(Keyboard clicking) – [Mike] Basilan, Mindanao. For years Muslim extremist
companies terrorized the island. They left scars on its of us. And scars on what it ability to be Muslim.

– (Speaking in another u . s . a . language) (hopeful music) These days are coming to an conclusion. I met Kulas and Kumar,
of BecomingFilipino, and I turned into requested if I desired to glue them to meet the Governor of the Autonomous Region
of Muslim Mindanao, and to begin cracking
the shell of negativity around this alluring place. (Children cheering) What I've found in my travels is the one hearts are found
in the primary faraway places. So, I said sure.

This is day one, portion one
of getting to know Basilan. (Upbeat music) (automobile horn beeps) Fearless fam, welcome to the south! – We are to come back back in Zamboanga,
my 2d time here. This man is gonna
feel an whole collection universe of the Philippines. Another chuffed, cool,
cultural, alluring place.

We're over here!
(Laughing) (speaking in another u . s . a . language) – Guys, I have forty-four
pounds of luggage on nowadays trip. That's methodology too many pounds. Underwater add-ons, drones. My life is in those two suitcases, and it's far 44 pounds.

Here we go. Need solely, wish, defend on. Vlog digital camera's gotta go. Need the two fingers.

He's defense!
– Yeah, yeah. – [Mike] Making chose no mice or rats get in Zamboanga! (Laughs) – Cat defense!
– Cat defense! – [Kumar] Yep. – Okay, lechon video uploading. I've got ten mins to shave, and we have a dinner with our contacts here in Zamboanga, planning the subsequent couple of days.

I've gotta hurry questioning
it's far rather desired and I solely have eight mins. (Electric razor buzzes)
We are in our lodge room. We'll be here for a couple days. We are almost to go down and meet our contacts here in Zamboanga, to be keen to decide what the plan is.

They have some surprises for us, I recognize Kulas has some surprises for me. I'm making an effort to shave. I've got 5 mins to appearance presentable and I'll perhaps see you
in the foyer in a sec. (Upbeat electronic music) These seaweeds are delicious! This is practically like fish eggs.

– You've had them earlier, terrifi? Lato?
– Yeah, yeah. No, however those ones
specially are very gentle. This one is but some other
fashion of seaweed that has coconut, shaved coconut on most judicious. Grated coconut.

We have kinilaw, which is
like ceviche, raw fish. – And we have dessert which is? – Maiz con hielo.
– Maiz con hielo. Kinda like a corn primarily dependent halo halo. – [Kulas] Do you wanna hear a monumental joke? – Yeah, I could love to listen to a monumental joke.

– What do fish call this? Maizda. – I don't get it.
– Yeah, which is very correctly. – (Laughs) Is that a Filipino joke? – No, devour, the word devour, aw! – (Laughs) I'm gonna defend it in. Guys, I'm a little bit excited.

We purely whole our briefing meeting with the governor, Mujiv,
who's main touch here, who's the–
– Yeah, he is my spouse and younger adults member! (Laughs) – His as regards to spouse and younger adults member, the
governor of the AR… – Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. – ARMM.
– ARMM, Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao. – And in physical assertion, I'll interrupt easily.

The first and solely time
I've ever been to Basilan, I'd in no way placed it on video, however it turned into also, he turned into my touch. I by and big wouldn't speak
politics or something, however it's far the optimal most judicious quality methodology to try out in this component to the Philippines, is to know of us who
resource govern it, as smartly. I mean, which is how we can emerge as instructed. That's why I assume it's far the terrifi factor if I'm taking you here, as smartly, that you just are blanketed safely, and you are taking beneath consideration the
, and yeah, it's far cool! – Well, I assume specially, we talked almost this a piece tonight, however as quickly as you are a regional traveller, like a Filipino traveller,
there isn't much hazard here.

– No, no in physical assertion you're terrific.
– You're terrific. As a in another u . s . a . traveller, there turned into a heritage of kidnapping, however, which is ages ago. Either methodology you would want a monumental touch, and Mujiv is a incredibly
superb touch. (Laughs) – And realistically too,
it's far still remoted, so regardless that those things do exist, the kidnappings and there has
been terrible topics in the beyond, like we found in there,
there's solely 59% from Basilan, And then, ordinarilly, it's far civilian, you recognize.

It's purely not in physical assertion, so again, it's far purely the rage of factor whereby sure, there are some terrible of us around however do you recognize there's practically 0.5 one million of us who are living there? – Yeah, so 50 terrible ones in 0.5 one million.
– There you go. So I mean, it's far purely taking precaution. For us questioning we're in another u . s . a . nationals, who create media specially. But even as you are Filipino, come defend around! No difficulty man.

See you man.
– Alright, so we have an early morning, dawn begin to take a ferry from
Zamboanga City to Basilan. And I haven't, I've barely
slept in three days, so I'm gonna call it an evening, those guys are gonna call it an evening, and we can select it up in the morning. – Sleep Well!
– Goodnight guys. (Door lock beeping)
(door clicks open) Oh, ho, ho! You and me, little female, (door closes) (fingers rustle on sheets)
have a date! (Groaning) Sunrise! And one of several necessary optimal most judicious quality emotions of being a vacationing
YouTuber is going to mattress, urgent upload on slow instant, and the video finishing overnight.

(Mike simulates explosion noises) Here we go. Watch those guys, come on. These guys are so effective! We are in physical assertion leaving Zamboanga
City to visit Basilan. The capitol in physical assertion, Isabela.

We'll be on a very shortly ferry
and crossing over the ocean. On nowadays trip I haven't got any expectancies. All I recognize is my mind is gonna be blown. We should be a little bit wary, and the of us in this article are incredibly pleasant.

(Upbeat music) Kumar is having a non secular
feel over there. – Woo! – [Mike] He's making bedroom
noises almost the espresso. (Laughter) Woo, oh!
– Yeah. – (Laughs) We are at
Basilan Business Cafe.

Business Hotel at the Cafe,
and we are having some espresso. Apparently espresso here is most judicious most judicious quality. I drink lots of espresso
each one and every of the methodology because of, all around the realm, and I've in no way smelled any
espresso like this earlier. It's a little bit too hot.

– [Kumar] It's very superb. Strong.
– Really effective. – Strong brew.
– But a incredibly thrilling style
too, it's far very collection. Mm, it tastes like beans.

Like bean beans. Like beans you're able to devour. – Yeah.
– Oh, it's far superb although.  Bangus!
(Laughter) – Bangus, full breakfast! It is a breakfast of champions.

– [Kumar] Breakfast of champions, man! – This is the smoked Bangus and occasional. Do you assume it's far halal? – It is principally halal. – It's very halal.
– I is not going to discontinue consuming with my fingers in this kingdom. I resembling it so methodology more.

Who calls for forks and knives? Who calls for tenedors and cochillos? – Cucharas.
– Cucharas! – (Laughs) Cuchillos! Let's go.
(Motorcycle revs) (upbeat music) Okay, we've purely got on a small regional boat to visit Malamawi island
and see Malamawi Beach, also occasionally pointed out as White Beach.
(Boat motor purrs) There appears to be like to be lots of
white seashores in Philippines! We've been assigned
some defense group of employees. Not as it's far adverse,
questioning we are foreigners and we're rather
excessive-profile, given our activity, which is posting every little factor
we do on line! (Laughs) These are ordinarilly Bajau
of us who are living on the ocean. The cool factor almost this
neighborhood, it's far a melting pot of so a big decision of cultures. (Upbeat music) And here we are, land ho! Malamawi Island.
(Boat engine purrs) This is our van.

(Laughs) So, by and big when of us come to Basilan, they can come to this coastline. This coastline inside reason reveals. – Yes, that is the traveller spot. Basically what occurs is, of us take that boat
from Zamboanga to Isabela, like we did this morning.
– Yeah.

– Then they go to the pier there. – Yeah?
– Pay 5 pesos, hop on a bunka, a small boat, come over here, hop on a
motorbike, a Habal-Habal, and then go to this coastline we're going. This is the traveller spot. If you're Filipino you
can come here, in physical assertion.

– The, just like the traveller spot. How many traveller spots are there? Not very many? – Well, there's in physical assertion a
lot of alluring places here. – Yeah.
– I've in no way in physical assertion experienced them, so I don't have any thought but. But, that is the sole
which could be most smartly-pointed out, and most blanketed, and most regional.

So, there's in no way been any
disorders in Malamawi, ever. Like, even as you are Filipino,
come here, honestly. There's no difficulty no matter. – And ultimate evening you occasionally pointed out as
it the Boracay of Mindanao.

– Boracay of Basilan! – Boracay of Basilan. – Although, I don't wanna compare although! (Laughter)
I in no way been to Boracay. This is barely Basilan, no
deserve to even say Boracay. This is Basilan.
– Fair passable.

– Malamawi, white sand, splendid water, and we're lucky it's far in no way raining. – Yeah the elements's cleared up. – The weather is smooth. It turned into meant to be, Kuya.

(Upbeat music) – I'm making an effort to amendment
into my bathing in superb condition, and I went to go placed
my bathing in superb condition up here and then walked into this giant spider. (Laughs) Oh my God, wow! I assume he's indignant, however he's alluring. We'll purely, we can enable him do his factor. Be wary in the loos.

(Suspenseful music) (association cheering) (giggling and cheering) There turned into one million fish down there, and you'll't see it on the GoPro. Actually, you recognize what? Let's get in the water! Let's go for a swim and explore. (Upbeat music) Three, two, one! (Water splashing) (effervescent)
(upbeat music) Fam, I've solely been here
for a day, however I like it! These are the rage of adventures (laughs) that make me smile. We're in for some superb topics.

We're in for some cool topics. Let's discontinue hiding beneath
the bridge like a troll, (laughs) and go observe Kulas and Kumar! And you guys communicate Tropicana? – Yeah.
– A little bit. – Si, can you show me some Tropicana? – Tropicana.
– Tropicana. How do I say what is your name? – (Speaking in another u . s . a . language) – (repeating in another u . s . a . phrase) – (speaking in another u . s . a . language) – Ah, so it's far a piece like Spanish, yeah? – Exactly.
– Si.

– Si.
– Si. – In Spanish it's far (speaking
in another u . s . a . language). – (Repeating in another u . s . a . phrase) – [Mike] In Spanish, yeah. Okay, okay and the methodology almost,
Basilan is alluring? – (Speaking in another u . s . a . language) – Huh?
– (Speaking in another u . s . a . language) – [Mike] (repeating in another u . s . a . phrase) – Yeah.
– This is for all my Mexican
subscribers who are in physical assertion on the other aspect of the planet presently.

You can come to Basilan,
you're able to come to Zamboanga. – Zamboanga!
– Zamboanga, and you'll communicate Spanish here, 'cause it's far occasionally pointed out as–
– Broken Spanish. – Broken Spanish, occasionally pointed out as Tropicana. – Tropicana language.

– How do you assert pleasant to
meet you in Tropicana? – Uh…
(Laughter) – Wait, wait, uh…
(Laughter) – Okay, how almost the–
– Exactly I don't have any thought! – [Mike] Thank you very much? – (Speaking in another u . s . a . language)
– (repeating in another u . s . a . phrase)? The same in Spanish. Alright, thanks guys! (Laughs)
– Thank you! – [Man] A groufie! – Groufie, what's a Groufie? A association selfie? – Selfie!
– Filipinos love their selfies.
– Yes, precisely! – A groufie! It's my first time
taking note of the word groufie. Yakan cuisine, what do we got? We got…
– This is purtoo. – [Mike] Purtoo? – Yeah.
– What is purtoo? – Cassava.
– Cassava.

We have two forms of fish,
and we have this one? – [Man] This one is pule. – Pule?
– Pule ti no no. – Pule?
– Pule ti no no. – [Mike] Pule ti no no, and this one same? – Yeah, same.
– And that is? This is, that is, um…

– [Man] Kinilaw, kinilaw. – [Mike] Kinilaw, what's, sardine? – Uh, bangalao.
– Bangalao, is that sardine? – Yeah, sardine.
– Uh huh, like pickled sardine. Pickled sardine! Cafe de Basilan, mwah! This man's favourite
drink, cafe de Basilan! – Cafe de Basilan.
– Ooh, ooh! Wait, which one is American sauce? (Laughter) – [Mike] The soy sauce, which one? – [Man] Is this for
sasawan, or for the isda? – It's for sasawan!
– Aw pleasant. (Men speaking in another u . s . a . language) – It's superb, it's far chewy.

Tastes superb! In the subsequent episode, we
uncover Langas Island, and observe out a standard
Filipino conflict helmet. I lose a basketball on line game. I omit every shot. And we communicate almost what the first day on Basilan turned into in physical assertion like.

Super excited, and superb
influenced and superb! My middle is barely overflowing with happiness and love
that we're getting here on day one in Basilan. (Contemplative music).

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