Battle TripEp.87 Trip to GUAM [ENGTHA2018.04.29]

(Battle Trip) (Started on April 16th, 2016) (Numerous) (Great rules) (On trips) Bravo! This is shocking. I've never felt like this earlier than. It feels like I'm in a movement picture. (Battle Trip is to peer) It was once the most extreme moment.

Good, good. (Battle Trip is to enjoy) Oh, my God. It's monumental. (Battle Trip is to eat) It's so good.

I've never had anything else like this earlier than. (Battle Trip's 2-year anniversary) (The hosts have arranged a alternative episode) You startled me. You startled me! Geez! Hey! What is that this? I have a weak coronary heart. That's contemplating the proven reality that you're historic.

What is that this for? It's our 2nd-year anniversary. Now it feels real, huh? That is quite desirable. What is? I get surprised when I see us like this. Don't americans on the entire take a seat like this for announcements or if they did something incorrect? Or announcing a marriage.

That's applicable. What? What are we doing? – What is that this? / – This is how it's completed. There we go. Seriously…

– Congratulations on 2 years. / – Congratulations. (Congratulations on 2 years Battle Trip) Time specific goes immediately. It goes unquestionably immediately.

Shouldn't we go somewhere for two years… Over the earlier 2 years, we were requested the most roughly wife and children trips. – Family… / – If it is a wife and children day trip…

But I reside by myself. – A wife and children day trip… / – Sikyung and I… – Dad, mom…

/ – Family. – The historic bachelor. / – Uncle. It's form of a stretch for me to be the son, applicable? – It's a little problematical.

/ – You're too large to be our son. – You're too large to be our son. / – Then… – You're applicable.

/ – This is good. We'll go on a day trip like this. Korean households go on a day trip to Guam the most. – Oh, Guam.

/ – I went there 3 months long ago. – For me… / – How time and over again have you been there? 6 Times. – To be fair…

/ – You're a Guam native. This ability you're a native. – Right. / – I even…

Have a wife and children photo from Guam. It was once so good then. Goodness. You appearance so happy.

It was once good then. Seriously. Let me tell you one thing… There's an ice cream shop right here.

I know the manner it tastes so I need to eat it so terrible. They'd like this place too. Just go. (Battle Trip's professional Guam professor, Lee Hwijae) (The very last girl crush, Kim Sook) Blue is for women.

Men don't seem to be intended to drive. With her… Forget all this. Darn it.

Help me! Help me! (Battle Trip's professional girl crush, Kim Sook) I'm so happy. With salmon. One of these too. (Battle Trip's professional youngest, Sung Sikyung) You can not! Let's be happy for an namely long run.

(We'll birth their wife and children story applicable now) The thing that mother and father like the most is having the resort on the factor of the airport. Guam is the optimal location for that. – Right. / – How long does it take? 15 Minutes.

The childrens can use the pool as soon as you get there? – That's applicable. / – Right. Also, the weather's good. You don't need to transfer circular masses.

– For me… / – You can plan all the troubles then. No, I shouldn't plan all the troubles. – Why not? / – Since it is a wife and children concept.

– Should we divide the work? / – Yeah. I'll plan the mornings. Let's divide it into morning, afternoon, evening. Yeah? Can't we sleep in the morning? What? You can never sleep in on a wife and children day trip.

What are you on roughly? You can stay awake in the morning. You need to be diligent on trips. Then I'll sort out the evenings. Sikyung, you sort out the afternoons.

– Okay. / – Okay? – Fine, okay then… / – Yeah. What do I deserve to do? Things to do in the morning and to eat.

– What to do in the afternoon. / – What that you would like to do. – You come to a resolution what that you would like to do. / – Just come to a resolution.

– Just decide one thing. / – For me… I can recall to mind so many concerns. In the evening? Too much.

Let's enjoy our day trip. Yes. I'm so… Come on, Sikyung.

Join us. Let's have a favorable day trip. Let's go to Guam. This turns out like an oversized version of "Gangnam Style." Try it.

This will likely be amusing with merely us three. Good restaurants in Guam… I'm going to eat an oversized breakfast no matter what. This turns out good.

Yes, Sook? Are you busy, Seyoon? What time do you end? The radio? I end circular four. – You end at four? / – Yeah. Then I'll wait for you. Hello.

To Guam. – Guam. / – Guam expert. I'm Guam expert, Moon Seyoon.

I'll document this. – Do that you would like to document it? / – Yes. Who do you're employed for? I don't need to overlook out on anything else. Okay, okay.

You know I love Korean nutrients, applicable? Why? I'm going to eat Guam nutrients. Restaurant "D." Restaurant "J." These names… And… The course is good.

At night. – This is the course I like. / – At night. Night…

"S" chicken. At night… – "S"… / – "S" chicken.

"S" chicken. They have good spicy chicken. Korea has the most interesting chicken. It tastes like Korean chicken.

Hafa adai. What is that? Hello. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai.

– Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – At the airport…

They'll be playing music like this. – Saying hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. You can not merely walk earlier them.

Hafa adai. Hafa adai. Hafa adai. – I discovered one thing, hafa adai.

/ – Hafa adai. I discovered one thing, the greeting. Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. Hwijae.

Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. What may have to I do in Guam? First, that you would like to head clubbing in Guam. They have the ones grownup finds in addition. You're on digicam applicable now.

I'm recording. Oops, I'm sorry. What roughly doing busking? Busking? – What? / – Busking. "Say Goodbye" in an acoustic version.

It's been ages. As you'll see, I have no guiding principle. I'll merely plan it myself. Go, go.

Seoeon, Seojun. Why are you packing? I'm going to Guam tomorrow. Why? Babies can not go. Just me…

No… Huh? Did I wear sunglasses? Take me. How am I going to go away? You can not go. Why not? It's for work…

If we can not go, you'll't go. I'm going for work. You can not go. You can not go.

You can not go. Can't go. (The day of the 2-year-anniversary day trip) (Who's the first to reach on the airport?) Isn't an individual right here but? Isn't an individual right here but? Isn't an individual right here but? (Awkward) I can not take into account that the last time… I left on a day trip by myself.

You're confident roughly Guam, applicable? I'm a Guam native. I'm a native. I'm guests with the proprietor of the shooting diversity. I'm guests with Chamorro americans.

It's the most interesting place for a wife and children day trip. The airport is on the factor of the downtown neighborhood. It's safe. I'm in difficulty.

(He receives a video call from dwelling house) Seojun, I'll be again real soon. No! I'll be again soon. Don't go. Then…

Is it contemplating the proven reality that I'm leaving or I'm going to Guam? Don't go. You don't need me to head anyplace? Dad, don't go. I'll call you when I'm there. No.

No. (Who's arrived on the airport this time?) It's been so long since I've been on an overseas day trip. It's nice to peer you. Oh, my.

This is shocking. We sent americans to enjoy like this for the earlier 2 years. We made them happy. Hello.

– Hello. / – Oh, my. – Hello. / – Hello.

Hello. It's Sook. (Ho) (Hahaha) Hurry it up. Yo! Hey, Hwijae.

Yo! Hurry it up. So we're in reality leaving. Seyoon recently went to Guam. I know.

So… But Seyoon… Only advised me roughly Korean restaurants. (No guiding principle, identical to Sinyeong) Did you carry some monumental money? No.

Why? I have my mastercard. You need money though. How much did you carry? About $100. Lend me a spread of cash.

I mean it. Just lend me $1,000. I don't have $1,000. Sikyung is right here.

Shouldn't I wear sunglasses since I'm going on a day trip? (Sung Sikyung now turns out cool) Incheon International Airport grants you this feeling of excitement. He visited the salon. Sikyung turns out so cool. It's his airport appearance.

He's the absolute best 1 hunting cool. Airport fashion. – Look at Sikyung. / – Why are you doing this by myself? Sikyung.

You know these don't seem to be mine, applicable? – I know. / – These don't seem to be your outfits? – No. / – I knew it. – Sikyung, did you carry a spread of cash? / – This…

– No. / – Talk roughly money later! Don't they accept charge cards? I need to business a spread of cash. Did you carry your passports? – Passports. / – Wait a minute.

I have my passport. My passport was once the general thing I packed. I reasonably much twisted up terrible. Do  roughly this? They steered I had to expose my ears and brow .

But now it's changed. It doesn't matter now. Also… – I've ordered our meals already.

/ – What? You need to order upfront, applicable? What did you order for me? I ordered a spread. – So we can proportion. / – Okay then. Let's board the aircraft now.

– Let's go. / – Let's go. Hey, I can use my mastercard in Guam, applicable? Of course. I are not attempting to search out money, applicable? They accept all cards there.

But shouldn't we carry not decrease than $100 in money? $100? I have $100. (Off to Guam) – Here are your in-flight meals. / – Thank you. I ordered them upfront.

Excuse me. I have your meal… Yes, the wholesome meal. For Sook, who is on a diet.

I like that they gave me the applicable spoon for my size. That's for Seoeon. This is the place the day trip begins. To be fair…

I wasn't going to assert this since it'll make me appearance historic. But the sector has difference into so evolved. This is so good. This is the good eating place.

– Sook. / – Yeah? This is good. I think I can eat this for every meal. So we're in reality going.

Happy day trip. I'm so happy. As soon as we arrive… – We sleep.

/ – We need to sleep. – Let's sleep. I'll wake you up. / – Okay.

I'll wake you up then I'll kind out the place we're going. I may have to've delivered my pill. (See you in Guam) (Incheon International Airport) (Guam International Airport, four hours and 25 minutes) (Guam) (Guam is Korea's favorite wife and children day trip destination) (Everywhere you appearance) They're so cute. (You can have amusing in each single place) (So many activities to do) (A paradise the place you'll do all the troubles) (We invite you to this magical island) (Guam) (First day in Guam) (The hosts' rooms) (Sikyung, Sook, Hwijae) (Hwijae's room) (Hwijae's room is empty) (Where did he go this early in the morning?) (Hwijae's swimming in the pool) – Show us your swimming virtue.

/ – I agree. – We've only heard rumors roughly it. / – Right. You haven't completed anything else thus far.

You failed to even get to peer the dolphins. You might not even upward thrust up on the surfing board. He looked so pitiful when he went surfing. (He's showing off his swimming from the morning) (All by myself in this pool) (Sook, are you well inclined to peer how good I am?) (He swam for ages all by himself) (Meanwhile, what roughly Sikyung the youngest?) (Ta-da) (Staring the morning with documents in English) (Sikyung is an intelligent, wholesome male) (So warm) Should I wake them up? Such sleepyheads.

It's right here. (Silent) Is he not in? (Sikyung's room) Sikyung. Hwijae. Sikyung.

(Sook decides to appearance for them) – Oh! / – Hi. My goodness. What's going on? I thought it was once my residence. Hello.

– Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Hello.

Such a friendly ambience. Where is Sikyung? And Hwijae? (Spots a well-diagnosed guardian 1/2-hour earlier than their day trip) Hold on. Is that Sikyung? (Looking in) (Staring) Hey. How long have you been understanding? It's been 37 minutes.

37 Minutes? You'll detect yourself dying in case you do that. No. I'm making ready myself to eat masses. What's going on? (Sikyung did eat masses) (It's a favorable thing I labored out as of late) Amazing.

Look at all this sweat. What's up with your blouse? You deserve to wear this too. – What? / – You need to wear one too. To be fair, we don't deserve to pack anything else.

When they wear these shirts… It will lift their spirits. (Ta-da) Don't you believe roughly leaving the group. We'll hang out in combination.

They appearance nice. They appearance nice. Smiling angel. Smiling angel.

Can I use this to wipe my sweat and throw it out? What are you pronouncing? You need to wear it. Tell me the time and I'll be well inclined by then. 9 A.M. We need to head have breakfast.

– Oh, applicable. / – Yeah. We need to be there by 10:30 a.M. We need to eat breakfast…

Hurry. Run. You can do it. Don't wipe your sweat with this.

– Okay. / – Good. He need to be crazy. (Sikyung ran for an prolonged while to eat breakfast) – Start.

/ – Start. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle…

Geez. Trip! We've arrived in Guam! What an afternoon. I don't think it. I sense such a feeling of relief.

You're applicable. When you appearance at Korean wife and children trips… This is the desired location. – Guam.

/ – We've arrived in Guam. You're a father. Do you agree with that? It's even beyond that. Last year, we stayed right here for according to week.

On pointers on how to the airport, Seojun cried so much. – Why? / – Because he failed to want to go away? Looking on the stars. Saying he desires to remain? He sought after to remain right here. As you'll see, many of the americans watching us right here are Korean.

There are no inconveniences. There are Korean staff. You can ask in case you have not any concept. Everything is in Korean.

Today, Guam is no. 1 On the favorite wife and children day trip destinations checklist. – No. 1.

/ – Right. And we're a wife and children too. – Our 2nd anniversary. / – That's why…

– I arranged these shirts. Dad. / – Dad. – Mom.

/ – Mom. – Old bachelor son. / – Uncle. What are we doing as of late? – Who's first? / – Today, I…

I painted the picture. – Since you're an artist? / – Yes. – I've deliberate the day… / – Where do you purchase this? With this…

There's a shop that only fashion americans know. They don't sell these merely anyplace. You need to deal privately. There are such channels.

– Okay. / – I painted the picture as of late. Morning. Before midday.

I'm in commission. We'll eat scrumptious nutrients. – We'll have the breakfast buffet. / – I'm hungry.

Just practice me. How will we get there? First off… – Don't do concerns like this. / – For you two…

Don't make us do that. I rented a automobile for us. In Guam, americans may have to rent a automobile contemplating the proven reality that they might rent a automobile with Korean license. That's applicable.

Let's head out. Let's go. Turn circular. Battle…

Battle… Let's go. Just do it. Trip.

– Let's go. / – Go! Go. (Battle Trip 2-year-anniversary unique in Guam) (First day is deliberate by the hosts) I'll be in commission of the morning. This turns out good.

Morning. I'm in commission. – It's so good. / – So good.

– Sikyung, you sort out lunch. / – Okay. Hey, are you insane? Hey! That was once horrifying. Stop.

Help me! Help me! Hey! Stop it! – What roughly dinner? / – Dinner? (The Guam professor will take over at night) I see the dolphins! – Where? / – Dolphins! Out of 5 aspects. 1.9 Points. 3 Points. 2.5 Points.

(Sook is in commission of the morning) (Sikyung in commission of the afternoon) (Hwijae in commission of the evening) (Battle Trip 2-year anniversary unique in Guam) (Second day is deliberate by the viewers) Today, we shall make a choice from the requests that viewers submitted for us to are making an check out in Guam. We'll draw them. It's random. (The randomly chosen activities will likely be implemented) I'll lend you $40,000.

I'll go first. Hey! No manner. Sook, run! You'll die once you come down. Making me do that…

(Sook time) (Brunch cafe) This turns out so good. What is that this? Okay, I've chosen right here for breakfast. It's a favorable eating place locals like. Review.

"It's the most interesting eating place I've dined at in Guam." They say they'd go again right here if they go back to Guam. Now… Convertible. It's not a convertible.

Why not? Not a convertible? It's too sunny for that. It's not this, is it? – We'll go over. / – No manner. – Hurry up.

/ – This is ours. What is that this? It's cute. No convertible? I'm in commission of the morning schedule. – It's not a convertible? / – Come with me.

There's no convertible. – Get in now. / – Geez. Gentlemen.

– Get in. / – Seriously. Thing is… Geez.

Can't I drive? No manner. Men shouldn't drive. Hwijae, have trust me. Goodness.

This is new too. – This wasn't right here earlier than. / – It wasn't. There are tons of contemporary deciding to buy groceries retail retailers.

You're applicable. If you appearance on the left, there is a deciding to buy groceries mall. This wasn't right here earlier than. I don't think this was once right here earlier than.

It wasn't. (Hotel) (Brunch cafe) (four minutes by automobile) If you appearance in right here, it's crammed with americans. It's unquestionably popular. The locals, not tourists, line up to eat right here.

What's good at this eating place? At 10:30 a.M., We can order from equally the breakfast and lunch menus. You need to return right here currently to are making an check out nutrients from equally menus. I heard this is a need to-are making an check out dish. The Loco Moco comes with a alternative sauce.

They say the sauce is actually good. – It turns out scrumptious. / – The sauce… Was made by alternative.

They added the incorrect ingredient on the other hand it was once so scrumptious. That's how this unique sauce was once built. A lot of other locations attempted to exercise session the recipe on the other hand they might additionally not tell the last two additives. On most practical of that, this is a gravy sauce.

It's produced from the meat stock. Just recall to mind it as grease. That's an outstanding base for sauce. It's so good on the other hand…

To tell you upfront, the gravy sauce is limitless. Unlimited. – It is? / – Yeah. I like anything else that's limitless.

If you have circular 1L of gravy… You may die. Unlimited. We're well inclined to order.

– Loco Moco. / – Loco Moco no. 1. – Benedict Chamorro.

/ – Chamorro Benedict 1. – And a Salmon Benedict. / – Salmon Benedict 1. Okay.

Should we birth with three? – Yeah, that's roughly it. / – Okay. Should we domestic dog bag the leftovers? – Of course. / – Okay.

We need to. Will we have got any leftovers? Nope. Serious? There are three of us. But…

We have two large adult males right here. But the dimensions… – An Eggs Benedict is tiny. / – It's tiny.

– It's only this massive. / – Oh, unquestionably? – It's like one chew. / – But… First meal may have to be grand.

I'm hunting ahead to this. Kim Sook's first meal. (On the Jeju-do day trip, she ate) (And ate) (And ate a spread of more) (She ate 5 meals in 1 day) Can I eat all of this? I've arranged something. It was once problematical to carry this.

I took noticeable care to carry this. It's so funny. Great care… Wait…

Here. – What is that this? / – What is that? Take a appearance. Ta-da. Ta-da.

(Travel toppers are trending currently time) (Great for taking exotic travel pictures) These are a pattern currently time. How do you utilize them? You take the photo like this. Once the nutrients is out… I thought it was once for whilst you tan your skin…

Then you will have this tanned onto you. No? Try that out. (Uninterested) (He's fed up in addition) This is so Kim Sook. You're telling me this is never reasonably? – Let's see.

/ – You're telling me this is never reasonably? It turns out like he's trapped. It's more advantageous in the sky. – Yeah, that turns out nice. / – The sky turns out nice.

(Guam and the sky by Hwijae) Here we go. We've were given the French toast applicable over right here. Your Loco Moco and Eggs Benedict are coming. (Chamorro-model Eggs Benedict with floor meat) (Eggs Benedict with plump grilled salmon) (Hamburg patty with gravy sauce) (A most competitive combo of the Loco Moco) What do we eat first? Just eat the dish you would like first.

– I'll slice this up. / – Yes, cut that. Pop the egg. First meal in Guam.

With bread. I'll are making an check out it. And salmon. Sikyung.

And salmon. Sikyung. How is it, Sikyung? We've lived to eat this, applicable? Amazing. It's not that fattening.

This sauce is never that fattening either. So it's quite light. So it's good for breakfast. You can tell whether the sauce is fattening or not? My body can tell.

You'll know what I mean once you taste it. This is the lightest Eggs Benedict I've had. You're applicable. I was once very curious roughly this pink potato.

Red potato. This is pink potato. Red… – Red potato.

/ – The pink potato… It's like… It feels like a blend of potato and radish. The texture.

Let me are making an check out this one. Benedict Chamorro. Chamorro americans are the natives right here, applicable? – Chamorro americans. / – Saipan and Guam.

(Chamorro Benedict) (Different to an Eggs Benedict with ham and bacon) (It's a fusion dish with a Chamorro-model sausage) (Chamorro Benedict, $14) Don't touch this one. Why not? I need to take a photo. – Hwijae. / – Stick your digicam right here.

It's too much work to attend for you. – I need to take it. / – Just stick your digicam right here. And take pictures like this.

I don't like taking nutrients pictures. But when else will I come right here? I need to take pictures. Look how gorgeous the colors are. Upload that photo.

It's so gorgeous. When else will I come right here? I need to take pictures. Look how gorgeous the colors are. Upload that photo.

It's so gorgeous. I'll be again a spread of time. This dish turns out very rugged. The Chamorro sausage tastes very light.

It's more healthy than you would think. Also… It's unquestionably… – Hwijae.

/ – Yes? You've been to Guam so time and over again on the other hand never right here? Yeah. You wasted your trips. I had no concept this place existed. Try that dish now.

What is that this dish? Loco Moco. This is the need to-have dish. It's like a burger… It's like a burger patty.

Wait. Is that rice and ribs? It's like a hamburger patty. It is comparable to a burger. Try it.

(He takes a favorable a part of the rice and the patty) How is it? Is it good? It has to taste good. Oh, this one… This one's quite unstable. I may have to are making an check out it now? That dish is so good.

You need to eat this. This is the one. It's the one. It's so good.

Imagine a extraordinarily wealthy mushroom soup. Really wealthy. Completely savory. Add Hamburg steak, fried egg and rice to that.

It'd be weird if this tastes terrible. We used to feature rice to cream soup once we were childrens. The childrens will love this dish. 100%.

We may have to order additional sauce. One sauce applicable right here. He's unquestionably polite. (Adding more gravy sauce) Let me merely pour one first.

This feels like circular 800 calories. You can not hassle with weight attain right here. You merely need to eat. This one is so good.

When you eat this dish, it would get too greasy. With this sauce, it will refresh your palate. Think of it as a reset button. (Dinanche) (Chamorro-model spicy pepper paste) (Conne peppers are used to make the paste) (The spiciness is piquant like Cheongyang peppers) (Welcome to dinanche) It's very spicy.

– Very spicy. / – Okay. – Dinanche. / – They gave us only this much.

This smells strong. Smells good, applicable? Smells good, applicable? What's good? Smells good, applicable? What's good? I can not eat this. Did you're making an check out it? Did you merely eat it by itself? It's spicy. Koreans need to order this.

Isn't this a punishment? No, it's spicy and scrumptious. It would be too spicy for you. It would be too spicy for you. It would be too spicy for you.

Goodness! How much did you eat? This is so scrumptious. It's unquestionably scrumptious. How is that this scrumptious? But with this sauce, you can even end all this. How much did you eat? How much did you eat? Someone is punching the side of my mouth.

Hwijae, this is so good. It's so good. Isn't it so… It's so good.

– You can birth over, applicable? / – Yes. – The sauce is… / – Let's birth over. (Looking circular) What? You can have mine.

– Do you still have a spread of? / – Yes. I like dinanche. Goodness. It's so scrumptious.

It's not the spiciness that makes you indignant. It refreshes you then goes away. It goes so well with this. Did you come right here for brunch or the spicy sauce? Dinanche.

Seriously… Are you going to preserve eating dinanche? Yes, dinanche. This… – You can not eat this dish by myself.

/ – You're applicable. You need dinanche. You need to eat it with dinanche. Among all the troubles in Guam, this is my favorite.

– This is only our first meal. / – The colour of the ocean… The resort, and Eggs Benedict are not anything in comparison to this. You need to are making an check out it.

I'm specific Koreans will love it. This is the entire sauce I ate by myself, applicable? (Sikyung finished 6 cups of sauce by myself) How would you rate this eating place? Let's make it out of 5. I've been to Guam time and over again on the other hand this is my first time making an check out this brunch. Let me be fair with you.

Out of 5 aspects, I give it four.5. Sikyung is busy eating. Don't hassle. I'll exit for a minute.

You may have to rate it like this. Before and after dinanche. How many aspects earlier than dinanche? 3 Points. What roughly after dinanche? four.3 Points.

I'm serious. Let me tell you why. Eggs Benedict is customary in Korea in addition, in case you've attempted the dish, it is a chunk… You'll be like, "What is that this?" With the bread…

Just as I steered, it's like a favorable soup with rice and meat so everybody will like it. But with the dinanche, I've gone crazy. I ate all the troubles. Dinanche, dinanche.

The weather is so nice. The sky turns out shocking. – Should we walk there? / – Look. – Let me tell you something.

/ – What? There's an ice cream store in there. Let's eat ice cream on the manner. Let's go there. Why not? Let's go.

I don't think we have got enough time. Even a short walk makes my body sweat so much. That's why… – It's over there.

Let's get a spread of ice cream. / – Yeah. Yeah. Let's get a spread of ice cream.

But we want to attend a chunk. No, there is not any queue now. Really? Let's go then. Let's go then.

Are you specific? Yes. (They happily head to the ice cream store) Wow. Look. It turns out tasty.

– See? There's a line. / – I'm excited. Hwijae, it turns out unquestionably scrumptious. – What is that this? / – You need to return right here.

Mine is well inclined. Mine is well inclined. It's well inclined. Thank you.

It turns out gorgeous. It turns out so gorgeous. (It melts in her mouth) This is so much more advantageous than Eggs Benedict. It's so scrumptious.

I don't unquestionably like sweets. But that you would like to eat something like this in warm weather. Your body sucks it up. (Like this) – I'm so happy.

/ – This is good. It's scrumptious, is never it? The cone is so good too. Oh, my God. – Oh, my God.

/ – Oh, my God. – We're right here? / – Do you see that? That wire, Sook. What is that? Does this drop you into the water? What is that this? No, you ride this on the floor. It's like a ball going straight up…

– Then coming down. / – Okay. It's pulled again and as soon since it's released, you spring into the sky. No thanks for me.

No thanks for me. – Let's ride this with me. / – No, I'm not doing this. I sense safe only when my ft are touching the floor.

I like being held down by gravity. (Sikyung's time) (Slingshot of horror) – We're right here? / – Do you see that? That wire, Sook. Are you insane? I'm not riding that. (Slingshot) (A landmark of Guam) (You fly up 70m in only 2 seconds) Imagine flying to the sky.

How superior is that? Hey, you… Are you insane? You… I can not do that. Forget it! Why you…

I sense safe only when my ft are touching the floor. I like being held down by gravity. Hey, seriously… You're unquestionably scared.

No, seriously… You're so scared. It turns out amusing. I'm not doing this.

No, I mean it… (He catches her) Come right here. Stop making an check out to run away. Gosh, appearance at that.

It turns out so horrifying. Look on the eyes. They appearance identical to mine. Hwijae, I don't think I can do that.

– You can do it. / – I'm serious. – I can not do it. / – You can do it.

You're the host. You might additionally not do it for our 2nd anniversary? Hey, that's… Hwijae, I'm so scared. Are you being serious? I'm being serious.

But this is never horrifying. I think I've rainy my pants already. – Hey. / – I mean it.

I would poop my pants. We've introduced many rides. – We have. / – We introduced rides in Japan…

And Daegu in addition. Do you are taking into account that Eunkwang? (Don't forget your lipstick whilst you get on rides) (Episode 16, Taiwan, aired July thirtieth, 2016) (Episode 62, water activities, aired August fifth, 2017) (Eunkwang and Changseob entertained us with lipstick) (Forget all that, I can not think applicable now) – Let's ride it. Sook, are you hearing me? / – Yes. Do you win in case you make it appearance reasonably? Or in case you make it appearance funny? – Make it funny wins.

/ – Okay. Just eat the lipstick. Alright. I will ride it.

But Sikyung, you ride it first. – Come on. / – That's meaningless. – It's meaningless in case you do that.

/ – Let me see first. – You two ride it first. / – Okay. I'll preserve my phrase.

What will you do in case you run away? – If you run away… / – Give me a pen and paper. (What is he up to?) Do that you ought to be like that, Sikyung? Don't you have trust me? If she runs away, she'll need to offer us all her money. I don't think she'll give all her money to us.

Let's make it $10,000. I will take your $10,000 and use it for Battle Trip. – In case she runs away. / – Yeah.

Geez… $10,000 Is too much. You're so tenacious. Use the lipstick to feature your seal.

You're so tenacious. Here you're. Please blur out the useful bits. March 16th, 2018.

If she doesn't ride the typhoon slingshot, she will transfer $10,000 to the production personnel of KBS Battle Trip. – Let's go. / – Let's go. – We'll be again.

/ – Yeah. Wow, you're so courageous. – What's courageous roughly this? / – What's courageous? My coronary heart is beating faster. Oh, no.

(Slingshot standby) (Shaking) Why are they lying down? Here it comes. Hwijae, do we shoot out like this? Yes, after the countdown. – Are you well inclined? / – Yes, we're well inclined! (Fire) (They're shot up to the sky) (Sook watches them from in the back of) (Out of it) (They fly in opposition t the sun) (Spin) (This is the slingshot) (Starts placing on lipstick applicable away) You jerks! Hey, you jerks! (Hwijae can not even preserve his eyes open) You jerks! Hey, you jerks! Hey, you jerks! This is insane. It goes up too high even the 2d time.

You jerks! This is amusing. You can not put it on now merely to be funny. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Dahye, how much money do you have? How much do you have? How much money do we have got in entire? $50.00 $50? We have $50? Hang on a 2d. Then I merely need $9,950 more. Director, how much do you have? Please donate a spread of cash to me.

Oh, my God. This is superior. – It's an outstanding view. / – This is good.

But I can not see anything else without my glasses. – This is never horrifying at all. / – Exactly. (Just a minute long ago) (Can't guiding principle on the other hand act like it was once not anything) Oh, my God.

Hwijae, is your nostril bleeding? Sook, I advised you. If we go first, you'll't ride it. Hey. Sikyung, you're so reasonably.

– How did you draw that mole? / – I put in the hassle. Do  the manner you appearance now, do you? Ride with me. I need to head on it over again. I merely borrowed $50.

– I merely need $9,950 more. / – Stop messing circular. Can an individual lend me money? I've accrued $50. Can an individual lend me $9,950? I'm merely so scared.

– Hey, wait. / – Sook! Wait a minute. Someone please lend me $9,950? (Running on the spot) Help me! I'm so scared. He doesn't care.

Oh, that's warm. He doesn't even care. I don't think I can ride this. Wait.

Sikyung. Sikyung. My coronary heart's beating too immediately. – I'll be okay, applicable? / – Yeah.

– Where? / – I clutch right here, applicable? Sook, your face turns out unquestionably weird. Smile. – Hwijae. / – Are you good? I'm so scared.

Let's go! I'm so scared. – Sikyung. / – Sook, don't swear. I don't have any concept.

Goodness. The sun is merely too warm. – Will you be okay? / – I'm too scared. – This is never horrifying.

It's okay. / – My eyes might additionally not open. It's unquestionably not horrifying. Here we go.

– We're going now? / – Yes. They're going. We're going. (Ready, set) (Go!) (It shoots up with no caution) (Shaking) (Screaming) (Screaming) Lipstick…

Lipstick… (Though she's scared, she does what she desires to) (Screaming) (Sook's misfortune makes Hwijae happy) (Sook's voice echoes in Guam) (Sikyung puts his glasses on so he can see the view) (He is labored up) (Can he be more excited than this?) Are you okay? You're okay, applicable? Are you okay? – This is horrifying. / – You're okay, applicable? (Laughing) It's okay, applicable? It's not anything, applicable? – Sikyung. / – Look on the view.

Forget the view. Hey… I'm going to hit you once we get down. Why? Let's ask them if we can ride this over again.

Hey. You… – Don't mess with you. / – I mean it.

– My coronary heart is up there. / – Really. Once more. Don't mess circular.

– Stop. / – Come on, Sook. I mean it… I'll…

Can we ride it over again? Don't mess with me. – You're insane. / – Go up applicable away. Stop it.

Hurry up. – Be quiet. / – Let's go over again. Come on, Sikyung.

Hey… Let go! – Okay, go! / – Don't! Help me! Help me! Don't! Help me! Help me! We may go over again applicable away. You appearance like "The Slave Hunters." (Slave hunter, Sook) Let go! Let go! (Her fury rises) (Good process, Sook) I was once so indignant. I were given so indignant when I was once placing on the lipstick.

I might additionally not hang out with you. – I will travel by myself. / – How was once it? – It was once a little amusing. / – See? See? It's 1/2-1/2.

But it's so horrifying. It's horrifying and… What view is up there? – When you go up. / – Because she's small.

She might not see. It's even problematical for me. I'm seriously… Wow…

(I'm so indignant!) I deserve to take this out on an individual. I'm so annoyed. You need to offer a decent evaluate. If you prefer riding rides, this is amusing, not horrifying.

– You two may have to go over again. / – No… (The viewers will settle on who turns out the funniest) Out of 5 stars… I give it 1.9 Stars.

Well… It's amusing. I give it 2.5 Stars. Exactly 1/2.

It's well worth riding once on the other hand you're afraid of rides like me. I propose it. Now I eventually sense excited since it's over. I gave it too low a score.

You birth to sense alternative now. Right? It feels alternative, applicable? After roughly 20 minutes, I sense alternative. – Because… / – I need to whinge to an individual.

Now I sense happy. – Now I sense excited. / – Really? – I was once scared earlier than. / – That's good.

So will you rate it over again? – Yes. / – Yes, I will. I'll give it four.5 Out of 5. – That high? / – Yes.

It's so much amusing after it's over. I gave it 2.5 Before. Because I felt 1/2 scared and 1/2 excited. I'll give you 2 more stars.

– It's well worth riding not decrease than once, applicable? / – Yeah. (They head to the following destination) (Battle Trip 2-year anniversary) – Fishing, fishing. / – Fishing. It's difference into popular by cause of the Gyeonggyu.

Fishing is in reality amusing. It is. If we can catch it and eat it. It's conceivable.

If the captain has a license, it's conceivable. – Let's do that. / – We can make raw fish. – Yes.

/ – Eat raw fish? Since this is intended to be a wife and children day trip, we must always think roughly what childrens like too. It might additionally not be amusing for us on the other hand for the viewers… (Brain working at full speed) (We think in you, Guam professor) You're like a Guam native. You like dolphins, applicable? – I like them.

/ – That's it then. You say you would take us to peer dolphins on the other hand if we don't seem to be attending to peer them, I'll hit you. If you'll't see dolphins, I'll be the dolphin. – You need to do the dolphin show.

/ – Yes, I will. – You need to color yourself gray. / – Okay. – I'll paint myself 1/2 gray.

/ – Half white. – I'll use two tones. / – Yes, two tones. I'll transform perfectly into a dolphin.

– Water has to spurt from your head. / – Okay. Make dolphin noises too. – Okay, okay.

/ – You need to make that sound. In Guam, you do not need to sail out too far. You can see dolphins without difficulty. Don't be frightened.

This course is arranged by historic man Hwijae. (Fishing in Guam) (Snorkeling in Guam) (Dolphins in Guam) This is shocking. (3 Things to do in Guam by the Guam professor) (Hwijae's time) (Dolphin cruise) (After racing alongside the coastal avenue) (They meet the blue sea and clear sky) (Boats are docked on the marina) – This is noticeable. / – I sense like I'm on holiday.

– Seriously. Amazing. / – We are on holiday. (She's ecstatic) I sense like I'm out of the country.

Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. (They get on the boat to expose pride in the Guam ocean) This is Guam.

Hwijae arranged masses. This course is arranged by historic man Hwijae. We'll see dolphins, fish and go snorkeling. – Hwijae.

/ – Yes? I sense like I'm on holiday now. – This unquestionably feels like Guam, applicable? / – This is noticeable. (First, they'll have a dolphin tour) (Hwijae is very excited) (Here's Battle Trip's youngest) (Glancing over) (Sook, appearance on the digicam) Are you recording? (I'm excited!) It feels like the day prior to this that we were in the studio. – But we're unquestionably right here.

/ – This is good. (They get to peer an outstanding landscape) Hwijae, appearance right here. (Acting silly) 1, 2, 3. It's so gorgeous.

One at a time. What do you believe? – It does appearance good. / – Yes! It turns out noticeable. Okay, it turns out most competitive now.

In 1, 2, 3. (They show pride in the cool sea breeze) (They sail for 20 minutes to peer the dolphins) Don't americans say it turns out reasonably when the hair blows in the wind? (What Sook imagined) What is incorrect with me? Actresses appearance reasonably when their hair blows in the wind. Hwijae, how do I appearance? I heard it's reasonably when the hair blows in the wind. (Sook) You're merely "The Slave Hunters." What's with this? (They can not wait to peer dolphins) (One man is nervous) If we don't see dolphins, I'll hit you.

If you do not see dolphins, I'll difference into one. – You need to do the dolphin show. / – Okay, I will. We need to peer the dolphin.

(Why did I conform to that?) Everyone, we're reasonably much there! Everyone, we can see dolphins soon. There it is! – Where? / – Dolphin! Dolphin! Where? (The sea turns out calm) (The video is not paused) (Oh, no) (1 year long ago, Jeju-do host unique) All I see is seagulls. Dolphins, the place are you? I came to peer dolphins. (Seagulls over again?) (What do we do roughly Hwijae?) (Sigh) (Solemn) Wait? Isn't that a dolphin? – Where? Where? / – There! – Where? Where? / – There! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! Did you see? – Over there! / – It's jumping! – They're applicable right here.

/ – They are. Wow, I see dolphins right here. – Wow. / – This is no funny story.

– Over right here, over right here. / – What's going on? (It's improbable that they're seeing this) (A pod of dolphins) No manner. They're coming right here. They're coming right here.

(3 Dolphins jump out of the water) Where are they? (Before their very eyes) (The dolphins show their new virtue) They're so lovable. They're playing. I need to be getting older. I'm getting teary.

You know what I mean, applicable? (Sikyung, don't cry) (Before Sikyung cries, they head to the following spot) (Fulfilled) (The dolphin tour was once a success, 5 stars for specific) (They head to the fishing spot) (In the center of South Pacific Ocean) (They show pride in the leisure of fishing) (The sun slowly goes down) I'm getting bored now. (It's not handy to catch a fish) (They've been awaiting 1/2-hour with no chew) – Who steered we go fishing? / – I'm Sorry. I'm not giving you aspects for this. I give -100 aspects for fishing.

Let's are making an check out one last time and go snorkeling. (They are making an check out fishing one last time) (Please chew it) (Right then!) I were given one. Did you? Hey, it's an oversized one. – What is it? / – I don't have any concept.

Look on the rod bending. (It's a sign of an oversized fish) Did you catch it? (The rod is bent) (Hwijae, I need to eat raw fish) (I have trust you, Guam professor) You caught a rock. Really? It were given caught on a rock. Rock? (Disappointed) What happened? What was once that? You sounded so confident.

I haven't been fishing by cause of the the childrens. (Sikyung has one last are making an check out in addition) (Let's stay calm, it is on the entire a rock) (Hesitant) – Look at this. / – Did something chew? You've were given something. – Wow! / – What is it? (Sikyung did it at long last) (They eventually caught a fish) Really? Sikyung, you did it.

Guam suits Sikyung. Let's catch two more of these. It wasn't problematical. Maybe I may have to be on "The Fishermen and the City." Let's go snorkeling.

It will make up for this. (Snorkeling) (The 3 of them get well inclined for snorkeling) I think Sikyung doesn't need to lay makeup on. Take your sunglasses off, Sikyung. I can not tell it's you.

This might additionally not do. This might additionally not do. (This is in reality Sung Sikyung) Sikyung, don't be frightened. – What form of model? / – Ray-Ban.

Okay, okay. I shouldn't do water sporting events. Because… People don't admire me if I take off my glasses.

It will likely be funnier then. Sikyung, I will draw one on your face with a marker. I'll draw glasses on your face with a marker so that you might additionally actual well be comfortable underwater. When I was once in my 20s, I hated concerns like this.

But… I think it'll be alright to draw it on my face. I guarantee satisfaction. (She makes an check out to make it appearance like he's wearing glasses) Sook, the ones are a spread of sumptuous glasses.

I think Sikyung will hit me. Sikyung, you appearance more advantageous than you believe in reality. Let me introduce my first paintings. Sung Sikyung and Water Activities.

Take them off. (He eventually exhibits his face) (Amazing) – Hey, Sikyung. / – She drew it on so well. – I can not tell.

/ – She did so well. – You can not tell at all. / – The glasses are there. – They're merely glasses.

/ – They're real glasses. Do you would like circular glasses? I need to do it too? Of course, that you would like to take off your glasses. Why me in addition? Let's go with circular glasses. (She makes an check out to get away) (She were given caught) But I don't wear glasses.

I like it. – That's good then. / – I like it. I'm happy.

Let's go. Why did I birth this? (It's now time to expose pride in the ocean) (Hwijae goes into the water first) (Sikyung joins in addition) Let's go, Sikyung. Let's go, Sikyung. Sikyung, I will go catch a spread of fish.

Brother, how is it dwelling off the grid? I've been dwelling off the ocean and nature right here in Guam for… (Cracking up by cause of the Sook) 20 a spread of years now. 20 Some years now. Living off the grid.

I'll go and catch a spread of fish. Can you come in now so I can get out? (20 Years in Guam on the other hand still afraid of the water) It's cold! It's so cold. It's so cold. (Okay) (Everyone is in the water now) (Inside the South Pacific Ocean) (With crystal clear water) (They settle down and watch the fish) (So excited) (Hwijae is on the threshold of dive) Are you going to dive? Go on.

(Hwijae is showing off his swimming virtue) You're like a mermaid. You were unquestionably gorgeous. (They are enjoying and relaxing in the ocean) (They head again after they comprehensive the day's activities) (Making raw fish with Sikyung's catch) (Precious) If we might caught one each… This is enough.

This is worthy of "The Fisherman and the City." You'll get sick in case you eat too much. – Let's have a drink first. / – Good work. – Good work, everybody.

/ – Please score generously. It's good. I think it tastes more advantageous than Jeju-do. – I can not think this.

/ – What is that this? It's so chewy. – It's clean and candy. / – Oh, my. (Tastes clean and candy contemplating the proven reality that they caught it) – This is it.

/ – I've lived in Guam for 15 years for this. Guam is so nice. Sir, what's your English name right here? I'm known as Nanda Kim right here. Are you okay? I can not think that Battle Trip came to Guam.

I'm so thankful. Please promote Guam masses. Tell them who good Guam is. – Sir.

/ – Sook. I heard you live below right here. You merely reside right here. – I'll get going now.

/ – She lives with the Dragon King. (Sook is so funny) You're enjoying it so much. – It's so good. / – It's so good.

The fish itself is so good. It tastes good after playing in the water. Can't we purchase a spread of more fish? We can purchase it on the supermarket. Sikyung, permit's fish more.

Sikyung, permit's do a spread of more fishing. How much is that this course? How much for a wife and children of four? $180.00 $50 For adults. $40 For children. If you exchange that to the Korean foreign money, that's between 50,000 to 60,000 KRW.

That's a favorable price. – It's an outstanding price. / – Yeah. How many aspects may have to we give this? Sir.

For me… The dolphin tour… I will give it 5 out of 5 aspects. But I deduct 5 aspects for the fishing.

You need to catch the fish to be amusing. So it's zero on the other hand then for snorkeling. If you embody snorkeling and eating the fish we caught… – I give this…

/ – Out of 5. 5 Points. Yeah! Full score. Sikyung.

I reasonably much cried by cause of the the dolphins. – He's going to offer an entire score. / – The dolphins are… Very alluring to humans.

Their existence is so grateful but coronary heart breaking. For me, I think that you would like to return right here with wife and children. It's a need to. When the dolphins jumped, I unquestionably considered Seoeon and Seojun.

Even in case you might not catch any fish… Just having the ability to enjoy this sundown with your wife and children… This deserves 5 aspects. So 5 aspects.

(Cheer) If you get lucky and catch something like this… – That's shocking. / – That'd be 10 out of 10. Since the sun is setting, we deserve to have dinner.

– Aren't you hungry? / – Normally… – Yes, after being in the water. / – You are, applicable? We ate something greasy earlier. We will get rid of that greasiness now.

– Let's go. Okay? / – Let's go. I'll travel by water. – Sir.

/ – You can ride the boat. But you have terrible knees. I hear your Korean name is Dragon King. I'll depart first.

Stop it, sir. (Good eating place licensed by Hwijae) We'll be in difficulty if we go right here. We'll attain 3kg right here. – Thai? / – That turns out so good.

I've been to this eating place two times. – Because it was once so good? / – I love it so much. – Really? / – It's so scrumptious. (It's time to head to dinner the place they'll fall in love) – Is it Thai nutrients? / – Yes, it's Thai.

Do you would like something refreshing? I need something refreshing. – Do you would like it? / – Yes. – It's salty and candy. / – Give me alcohol.

– Why is he acting like this? / – His nostril is burnt. I thought he was once a Guam drunkard. How may my nostril burn like this? This place is actually diagnosed for its Thai nutrients in Guam. Over there.

You know the evaluate… 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. They received awards yearly. – Let's go in.

/ – Let's go. I'm hunting ahead to it. I love locations like this. (Many americans chose this as their favorite eating place) Pick one each.

What is that this? They all appearance good. – Here… / – How are we well inclined to only settle on one? (That's impossible) (If we had to settle on one) I need this alluring hunting one. What? Northern Thailand sausage.

Will it be okay for you? Northern Thailand sausage… And spring rolls. I'll settle on the curry. – Which curry? / – Just the easy pink curry.

– Red curry. / – Okay. Let's order this primary and order more later. No.

We need to order this. What is it? Vietnamese fried catfish. Hwijae. – Shouldn't we order this? / – Don't eat catfish.

– Let's eat that later. / – Please order it for me. – Let's eat that later. / – Please order it for me.

– Shouldn't we have got a spread of fried rice? / – Okay then. – Let's eat this primary. / – Let's order fried rice. The curry comes with rice.

– Let's order the fried rice later. / – Okay. – We're well inclined to order. / – Sure.

Spring roll and Thai sausage… Is this our first order? This is for the first circular. And the 2d circular is coming. (Unbelievable) (Countless nutrients to stimulate the urge for nutrients) (It's $sixty nine.ninety In entire) (The first dish is right here) (Fried spring rolls, $7.50) (Crispy) She turns out an analogous when she's scared and hungry.

– The face from the Slingshot. / – It's an analogous. Same as when she's indignant… (It unquestionably is an analogous) It's an analogous.

It's an analogous when she's scared and when it's scrumptious. It's so good. I'll are making an check out one too. Want to connect me, Sikyung? (Will it suit their taste?) (They equally admire it immediately) It's fried well.

I can taste quite masses of veggies. – What's useful is… / – It tastes clean. The skin is so thin and crispy.

(Satisfied) What is that this sauce? It's Tom yum. Tom yum Goong. Tom yum Goong. (Battle Trip hosts' favorite, Tom yum Goong) I need to boil up a load of Tom yum Goong and bathe in it.

(It's so refreshing) I need to order quite masses of Tom yum Goong and massage my face with it. (Don't eat it, give it to your skin) (It's time to eat Tom yum Goong, the most interesting of Thai nutrients) (Shrimp Tom yum Goong, $14.50) It's good. This eating place makes unquestionably good Tom yum Goong. It's very bitter.

(They reenacted the scrumptious taste of Thailand) For americans who enjoy Thai nutrients, they ought to season it stronger. Seoeon and Seojun will like this. I'll show you ways I eat it. I don't add the additives.

I merely clutch one shrimp. (Cilantro) I eat it like this. (How will it taste with this much cilantro?) (This is it) Are you convinced? I love it. (Sikyung additionally makes an check out a chew) (Completely authorised) This is my taste.

It is never terrible. The pink curry chicken. (Another dish, the pink curry) (Chicken pink curry, $11) Goodness. It turns out more scrumptious than it turns out.

It doesn't appearance spicy. How is it? Tom yum Goong. (Sook, this is it) We would've regretted it if we failed to order this. Completely alternative from the curry we on the entire eat.

And it's alternative from Indian curry. – It's not spicy. / – Are you specific? Try it with a spread of rice. It would be intricate for you.

– It's so good. / – So good. It's the stage of spiciness that Koreans love. Try it with rice.

I'm dying right here. It's so good. This is a extraordinarily good form of spicy. Why are they so immediately? The last dish is the white pepper fish.

– Okay. / – Wow. (It's Sikyung's encouraged dish, deep-fried catfish) (Deep-fried catfish with white pepper, $12.50) It smells noticeable already. (How will this surprising dish taste?) Come on.

Come on. (Just are making an check out it with doubtless) When the meat begins to crumble… This is the most interesting fish I've ever attempted. Is this catfish? – It's so tender.

/ – Look on the meat. (Plump) This is the most interesting fish I've ever attempted. I'm specific this is one of several most practical 3 dishes of this eating place. This is never catfish.

It's chicken. – It's right here. / – It's the Thai sausage. (Here comes a refreshing issue, Thai sausage) (What does it taste like?) I'll are making an check out this alluring dish, the Thai sausage.

– Will it be okay? / – How is it? It's Northern Thai sausage. Deep-fried squid is solely customary. And skewers are merely similar old. This is never my thing.

Gosh, Sikyung. (What's incorrect along with her?) I advised you to have trust me. Just have trust me. It's scrumptious.

It's noticeable. (This is it) The aftertaste is an namely spicy cold blood sausage. It's more like spicy beef soup. It tastes much like Philippine sausage.

This is shocking. This is harmonious. – It's not too spicy. It's merely good.

/ – Yeah. Imagine if we failed to order the Northern Thai sausage. – It'd be too dull. / – It was once a need to.

It's unquestionably good, applicable? I'm happy. Let me speak about eating now. What? What did you are saying? (It's time for them to eat competently) Do we score it now? – I already did in the establishing up. / –  How much? – The 2d I stepped in.

/ – 5 Points? – What roughly you, Sikyung? / – I think this place is Guam. (There's no deserve to give an explanation for in addition) This is Guam. This place is Guam to me. Let's calculate the prices for as of late.

The breakfast we had was once $sixty four. Slingshot was once $25 according to man or female. And the dolphin cruise was once $fifty four according to man or female. ($27 Per man or female for the Thai dinner) (The entire is $480 according to man or female including accommodation) I need to are making an check out other dishes.

(What? Aren't they completed but?) It's that good. Order green papaya salad. Order green papaya salad. (And that's how all of them began circular 2) Hwijae, go and luxuriate in the shooting diversity.

We'll birth circular 2. Come on. (Hwijae in reality went to the shooting diversity) I'm so happy. Fathers exhausted from babysitting.

Challenge! (Meanwhile, Sook and Sikyung finished the 2nd circular) There will likely be a booklet for our 2-year anniversary. – So many good concerns are happening. / – Battle Trip? Now that the booklet is out, we must always maintain a alternative tournament for our viewers. We may have to give out a spread of books.

Yeah, permit's give out the books. First, please watch the reside broadcast. And add lots pictures. (Next episode) It's our 2d day.

Today, the viewers steered concerns we must always do in Guam. We'll do a random lottery. Check them. (Paradise of activities) (Clear blue skies) Sikyung, are you enjoying your wedding shoot? Let's be happy for an namely long run.

(Battle Trip) ("Blooming Day" by EXO-CBX).

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