Battle TripEp.89 Yoojung & Mina’s commute to Suncheon [ENGTHA2018.05.13]

(Numerous meaningful counsel on trips) (Lee Hwijae, Jooe of MOMOLAND) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Nice to work out you once extra. The special host for as we speak is Jooe. – Welcome.

/ – Welcome. Hello. I'm Jooe of MOMOLAND. I'll be a terrific host with the spirit of a 20-yr-historic girl.

How are you going to indicate that spirit? What are you doing? What are you doing? What's mistaken? ("BBoom BBoom" by MOMOLAND) Great! – Whatever she does, she's cute. / – So cute. – That's what 20-yr-olds are like. / – 20S…

She's full of life from the . That's smart. A special holiday is ready as we speak. Yes, this is very special.

What is it? We geared up an event for this special holiday. Battle Trip has a book now. – We published a book. / – We have a book now.

We will… – Finally. / – Randomly make a choice these who… Watch the published and award them books.

From last week's 30-2nd preview, Battle Trip was reported in the most number of articles. – That holiday is as we speak's… / – Why was that the case? It's considering the reality that… – Special persons are here as we speak.

/ – So smooth. They're smooth 20-yr-olds. Jooe is in addition 20 years historic. Yes, I was born in 1999.

She was born in 1999. Guess what yr was I born? I was born in 1979. Nice to satisfy you. – Excuse me? / – Wait a minute.

Then… Why are you saying this? They're precisely 20 years apart? Exactly 20. Father? – What? / – Father. As for me…

– Were you born in 1972? / – I gained't say what yr. Year of the Rat. I was born in the Year of the Rat. These days, employees don't speak about their Chinese zodiac signal.

They gained't. If a man talks about it… – That suggests you are historic. / – That's appropriate.

Instead of Year of the Tiger… – If you assert it like Year of the Panthera. / – Panthera? "Where did you go?" "Europa." You're absolutely historic if you assert that. That's such an historic word.

It's a unquestionably special holiday as we speak. Today's theme is, Spring flower holiday at 20. It feels so smooth. I feel the flowers budding.

(Fresh) How historic are the a hundred judges as we speak? 20 Years historic! We have a hundred employees who're 20 years historic. That's appropriate. Let's hear how our youngest Sikyung was at 20 years historic. During our time…

In "My Sassy Girl," Gianna Jun and Cha Taehyun show off their ID cards after turning the offender age. They do this. They enter a bar. That was a scene in the movie.

It was a dream for 20-yr-olds. That's appropriate. When you enter a space… Did you do that too? No, no, no.

What's your dream then? For me, when I'm restless, I need to visit the karaoke room after 10 p.M. Whenever our schedules are over, we couldn't find the appropriate place to relieve stress. – When you were underage? / – Yes. – But now…

/ – Did you go whilst you grew to turn out to be 20? I did! – Really? / – I burned it up. In the karaoke room? Yes. – Where else did you go? / – It was crazy. Other matters I've done are like, with the members at the dorm…

– Just… / – Did you drink beer? Did you drink beer? How was it? You drank so much your hair is beer color. Right. Old employees used to dye their hair with beer.

Don't say matters like that. It's so sad. There should be so many stuff she'd need to do now that she's 20. It's the  for you.

Today, it is a stopover at for smooth young people that simply turned 20. They went on a spring flower holiday. I'm all in favour of the place they went. First, our 20-yr-olds…

– Trip planners, please come out. / – Come out. (Park Jihoon, Park Woojin of Wanna One) (Mina of Gugudan, Yoojung of Weki Meki) Seeing them like this, this is… – Wanna One and I.O.I.

/ – That's appropriate. – I.O.I vs. Wanna One. / – Wanna One.

– That's the wrestle as we speak. / – That's appropriate. 20 Years historic… You'll all be adults soon.

– Yes. / – Yes. Is there something you dreamed about doing. – The thing it's your decision to do most.

/ – Something… You need to be capable of do now that you simply're an adult. I need to do this. – Where? / – When we go to after-work dinners…

I need to be capable of drink with the older members. – You need to drink alcohol? / – Yeah. Also, I'm into automobiles. Driver's license? Yes, I need to get my license.

That's appropriate. What about Mina and Yoojung? For me… I need to watch soccer with my oldsters and have hen and beer. Or…

Clink glasses with my oldsters when they drink soju. – I'm hoping for that. / – It's all about alcohol. We could solely drink after our birthday.

– That's appropriate. / – Now you can drink from January 1st. – They might want to have drunk a tight deal. / – Of course.

Really? – You can do it now then. / – Yes. When do you're feeling like you are absolutely an adult now? Recently, I purchased a transportation card considering the reality that I desired it. I went to register and I couldn't register as a youngster.

That made me realize I was 20 now. It hit me. When I say hello to the driver when I'm in a taxi, The driver used to claim, "Where are you going, kid?" But they ask me, "Where are you going, young lady?" These days. It surprises me and makes me think, "Does it show?" – It makes me think like that.

/ – "Does it show?" Do you prefer to be called young lady? – That's cute. / – It feels new to me. – Before… / – Since this is the first time you have heard it.

– Young lady. / – That's appropriate. Let's  Battle Trip now. Today's special is a spring flower holiday at 20.

Where did you go for your flower holiday? We went to Suncheon, which is currently having a spring flower festival, then went to Gwangyang. – Suncheon and Gwangyang. / – Right. This team…

Must have a tight deal to eat. Suncheon has scrumptious cuisine. Suncheon has loads of smart restaurants there. You can not leave Gwangyang out.

Gwangyang as well. Gwangyang is amazing. Can we watch for an consuming show? – Of course. / – You can watch for it.

Mina, can we absolutely watch for it? I gave up being on a diet on this holiday. Did you eat a tight deal on this holiday? Yes, on this holiday, we simply ate, ate, ate, ate and then took shots in between. That's what the tour was about. Did you notice flowers? Yes, we saw a hundred million flowers.

– a hundred Million flowers? / – Yes. – a hundred Million? / – Not 1 million? – a hundred Million flowers. / – a hundred Million flowers. We went to a park the place a hundred million flowers were in bloom.

Right away… She started singing when she heard a hundred million flowers. 2, 3.  a hundred Million flowers are in bloom   Without holding back…

My daughter. Our daughter. Nice. Jihoon and Woojin, the place did you go? We started from Jinju and went to Hadong, which has the most exquisite flower path in Korea.

– Jinju… / – Don't we've something impressive? They have a hundred million flowers. Of course we do. We went to the 10 ri flower road.

Do you recognize of it? – 10 Ri? / – Cherry blossoms each of the tactic? – Oh, 4km? / – 10 Ri as in 4km. Have you ever showered in cherry blossoms? – A shower? / – With cherry blossoms? That's how many petals there were? You'll be shocked whilst you notice. – Enough to take a bathtub? / – Seriously. Okay then.

Flower holiday of 20-yr-olds. It's Hadong vs. Suncheon. People may simply think that this is an unexpected place for 20-yr-olds to commute.

These locations are well-known as the hottest locations on social media. A lot of young employees like these locations. That's why we went there on Battle Trip. Let's money out the map and see the place they went.

You need to carry going down. It's much turbo nowadays. It's quite far. Jinju, Hadong.

Gwangyang, Suncheon. Isn't that Hwagae Market? – That's appropriate. / – It is. You're appropriate.

Between Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do. Looking at the map, I think you can go to Jinju, then Hadong, then Gwangyang, and Suncheon in one holiday. Right, if you have gotten the time. If you have gotten ample time, that is the right method.

Jinju is noted for chilly noodles. Of course, this is noted. – Do you recognize? / – Of course. Honestly, I didn't know.

I was try to discover smart restaurants in Jinju… – I found it was noted for chilly noodles. / – Very noted. So we went there appropriate away.

What's in Hadong? We spent good-hunting benefit in Hadong. – Did you spend several budget? / – Yes. We ate Korean pork after all. I can not wait.

– Everyone will get excited by the pork. / – But… Since we're talking about cuisine… Once we comprehensive our promotions, our reins are removed.

We eat like this is an consuming show. You have not got to indicate your midriffs anymore. That's appropriate. Look at me.

So I'm absolutely shopping forward to their consuming show. Did you recognize that Suncheon, the place Yoojung and Mina went, is a pilgrimage for Rail-Ro workout travelers? Rail-Ro? It's for Koreans much less than 29. It's an infinite workout commute move that could be utilized in any workout in Korea. – Is there something like that? / – You can not use it.

There are dates for that. – That's appropriate. / – They have specific dates. You can decide the two 5 days or 7 days.

You can plan in actual reality based on… – Your commute route. / – If you buy that move… Can you ride a workout anywhere? You can ride to anywhere.

The complete u.s.a.. Think of it as an infinite move for five days. That's appropriate. Also in Suncheon…

You can get free lodging. Or you can hire a bus. – There are many services. / – It's a service.

It's very nice. That's smart. – Anyway. / – First off…

Let's go see the a hundred million flowers first. We'll go to Suncheon. Do you have gotten a tour name? 1, 2, 3, 4.  Spring is here  – Yoobom…

/ – Nabom… Spring is here. You in addition geared up an event, didn't you? Before we started the holiday, we geared up a small event. When you put up a photograph of your self watching our holiday on TV, we will decide one among the crucial viewers and presents you the shots we took.

– That's meaningful. / – It's absolutely an idol special. It's a 20-yr-olds' spring holiday. This is Mina and Yoojung's holiday.

Why don't we shout out your name to  us off? Spring flower holiday at 20. – Yoobom. / – Nabom. – Let's money it out! / – Let's money it out! I'm already feeling excited.

My pride is as much as here. Planning a stopover at is whilst you are excited the most. (Hehe) (Hehe) Goodness. Hello, I'm Mina of Gugudan.

Hello, I'm Yoojung of Weki Meki. (They were a part of I.O.I from Producer 101 Season 1) (They finished their time with I.O.I) This holiday can be meaningful. How exquisite. So, we…

This time… For the first time… For the first time… We're going on a stopover at jointly.

Right? – So cute. / – We… Just turned 20, you recognize. – Right.

/ – Now… We have no barriers. – They're long previous. / – We're a chunk extra…

– Free. / – That's appropriate. It's my first time going on an overnight holiday with a pal, with no my oldsters… It's a first for me too.

We solely had beach, pension, beach, pension. We didn't plan the relaxation. – We solely went to play. / – Right.

– This was your first time? / – Yes. I've on no account spent a night out. It's our 1st holiday as 20-yr-olds, I need to do this when we go on our holiday. I have a wish.

At a roof higher bar. I need to check out the cocktails there. – At a complex bar? / – While taking note of music… A glass of cocktail.

Your intellect is already at the bar. I need to do something like riding a bicycle with you. But I don't know the tactic to ride one. Huh? – Huh? / – If we ride a 2-man bicycle…

I can solely go straight. You can drive the bicycle. Right… You can enjoy the view whilst I drive the bicycle.

I got it. Also… In junior high, the twin look was trending. That's appropriate.

I've on no account worn an analogous outfit with my pal. And I need to… Go drinking… I need to drink.

It should be exciting simply imagining it. From an especially long-term ago, I've desired to go backpacking on a workout. That's a terrific theory. Since this is spring now, we should go see the flowers.

– I've been puzzling over it. / – Really? If we're going to work out flowers, we need to work out a field that's covered with flowers. While we're at it. Let's go to a space with an complete field of flowers.

I've done my analysis. Suncheonman National Garden's spring flower festival. The festival lasts from April 6th to May 22th. Are there loads of flowers in Suncheon? – For that long? / – I absolutely need to visit a festival.

This proves that the flowers over there are so strong. Are you saying the soil there is fertile? Yes, consequently of that, you can see flowers till May. The flowers will still be in bloom… – Even after this show airs.

/ – Right, appropriate. The festival ends on May 22th. – I absolutely need to go see flowers. / – Right? – We can take shots.

/ – Flowers like this. There are loads of tulips. Look at that. And this place is…

This is the place you can take the right shots. – This place is literally nice. / – Right? Flowers are in all locations. I read that Suncheon is a should stopover at place to go by workout for travelers who're in their 20s.

That's what you were after. – Yeah. / – That's what you are after. – You were.

/ – At first… I deliberate a workout holiday from the . There's in addition that. It's a space that's set as much as indicate what Korea was like in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies.

So… It's like going back in time. You and I. Can go back in time too.

This is sweet. The Yoobom Nabom Trip. You feel like crying once extra, appropriate? Anyway, we can attempt that. We can take loads of shots here.

I solely picked the destination which is Suncheon and the transportation, the workout. Next to Suncheon, Yeosu and Gwangyang are positioned. – That's the full itinerary. / – Yes.

– Yeosu, Suncheon and Gwangyang. / – Yeosu is sweet. – Yeosu is vital. / – But…

Yeosu has been introduced on Battle Trip already. But they showed a tiny a part of Gwangyang that time. Like a brief preview. We can introduce the urban thoroughly this time.

– We'll be thorough. / – Yes, thoroughly. Gwangyang is noted for bulgogi. Bulgogi.

Gwangyang bulgogi. – Yes, we've that. / – We can introduce that. – We can…

/ – You look so utterly satisfied. We can attempt the bulgogi too. Let's find loads of exciting matters to do there. Let's make our holiday amazing.

You find out extra about Suncheon. I'll find extra about Gwangyang. Okay. Should we clap? We have a terrific plan.

Right. Then… Let's name our holiday. My name is Yoojung and you are Mina.

And this is spring or "bom." Mina, Yoojung… Yoojung. Yoobom, Nabom. And Yoo feels like "you." So this is like your spring, my spring.

– Like you and me. / – Yes, like that. – Sounds meaningful. / – Yoojung, Mina.

– Yoobom Nabom. / – I prefer it. You and me. – Your spring, my spring.

/ – My spring. Yoobom Nabom. Let's go! – So organic and natural. / – They sound diversified.

Are you ready?   I'm ready   Spring, spring, spring, spring is here  – Yoobom. / – Nabom. Spring is here! Looks so exciting. (Fascinated) It's a swing! Want me to push you? (She steps on the flowers) I stepped on the flowers.

– So cute. / – Cute. – Cute. / – I love this place.

It smells like tonic. (Smell of the herbal tonic) It's like adult spicy rice cakes. I like the manner of jujubes. – So fairly.

/ – Finally… – She's drinking. / – Is that wine? I've continuously desired to check out this. With visitors…

We have not seen that dance in ages. It's diversified when the originals do it. (Yoojung's spring) (Mina's spring) (Current time, 4:30 a.M.) – 4:30? / – 4:30 A.M. – Yes.

/ – We are at Yongsan Station. We're in Yongsan now. Yes, this is Yongsan Station. Don't you suspect we should stopover at many locations in Suncheon? That's why we will get on the first workout and get moving.

Understood? – This method, we'll stopover at many locations. / – Right, appropriate. Yoojung said I need to believe her and follow her lead as we speak. That's appropriate.

Let me contend with as we speak's itinerary. We'll take an honest go looking Suncheon and take a relaxation. Okay, okay. – Let's go.

/ – Let's go. Let's go. (They set out to Suncheon) What's this? Why? What's going on? What is this? Is this a workout station? – You've solely been to Seoul Station? / – Wait… I'd on no account been.

– You've on no account even been to Seoul Station? / – No. Yoojung is fascinated by our station. What is this place? – I've on no account seen this earlier than. / – This is Yongsan.

– So many firsts for you. / – Yes. It feels so strange. Why? It's like…

I still can not settle for as true with it. We're absolutely going on this holiday. Unbelievable. We have a absolutely essential matter on our palms.

The much anticipated… Ta-da. Ta-da. Ta-da! We made these the other day.

You should take these on trips these days. If you take a photograph through these… – They turn out meaningful. / – Right.

It'd be meaningful if you make one earlier than going on your holiday. When you take a photograph with that at the beach, it looks so smart. This is how they turned out. Isn't this fairly? Ta-da.

So fairly. Then… Let's take this out… – Yeah.

/ – And take a photograph here. Right here. This is the spot. This is it.

This looks smart. So it suggests. (Toppers are the main focus) (Yoojung sleeps on the workout) (Yongsan Station, Suncheon Station) (2 hours and forty mins) (Suncheon Station, 7:50 a.M.) We've arrived at Suncheon Station. This is Suncheon! Was that your first time there? – Yes.

/ – Yes. My gosh. We need to do this thing. – What is it? / – A photo with the station name.

We need to take a photograph with the signal. – People take shots like that. / – Isn't that fairly? Suncheon. Suncheon.

Where are we going now? – We will… / – You informed me to follow your lead. After I.O.I, this is the first time… – We've long previous anywhere jointly.

/ – That's appropriate. Doesn't it feel like… – We've long previous back to that time? / – Yes. To absolutely commute back in time…

Are we going? We will take the bus to commute back in time. – It should've been a terrific holiday. / – That method. – Let's go.

/ – Were you in highschool in I.O.I? – Yes. / – Yes. We first met when we were 17. Oh, my.

Besides, you were so busy whilst you were in I.O.I. – You didn't have time to commute. / – That's so true. That's appropriate.

Even at this level, it sort of… Feels like… We're in a drama set. Is that the bus hinder? I think this is it.

Yes, this should be it. Here it is, drama set. Then from here… I guess it has been a whilst since you took the bus.

– Yes. / – It's been a whilst. – Right? / – Walking around to rejoice us being 20… I think it is going to be memorable.

The bus is here. My gosh, the bus! – Ta-da. We'll take this bus. / – seventy seven.

Here we go. When we go to Gwangyang tomorrow, we will take the similar bus. Is that so? Yes, we'll take the similar bus. You can stopover at almost all of the tourist points of curiosity with Bus seventy seven.

– We should take into consideration that number. / – Yes. This slightly looks like Jeju-do. Really? Everything about Suncheon looks appealing to me.

It's diversified taking the bus to visit school and taking the bus on a stopover at. You're appropriate. Your faces look diversified. On days like this, even the weather's nice.

Right. You're appropriate. The dramas that were filmed here are all shown here… Like this.

Amazing. "Bread, Love and Dreams". Of course, I know. I know Kim Takgu.

– "Gangnam Blues." / – They filmed dramas here. – Many dramas were shot here. / – forty seven. "East of Eden." – We're here! / – I see work of art.

1970S, 1980s, nineteen sixties. Divided into eras. This is so appealing. It's a TV-shaped entrance.

Hello. Two tickets, please. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

I'm going to connect this to my diary. It's a scene from the former. Restroom. This is Suncheon.

Goosebumps. Goosebumps. Why? I saw that in "Lights and Shadows." – Really? / – That theater. – A domestic theater! / – That's appropriate.

– It was so fascinating. / – Yeah. It's that place. – So fascinating.

/ – It was absolutely fascinating. When employees come here, everyone rents out college uniforms. Boys and females uniforms. Everyone does.

We can put on them here? You should attempt that out. People should rent college uniforms. – Taking shots… / – You should enter that time.

– So many. / – I absolutely need to check out it. Coming here with visitors, wearing uniforms and consuming lunch bins. Experiencing these matters.

– Hello. / – Hello. No method. This is a university.

Isn't this adorable? Those green desks! It was so appealing. I hate that wood. Right. You get all these splinters.

That's appropriate. If you touch the inaccurate spot. Right. If you notice in motion shots…

Right. The character in "Black Rubber Shoes" wears this. What sort of uniform is this? They have props. Student president.

They had that there. Kang Daniel? – Why is that there? / – What's Kang Daniel? You can borrow name tags. It was there as an example. – Ta-da.

/ – Ta-da. They did this. That's so obsolete. No, no.

We need to own it. We should look positive. (Confident) Hey, you said we need to look positive! Hey, you said we need to look positive! (Cute) If you take shots in uniform here, they will look meaningful. – There were many spots for shots.

/ – Looks smart. You can take these shots and compare them to your mother's. – You're appropriate. / – Of course.

Doesn't it feel like we're scholars of the historic days? – What do you mean? / – It's so… Isn't this 1988? (Sunyang Cinema in 1988) That's appropriate. I saw this theater in the drama. This theater showed up a tight deal in "Giant." And "Lights and Shadows." Ah! Right? You take into consideration that, don't you? (Oops) (What is this?) We can now watch…

Erotic motion shots. I'm so embarrassed. They were… They solely had these form of movie posters.

What is that? Adult motion shots… Why didn't they have matters like "Rambo?" Should we go in? (Embarrassed ) (We're 20 years historic, we can watch all motion shots) Here… – Wow. / – Pretty shots.

These shots can be memorable. – Later on. / – You take shots together with your phones… And they print them on wood frames.

Just like from the historic days? – A place that suits our uniforms. / – That suits… We should take a photograph in this manner of space. (Poor hillside village in the nineteen seventies) The weather was meaningful that day.

– This is it. / – You're appropriate. No. No.

Lean on me. Everyone took shots on their sides in the nineteen seventies. – That was so nice. / – Great photo.

I have not looked but. Me neither. – Let's look on the count of three. / – Okay.

1, 2, 3. This one turned out meaningful. This is awesome. It's like a movie.

– Doesn't it look like it? / – This one's no comic story. Thank you. – Bye. / – Thank you.

– It's a photograph of a life-time. / – So fairly. You're appropriate. When it comes to Battle Trip…

You can not leave out cuisine. You're well-known to be a picky eater. That's true. You can not eat loads of cuisine.

– You can not eat them all? / – No, I can not. You can not eat any of the dishes on the list? Something that suits your tastes. – Restaurant. / – I found a course.

– Right, appropriate. / – A course meal? Okay. (Drama set) (Suncheon eatery) (30 mins by Bus seventy seven) Traveling by bus… – You're dressed the similar.

/ – The twin look? We kept going with the twin look. A holiday to Suncheon is so… I feel like we can do the full lot here. So what are we consuming? Today, we will eat the noted dish everyone should attempt in Suncheon.

We'll eat spicy fishcake. My gosh. Spicy fishcake? Fishcake? Seriously… This is like asking a cat to carry on to a fish.

Looks smart. That looks so smart. Amazing. – Hey.

/ – Amazing. What is it? This is… We have a space this in my neighborhood. Should we write something too? We love spicy rice cakes.

– Right. / – It's fortunate that it wasn't the busy hour. The scholars would go crazy. It'd be insane.

It absolutely looks cute. It'd be exciting to go and seek for that. At that restaurant. (They write for each other) Actually…

Suncheon is noted for cockles. – Cockles? / – Yeah. She can not eat cockles. But cockles are not in season now.

So… We love fried foods, appropriate? We love it. While we were promoting, we had spicy rice cakes… – Hey, hey, you are appropriate.

/ – Yeah. We solely had spicy rice cakes or cup rice in our green room. – Or hen. / – We ordered it at the dorm.

You're appropriate. We ordered spicy rice cakes a tight deal. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

This is how this is served. Hey, but for the value, the serving is vast. Do you cook dinner it on the spot? I prefer it when there's extra fishcake than rice cake. I propose it for employees who like fishcakes.

– Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. (I'll eat this up) (She's targeted) (Blowing) (Blowing) I solely blew lightly. (Slurping) This is so smart.

(Blowing) (Blowing) – See? See? / – I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mina. This… I get why this is called spicy fishcakes.

Is it spicy? Spicy rice cakes are routinely candy. It's… Spicy. It's spicy.

Like absolutely spicy seafood noodles. – Yes, this is like that. / – It's absolutely spicy. Taste like absolutely spicy noodles.

Too spicy for Yoojung. She can not eat spicy cuisine. It's like adult spicy rice cakes. Yoojung…

She eats like a kid. – She's cute. / – Look at her face. I can not eat spicy cuisine.

I can not eat hot or spicy cuisine. – It's precisely this. / – You're appropriate. But I like spicy rice cakes.

The portion is vast though. There are dumplings too. Yes. It was a generous serving.

Try the fishcake. The fishcake. It's seasoned well considering the reality that this is thin. I like that this is cut into chunk-sized items.

– Isn't it spicy? / – No. This is my form of cuisine. That's smart. – We already finished 0.5 of it.

/ – Looks so smart. This is like volcano rice cakes. It's strong but… It's not heavy.

– Isn't it light? / – It's not the spiciness that hurts. Isn't it light? (This is my sort of cuisine) – Today, this is so… / – Mina eats so well. Mina.

I can take small bites but I can not take vast bites. – It looks… / – It looks scrumptious. How long has it been since you ate as much as you prefer? – It's been a whilst.

/ – Right? Weve been promoting our albums these days. I see. You can not eat much then. (If it receives too spicy, a sip of drink to ease down) Let's turn off the stove.

Shall we? We may simply find your self scorching it. I was boiling it down so we can combine rice. You're a seasoned. The sauce is…

We fried rice with the sauce. This is it. That's so… It was absolutely scrumptious.

Koreans continuously do this at the tip of a meal. I need to do this to finish a meal. – That's how to finish it. / – It's hot.

It's absolutely savory. I could instantly feel the aroma of the cheese. Woojin has fallen for the blended rice. – You need to eat that.

/ – Right? Actually, I don't absolutely like cheddar cheese considering the reality that it could be a little bit too greasy. But this isn't very greasy at all. It's absolutely savory. – It's like a cheese pancake.

/ – We finished it. It looks so scrumptious. When you go on a stopover at, it is best to eat a tight deal. Of course.

(Mmm) It's scrumptious. What are we doing now? It's spring, so we're going to go see flowers. Let's go see flowers. It's okay.

You can act like that at your age. We're going to a spring flower festival. The one you showed me earlier than? – That… That…

/ – Yes, yes, that's appropriate. a hundred Million flowers. That's appropriate. – There? / – We're going there.

Shall we go? – Thank you for the cuisine. / – Thank you for the cuisine. (Suncheonman National Garden) (30 mins on Bus sixty six) I'd want to work out a hundred million flowers. (Spring is when the full lot is in full bloom) This place is literally vast.

We're here. We're ultimately here. Well, this is the place I've been shopping forward the most. – Me.

/ – Me too. Right? Right? – Let's money it out first. / – Hurry, hurry. I think we should hurry to work out a tight deal.

Let's hurry and money it out. We need to stroll around a tight deal. Right. I absolutely desired to test flowers.

(It's the length of 1 hundred fifty soccer stadiums) one hundred fifty soccer stadiums? – Yes, this is absolutely vast. / – It's vast. Healing wooded area. By the tactic…

I was questioning how a hundred million flowers could fit in one place. But this is so vast. We should money the map. There's a lake too.

1-Hour course, 2-hour course. This one begins from East Gate to Rose Garden, Maze Garden, Lake Garden, German Garden, Dutch Garden… Let's take the Yoobom Nabom course. Okay.

– Shall we go? / – Okay. You gained't be capable of see the full thing in an afternoon. Some employees stay there overnight simply to stopover at this place. There are lots of employees here.

It's so… The tulips are so exquisite. (Flower path from the doorway) How fairly.  The worldwide   Is a little bit cold   Compared to   When I was living within you   Without the relaxation lacking  The tulips there…

– Are simply the commencing. / – Right. This is simply the commencing? – This is simply the commencing. / – Tulips are the .

How many flowers are there that this is simply the ? That's how vast it is. I can not settle for as true with I'm here. Amazing. – There's a lake as well? / – Yes.

I can not settle for as true with there's this manner of gigantic national garden. – It's so fascinating. / – That path is so exquisite. – Right.

/ – I can not settle for as true with this manner of space exists. It's absolutely nice there. Many employees said that we had to stopover at the Dutch Garden, so we added it to our course. –  I like  / – It's so fairly.

You  This is so exquisite. It looks so fairly. It was absolutely fairly. It's a perfect place to take nice shots.

Any random photo turns out nice. It'd be meaningful for shots. This is so fairly! This is too much. I think this is my first time seeing tulips since I was a little bit girl.

Right? We don't many times see tulips unless you are in an enjoyment park. It's so fairly. Are we in Korea? – So fairly. / – I love this color.

– This? / – I'm absolutely into… – Lavender these days. / – Lavender? This? – Can I sit down down? / – Yes. 1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3. – So fairly, appropriate? / – That's so fairly. It's all flowers in the back. The flowers are so nice.

Seriously Like this. – Pretty. / – That's how this is done. Is it a development to close your eyes whilst you take shots like this? They do that nowadays.

Like this. To make you seem smooth. Fresh? Right. So it is a trending pose, appropriate? – Closing your eyes.

/ – Right. Now, we're going to work out canola flowers. After seeing canola flowers, we'll see animals. There are so many stuff we need to work out.

So first, enable's go see canola flowers. (Everything that is yellow is canola flowers) (My goodness) – Seriously. / – Amazing. How many flowers are there?" How many canola flowers are here? This is simply…

Like Jeju-do. This is amazing. – It's so fairly. / – Seriously, it is.

Make sure you return here. It was so fairly. I… I desired to take shots of the smart tales here, so I brought soap bubbles.

– You brought these for shots? / – Yes. Will it work? But it should be windy… But it should be windy… You need loads of wind…

– Huh? / – Goodness. They'll fly out now. So fairly. – That's like…

/ – I thought it was photo-shopped. They look like manga characters. Here we go. – God? / – Ready…

(Swing) – Hey! / – Did it come out okay? – Did we get an honest one? / – I think I did. Oh, wow. – That was absolutely fascinating. / – That was smart, appropriate? I think it is.

How did you get the sluggish-mo appropriate here? Right? That's awesome. – Good process. / – Please pat my head. – Good process, smart process.

/ – I did so well. Right? Let me take a video of you this time. Cue. – That's an honest one.

/ – I can tell this is smart. – It turned out well. / – It did. – She smiled.

/ – She did well. She smiled. It was smart when she smiled. This is the place it begins.

This is how it turns out. Isn't it fairly? Then the bubbles fly out. You did well too. – Hey.

/ – I know the tactic it works now. – Nice. / – Okay, okay. – Then…

/ – Yeah? Let's go see the flamingoes you desired to work out. Flamingoes! I heard there are other animals as well. Let's go see animals. Let's hurry.

– Let's go! / – Go! – I need to work out. / – How do you're feeling appropriate now? My coronary heart is racing! – This place is literally nice. / – It is. – Wow.

/ – Wow. The first time in my 20 years of life seeing flamingoes. Unbelievable. It's like they're wearing stockings.

Look at their bodies. They're forming a coronary heart. I wish I could touch them. Two flamingoes make a constitution of coronary heart jointly.

They could be status with solely one leg. Yeah. Behind the one who is sleeping. You're appropriate.

Amazing. They have such thin legs. It's absolutely appealing that they sleep on one leg. They hide the other leg.

Look. This is so fascinating. – Everything's a first. / – Right.

– Seeing flamingoes for the first time. / – All firsts. – First time in the Dutch Garden. / – First holiday.

There's extra within? Yes, in that building over there, there are other animals. Bye, guys. We're leaving. – They're very flexible.

/ – They are. They can bend like this. – What are you doing? / – She's smart at that. She's smart at that.

– Good at bending her body. / – Yeah. At times like this, you simply need to maneuver along. I'm not going to answer.

(The next visitors after the flamingo are) – Prairie dogs? / – Oh, my. Oh, they're so cute. – So cute. / – Aren't they too cute? So cute.

Do it's your decision to be on Battle Trip? They eat a tight deal. What is that? They make it look so smart. I know. – They were so cute.

/ – Eating so well. – Goodness, fennec foxes. / – Fennec fox! – They're so fairly. / – Aren't they fairly? I need to reinforce them.

Oh, my. They're so cute. People say I look like a fennec fox. – That's appropriate.

/ – You do. – You look like one. / – You like alike. So cute.

They're so cute. – Meerkats! / – Seriously. It was so amazing. They were status up like this.

They're on the lookout for large predators. That's why they stand on their feet and go looking. Please stand for us. – Just once.

/ – That's what I'm thinking too. They need to take shots. – Zoom. / – Just once.

– Please solely once. / – But they… Do it solely once. They should be going within.

We desired to take that so bad. Did you await ages? Like this… No, like this. Let's stroll and then do this.

Got it? Walk and 1, 2, 3. – That's what came about? / – What's going on? Cute! How fairly. Zoom. They absolutely gathered.

– Oh, my. / – So cute! It was fascinating… – That they absolutely stood up. / – Wait a minute.

How did you call them? It was so amazing. They should've been mindful. Try it whilst you go there. It may simply work.

So cute. They know the tactic to act on TV. Look at that. They absolutely put their palms like that.

– So cute. / – They're so cute. Their noses are red. Are they trying to pretend to be bigger than us? (I'm not going to lose) I'm so utterly satisfied.

I turn out to be utterly satisfied when I see cute animals. Thank you. Bye. – Bye.

/ – Farewell. 1, 2, 3. Step, step, step. Are you a meerkat? – Cute.

/ – They're so cute. From Suncheon to Gwangyang… We'll need to sleep a night, appropriate? – Right. / – We need to sleep.

– We do. / – At a guest house. That sounds smart. I didn't know this was a guest house.

(Suncheonman National Garden to guest house) (Automatic reflex) – Let's go this technique. / – Here it is. The guest house. Shall we go within? – Let's hurry.

/ – Let's go. (A place to relaxation for a little bit whilst as we speak) – Hello. / – Hello. (Guest house, double room for $50) (They enter the guest house) It smells so nice.

So nice. – $50 For 2 employees is cheap. / – Yes. – This bed.

/ – Yeah. Isn't it equal to the ones in the I.O.I dorm? – These rails? / – Yeah, the rails. – But this place is extra desirable, appropriate? / – Yeah. You know why? – It's two single beds here.

/ – Yeah. It's smart to sleep there jointly and make tales. – You can speak and sleep. / – It's so smart.

It reminded of us of the former. True. Don't you're keen on that time? – Right earlier than you go to sleep and talking. / – Yes.

What are you puzzling over? I'm simply… Sad. That this would end tomorrow. I've continuously desired to commute with no my oldsters and I'm glad that…

– I'm doing this with you. / – Right? That's what made it extra desirable. We wore college uniforms and took shots. – We in addition ate vintage snacks.

/ – That's appropriate. Being capable of commute with simply you and me was so smart. I realized we received so much love back then. I feel like I'm experiencing that once extra.

That's this manner of conventional dance. So many of us cheered for us. I feel so grateful for that. (Memories extra helpful considering the reality that we can not go back) We need to stand up early and have the breakfast buffet.

That's appropriate. Whatever you have geared up… – Just believe me. / – I'll simply follow that course.

Sounds smart. Let's hurry up and sleep. – There's lots to eat tomorrow. / – Let's sleep.

– "There's lots to eat tomorrow." / – Turning the sunshine off. They're so cute. I didn't inform you the highlight. – We're going to eat Korean pork.

/ – What? – Korean pork? / – That's why we need to sleep now. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Let's go to sleep.

We need to wake up early. – I'll see you in my dream. / – Do we need to? You have not got to. – You can not hinder talking.

/ – Sleep well. The sunlight will rise at this rate.  The sunlight is up   Get up now  – What do they have? / – Let's eat breakfast. – Take two items of toast.

/ – Is that in the guest house? – Guest house breakfast? / – Yes. – In the basement. / – It's for free? Yes. – Part of the lodging commission? / – Yes.

(Pop) – Is it working? / – Isn't it working? We've on no account used a toaster earlier than. (It should be working since this is warm) (They attempt the cereal) That's so cute. This is new. Is this all we get? It's too little.

Nice. – Stop, hinder. / – Stop? Okay. (Let's eat now) It's so cute.

– Let's eat. / – Let's eat. (They are filling their stomachs earlier than they leave) She hunches so well. She eats whilst hunched.

– She continuously hunches over. / – When she eats… She's absolutely into it. If Yoojung deliberate the day in Suncheon…

Today is my plan. – Mina's spring. / – Mina, Mina, Mina.  Mina, Mina, Mina  Don't you suspect Gwangyang can be absolutely exciting as we speak? I absolutely need to check out Gwangyang bulgogi.

They have a bulgogi edge road in Gwangyang. The edge road is full of bulgogi restaurants. That's appropriate. – We should specialize bulgogi.

/ – I like that. We should specialize bulgogi. If Yoojung deliberate the day in Suncheon… Today is my plan.

This is so smart! (Captivating 20-yr-historic's hearts) – We're ultimately going. / – It simply glided by. – I'm shopping forward to this. / – Looking forward to it.

It's so fairly here. Seocheon Riverside. So nice! I love it. Goodness.

Yoobom Nabom, spring is here. Bye. (We'll  Mina's spring in Gwangyang appropriate now) (Mina's spring) We're shopping forward to it. – Will they  with bulgogi? / – It's Gwangyang.

This weather makes me need to hum.  I'm a banana allergy monkey  (Excited) This should be the bus hinder. This should be the bus hinder. It should be.

Bus seventy seven will arrive soon. Bus seventy seven is here. – Hello. / – Hello.

It's meat. There is a diversified combined tour fee ticket between Suncheon and Gwangyang. It's more affordable if you stopover at extra than 3 locations. Really? This is amazing.

We're here. – This is the Gwangyang bulgogi edge road. / – Right. – It's Gwangyang bulgogi edge road.

/ – It says it appropriate here. (Gwangyang bulgogi edge road) – Wow. / – So many bulgogi restaurants. Right.

We're going to a Korean pork bulgogi place. – The Korean pork that kept me up last night? / – Right. – You like pickled plums, appropriate? / – Yes. You can eat it with pickled plums.

– Plums and bulgogi. / – That's appropriate. It's destiny. – What did they say? / – Destiny.

Oh, destiny. The other locations commission over $20. But for us… The owner raises cows.

– Really? / – Yes. That's why this is cheap. – Really? / – Yes. It's perfect for the early 20s.

– How do I put it? / – Very cheap and scrumptious. – Very satisfactory. / – That's appropriate. – Trip with no budget anxiety.

/ – You're appropriate.  Let's go eat Korean pork  (They ultimately get to style Gwangyang bulgogi) – The bulgogi was so scrumptious. / – It looks so smart. It absolutely looks smart.

Plum? You eat it with plums. – That looks so smart. / – That is scrumptious. – It was so smart.

/ – Show us easily. Here… At other locations, they marinate the meat beforehand. – That's appropriate.

/ – It's that well-known brown color. Here, they marinate it earlier than this is cooked… – So the meat is read. / – Really? You know that fairly uncooked meat color? – Pretty color.

/ – Gwangyang bulgogi doesn't have soup. – They cook dinner it like that. / – That's appropriate. And you cook dinner it.

– It's diversified to the bulgogi we know. / – Right? It looks scrumptious. That was so smart. Thank you.

There are so many edge dishes. The meat looks so nice. (Make several noise!) The meat is red not like the meat they serve in other restaurants. It's so red.

This is the pickled plum. I've had chili pickles earlier than… – But I've on no account tried this earlier than. / – It looks smart.

– That's absolutely smart. Pickled plum. / – It's smart. It's candy and sour.

It's so sour. – Can I simply have this rather then pickles? / – Right? So smart, appropriate? – It was so sour. / – It's meaningful for digestion. – True.

/ – Indeed. I'm excited. (Falling for the meat) Yoojung's commencing to hunch up now. She's hunching.

It cooks fast. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (What does Gwangyang bulgogi style like?) Her reaction doesn't enable us down.

(I did it considering the reality that it was so scrumptious) We say sorry to the waitress. Our females react so loudly. I get now why employees said it's your decision to check out the bulgogi in Gwangyang. I know now.

There's no level coming here if you do not attempt this. I thought the meat could be dry considering the reality that this is so thin. – But this is juicy. / – Yes, and this is very chewy.

Is there any method to make it even extra scrumptious? Wrap it in lettuce and perilla leaf. Like this. This is bigoted. You shouldn't do this.

That tastes amazing. Is it for me? (She takes a gigantic chunk) (Do you favor it?) It hit you. You simply chewed on the pickled plum, didn't you? I can see that. In Suncheon, Gwangyang, it is best to eat this.

– This? / – It's game over with this. I need to go back simply to eat that. – Really? / – Me too. – Is it that smart? / – Okay, I fully get you now.

I get what you are saying. The pickled plum is so smooth and sour. (She in addition opens her mouth huge) I like how it pops in your mouth. The pickled plum has a exceptional style.

That's what makes the full thing scrumptious. – It's scrumptious. / – It's so scrumptious, isn't it? Try the meat smooth from the grill. Try the meat.

(It's so hot) – She's so funny. / – Look at her face. It tastes so smart. You need to eat it smooth from the grill.

That's appropriate. You shouldn't enable it relaxation on the plate. You need to bring the meat straight from the grill. – You shouldn't use a plate? / – You need to eat transient.

– As if you are fishing. / – That's appropriate. Woojin, are you convinced? I'm sort of jealous. It looks so scrumptious.

That's… (They're enjoying the absolutely hot cuisine) This is amazing. It's diversified. – This is why we came here.

/ – Right. This is so… If you didn't eat this, you shouldn't say you have been to Suncheon, Gwangyang. You should attempt this here.

Okay? This is amazing. I don't think I will eat any other bulgogi from now on. It's so scrumptious. I think Yoojung could be a terrific actress too.

– So many faces. / – Such loads of of expressions. They eat so well. (They hold consuming) (They finished the cuisine) We'd want to order 2 extra parts of meat.

That's it. – They need to eat extra. / – More plums too. – Thank you.

/ – You need to get extra. Thank you. – Shall we ? / – Shall we ? – Actually… / – Is this a commencing? (I'm done) (I'm simply getting started) (Even when Yoojung left, Mina kept consuming) I need to visit Suncheon.

– For the bulgogi? / – Yes. – Gwangyang. / – You said you desired to ride bikes. Right.

How about I teach you? I've learned earlier than so I can ride it. But I can solely go straight. Let me teach you. Where can we ride bicycles? Near Seocheon Riverside and Seomjin River.

– There are loads of canola flowers. / – Canola flowers. It's covered with the flowers there. – All covered.

/ – Really? We need to ride bikes now. I'm so utterly satisfied. Do many of us ride bicycles at Seocheon Riverside? I think so. – It's appropriate next to the place you were.

/ – Yes. – That looks nice. / – Perfect course. – You eat bulgogi then…

/ – You do not get that in Seoul. – Exactly. / – This is Seocheon Riverside. – Seoul is too artificial.

/ – Really? – It's so fairly here, isn't it? / – Yeah. The flowers are exquisite here. Doesn't it make you're feeling smart… – To see the open view here? / – Right.

Just watching the river flow makes me feel smart. They're all cherry trees but no blossoms. This place should be exquisite with cherry blossoms. – It should be absolutely exquisite.

/ – Right? This place should be colorful each of the time. I love the colors here. Riding a bicycle here should be nice for sure, but walking should be nice as well. (They play with each other) Now enable's go ride bicycles.

This is so nice. Hello. We'd want to rent bicycles. From April 6th…

You can rent bicycles for free in Gwangyang. – Really? / – Yes. If this is free, it is best to ride it. They simply started this service.

The weather is vital as we speak. It's so sunny. – Let's go! / – Let's go! Hey, Mina. There are solely…

This many canola flowers. That road is supposed to be covered with flowers… But we were there too early. (It wasn't like this when I looked it up online) It's supposed to look like this.

Yes. There is possibly extra canola flowers by now. Yes, by now, it is going to be in full bloom. It's okay.

We can enjoy this refined beauty. You're appropriate. "Subtle beauty." She's appropriate. There's refined beauty.

As you push the pedal, put the other foot on the pedal. You're smart. You're smart. I can do this.

Okay. Come here. How do I? Turn around. Be careful.

Be careful. She can not turn corners. (You can simply turn corners together with your feet) Actually, I can not turn corners the two. What the? You two are a terrific team.

(They're excited) Mina, I love this. Mom, dad, I'm riding a bicycle. This is sweet. The weather is so nice, isn't it? It would've been nice if there were canola flowers too.

– It'd be so exquisite with the flowers. / – Right? I'm sure they will make it look like it with CG. Canola flowers! (Yoojung and Mina ride along the flower path) (Mina rides the bicycle with solely one hand) I need to do this too! No, I can not. Choi Yoojung, you are a fool.

Kang Mina, you are a fool. (Although there are no flowers, they enjoy the ride) How was it? Although there were no flowers, it was very nice with the cool breeze and the full lot. The weather makes the ride even extra enjoyable. – Let's go eat plum blossom macarons.

/ – Okay. Let's go. Macaroons? – Plum blossom macarons? / – Yes. I heard Gwangyang is noted for plum blossoms.

But around the time we stopover at the urban, there are no plum blossoms. It's sad to overlook it though. So we will see the plum blossoms through cuisine. – They have plum blossom latte.

/ – Really? – Goodness. / – It looks fairly, doesn't it? And these are plum blossom macarons. They come out like this. – Isn't that fairly? / – It's so fairly.

I'm absolutely frightened about my team now. – Their reactions are so bad. / – That's a authentic flower. When guys eat bulgogi and this is absolutely smart, they go…

The end. (The noted plum blossom shaped macarons) (They look tremendous cute) (Plum blossom macarons, $2 each) We took so many shots. They're meaningful for shots. (She's taking shots once extra) They're so fairly.

It's perfect girly shots to upload on social media. – That 20s feel. / – What does it style like? This is raspberry cream cheese and this is cream cheese. (Yoojung takes a chunk) (Mina takes a chunk too) They say this is the right macaron if it doesn't crumble…

– When you chunk into it. / – It didn't crumble! That didn't crumble. – That macaron was so smooth. / – Yes.

– It went in slowly like this. / – Like this. – Isn't it absolutely chewy? / – Yes. It goes in like this.

It goes like this. I've on no account had a macaron this chewy. I highly propose this. (Cream cheese macaron this time) (Mmm) It's so scrumptious.

Some employees don't love candy stuff that much. I don't think this is that candy. It's not that candy. Now, we need to drink milk tea appropriate after.

It's so fairly, I feel bad consuming it. (What's this flower?) It's a authentic flower! Hey, it is a authentic flower. It's a authentic flower! She has a terrific reaction. – That milk tea is so fairly.

/ – Hey, it is a authentic flower. (Spray rose capacity "I can not hinder admiring") (I need to style it no matter if this is fairly) Wow. Why? It's so smart! (Smiling brightly) What sort of milk tea is this? It's a blend of earl grey, assam and English breakfast are blended. I knew it.

I love milk tea so much, so I tried many numerous kinds but this tastes new. It has a flowery aftertaste. It's so smart. Three styles of tea are blended jointly, so not like other milk teas, it tastes extra like a flower.

This milk tea is so smart. I'm quite shocked by this. We had plum blossom macarons, so now we'll have a latte. One dessert after but one more.

Nice. Let's go have several latte. Let's go. (She packs the leftovers) It's a terrific set.

Macaroon and milk tea. It's a perfect combination. (They're on their method to have plum blossom latte) This place is 5 mins away from the macaron save. – Really? / – It's absolutely close.

It's appropriate here. – Hello. / – Hello. It's fairly.

– The cafe is so fairly. / – It is. We're going to have this. Plum blossom…

– You need to have that. / – It's so fairly. (Adorable plum blossom latte) (Plum blossom latte with pink whipped cream) It's absolutely fairly. It's absolutely fairly.

Did you hear that? "It's absolutely fairly." That was from the backside of his coronary heart. Right? It was. It's so fairly. It's so fairly.

Won't it look fairly if we take shots with these? – Shall we? / – Since they're all plum blossoms. Good, smart. This is perfect for taking shots, whilst you return with a pal. It's so fairly.

Take them appropriate away. (She takes shots with all her coronary heart) (Burning it up) (Plum blossom latte, macaron) You can use a straw to drink this… But this is extra desirable to drink it like this so that you simply can drink in with the cream. It's absolutely scrumptious that method.

It's not the cream you suspect. It's not whipping cream. It's absolutely so… How should I provide an explanation for? I was very much surprised.

When I drank it, the cream didn't go into my mouth. That's "Secret Garden." You have a mouthful of cream and coffee unexpectedly goes in. The condensed milk cream was absolutely dense. – The cream is so smart.

/ – Yoojung. (They drink it one extra time) You can even chew the cream. It's that dense. – Condensed milk.

/ – Condensed milk… – That's cheating. / – Cheating. Really? – That's cheating.

/ – Do it's your decision to check out this? Try this. This one has a sturdy coffee odor. People who can not drink coffee can drink this. This feels like consuming…

– A pink cloud. / – You're appropriate. I've on no account tasted a pink cloud… – But that's how you would describe it.

/ – Right. – It's candy. / – The cafe is ultra cute. (I finished it) – One extra plum blossom latte.

/ – She had two. You said you do not eat much. Thank you. (They enjoy spring as they drink plum blossom latte) I looked, but there is no rooftop bar in Gwangyang.

But I found an increased place. – Really? / – Yes. – We need not go to a rooftop bar. / – Really? – We need not go.

/ – Really? I found a unquestionably meaningful wine bar. So we… I don't know. I absolutely like that place.

Look at her. She's utterly satisfied simply puzzling over it. What a terrific time. We've gotten changed once extra.

We're dressed up accurately. We'll take a cab to the wine bar. Hello. I'm absolutely excited.

I've on no account been to a wine bar. Are you taking a cab to the wine bar? But you take a bus in all locations else. – Cab for the wine bar… / – They got changed too.

– They're spending budget. / – They got changed. – Our clothes… / – You need that black cab.

I feel like we shouldn't be here. No, we need to carry our heads up. – We're 20 years historic. / – Right.

– We can go in. / – That's appropriate. I perceive why it's your decision to embellish up. – I'm scared.

/ – Let's not show that this is our first time. They don't need to indicate that this is their first time. – Hello. / – Having your first dress shoes…

At age 20. You can on no account overlook. I still perceive too. Hello.

This is weird. (They're given a menu) (What does this mean?) – But we do not know about wine. / – Of course not. It was too challenging.

– It's challenging. / – What do we do? I still do not get wine. Can you propose us something? We don't know much about wine. The bestselling wine at our bar is (Ca'Bianca? What?) (What? I have no theory what he's saying) I'll inform you what to do as an educated.

Take solutions and hold drinking diversified ones. Then once you discover one that you simply like, memorize the name. Memorize what this is called? – Memorize the manner. / – Once you memorize that…

That becomes your normal. Wine begins from there. – He's Muhammad Ali of drinking. / – Seriously…

You should learn how to drink from Sikyung. (The bartender leaves) I can not perceive the names. All I perceive is d'Acqui. Even if I pretend to be an adult, I can not fake it.

It bubbles up a little bit bit. So this is straightforward to enjoy. It's fairly. – It looks tasty.

/ – It's competitively priced too. It looks smart. Thank you. This is awkward.

I feel awkward. This is awkward. – I feel weird. / – This is too…

That's  sound. (Stiff) It's smart. I like how it tickles my nose. Why does it tickle my nose? That's the wine bouquet.

– This is the bouquet? / – Yes. (Yoojung learns about wine bouquet) You look smart with wine. She seems mature when she's drinking wine. – It suits her.

/ – She didn't hunch when she drank wine. – You're appropriate. / – She sits up straight. She hunched over when she ate spicy rice cakes.

(Wait, this looks like this is for grownups) What? – Gosh, this is weird. / – I know. – Thank you for the cuisine. / – Thank you.

Eat then drink? Or drink then eat? – You're such learners. / – Whichever method you prefer. I'll attempt this first. (Yoojung and Mina are playing grownups) It suits her.

– Like she's experienced. / – It suits them. Mina looks smart too. (Staring at Yoojung) (What's mistaken?) It feels so weird.

I can not settle for as true with you are drinking. I feel the similar. They think this is funny. Now I can feel that we're 20.

– This is the last day of our holiday. / – Right. The holiday will end after we see the rainbow fountain. – Don't you're feeling sad? / – I don't need to go back.

Don't you're feeling sad? Right? But the fountain can be meaningful. – Is it smart? / – Yes, this is vast. Is it? You can watch for seeing it. Can I watch for it? Alright.

(Darkness falls over Seocheon) This is the last course of our holiday. Such a shame. What's that? That's the Rainbow Bridge. The lighting fixtures come on at night.

It's exquisite. (Jaw-dropping) They have the right reactions. – The ideal. / – Such smart reactions.

Isn't it fascinating? They go up so high. It feels refreshing to work out the fountain in front. So fairly. – Wow.

/ – Wow. Music, lighting fixtures, fountain. – All in sync, appropriate? / – Yes. It's high ample to achieve for the stars.

(The first tune is over) (The next tune maintains) ("On a Spring Day with Cherry Blossoms" by J-Cera) Yoojung. Mina. It feels somewhat touching. It feels so smart to watch it together with your ideal pal.

(The phrases "You and Me" appear swiftly) (What's going on?) Is that conceivable? Congratulations. Wait a minute. – What's going on? / – I geared up this. I simply got goosebumps.

Ta-da. – You did this? / – Yeah. When did you do this? – Can you make a request in advance? / – Yes. You can upload phrases or shots on the homepage.

– Congratulations on being 20. / – Mina, you are so good. We're 20… I feel sad.

You can in addition display a photograph. Isn't so fairly. This is so touching. I can not settle for as true with we're 20.

I think we had… Some time for internal peace. It was so enjoyable. – You equally grew to turn out to be 20 this yr.

/ – Right. She organized it and cried alone. This is so nice. When you are with an honest pal, you get emotional.

You absolutely do. It feels so special that we're on a stopover at to rejoice the age of 20. (Yoobom Nabom enjoy their holiday to the last moment) – I guess you are going to perceive this holiday forever. / – Yes.

Right? We were a team, so we spent loads of time jointly… – But it was our first holiday. / – First time. I came on the first holiday of my life after turning 20.

I'm glad that I came here with you. It feels extra special and meaningful with you. We'll go on a stopover at jointly once extra when we turn out to be 30. – 30? / – That's nice.

It was amazing. Yoobom Nabom, spring is here! – Bye. / – Bye. (The end of Yoojung and Mina's spring) I feel so bad for Jooe.

– Suddenly? / – Yes. Because I saw Jooe feel envious watching their holiday. Which part were you most envious of? – The bulgogi. / – I knew it.

The macaron and latte. Food is the right. I think the bulgogi was the highlight. – I agree.

/ – It's true. The meat is ultra juicy. When you eat marinated meat… – You solely style the sauce.

/ – Right. But this one is fresher. He's appropriate. When we had the bulgogi, we kept saying that the meat is so thin nevertheless it is ultra juicy.

– We said that so much. / – Right. – It simply melts in your mouth. / – Yes.

It simply melts away. I was impressed to work out so many styles of flowers in Korea. The Netherlands, numerous countries, Germany… There were all styles of countries.

I've on no account seen such matters earlier than. I have a vague recollection of being there. You should leave loads of time for it. – You're appropriate.

/ – Yes. It's an immense place. Which place was the prettiest? Our preferred was the Dutch Garden. There was an immense windmill.

And we could see many other gardens on the tactic. So you can enjoy as you go. Alright. This is the most essential moment.

The complete commission of… – The Yoobom Nabom Tour. / – The commission. – This is essential.

/ – How much did you spend? For the overnight holiday of the Yoobom Nabom Tour in Suncheon, Gwangyang, we spent… How much? Excluding the KTX fare. – Per individual… / – Per individual! $162.85.

That's very cheap. – That's adding lodging, appropriate? / – Yes. – And the get admission to commission earlier? / – Yes. – Two cups of latte.

/ – That's appropriate. – You ate too much. / – We had too much bulgogi. Wine…

Would you go to Suncheon and Gwangyang in actual reality based on Yoobom Nabom Tour's plan? Please vote. (They deliberate a spring flower holiday at 20) (What will the judges decide?) The first holiday in their 20s isn't over but. Right. It's time to head off to Hadong, a space you can stopover at all yr round.

(Next week) It's a first with you. It feels like we're in a movie here. Like a pink fairy tale. I'm so utterly satisfied appropriate now.

Save in my coronary heart. Let's go. (A new spring in the sky) The view is amazing. Good view, nice wind.

Let's go. Will this day ever come back? (Battle Trip) ("That Day" by Lovelyz).

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