Ranmasu Uyana – Stargate of Gods Found Ancient Aliens in Sri Lanka

Hey guys, I am in Sri Lanka and there's a
very abnormal stone artifact in a quarter spoke of as Ranmasu Uyana. Here, in an isolated quarter, that you almost certainly can be able to in finding this
bizarre circular carving which has baffled either archeologists and friends. It has a doubtless tough layout, which turns out to be
corresponding to an electrical circuit diagram or a technical drawing and of us of Sri Lanka
agree with that it is a stargate, a portal by which Gods came from diverse planets. Archeologists don't have any concept when it was once created
nonetheless it really is constantly accepted that this about 6500 years vintage, which capability that you need to be finding
at a number of the an helpful oldest carvings inside the worldwide.

This is older than the pyramids in Egypt and
the Stonehenge in England. But what's the that implies of this hard carving? This is normally considered Sakwala Chakraya in Sri Lanka,
which capability the wheel of the Universe. Sakwala capability Universe in Sinhala language
and Chakraya capability Wheel in Tamil and Sanskrit. Why is it spoke of as the wheel of the Universe? And more importantly, if mainstream archeologists
agree with that it is a purely conventional stone carving, why is it lined with an iron fence? Locals say that there's a wierd calories
popping out this carving at exact instances and it really is actually now now not a tight advice to stand or sit very close
to it.

Here is an elderly gentleman who makes an effort to
educate me that the stargate emits abnormal calories. He demonstrates this the utilization of a sacred talisman
tied to a string, and it starts rotating all of sudden. This rotating movement shall be comfortably faked,
but I do have a thing spoke of as an EMF detector. This will educate even very small alterations in

And that you almost certainly can be able to exercise that the EMF meter's needle
instantly is going all of restrictions to the many aspect, which capability there's a doubtless absolute best stage
of calories coming from this. This meter simplest monitors up to 5 Milligauss,
but this rock desires to be emitting a miles enhanced stage of magnetic flux. This in actuality capability that there's a thing
abnormal going on the ensuing. What is even stranger is that, this is actually now now not
a unbroken flux and we are able to see this simplest at exact instances.

When I validated this as soon as more on the obstacle of a mins later,
there has been no reading. Remember, I have already shown you but an added
Stargate in India. This quarter has been solely fenced off,
so there has been no strategy to detect the EMF there. What is the role of these stargates? According to Sri Lankans, this 6 foot tall
stargate is rarely always purely a portal by which the Gods came down from the sky, but when used
wisely, even persons can vacation to diverse gives of the Universe, by this

We can see that there are several seats carved
accurate in entrance of this carving. Locals insist that if persons sit lengthy
ample and take inside the calories popping out of it, they have to be smartly prepared to vacation and attain
the Gods.Another theory is that focusing intensely on these 7 circles inside the course of the diagram
need to smartly trigger hallucinations and quit in astral vacation and diverse psychedelic reports. Some of us also agree with that Lord Buddha
himself visited this stargate no underneath thrice and he was once smartly prepared to operate this and vacation
to diverse planets. Some tantric Buddhists nonetheless refer to this quarter
at night time, pale up oil lamps, and go into a doubtless deep state of meditation, in an effort
to open this stargate.

It is thought that intense focusing or touching
these symbols in a put across aggregate can open the portal to heavens. The western worldwide believes that the speculation
of Ancient Aliens all began inside without equal 50 years, but inside the Asian continent, of us have believed
this for tons of years. This gentleman who meditates on a daily basis during this
quarter, believes that Hindu Gods came to earth the utilization of this stargate. You Know Skanda? 12 Hands and six faces? They also aliens.

Me: Skanda is Alien? Him: Yeah. Him: BhadraKali capability Young Time. They also aliens. Properly and exactly that you almost certainly can be able to now now not say that,
but relatively we now have develop into that odor, the shadow.

It is actually now now not from this worldwide. He hasn't ever seen or heard a thing about
the time period "historic aliens", but that you almost certainly can be able to exercise how firmly he believes that Gods came down
from the sky. Archeologists have solely denied that
this has a thing to do with aliens or largest technology. However, what they claim is even more baffling.

Mainstream archeologists insist that this
is an in an additional u . s . map, and it really is the oldest worldwide map that exists. But they be proposing no evidences to teach this
theory. If mainstream archeologists are accurate, how
did early persons, who, in response to them have been primitive of us, carve such an
largest diagram? The carving is so technically largest that
no one is in a location to decode it even at the present time. It has such plenty of symbols that are similar
to easy day equipment we use.

These 2 concentric circles appearance remarkably
corresponding to induction coils or magnetic coils. Right next to the coil inside the midsection, we are able to
also see a sine wave – Is this a twist of fate, Or does it particularly characterize electrical force? There are many small circles with crosses
indoors, which appearance purely just like the extremely view of fashionable screws. What is dazzling is that these screws appear
to be affirming several oblong booths, this is an similar procedure we use in many
of the models at the present time. Finally there are two symbols on the left
and the accurate aspect which appearance remarkably corresponding to a flip change and a reset button we use
at the present time.

The simplest sides that are now now not technological
models are the assortment of aquatic animals stumbled on inside the outer ring. While the whole lot indoors shall be explained with
technology, the outer ring monitors many sorts of fishes, crabs, turtles or even sea horses
and mermaids. Why are these aquatic animals carved the ensuing? How are they attached to this hard technical
diagram indoors the circle? With so many tough symbols and figures carved
on the rock, archeologists and historians in finding practically no inscriptions explaining what
this particularly is. On the rock, archeologists have stumbled on two
cryptic words "panati panasha", which denotes the volume fifty three.

The entire form of shapes and figures are
almost like fifty three, seeing that there are 20 figures and 33 symbols during this carving. And some claim that the outer ring containing
a broad form of animals shall be circled to wholesome the thriller symbols indoors, as a strategy to spark off
the stargate. I am unsure if this a purely a diagram of
a stargate, or whether it really is an true stargate as a strategy to be used for teleportation. Even after you're taking place to agree with that this purely a map,
this is the oldest map inside the worldwide, so it really is extremely exotic.

So what do you assume? Did historic developers use this as a stargate? Does this comprise the thriller key for area
vacation or is it purely a map? If it really is purely a map, how do you explain the
EMF calories emitting out of it? Please permit me recognize your feelings inside the remarks
area. I am Praveen Mohan, thank you a suitable deallots for observing,
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