R64 Mario’s Boat Trip

(1St intro: Glitchy Boy) Subtitles By:julianrod500 Updated by: FistGaming (Intro 2: Retratad 64 Intro) BOOM Maryo: Mama F*cker (Music) Look, Super Mario Sunshine Oooooh nooo… Mama-mia! (All Screaming) Weeeeee!! (Screaming Continues) Ooooh. Let's play again, adequate? (Toad laughing) WHOAAAAAAH. Yeah! ( Toad Gibberish) (Ironic Jump) ( More Toad gibberish) FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


*Slap* Grrrrrrrgh! Arrrgh! NO! (Intesfa music resumes) (beach music) I'm on a ship! I'm on a ship!! Everybody look at me, 'result in I'm- (throws up) Hey stinky! My ass feels funny… Mama mia! Hello… …Little toadies! Slap me ass OHHHH NOO!!! OH WOAWWW! I don't give a sh*t I don't Give a f*ck x2 Do I appear to be I give a sh*t, I too can basically give a f*ck But I don't give a sh*t, so I aren't getting a- Oh Sh*t! (Screams) Stepping on the beach! WAhohoho x2 OH JESUS CHRIST! What The F*ck Is That? *Gulps* Ooooooh… Sh***t.

WOOOOOOOOOO X2 YEAH BOI!!!!! (Mario screams) (throws up again) (Splash) (Snoring) (faints) hahahahahahaHA- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Woah! AWWWWWWW Sh*t (Italian talk) I GOT IT! (Mario throws himself) (Gibberish) Sh*t Hmmmmmmm……….. I now perceive what I have got to do! My folks want a hero! *Crash* Piece of sh*t!… (Tosses) Hmmmmmmmm…

Hmmmmmm….. Ohohoh! Oh yea! Oooooooooooooo…… (Jeopardy Music Plays) F*ckn'… GENIUSSSSSSSS! (Sizzling + mario singing) NOOOOOOOOO! WOAAAAHHH! NONONO! GET THAT  MOTHERF*CKER.

AHHHH JESUS CHRIST! AHH FUCK! (Stomach growling) ooooooooo! Say im hungry! Have you received any delicacies? I'mma guess I'mma go fishin'!… What the f*ck are you talking abo- Come here fishy fishy! HEEEERRRRRRREEEEEEE FISHY FISHY! (Punch) (Mario and toad combating) OH, WHAT THE FU– YOU'VE DONE F*CKED UP NOW! Pow! Oh Sh*t! (Echoes) (Explode) Maye: Oh Boy, this make me so joyful! Pirate Dued: My n*ggars You basically received roasted! (Screaming himself to death) Noooooooo! Do you're keen on chicken tonight? Like chicken tonight?? Patchy The Shy Guy: Dinner's served, B*htces N-No! AHHHHHHHHHHHH… Oki-doki! (Sings) (pulls out a phone) No! (Sings again) (Pulls out gun) MAMA F*CKER! (Sing again) YEAH! HAHAHA! You ffffffffffffff FFF*CKING IDIOT! Ya Hoo! Wa hoo! YEA!!!!!!!! Hey  Hey   Hey! Can I sing a music for you? What?! If you're keen on me let me GOOOOOOOO. SHUT THE F*CK UP! OKI-DOKIIIIiii.

(All screaming) (Signal sounds) (cue Vsauce) (chill music) (fishy boopkins singing) (signal sounds) Huh? My boopkin senses are tingling! My buddies want me!! To the boopkinmobile!! Alright, Time To Go Save My Friends! Ok! Let's go! Umm… …Oh dear, I don't wanna go over the pace limit tho'. I wish my buddies are adequate. (Screaming) ow wo wo wo! N N No! Ow wo wo wo! Oh no! Oh dear! I'm not gonna make it at this rate! Oh! I received a magnificent idea! I will use my Boopkin Sonar! (Bloopkins signal) CALLING ALL BOOPKIN FRIENDS! MY PALS ARE IN DANGER! CAN YOU STOP PLAYING…

Poker please? I needless to say want your aid! The Assault Begins OHLEEELEEELEELEUH. YOLOOOOOOO. (Victory Screech…) EH UHH. Look! There it's far! I'M HERE! (JUMP) OK OK WHAT-WHAT.

WHAT'S HAPPENING?! (Burning) dafuq? Oh ho! What are you cooking? Can I have a entire lot of? OH NO! I WILL HELP YOU NOW! I perceive fishy kung fu! (All roaring) TAKE SOME OF THIS! AND SOME OF THAT! (Slap) (crying) DADDY! Daddy they are being so imply to me…. Can you do a exclusive factor? How u doin? REKT* (all screaming) OH, HEY GUYS WHAT'S UP? WHERE ARE YOU GOING?? (Italian talk) HEY, MOTHERF*CKER! Ooooh, Didney Sea! I always crucial to go there! DAD, DAD, DAD, DAD, CAN WE GO, CAN WE GO PLEASE?? MAMA MIAAA… WOAAH! YIPE!!!!!! WAHOO!.

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