I’m now now not doing travel vlogs anymore.

– Cue the unsatisfied music. There comes a time in every man's lifestyles where he must open up his purple diary, look himself square in the face and ask, which pages he needs to
proceed writing during this journal that we call lifestyles. That grow to be in factor of fact fairly glorious. For 3 years now travel
vlogs have been my lifestyles, but as Nelly Furtado as soon as pronounced, "All glorious things must come to an conclude." Team Get Lost it is time
for us to discover our new path.

Will it be in music? (Guitar music) Maybe in gaming, here we go let's do it. (Fast paced electronic music) Watch out, we got campers, we got campers! I pronounced behind you. Or ought to it be the highly
demanded elegance and way of life? (Rapid beeping) Good morning guys, after you
begging me for the millionth time it grow to be approximately time
that I in the end showed you my day-by-day skin care rituals. So without excess ado,
let's see the products that I literally is not going to live without.

(Cheery music) All right, so please do
not unsubscribe just yet. Wait till you in factor of fact
hear what is happening with the channel because of
I think it's gonna be for the highest part one thing
that excites every one. You know if you loved that
little overly dramatic intro, leave the video an immense thumbs up because of I spent a part too
much time filming that. With being pronounced, we are sticking to travel and we're in factor of fact doubling down on it.

Travel is the thing
that I solely love. It brings most joy to my lifestyles, and it's been brilliant
to locate out how it's been succesful of have an consequence on you guys. It's been succesful of facilitate your
guys plan journeys, save repayments, see new puts, and for
the ones of you that in factor of fact do not get to travel yourselves,
it allows you to locate out a exceptional area of the arena
or a exceptional way of wondering which you never as soon as knew even existed. And that is truly what motivates
me to make these films.

Now one the many an helpful things I pontificate
the highest is which you need to make films approximately one thing
you are passionate approximately. And when you do that it
translates into the entire thing you do, the absolute best way you discuss, the
way you are on camera, and this would in turn facilitate your be greater a achievement in that box. I just realized one thing I
in factor of fact installation one thing the day before today let's turn it on.  My anaconda do not  Not undesirable hey, now with the 50
lens it looks even greater suitable, I love it, it's beautiful.

Now I've been making travel
vlogs for approximately 3 years now, and I started out on a
camera like this one. Moved up to a camera like this one. And today I use a camera
that looks just a little bit like like that one. This is lots harder than I
predicted, but thank you for the beautiful palette Katy.

I have experienced the full spectrum from the access level,
to the now professional. And with that being pronounced,
a number of my top of the line films have in factor of fact been filmed
on this guy right here, and on my G7 X. The cause is due to the
top of the line video is in factor of fact not decided by the upload-ons, it's decided by the story. And story is gonna be a key
note during this video here today as it is the thing that
we're gonna be diving into in the rebrand, the face
lift, the Lost LeBlanc 2.0.

All my fate content ought to only also be
honed in on shape a narrative, telling a travel tale, a travel moment, and truly coming into it. I need things to be raw and genuine just like they are on the street. With that being pronounced,
you know I like to have top of the range cinematics, I'm
not approximately to delay that. I love the beautiful drone
shots the 4K sluggish motion, whatever this camera
can give, I love it.

But the only thing that I
truly need to toughen is that this channel moving
ahead ought to only also be just like solely approximately telling a narrative. There's a cause folks decided
to observe me when I first started as a travel vlogger
with this camera right here, and it's because of they liked the story. Now I'm not one to conceal criticism, if truth be told I in factor of fact comprise it. I love it when you guys
leave truly healthy criticism approximately the channel, approximately the
content that is being published.

And one the many an helpful feedbacks,
one the many an helpful criticisms I without doubt acquire the highest is
that folks do not truly need to locate out most luxury
travel, they want to locate out the historical backpacker
Christian who had a GoPro who had a remarkable story. Because which could be regularly
how highest tourists travel. They do not travel with these
beautiful 5 megastar accommodations. To any individual that is had that
criticism, who's left a observation, who's had a thought of that kind, I need to say thank you
for being here still.

If that is you then I think
you would be very excited approximately this rebranding, approximately this new slight adjustment in our path. Because there's gonna be lots
greater in your cost range travels. How to travel experiments,
and appearing you what it's like to precise up in an
airport with one hundred dollars in your pocket, how far
can we make it last? I need to get raw and genuine with it, but of course still declaring
the ones beautiful cinematics, the drone shots to make it a
manufacturing, a extraordinary story. Now that is not to say
luxury is surely gone, I benefit from of doing the luxury area because of there is an audience for that, and personally it is a ramification of
fun to do every now after which.

It's a cliche announcing too much
of the chill out is a nasty thing and it is going with luxury travel as well. So surely predict to
see it every so regularly, however it's not gonna be
the consciousness of the channel. Because I need the channel
to be approximately the vicinity, Team Get Lost. How they're able to exit, wisdom
their own travel adventures, whether it be in Southeast
Asia, South America, how they're able to do it value successfully
or on a midsize cost range.

How they're able to locate out the head of the line that
the international destinations have to be proposing and the entire thing in between. This is what it's all approximately. I need to produce an explanation for to you
guys what the genuine transfer is gonna appear like because of
thus far all I've pronounced is that, hey we're no longer doing travel
vlogs, but we're altering. So let's dive into
educational trainer Christian.

Class is now in session. Now regularly one among my vlogs would look just a little bit like this. You've got me announcing glorious morning guys it's time to shipping our vlog. From there I crack a dad joke, stage two, that is how you know it's
a respectable Lost LeBlanc vlog.

From there you obtain stage 3, which is some blue ass water. (Staticky music) Don't make me say it. Do you see that water? This water, yo come evaluate
out how blue this water is. Fourth is regularly announcing
glorious night, glorious bye guys and let's wander away again in an less difficult one.

Now this is the quality
vlog format which you're going to locate out on YouTube, I'm not the
just person who followed it. Maybe there grow to be quite wide amounts of
greater dad jokes in brain than the common adult,
but this is greater or less a vlog. It's a chronological order of your day, from the moment you awaken
to the moment you go to mattress. It's awesome, it's worked
for me for 3 years, but here's the thing, there's only most blue
ass water you're able to research.

Eventually you're like, I've
noticed every color of blue. It doesn't unavoidably have
the highest compelling storyline. It doesn't have an
introduction of a depend. It doesn't have a determination.

In fact every so regularly it ought to really sense
in factor of fact just a little meaningless. And so I need to introduce
without excess ado, the enterprise new Lost LeBlanc format. (Metal clanking) And here is Lost LeBlanc 2.0. Now if any of you guys have
been through movie collage or your writers by alternate, then you've got without doubt noticed one thing very, very related beforehand,
it's the story arc.

Essentially is going just a little bit like this. You've got your introduction
where you deserve to surely almost be introducing
some taste of a depend, a mission, one thing
that the video is approximately. From there all of the video
deserve to be approximately interest that mission or that thing
which you set out to do, to triumph over the difficulty of only having one hundred dollars in Bali. Whatever the video is approximately
it demands to have a objective.

Now from there I'm gonna
remain true to Lost LeBlanc, we gotta have some
briefly fire dad jokes. Number 3, we're gonna
overcome our limitations, we're gonna save practicing no matter the video started approximately. We're gonna have limitations
of course, challenges, the problems that
arise at the same time vacationing. I wanna % with you the
genuine grind of being a traveler.

Make no mistake this is a
publication to how I make films, however it doesn't mean that it'll be this polished TLC video. It's going to be a genuine travel video. It's gonna % with
you the grind of travel, the problems, and with
that we're gonna are finding to get through the ones limitations. Sometimes we in factor of fact
will likely not be succesful to, but I need to %
with you what it's like to be with me on the street.

From there we're gonna go to the – [Announcer] Passes
into the man, shoots it, and boom is going the dynamite. – This is the climax where
the objective of the video has been fulfilled. – Okay awesome, thanks lots
for that browsing sports Brian. – Yeah.

– Whether we failed or succeeded
it doesn't truly depend because of these are unpolished
genuine travel films, but they're with a mission. And it is a depend of figuring out can we accomplish that mission? Can we accomplish that objective or not? And then from there we have got stage five, which is a subscribe to
my channel, purchase my merch, And let's wander away again in an less difficult one. – [Narrator] And that is why I'm proposing a as soon as in a complete lifestyles 50% of discount code for HD oven grill and
BBQ tina, you're welcome. – Now what does this all mean for you? If you've got the 2 been a
subscriber in the previous, you're immediately subscribed,
or you've got regarded subscribing, well let me break
it down for you during this way.

In the previous my films have
just been me vacationing and sharing things as
I see them on the street. That's why they've got every so regularly
lacked a part of a storyline. Now with this very minor,
but significant transfer in the absolute best way I'm going to be filming, it now suggests that I'm
in factor of fact going to be vacationing for the objective of seeking that story, of telling that story. I'm moving far from just
sharing things that I see at the same time vacationing, to now
vacationing for the objective of sharing things with you.

It's a surely subtle differentiation, but the overall sense of the
films deserve to be just a little bit varied by cause of the it. Whether it's inspiring
someone to go with up their bag and go travelling for their first time. Whether it's teaching somebody the absolute best way to travel Bali on a cost range. Whether it's going to a rustic
that I've never even been to and truly immersing
myself in a enterprise new culture.

There demands to be a
objective behind the travel. On paper it doesn't
sound like an immense transfer, but I know that it's
gonna make a way greater entertaining and focused
viewing wisdom for you. The thing that I've
noticed time and time again is that it is not approximately
the highest beautiful shots, it's not approximately who has
the highest costly camera. It's approximately the moments
that take place in between when you end up in a hostel
spending five dollars a night and also you meet somebody from Zimbabwe, and so they % their
factor of view with you.

Or that adult from Thailand
invites you to come back out with their domestic unit and go for dinner. It's invariably been approximately the story, it's the thing that I
pontificate to each filmmaker, and it's the cause that
it's time for me to take my own recommendations and truly get hyper focused in on what matters highest, the story. Enough guys. So not only are we gonna
be concentrating on the story, but there's gonna be a focal factor on you.

I truly need to get you
fascinated about these films, whether it means you
can take enviornment in voting on the assorted pursuits we do, or whether it suggests that I literally come check with you in your native land. I need this to be an less difficult
season of Lost LeBlanc where I get to know the
subscribers that have made this channel what it is today, one on one. I need to have the ones
non-public interactions. And one the many an helpful biggest blessings has been seeing this channel grow.

But the reverse area of it
is that it's been harder to save up with the a ramification of
individuals who are available every single day. And at the same time this would never
be solely viable to know every single one among you
wide well one on one, I need to do my greater suitable part to get to know at the least quite wide amounts of of you that way. So there's gonna be
varied features which you need to always possibly come travel with me, for me to come back check with you. I need to depart you with
this, whether you're watching this video as subscribed,
as not subscribed, or even you even
unsubscribed one day, I would difficulty you to hit
that subscribe button immediately unless you're already
subscribed because of then you would unsubscribe and that is the cause not
what I'm finding to do here.

But give me your time for the
next video, when it's published I think which you are gonna
be very excited approximately it. I take shipping of as true with this would be a remarkable
first pattern of the fate path of this channel. So there is an added thing
that I wanted to % with you guys, it's one thing
that I've never committed to you here on YouTube, and it
is the note that I'm just a little bit scared to copy, schedule. I am making sure you one video a week, every single Saturday,
unless I am horribly ill.

In which case, I'll publish it on Twitter, I'll help you to guys know
if there's one thing going out of plans. One of the head of the line procedures to produce an explanation for
the praise of this transfer is with a graph. Assuming limited manpower,
as I have myself, being a surely small manufacturing condominium. Basically you're browsing
at the constraints of being just quite wide amounts of folks on a workforce.

And so right here we have got the
quantity over high quality scale. If you were to put out six
films a week then your high quality would fall somewhere down here
towards the frowning face. If you do five films a
week you come out to here, drop the entire way down to a surely meh face, not upset but meh high quality. What we're finding to do here
is by having one video a week guaranteed, possibly greater some weeks, we're gonna assure
that the high quality ought to only also be nothing but the head of the line.

Every time you watch one
of my films you know which you are gonna get a
high-high quality, high-caliber video that grow to be worth your click on,
worth your rewarding time. And that right there is
gonna be one the many an helpful secret sauces that let us to get
you the head of the line films viable. Guys I'm truly excited to
be on this trip with you. It's a difficulty which could be honestly
just a little daunting for me.

It's a commitment I'm making to you that scares me just a little bit,
however it's that identical difficulty that I'm so excited for, it's what drives me to
create new greater suitable content, and I'm just satisfied you're
here for the trip. Sorry to beat the useless horse I'm a part of an animal lover myself, but as invariably click on the bell button, hit the subscribe button,
and as invariably guys let's go lost again in
an less difficult one on Saturday. – There he's beatin'
that useless horse, get him!.

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