try to wear jeans extra because I in reality feel like when I wear Jeans,I visual appeal extra put in combination next I went to Brandy the very first thing I got were these sweats that have like red stripes down the leg now my thought with these is that I might potentially Wear them in public as pants as opposed to sweats And I've been making an try to find Sweats that I might like do that with because I'm so lazy next I got a shirt I have another one of these shirts, and I love it so much that I wanted to purchase another one It's like this little lumberjack shirt short sleeve cropped super cute last thing I got was Navy corduroy kind of hunting thing jacket, and it's super cozy soft scorching Etc and I'm an outsized fan. So that was it for my haul, No well That was it for my haul, however that's all I have for you guys today I hope you a minimum of had slightly bit of fun if you probably did give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down Below the rest you want I love you all establish you all and I'll see you next time.

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