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Translator: Herald Park
Reviewer: Nguyen Nguyen The Hey Hey guys, I'm Tom from Croatia,
and for the closing couple of years, the worldwide has been my domicile. I travelled, I hitchhiked in autos,
trucks, horses, motorcycles, boats. I drove in buses, trains,
rickshaws. I labored each and every sort of jobs,
spent time with locals, I volunteered, and grew to have become a monk
-just kidding.

I sailed round the Indian Ocean,
I attempted concerns that I never attempted prior to. I've noticed concerns that I will
think about about as lengthy as I keep. And all that with just sort of no dollars. (Applause) That's virtually it definitely,
thank you very a lot.

(Laughter) Most of the of us after they see
this video, they react with, "Wow! I wish I may nicely go to and fro like that." The hassle is, highest of us definitely can.
Before I all started touring, as Andrew talked about, I changed into a stockbroker,
running 9-5, had countless dollars. And then the crash gained here 2008,
I lost my job, I lost the dollars, and I lost the which implies. At that time, I figured out a webpage
is termed Couchsurfing. I don't have any concept what proportion of of you guys
heard sort of Couchsurfing? Ok, what proportion of of you should have not
heard sort of Couchsurfing? Ok, for you guys, it sincerely is an internet webpage
that facilitates you to host guests for your very own domicile, and at the similar time
it facilitates you to keep in other of us's properties
despite the proven reality that you simply're touring your self.

When I changed into internet online page hosting of us in my
situation of abode, over a hundred and fifty of them, by hearing their thoughts, and seeing the spark
in their eyes, my thought changed into, "wow! I wish I may nicely go to and fro like that." But I changed into afraid. The worldwide is an extremely dangerous situation,
at least consistent with the media, our coaching,
our kinfolk church, and so on. I changed into nervous of leaving
my consolation zone, and going, alone,
into the unknown worldwide. I changed into also nervous of no longer having any dollars,
after which the of us that I hosted in my situation of abode advised me
two hard concerns.

First of all, you should have not gained to be courageous
to go to and fro, you simply ought to have a little bit of braveness
to initiate, to leave. And the alternative hassle they advised me is
that you simply haven't gained to be wealthy to go to and fro. Actually, all fees despite the proven reality that you simply're touring fall into three worthwhile categories: first is transportation,
to get from point A to denote B, the alternative one is lodging,
and the closing is each and every little hassle else, delicacies, drinks and so on. And they advised me indoors the social gathering you decrease
the ones three fees to some minimum, it is going to definitely be inexpensive to go to and fro
than keep for your very own urban.

I listened to them,
and for the following 5 years, I've been touring
everywhere, with just sort of no dollars. And this is how I did it:
first hassle, I hitchhiked. Apart from being free,
aside from being a fantastic deal instantaneous, it allowed me one hard hassle,
to have an experience between point A and point B. Now what proportion of of you guys
have ever hitchhiked prior to? Ok, a selection of you, why,
what are you doing? (Laughter) I'm going to play you a quick video
is termed "Hitchhiking Guide", just to inform you a few unwritten facts
sort of hitchhiking, and some of my experiences.

(Music collaborating in in history) (laughter) (laughter) (sobbing) (vehicle honks) (applause) Thank you. There are other chances
to transportation. One of them is on foot,
you guys know what that may be… How countless you guys know? (Laughter) So, you simply take your
backpack and hit the road.

Another method is biking;
it sincerely is sincerely no longer perhaps with out rate, contemplating that you simply've have been given have been given to really buy the bicycle,
and indirectly restoration it, notwithstanding it sincerely is a lot inexpensive
than the conventional-or-garden methods of transportation. And the closing one is definitely
running in enterprise for transportation. I did this once i changed into sailing across
the Indian Ocean from Australia to Africa. And I didn't have to really pay for the ride, I
just had to do some work on the boat, like some night time watches,
"cooking" and stuff like that.

When it gained here to lodging,
extra characteristically than no longer I used Couchsurfing, contemplating that I had countless experience,
had plenty these favourable references on the internet website and so on. What I like sort of Couchsurfing the proper
is sincerely no longer just since it sincerely is free, it facilitates you to have
a assorted mind-set of the destination. You're no longer destined to keep for your hotel
room or take the traveller tours. You just cling out with your host
he is taking you on areas that you simply may nicely highest likely never speak to
on your very own.

But also there some other chances;
one in every of them is camping out, you should have your tents, chances are you can sleep
just sort of a methods and in depth you prefer to. In the colossal towns I most often slept in parks just have my sleeping bag and my mattress. The closing one when it comes
to lodging is volunteering. There are countless possibilities all
everywhere that give you to work in enterprise for lodging,
each and once in a even as even delicacies.

So you get to sleep
in stunning rooms like this. When it comes to all of the alternative fees,
one in every of them is delicacies, in wealthy towns and wealthy nations I most often buy delicacies in supermarkets,
which is the proper rather practical method, and just devour on the streets. You also can cook with your host,
which is also identified as a hard pleasurable experience. (Laughter)
To say the least These are Germans definitely.
(Laughter) Sorry, it changed into pretty scrumptious
to assert the least and one in every of the a very powerful highest rather practical.

Another hassle is dumpster diving;
perhaps over 40-50% of the delicacies that may be being produced
is being thrown away, and countless of us have a hassle with
that, so that they go to grocery retailer bins after the closing hours,
and just take all of the delicacies that may be sincerely no longer going to be sold
the day after. When it comes to drinks, booze ,
the fashioned ty to guide transparent of bars, restaurants and to drink in parks. This is methods to go to and fro a fantastic deal a fantastic deal cheaply yet one other hassle in terms of touring is so that you simply can
earn a living despite the proven reality that touring. How to do this?
I did it a pair times.

One of them is busking,
collaborating in the guitar on the streets. I'm no longer a musician. I know like highest likely
four or 5 chords, and four songs, so it sincerely is like repeat all, . People are passing by,
so that they do no longer a fantastic deal know.

(Laughter) The highest very imperative hassle
is to have a story. I invariably had my small cardboard, which
I wrote, definitely an specific user else wrote indoors the regional language, wherein I'm from,
what I'm doing there, what's my story. I think about that's why of us donated
a little bit of greenbacks, some sandwiches, sodas, and so on. You will most probably no longer earn countless dollars
by doing this notwithstanding it is going to get you indoors the midst of the day.

One other method is to jot down;
chances are you can write a blog, open up a Facebook page. After a despite the proven reality that,
chances are you can perhaps write a book, and so on. But what added me largest sum of greenbacks is definitely going to Australia. This is a job I labored in Australia,
I call it "official traffic diverter", it sincerely is an extremely onerous job as you can discover,
you tell of us, "Please go this technique
and no longer this technique" I advise, indoors the social gathering that they're blind .
(Laughter) So for this, I changed into getting paid
twenty dollars an hour.

(Crowd gasping) I'm sorry, I know you hate me,
and all that. (Laughter) Oh, nicely. Plus, I had delicacies and lodging
incorporated. I know, I know.

Actually, one assistance, this changed into
on my everywhere day holiday, it took me thirteen days
of running at this job, to pay off eight months of touring
from Croatia indoors the midst of the complete Asia, reaching Australia. So thirteen days of labor, in enterprise
for eight months of touring. So, what have I realized on
all these journeys? Have I chanced on the which approach of existence and so
on. That's what my mom asked me? Like "Oh,  we have been a fantastic deal scared
for all these years, yet changed into it worth it?" And my reply is invariably "totally yes".

I've realized countless concerns, highest of them
are most triumphing like some non-public nature concerns so I will most probably no longer be talking sort of that,
yet I also realized some uncommon culmination. So to converse I realized to no longer belif media,
and all their "horror thoughts". I realized that we need to really retain
our earth, like it sincerely is the just one we have, and the just one
with chocolate hard? I realized to rip down my prejudices,
that changed into highest likely one in every of the a very powerful highest very imperative concerns. I realized that each one of the of us
everywhere, notwithstanding how a lot we are attempting
to denote out the adjustments between the cultures, races,
religions, and so on, we're all definitely
genuinely the similar.

I have a quick story sort of these prejudices
that I encountered despite the proven reality that I changed into touring. When I changed into leaving Croatia,
heading on my everywhere day holiday, each and every body changed into telling me,
"Be careful, it sincerely is incredibly dangerous,  you are going to hitchhike,
going to sleep in other of us's properties and stuff like that." In Croatia, it sincerely is still all right to go to and fro,
yet as soon as you cross the border, and input into Serbia…
You know what Serbians are like. Be very very careful, an specific user may nicely kill
you. And I'm like "Ok, thank you for the warning" and I cross the border
input into Serbia, hard adventures, hard of us I met, of us deciding on me up, taking me out sleeping in their properties, a fantastic deal
a fantastic deal hard experiences.

I changed into leaving Serbia, heading to Bulgaria,
and I changed into employing with a employing strength, and telling him that story, like
how Croatians have been warning me sort of Serbians. And he's like, "Ah brother,
that may be complete nonsense, Croatians and Serbians,
we are all brothers. But Bulgarians, once you cross the
border, input into Bulgaria… You know what Bulgarians are like;
a countless gypsies, man, .

Be very careful, an specific user may nicely kill you."
(Laughter) Entering Bulgaria,
the similar story all by means of again. Amazing experiences,
of us just a fantastic deal friendly. Then I changed into employing with one truck employing strength,
going toward Turkey and I changed into telling him the similar story how Croatians
warned me sort of Serbians, Serbians sort of Bulgarians. And he changed into like, "Oh brother,
that's complete nonsense, Croatians, Serbians, Bulgarians…
We are all Balkan brothers! But Turkish of us, oh my God!
You know what Turkish of us are like.

Very dangerous, an specific user
may nicely kill you." Turkish of us warned me sort of
Kurdish of us, Kurdish of us sort of Iranis, Iranis sort of Pakistanis,
Pakistanis sort of Indians, Indians didn't warn me sort of anybody, I don't have any concept, it sincerely is like the closing frontier, or a thing. Beats me, yet yeah, it wasn't most triumphing
a go to and fro lesson, yet perhaps a existence lesson like to no longer belif all these horror thoughts
that of us have been telling. And one also horny hassle,
once you come back again domicile, of us are sort of nervous of leaving,
contemplating that they do not have any concept what is going on to preserve for them
once they come again. There's a colossal likelihood
chances are you can be a celeb.

When you come back again,
each and every body will buy you beers, the ladies folk would be like, "Ooh,
he's been touring!" (Laughter) But after a despite the proven reality that, it kinda gets boring;
you're bored with telling your very own story, of us are bored with hearing it, and
this post touring depression kicks in. Then you certainly have three chances. One of them is to only kick back
to your previous same old of living. You still have your previous friends, they're still talking sort of
the similar concerns, going to the similar areas,
perhaps chances are you are going to get your previous job back, and after a despite the proven reality that it sincerely is all right.

You experience reliable dwelling there;
yet you sort of leave out that guy who has been touring,
having this intensity wherever he goes. The 2d resolution is
to take your backpack, and say, "Oh no, I will not keep here" and
just head back to the road. You can have that intensity,
chances are you can meet hard of us, have adventures on a everyday foundation. But after a despite the proven reality that, chances are you can leave out a thing;
chances are you can leave out belonging to a story.

Your friendships would be leading,
yet they're going to be quick-lasting. Your relationships will closing as lengthy as
your visa for a specific nation. You will leave out having a domicile. The third resolution is definitely
the balance of these two: so keep in one situation,
yet still do no longer free that intensity.

Walk in streets you have got never
walked in prior to, initiate talking with random of us
on the streets, get a new passion, locate a new job, perhaps write a book,
provide a TEDx conference speak,  like several types of concerns. So, is it for every and every body,
this form of touring? I do no longer think about so;
with all of the hard concerns that this form of touring can bring
to you, there are also downsides: it sincerely is a colossal likelihood that you simply're going to be lonely
and that you simply're going to be hungry, sick, homesick, notwithstanding all of it comes down
to your intestine feeling. If at the least these concepts,
and all these knowledges, you continue to have that,
"wow, I wish I may nicely go to and fro like this" you then have to really totally do it. Then you must really put out of your mind sort of your fears,
disregard the proven reality that you simply're broke, and just leave, head to the road.

Because like that noted quote says,
"In two decades to any extent similarly, chances are you can be extra disappointed
by the worries you didn't do, than by the worries you did do". Thank you very a lot.

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