Battle TripEp.74Hong Kong Tour with Moon Byul & Solar of MAMAMOO! [ENGTHA2017.12.17]

Battle TripEp.74Hong Kong Tour with Moon Byul & Solar of MAMAMOO! [ENGTHA2017.12.17]On Saturday night, we present excellent regulations for trips. It's time for Battle Trip. We have now not been succesful to assert hello in tons of years. – It's been a few years.

/ – It's so nice to see you. – I virtually forgot your faces. / – I know. But Sikyung, you posted two excellent songs concurrently we've now not noticed you.

Those of you who know will know having acknowledged that I not too long ago made my debut in Japan. – I posted my first album there. / – A new get began. I felt so terrible for my Korean followers.

– They appeared as if it'll hate it. / – Japan… – Why? / – That I do now not even… Release a song in Korea having acknowledged that I posted an album in Japan.

So I compulsory to do a factor for listeners in Korea. Good process. Sook, I assume you have been very busy. I was just working troublesome like an ant.

– Like a bull. / – I've been working very troublesome. For me, with out Battle Trip, that's persistently… – What do you do? / – "The Return of Superman." – Your lifestyles, you mean.

/ – Oh, your lifestyles. But I imagine being a homemaker suits you since you look so a lot superior now. Yes. – I can see you as a homemaker.

/ – For actual. We have now not met every unmarried different in tons of years. – So we've been chatting here. / – Yes.

But when that's establishing as much as get chilly… People broadly have the good factor about Battle Trip as they could now not get out. – We make an apology for now not being here. / – I know.

First of all, we do have a travel request nowadays. Yes, we do. – Let's see the request. / – Let's see.

Hello. My elect is Shin Nayeon, I'm 21 and I'm a faculty pupil who likes to travel. I've been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam and largely nations near Korea. Among these, I've persistently compulsory to revisit Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I am trying to determine which nation to head to. Other than already exhibits tourist spots in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I hope Battle Trip can introduce web content which would be continuously now not smartly-recognized in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Before we split communities. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3.

Hong Kong. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3. Taiwan. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3.

Taiwan. – It's 2 to 1. / – I've by no means been to Taiwan. – Me neither.

/ – I've been to the two. – Really? / – Yes, I've been to the two. I will be honest. Hong Kong suits me superior.

The liquids and nutrition suit me superior. – Really? / – Yes. It's like that. – For me…

/ – Haven't you been to the two? – I have now not been to Taiwan. / – Me neither. I've persistently compulsory to head to Taiwan having acknowledged that I have now not been succesful to. People say Taiwan feels extra like China.

Yes, when in distinction with Hong Kong, that's true. So I imagine the nutrition will suit me superior. Battle Trip has lengthy gone to Taiwan and Hong Kong… – Twice already.

/ – Yes. – A film day out to HK. / – With Hong Seokcheon. – And Hwangbo went as smartly.

/ – Hwangbo went. – She lived there. / – She acted as a day day out guideline. – Our BTOB pals went to Taiwan.

/ – Yes. And Ji Sangryeol and Kim Jongmin went too. They out of place so miserably. – They broadly out of place.

/ – Yes. And Kim Shinyeong and Shin Dong had such a lot of excellent foods there. – Right. / – Yes.

Hong Kong and Taiwan sense comparatively near us having acknowledged that these website online website online visitors made up our minds new points to the two nations. Let's bring in our day out designers. There's so a lot to do here. Can we just have amusing then? Amazing! Let's move! It's like Hong Kong having acknowledged that now not like Hong Kong.

Look forward to it. – Yong Kong / – Byul Kong. Kong, kong, kong. Kong, kong, kong! This is MAMAMOO's Solar and Moon Byul who went to Hong Kong.

Welcome. – 2, 3. / – Hello. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. – Byul Kong. / – Yong Kong. – Moon and…

/ – Sunlight. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! I idea they have been communicating Cantonese.

– It was so lengthy. / – At the end… They even harmonized. – Really? / – We obtained here up with it in the past.

– It's curious about they are MAMAMOO. / – I see. I heard that Solar acted curious about the day day out guideline this time. – The older member.

/ – Yes. Actually, my dream was to turn out to be a travel guideline. – My gosh. / – So…

Now I'm a singer having acknowledged that through this chance, I could correctly act as a travel guideline. – Really? / – Yes. Usually, different men and ladies who want to be travel courses have lived in another america locations for a extraordinarily lengthy term. Or different men and ladies who broadly like to travel.

I love to travel. Where would you adore to be a travel guideline? In Korea. – A travel guideline for foreigners? / – Yes. – Something like that? / – Yes.

She want to've finished broadly smartly. But you two have lots on your shoulders curious about they do now not want a predictable day out. The request was for an intermediate travel course. We've already been there twice so there's force.

When many of us imagine of Hong Kong, when they get out of the airport, they move to Hong Kong Island first for their day out. Hong Kong Island. Yes, having acknowledged that we spent 3 days and 2 nights in Lantau Island. – Lantau Island? / – Yes.

– I've by no means heard of it. / – It's strange. If you examine about the locations we went to, you are likely to be taken aback that that's honestly Hong Kong. That's how I felt.

I'm so curious. Shall we hurry and spot? Then let's shout the day day out elect and take off. – The day day out elect is so troublesome. / – Can you assert it as briefly as extra? – Do it one time beyond regulation.

/ – Until the end. – You must unavoidably harmonize too. / – Say, "Let's move" too. – Until "let's move?" / – Yes.

Start. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. – Byul Kong.

/ – Yong Kong. – Moon and… / – Sunlight. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! Let's move! You guys are so terrific. Yeah. They're so excited.

– My gosh. / – They're now not drunk. – We're at last here. / – Yes, at last…

We're going. (MAMAMOO is such an enthusiastic company) Oh, my eyes. (Solar, actual elect is Kim Yongseon, in significance of amusing) What's the rfile? (Moon Byul is a amusing and quirky girl) – This feels so strange. / – What did you bring? This is our…

Travel trip spot. Hong Kong. These are all advice on Hong Kong. She's honestly very severe roughly her function.

She studied lots for the day out. Moon Byul, have you ever been to Hong Kong? I've been there for a fan meeting and for work. I did now not get to look spherical. I'm pondering roughly being the day day out guideline for this day out.

My dream used to be a travel guideline. Can I watch for it? – You can watch for it. / – Okay. So we'll Hong Kong for this day out.

The program has been to Hong Kong twice ahead of. – Already. / – At Battle Trip? Yes. So the goal market can also be tired of seeing Hong Kong as briefly as extra during this program.

– But there's now not  to be nervous roughly. / – Why? People will are anticipating to see the exhibits night view and structures. – Right. / – Hong Kong is exhibits for that.

That's what you are anticipating as briefly as you imagine of Hong Kong. People generally imagine of checking out to purchase groceries and such. And all these web content are centred on Hong Kong Island. So here…

Wow… They're so a lot to do there. Shouldn't we stopover at here then? – It's urban… / – We're unlikely there.

– We're unlikely there. / – Why? We're going the contrary way. – We're going to Lantau Island. / – Lantau Island.

I've by no means heard of Lantau Island. (This is the Hong Kong we generally know) (Battle Trip has lengthy gone to Hong Kong twice) Are you inclined? Everyone! Come with us to Hong Kong. Let's move! This broadly does now not sense like Hong Kong. It's no joke.

It's greater than my face. – What was that previously? / – Was that squid? – It's squid. / – A king squid. – For Hong Kong.

/ – Hong Kong. (It's unpredictable) Mickey, Mickey! Oh, my eyes. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

Hong Kong, kong, kong. Kong, kong, kong. We're heading to Lantau Island. You organized so a lot.

– Right? / – Yes. This is the place we take the cable automobile. She's persevering with to seek and examine about? I appeared up lots. This is terribly terrific since you see as a lot as you recognize.

– You're proper. / – You see as a lot as you studied. I'm looking out spherical locations to head. You're so hooked in to Battle Trip.

If we want to win, I must unavoidably examine about this a lot. I have accomplished faith in you. (Their exhilaration explodes) That's habitual, proper? Let's move! I can now not attain. You can do it.

Stretch your hands. Don't you get that excited when the date is made a resolution? – Yes. / – Especially the day ahead of leaving, proper? Usually, now you may stay broad awake the night ahead of since you are so excited. (First day, Disneyland) (Second day, Ngong Ping Village, within sight nutrition, cafe) (Incheon International Airport) (Takes 3.5 Hours to Hong Kong) It's Hong Kong! Hong Kong! There's no one here.

We're at Hong Kong! We're here. We must unavoidably move travel now so I organized this. – You know I'll guideline this day day out. / – Yes.

– What's that? / – Look here. No way… You purchased that? No, I had this at homestead. That's what the drill sergeants use.

You're proper. You purchased this? No, I had this at homestead. It's humming. Just a minute.

She's proper beside you, you do not want a mic. This is welcoming us to Hong Kong? You must unavoidably hit it when that's now not working. It's working now. I must unavoidably hit it to make it work.

– Now… / – Where will we move now? This is the place you compulsory to head. – I broadly compulsory to head too. / – Our outfits…

Is it the place you imagine? – The flawless place for our outfit? / – High-five. Today, we'll… – Disneyland! / – Let's move. What was that pose? – We must unavoidably get on a train.

/ – What? – Train. / – Yes, train. – Follow me, Moon Byul. / – I'm coming.

The sparrow goes… (Sunny Bay Station, 10 minutes from the airport) (Sunny Bay Station) (There's a great train that goes to Disneyland?) – We're here to take the train. / – Yes. I'll tell you the extremely important difficulties when it comes.

It's here! This is it! It's the Mickey train. – It's so cute. / – What is that? – Mickey Mouse? / – Yes, Mickey Mouse. It's so cute.

– Really? / – It's only at Sunny Bay. – Mickey! / – Let's get on. The train is so cute. – Even the handles! / – So cute, proper? That's so cute.

– That's inside the train? / – Yes. I was so surprised how all the matters was Disney. This is miraculous. – I sense like a teenager as briefly as extra.

/ – Yes. – What was this is which is known as as briefly as extra? / – Look at the handles. It's Mickey. – Look at that.

/ – It's cute. – It will take only 3 minutes. / – Really? – It's broadly close. / – Because it calls for to travel back.

– It's only 1 station? / – Yes. (While they laughed and chatted, they have arrived) We're here. My goodness. We're here.

We're in Disneyland. Disneyland. (Hong Kong Disneyland is came upon in Lantau Island) (Opened in 2005, that's the fifth Disneyland on the earth) They even have Iron Man. (They have limitless sights) There have to be a vast deal of products to take photos of.

There have been such a lot of. I'd superior pay besides realization to Hong Kong. We're now at the ticket workplace. I already purchased our tickets and printed them out in Korea.

– Thank you. Bye. / – Thank you. I imagine we must unavoidably do a factor like…

– You know? / – To in form in here? We want just a considerable range of styling. (Where are Moon Byul and Solar headed to?)  Let's get going, stuffed with exhilaration  – Gosh, examine about that hat. / – It's Mickey. – Solar, examine about this.

/ – Mickey is wherever. (The shop is stuffed with cute souvenirs) There's so a lot there. (Impressed) I want to are trying this on. Isn't it meant to be some wrong way? You must unavoidably put on these over there.

– You must. / – You're proper. You must unavoidably are trying this on. – It looks cute on her.

/ – How do I look? Children would love this place. There are such a lot of matters to purchase. Open it. It's…

That's implausible. Oh, my eyes. What are you doing? (Check out Solar and Moon Byul's pattern at the current) I'm so curious as to what they purchased. (On one sunny day) (Solar and Moon Byul divulge up on the highway) It looks terrific on her.

I have a Mickey watch and Mickey rings…. – Mickey rings. / – Really? That was funny the way wherein you revealed the watch. We mustn't have that in Korea.

– They're the two terrific. / – They're terrific. – Seriously. / – The gifts look terrific on them.

A lot of persons have been watching us. They do now not even come near you. You the two look excellent though. (They are trying their optimal) This is what you call pattern.

Now let's move. Mickey, let's move. (They appear more than cheerful all dressed up) What? – We're dressed up. / – Okay.

Shall we move meet the real Mickey? – Mickey. / – Mickey, the place are you? – He have to be over there. / – Let's move. (It's crowded here) Why are there such a lot of of us? For images? Yes, to take images with Mickey Mouse.

So many of us have been blanketed up. We blanketed up as smartly. To take photos, we must stand inside the line. – Are you certain that's here? / – Yes.

– It's over there. / – This is the queue. Like this. – Mickey and Minnie, wait there.

/ – Okay. Did you need unavoidably wait lengthy? We had to wait for ages. The queue does now not appear to get any shorter. – This queue is so lengthy.

/ – I'm sweating so a lot. There are two corporations left. We can at last meet Mickey and Minnie briefly. Mickey, Minnie, wait for us.

Hi! – She sounds excited. / – Hello. – Solar appears happy. / – Oh, my God.

– They appear excited too. / – Hi. 1, 2, 3. I'd like to take photos with them too.

1, 2, 3. (They met Mickey and Minnie Mouse in character) (Where are they headed now?) Isn't this it? I imagine this is it. It's the roller coaster. – It appears so.

/ – But… I do now not imagine that's as frightening as we idea. It did now not look so frightening? (It's a roller coaster in an American Western village) (The optimum famous enchantment inside the theme park) Isn't it beautiful gentle? We are continuously now not so terrific with frightening rides. We have been range of scared.

This is how I move on rides. Solar, I do this. I persistently do this. Even if it does an the wrong way up turn, I journey like this.

She looks evidently nervous. What's wrong with your heart? It's beating so speedy.  Bounce, bounce  She just can now not give up. It's just the get began.

– The others are so calm. / – I can now not journey that. (The roller coaster is slowly hiking to the main practical) The weather is just proper. (Relaxed) – I'm scared.

/ – There's… – A surprise here. / – There's a surprise. What? – It want to've been frightening.

/ – It wasn't that frightening… Until it speedily begun moving backwards. Why is it moving backwards? – Why is it moving backwards? / – Are you smiling? Or are you crying? Which is it? Look at them. – Your mouth is intensive open.

/ – Was I like that? I was so taken aback. – What? / – What's going down? It goes forwards and backwards. Solar's face is the optimum terrifying factor here. It was so frightening.

They are so loud. All the others are doing this. The entrance seats are the least scariest. (The roller coaster hastens out of the cave) (Moon Byul's face is hidden) Oh, my…

At least she closed her mouth now. (Glancing) You're aggravated there, proper, Sola? It was beautiful frightening. People are clapping and are all happy. (Blank) – My throat hurts.

/ – I'm dizzy. Solar, the place did your whole pleasure move? – Was it broadly frightening? / – It was. What's over there? – Where? / – It have to be "Toy Story." It looks miraculous. A full day mustn't ever be enough there.

– It was titanic, immense. / – It was indeed. One must unavoidably input the park as briefly because it opens. I sense like I'm inside the toy world.

I sense like I'm back in my childhood. Even the relaxation room is crafted from toys. – Look at this. / – It's broadly smartly made.

Everything is crafted from toys. Come and characteristic a glance. – I have Woody at homestead. / – Woody.

Woody. – She just calls his elect out. / – Woody. You're posing.

Woody. Woody is so cute. (Toy Story land appears peaceful) (Screaming) What took place? (Toy Story land appears peaceful) (Screaming) My gosh. What's that? – But that does now not look so frightening.

/ – This one was… It went so immoderate up. Solar, your mouth is so titanic, immense. (Her mouth is intensive open as briefly as extra) That one does now not look so frightening though.

This one was scarier. – I'll lose your voice. / – I out of place my voice that day. (They noisily finished having fun with every unmarried of the sights) – What an inconceivable sound.

/ – Sounded like a dentist. – I'm getting hungry. / – I'm very hungry now. Shall we move devour now? Where must unavoidably we move? Which eating place must unavoidably we move? Where must unavoidably we move? How roughly…

Let's have a glance over there. I see a menu. Alright. Let's move.

Let's move. Let's move. I ask your self what they promote. The visuals and extremely important difficulties are replacement.

– If you look… / – Really? Food is here! It's nutrition. We're at last having nutrition. The visuals…

It's a Mickey Mouse pizza. That's so merciless. So you are  his face? – From the ear. / – Starting with the ear.

(Rice crowned with purple meat, $19) (Mickey Mouse pizza, $18) There's Italian, Thai… – Lots of global dishes. / – Really? – We just must unavoidably significance on. / – Okay.

Let me diminish it. It's considerably merciless. It's range of titanic, immense. – Let me taste one ear.

/ – Let's are trying it. – To Hong Kong. / – Cheers. To Hong Kong.

It's terrific. – It was broadly terrific. / – Yes, it was very tasty. I like that the dough is thin.

It's like chips. It's so crispy. It's tasty. It's considerably merciless though.

We have been complimenting on how cute… – Mickey's ears are. / – That's so funny. And we just diminish them.

We're so into Mickey nowadays. (Rice crowned with purple meat is tasty as smartly) Is that rice? It was risotto. Both the dishes have been tasty. – It was a legit eating place.

/ – Yes, it was. How is it? – It's terrific. / – I want to are trying it too. (She takes a sizable chunk) – I was nervous…

/ – It's so tasty. – That the nutrition would not be terrific. / – Me too. But that's terrific.

All the dishes are tasty. (They gobble up the nutrition) – It looks broadly tasty. / – It looks tasty. – It wasn't there ahead of.

/ – What? Only in Hong Kong? The theme appears to be house. That, that, that, that! Iron Man. Make certain you get the speedy circulation. – Did you get them? / – Yes.

We obtained them once we checked in. With them, you need now not queue. We checked in at the resort ahead of we get began our day out. Is the resort inside the park? – Yes.

/ – Yes. – Check in. / – Here it with out a doubt is. Some advice gambling cards.

Very beautiful card. It's a little bit immoderate priced having acknowledged that it provides you a vast deal of benefits. – I see. / – Fast circulation tickets.

It incorporates the free circulation tickets which involves the resort? Yes, I idea in the way wherein forward for luxury was terrific. Free circulation tickets are already costly. Thank you. (This is the only place one can meet Iron Man) It looks miraculous.

What is that? Even character men would love that place. Let's move meet Iron Man. He's setting on his suit now. He's ready for us now.

I was terrific at this when i was in immoderate faculty. On the bars, proper? I'm so excited to see Iron Man. You two appear to broadly get along. My goodness.

(Staying alert) Iron Man! – Iron Man. / – Where are you? – This have to be his base. / – This is his base. Let's watch.

It's now not only for tots. – I'd like to head there too. / – Looking like that… Let's move save Hong Kong.

It's from Iron Man's standpoint. Yes, it was broadly amusing. Being 3-d, imagine how immersive it would be. (Seems like they're nevertheless being attacked) No! No! We have been avoiding the enemies.

Hong Kong is safe now. It's safe. – This is… / – This is the place we will be able to see Iron Man.

– This is… / – And take images. I put forward this place so a lot. You guys inclined? – Yeah.

/ – Yeah, flawless. What's going down? (Where is he?) (Iron Man is touchdown) – He comes down? / – Iron Man! Yes, you may broadly see the silhouette touchdown. Iron Man! I obtained goose bumps. Iron Man.

– Goose bumps.  / – It was cool. It was broadly cool. I closely obtained goose bumps.

Seoeon and Seojun would love this, would not they? – It would be extra than that. / – Right? It'd be like their birthday. You must unavoidably move there as briefly as. You look very scorching.

Iron Man, I'm so happy. Standing here conversing to Iron Man and your respond wasn't awesome? Okay, I'll are trying to now not be offended. – Yeah. / – Yep, take it effortless.

Do you recognize MAMAMOO? Yes. What? It's Robert Downey Jr.'S voice. He was conversing in that voice. Yes, we could honestly communicate with him.

– Really? / – Yes. Search. You must unavoidably seek. Yeah.

Search MAMAMOO. – Okay. / – Okay? Absolutely. Iron Man appears to be flustered.

– He's taken aback. / – Yes. Thanks to you, Hong Kong is safe. Thank you for saving Hong Kong.

Thank you. (They took photos with the Iron Man) It's like he is grabbing you saying, "Please pipe down and just take the photo." – Iron Man looks a little bit tired. / – He does, proper? We ran into Star Wars characters as smartly. That's nice.

You took a vast deal of nice photos. Yes, we have got been so happy. Awesome. Then we went to observe "Lion King." That sounds amusing.

I sense like we're speedily in nature. Seriously, there are a vast deal of theme matters. This place is titanic, immense. What must unavoidably we…

– It's broadly titanic, immense here. / – I'm burdened. We must unavoidably… It appears like there is a Korean guideline as smartly.

– Hello. / – Hello. Do you converse Korean? I'm a guideline who can converse Korean. Is she from Hong Kong? – Yes.

/ – Yes. We would really like to observe "Lion King." But we don't know the place it with out a doubt is. You can move immediately this manner. – This way? / – This way? Your Korean is terribly terrific.

– You converse Korean quite smartly. / – Thank you. I'm come what can also happy and touched. I'm happy to satisfy anybody who speaks Korean.

Just seeing Korean writing in another america locations makes you content. – Thank you. / – Have a delightful day. – Thank you.

/ – Thank you. – This way? / – Yes. It want to sense weird to hear that range of Korean greeting from a foreigner. – Thank you.

/ – You should have felt relieved. I'm so glad that we met her. I was more than cheerful. This is the place "Lion King" takes place.

A lion is welcoming us. Hello, lion. Lion. Lion King.

– It looks amusing. / – I want to be there too. It was miraculous. – It was desirable.

/ – Was it like a musical? – Yes. / – Yes. It's establishing up. It's a concert.

I informed you it gave the impression of a concert. You did now not hear me, did you? I idea it would not be. It looks fabulous. I obtained goose bumps.

(This divulge is especially famous among Koreans) (You could have the good factor about acrobatics as smartly) I get goose bumps even by watching it on display screen. It was actual fire… They saved spinning on every unmarried aspect. (Simba regains peace and the divulge ends happily) – Hi.

/ – Hello. (The performance ends with immoderate-fives from the actors) I put forward you sit down proper inside the doorway. You can immoderate-five with the actors there. – You can attach with the actors.

/ – That's proper. It looks miraculous. It's time to devour a factor. Tell me how hungry you are.

Okay. You're very hungry. – Could you hear me? / – Yes. Let's move devour a factor.

Let's devour a factor and… I heard there will be an evening parade here later. It's so very just proper. You mustn't move away out that.

– It's so cute. / – This is the highlight. – It's a want to. / – I love you! I love you! – Hello.

/ – Hello. I love you! Yeah! They appeared at us! They pointed at my hairband. After we devour a factor, it'll be the flawless time to observe the parade. Should we move over there? – Okay.

Let's move. / – Let's move and fill our stomachs. Okay. – It looks nice.

/ – This place looks nice. We're going to devour a factor great nowadays. What is it? Battle Trip has been to Hong Kong often. Right.

When you move to Hong Kong, you devour dim sum. Right. They had dim sum every character time. But there is a factor great roughly our dim sum.

The dim sum we're having is now not very habitual dim sum. – Does it appear like Mickey Mouse? / – It's replacement. It's very exclusive. It's here.

Their reactions are so terrific. – What is it? / – I was very taken aback. – What is it? / – It's Olaf! It's Olaf. They made Olaf with dim sum? – They have been all characters.

/ – There was Baymax. That's miraculous. – Isn't it so beautiful? / – Kids will find it irresistible. They'll be excited to see that.

(Little Green Men bun, $12) (You can only have the good factor about this great dim sum here) It's a lunch menu having acknowledged that they cooked it chiefly for us for dinner. If you are watching this on TV, be conscious you may only have this at lunch. How would you devour it though? – It's so beautiful. / – It was too cute to devour.

Do you need to are trying this Olaf? Olaf? How will we devour it? How will we? Just snatch him. He's staring at me. How can I devour him? Then devour his eyes first. It's purple bean.

Gosh, examine about this. What's that? Is it okay to air this? Isn't it too merciless? What's this? It's okay. It's terrific. I a twin of the purple bean.

– Me too. / – It tastes like steamed bun. But this one looks lots cuter. – So visually it tastes superior.

/ – It broadly is cute. And that's terrific. And that's terrific. This one smells replacement.

It's Star Wars. (Star Wars bun, $9.70) Can you devour this? Don't you sense sorry? You bit off the head first. That's proper. This is manju.

It has nuts in it. – It tastes like cinnamon. / – Right. – It smells like cinnamon.

/ – That looks terrific. It looks scrumptious. It's crispy on the external. When you're taking a chunk..

It's crispy like cookies having acknowledged that then it goes like this in your mouth… You must unavoidably divulge us. It's broadly amusing to devour them. – It's troublesome to present an explanation for.

/ – Since every unmarried ones replacement. Okay. It's in your mouth. (Melting) It's nevertheless there? It's now not melting.

The dim sums look so cute. What is that this? It's from "Big Hero 6." – "Hello, I'm Baymax." / – Oh, "Big Hero 6." – It's so cute. / – Baymax. – I did now not know Baymax was so small.

/ – It's cute. Baymax is beautiful titanic, immense inside the film. He blows up, like this. I'm sorry having acknowledged that I must unavoidably devour you.

I'm sorry. You may as smartly now not say that. This one tastes terrific. It has nuts and meat in it.

– Like… / – It tastes like dumplings. – It tastes like that. / – It tastes quite like dumplings.

It's very detailed. (What does this one taste like?) It tastes like a dumpling. This is terrific. This is terribly terrific.

– It has meat and greens in it… / – You're proper. This is precise dumpling filling. (The great dim sum pleases their eyes and mouths) I do now not imagine I'll order it unless I turn out to be a father.

We'll have the good factor about it with the small teens. Thank you. – This is… / – This is suckling pig.

It's broadly terrific. – I find it irresistible. / – It's excellent. Is this a course meal? I love that.

Look at the carrot. The carrot is Mickey. Oh, my. Oh, my.

Such extremely important difficulties. (Cute) It smells like chips. It goes broadly smartly with rice. I can devour it eternally.

– Is it terrific? / – It was miraculous. It's like chips on the main practical. Right. It's very crispy.

– It's gentle. / – That's so scrumptious. – It's crispy on the external. / – This is terribly terrific.

And that's gentle indoors. – It looks like bread crusts. / – It's so gentle. – That'd be so terrific.

/ – Looks so terrific. It's savory like scorched rice. It's terrific. – When you flip it over…

/ – That's terrific in Hong Kong. – It's like… / – It's very tender indoors. It's broadly tender.

It feels like… Everything is terrific. – But we must unavoidably devour rice. / – Right.

– Should we order a rice dish? / – Sounds terrific. Excuse me. Do you have rice? – Rice? / – Rice. Okay.

Steamed rice? No. – Mixed… / – Fried rice? – Yes. Fried.

/ – Fried rice. Okay. Anything else? No, thanks. That was just acceptable.

"No, thanks." "No, thanks." – Your English is terrific. / – Right? I was terrific, proper? I did now not know you'd say, "No, thanks." – People generally just say no. / – That's proper. Thank you.

(Chinese-fashion fried rice with scallops, $27) – Hong Kong's fried rice is true fried rice. / – Right. It was broadly terrific. Is this anchovy? It's anchovy and egg.

I imagine that's what's in it. I want that they had kimchi here. That'd be nice. We just love kimchi.

Everything is terrific. With a factor extra… It is also the flawless dinner. Really? You want? – Without kimchi…

/ – Say, "Kimchi please." No way. – Pray for it. Kimchi please. / – To who? Kimchi please.

I've heard your prayers. "I've heard your prayers." I've heard your prayers. (Dreams do come true) I delivered it from Korea. What was that? – I delivered kimchi.

/ – Really? You're the optimal. No joke. We can now not move on a stopover at with out this. We can now not sense free with out it.

It's kimchi in a can. I'll snatch one. This is kimchi. (Packed with nutrition) Are you going down a camp? Is it stir-fried kimchi? – You asked for permission, proper? / – Yes.

Koreans want their kimchi. – This is miraculous. / – It was broadly terrific. It's recreation over with kimchi.

– It was miraculous. / – Fried rice with kimchi is the optimal. Now it feels accomplished. Yeah.

(It's now not fancy having acknowledged that that's filling) I'm so full. – I broadly enjoyed it. / – You ate all of it? – You ate virtually all the matters. / – We ate so smartly.

What's wrong, captain? I like this watch. – It's cute. / – We must move see the parade. What time does it get began? – The parade? / – Yeah.

Now. – Right now. / – Aren't we overdue? Wake them up. Wake up, guys.

– Wake up. / – Wake up. We enjoyed dinner. Don't embarrass me this night.

Don't allure different men and ladies's realization. I'm so embarrassed. – Let's move. / – Okay.

It was broadly terrific. You two are like just a considerable range of… You're like a comedy duo. Watching them feels like watching comic juniors.

(Night has fallen over Disneyland) – This is the object you need to observe? / – Yes. Everyone returns to their childhood. Wow. (Everyone has been ready for this second) Wow.

– All the characters want to seem. / – Yeah, wow. (Night parade) Isn't that the Monsters, Inc. Right? He's DJ-ing.

He was DJ-ing. It was so cute. So cute. (Scream!) (So a lot exhilaration) Like this.

– Look at that. / – The Little Mermaid! The Little Mermaid. – She looks so splendid. / – She was so beautiful.

Hello! Hello. Under the sea!  Under the sea  Under the sea! Under the sea! Under the sea. It's Toy Story! – Hey! / – I watched the film! (Men and girls of each age benefit from the parade) – It have to be entrancing. / – Really.

– You're so beautiful! / – Pretty! Pretty! – Minnie will be here briefly. / – Wait. Let's prepare. Mickey and Minnie are the volume one characters.

– Let's prepare. / – Let's prepare. – Here they come. / – We can now not lose.

Our rivals. Mickey. – You must unavoidably get this on video. / – I love you.

I love you! Yes! – She appeared at us. / – She saw this. They can now not move away out you. Both of you are so loud.

Mickey! Here! Mickey! Gosh. My throat. – Minnie appeared at us. / – Yes.

– She acknowledged we have got been cute. / – That's proper. – We have been a hit. / – We're a hit followers.

We're a hit followers. We're a success. – Nice. / – We succeeded.

– Was that the very last factor nowadays? / – Time for mattress now. – Okay. / – We did it. – Let's move.

/ – Yong Kong. Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Kong, kong, kong. Battle Trip! (It was a glorious first day in Hong Kong) – They visited Disneyland.

/ – That was terrific. First of all, the train makes you get excited from the get began. – The train itself. / – Right.

That was excellent. It was very close and had a vast deal of benefits. You're tired at the end of the day and the resort is proper there. So you may just move and sleep.

– It was so practical. / – Such a very just proper course. – It was so excellent. / – Without moving spherical too a lot.

As I watched your day… I was thinking when to head. – When will be the optimal weather? / – Really? – I nervous roughly these matters. / – For your little ones? Yes, curious about when i went to Tokyo, I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

And that wasn't enough to see all the matters. – You could now not, proper? / – Because… You must unavoidably wait an hour to get on a journey. That's classic.

But had I recognized, I would've stayed at the resort inside the park. If I'd recognized touching on the speedy circulation. But I did now not know. When I move there next time, I'll stay in that resort.

– Because of the advantages. / – Why will you move there? – What? / – Why? I sense like I must unavoidably at the least as briefly as in my lifetime. Would you adore to come with us? – With my circle of companion and tots. / – What? No.

I'll move by myself. For the first half of, we watched the Disneyland. I ask your self the place they went inside the latter half of. I'm anticipating it.

– Moon Byul, what comes next? / – In the first half of… You saw a vast deal of flashy matters in Disneyland. Yes, the fancy aspect. Now you are likely to get to see the lungs of Hong Kong.

Ah. You'll get to see the elegance… – Of Lantau Island. / – Sounds terrific.

Let's inspect the latter half of of the day out. Here's the latter half of. (The morning is offered by… A beast?) (This is MAMAMOO's charismatic rapper) (Moon-celebrity's enchanting inside the morning) Who is that? She'll radically swap briefly.

(Her venture is to get up Solar) Yongseon. It's time to arise. (Solar is up) It's chilly. I'll close the door.

Joking spherical as briefly as you get up. Say, "Please open the door." (Please open the door) Where are we going nowadays? Somewhere new. What was that? You're yawning equivalent to you are bored. It's only too early.

Don't soar for pleasure since you are too excited. How joyful. They used up all their calories… – Had a legit sleep.

/ – Right. Then get up and use up calories as briefly as extra. – Start the day energetically. / – That's Solar.

It's a breakfast buffet. – Does it incorporate breakfast? / – Yes. – There was so a lot to devour. / – There was.

I love this. (They put lots on their plates) There's so a lot range. Everything is Mickey Mouse here. You're proper.

Let's devour his ear first. (Chomp) His ear is lacking. You're merciless. He looks unbalanced.

Shall I devour some different one too? (You're such a merciless character) (They do now not give up ) Breakfast is scrumptious. I hear Mickey Mouse walks spherical in here. He's over there now. He's tremendous famous.

– They're dressed up nowadays. / – Yes. Will they come here? I do now not imagine so. Shall I call them over? Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse take photos with you.

Hi. Okay. Let's move. Let's do hip hop.

– We blanketed as much as take a photo. / – We did. – Did you? / – After you had breakfast? – Yes. / – After breakfast.

The line was speedy because it was inside the morning. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you.

(Moon Byul kisses Minnie on the nose) – He's a boy. / – It felt weird. – Let's amendment. / – Thank you.

– Thank you. / – Nose. (Moon Byul kisses Mickey too) – Thank you. / – It feels weird.

– Thank you. Bye-bye. / – Bye. His leg.

So cute. (See you next time!) That's nice. (Spectacular) (New Hong Kong) Are you inclined? It's part of Hong Kong that does now not appear as though Hong Kong. What's that? This is the get began.

This is by no means the Hong Kong I know. There's so a lot nature. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

Hong Kong! That's nice. (Day 2 in Lantau Island) (Ngong Ping Village) (40 minutes to Tung Chung Station from Disneyland) Okay. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

– Yong Kong. / – Moon and… Sunlight. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. Hong Kong. (They're tremendous excited) (Congratulations on your 2nd day in Hong Kong) (Why are they doing that?) Applause please. I have lots add-ons for nowadays.

– A lot… / – Can you hear me, Moon Byul? (Flag, loudspeaker mic, guideline newsletter) – Do you recognize the place we are going? / – Where? We are going to… Ngong Ping Village! After Disneyland, we'll move down. And we'll uncover Ngong Ping Village down here.

There's Ngong Ping Village. They reworked a domain into a village. They have a sizable bronze Buddha statue there. – Are we going to see that? / – It's with a objective to…

Ngong Ping Village. We must unavoidably journey a cable automobile there. – You like cable automobiles, proper? / – Yes, I do. (Cable automobile) Cable automobile.

– 30 Minutes? / – It takes 30 minutes? – It's a extraordinarily lengthy journey. / – It takes 30 minutes? Gosh, that's regarded as one of most practical 10 cable automobiles on the earth. – 5.7Km. / – It's the longest in Asia.

(A mini theme park at the end of the cable automobile) – It's a sizable island. / – Wow, what's that? That's the Tian Tan Buddha. – Is it on most practical of a mountain? / – Yes. How did they make that with bronze? You must get a ticket to journey the cable automobile.

Did you buy it? Of course. If you buy it on-line, you should not must unavoidably line up. With this ticket, you may journey the cable automobile. Also you get unlimited bus rides and boat rides.

It's 5.7M lengthy. – You mean km. / – Right. I'm sorry.

It's 5.7Km. I forgot the K. That makes an necessary distinction. There are two forms.

Standard and crystal. – They're the cable automobiles. / – What's the distinction? Standard is slightly classic. Crystal is luxurious.

So we chose the crystal cabin. – I see. / – Because that's our only day out. I organized a factor great.

Let's move. Yong Kong, Byul Kong, Hong Kong. (Let's get began the Solar day day out) We're going to skip this line. This is just proper.

If you buy the ticket in Korea… – You mustn't must unavoidably wait in line, proper? / – That's proper. Let's move. Hello.

Okay. Oh, yeah. Come on. (Luxurious crystal cable automobile) Please sit down down.

This is miraculous. Be wary. Now for five.7Km… Welcome to the crystal cable automobile.

– It's like a journey. / – Yong Kong, Byul Kong, Hong Kong. Welcome, all different men and ladies. You would make a very just proper day day out guideline.

It was so a lot amusing. The door has closed. It capacity we'll head away. Let's move.

– It's speedy. / – Wow. Wow, inspect the ground. Oh, my.

– Wow. / – I obtained goose bumps. The guideline is scared so she's now not saying a factor. Why would almost absolutely now not you examine about the ground? It was frightening.

The ground is awesome. The ocean is emerald shade. Let's take a photo. Can you sit down down? – Here? / – Yes.

Why do now not you sit down first? Me? I can do it. Wow… Wow… It feels so close.

– From here… / – This is miraculous. – Wait… / – The standpoint…

(Taking photos on the cable automobile ground) Wow. It looks equivalent to you are floating on air. We can now not capture… Everything correctly inside the photo.

– It's… / – You're broadly terrible at taking images. – How could you're taking it like that? / – Yes. – Your torso looks titanic, immense.

/ – I know. It's like I'm sitting on the ocean. – Come forward. / – That's proper.

It looks like pocket book desktop graphics. Should I sit down like this? Think of it as a core exercise session. 2, 3. How did the photo turn out? You can see a vast deal of the ocean.

– It looks equivalent to you are floating. / – Oh, oh. Good photo, proper? This is the way wherein you're taking images. Aren't the photographs same? You must unavoidably lie down and take a selfie there.

The ground and the points are all crafted from glass. It allows you benefit from the pure landscape. (Today's trip spot) – This is the Ngong Ping Village. / – We're here.

– There's a vast deal of persons. / – Wait a minute. – Why? / – I must plug the mic in. Let me test the mic.

Okay, that's working. If you look to your proper… That's so titanic, immense. Can you see that? It's an necessary Buddha statue.

That's the place we're going. Are you going to stroll there? Yes, that's close. (Ngong Ping Village) (A 15,000m man-made village on Lantau Peak) (Souvenir stores, eating places and different amenities) (It's attached to Ngong Ping cable automobile's last give up) – There's furthermore a day day out guideline here. / – Yes.

Hi. That's the day day out guideline pride. (Moon Byul's camera) Puppy. He's strolling over there.

– What is that? / – What is that? Cows wander spherical here. Really? (You can see animals roaming freely) We've arrived at the Tian Tan Buddha. Drum roll. We've arrived at the Tian Tan Buddha.

It's the most straightforward bronze statue of Buddha on the earth. It's so a lot larger. There's lots to see. This is just proper.

It weighs 202 tons. – It was broadly titanic, immense. / – It was broadly titanic, immense. Let me present an explanation for.

They call this place the Tian Tan. If you stand inside the middle and talk, it'll echo. – Why? / – It echoes. Do you hear it? I don't know.

I did now not hear it. It's echoing. Wait a minute. – It does now not echo from here.

/ – Can you hear it? – Yes. / – It's echoing. I can hear echoes. – This is awesome.

/ – Isn't it on account of the mic? I can hear echoes. This is so awesome. – Try it here. / – You must do it here.

Ah. You must do it here. It only echoes inside the very center. This sound is from the mic.

You must unavoidably turn the mic off first. It feels like this. – Yes, to present an explanation for it. / – I'm trying to present an explanation for it.

Over here that's habitual. But here… Ah. It broadly echoes! It's broadly exciting.

Let me present an explanation for. There are 268 stairs. In Cantonese, 2 capacity "effortless." 6 Means "keeps." And eight capacity "wealth." So it capacity you are likely to get terrific fortune here. – Do you need to run the stairs? / – No…

I do now not want to waste my calories like that. – Get inclined. / – Ready. How lengthy will they be succesful of run? She was so self-guaranteed that we would run to the main practical.

Wouldn't they get tired halfway? Ready. Set. Go. You can now not do two steps at a time.

One step at a time. Why are you doing two steps at a time? (Her made up our minds hand is flailing) You can tell who's older. I can tell from this. – Is she already tired? / – She compulsory to make a threat.

What are you doing? Moon Byul broadly climbed up immoderate. I'm finished. – Yongseon. / – Moon Byul's stamina is miraculous.

What's that? You're the rule. Solar, you compulsory to do it first. This is the first time seeing her frown. She was persistently so colourful.

This is miraculous. It's broadly titanic, immense. – So titanic, immense. / – Super awesome.

(It's extra magnificent from up close) When you see nature like this… It's magnificent having acknowledged that regularly times frightening. Why? Because nature is so grand. I imagine that's why that's often times frightening.

(Day 2 of Lantau Island) (Enjoy Hong Kong within sight delicacies) Hong Kong within sight delicacies. – We're going to 1 different place. / – Where? Where are we going? Can you see that? We're going to Tai O Village. To one different village? – Okay, let's move.

/ – Let's move. If you buy the 360 circulation, you may take this bus for free. You must unavoidably purchase the 360 circulation. It's broadly practical.

(20 Minutes from Ngong Ping Village to Tai O Village) We're here. – What is that this place? / – We have arrived. – Where is that this place? / – This place is… A village of floating residences.

We're here at Tai O Village. Is that mic working? It's run out of battery.  My battery died   So I neglected your call  That's Unnies. I love that song.

You increase spherical so a lot… What's that? (So bubbly) She's colourful as briefly as extra. I delivered one different mic just in case. – You're awesome.

/ – I am, proper? This place does now not appear as though Hong Kong. It's Hong Kong having acknowledged that does now not appear as though Hong Kong? – It's totally… / – Here, that's… This is by no means the Hong Kong I know.

It feels like we're in a replacement nation. It does now not sense like Hong Kong. Floating residences. These are the last floating residences in Hong Kong.

They're being redeveloped. These residences have been meant to head. So the tourists flocked here. People made a resolution to safe the floating residences then.

That's why it remains to be in here. – That's excellent. / – Yeah. (There's dried fisheries market inside the village) – There are floating residences here.

/ – Yes. So a vast deal of dried fisheries are sold here. There are a vast deal of exciting matters here. What are these? There have been a vast deal of exciting dried fish there.

Aren't these mussels? They promote all the matters dried here. What did she see? You're now not meant to touch that. – I was just looking out. / – Oh, my.

This is terribly titanic, immense. – Why? / – Look at this. I was so taken aback. What is that this? I imagine that's a dried shark.

– Wow. / – They dried a accomplished shark. Where do they use that? This… It's awesome.

We did now not devour a factor at Ngong Ping. I'm hungry from this smell. Oh, my. Is this a squid? It's a extraordinarily titanic, immense squid.

– My goodness. / – It's broadly titanic, immense. – It looks terrific. / – It's broadly terrific.

– Really? / – Is it boiled? – Yes. / – It's boiled. How is it? It's heavy. It looks broadly heavy.

The shade looks like purple meat hocks. – It's greater than our faces. / – Is it seasoned? – Yes, I imagine that's seasoned with soy sauce. / – Right? – They preserved it in soy sauce.

/ – It looks so terrific. That is terribly terrific. I've had it ahead of. It was broadly terrific.

– Everyone is ready in line. / – Wait a minute. – Are all of them in line? / – This place is famous. There wasn't a line once we first obtained there.

Suddenly, A line shaped… People speedily begun to obtain. – They're largely tourists. / – Yes.

Thank you. (Ready to devour after adding great soy sauce) – That looks broadly scrumptious. / – It tastes like? This is terribly scrumptious. It's agency.

Should I say that's sturdy? The indoors is… – So chewy. / – That's proper, that's chewy. It's broadly terrific.

As you may see, it looks very chewy, proper? It broadly is chewy. We've by no means had such thick squid ahead of. – That's proper. / – The texture have to be…

– Really terrific. / – Yes, that's broadly terrific. I'm curious. It's scrumptious.

Let's are trying one different place. (Take care) I want to are trying just a considerable range of. – If you look there… / – Wow.

It's broadly floating on the water. It broadly is a floating rental. The locals broadly reside here. It's broadly exclusive.

It's now not a factor you see continuously. Nice. It's broadly nice. – Moon Byul.

/ – Yes? I'm scared as briefly as you call me. – Knock, knock. / – Why are you tapping my shoulder? – Is your abdomen okay? / – Yes. – Oh, like this? / – I heard it rumbling.

– Did you hear it? / – Yes. – Follow me. / – Is it here? Squid would not be enough. – It's here.

/ – We have been hungry. It already appears scrumptious. – Can you already tell? / – Yes, it normally is terrific. – Is it a legit place? / – Yes.

It's going to be a legit place. Sikyung can tell from the door. It looks scrumptious. (Fusion cheese seafood with steamed pumpkin) (You can benefit from the two within sight delicacies and fusion dishes) This is a floating rental.

A fisherman who lives here is running this eating place. I like locations like this. The nutrition is terribly fresh at locations like these. I reserved this place a few month inside the prior.

– You did? / – Yes. It was broadly troublesome. Are you pals with this fisherman? Yes, I obtained to know him smartly. I call him uncle.

Uncle. – I went too a long way, proper? / – Yeah. I did now not know that we would broadly devour on most practical of water. Look at that.

It's miraculous. We could by no means see that in cities. – It's replacement from the Hong Kong I imagined. / – Right? For me too.

It want to sense very exclusive. – It feels great. / – I imagine so too. Thank you.

(The nutrition obtained here concurrently they have been having fun with the view) This is what we ordered. – It's rice steamed in lotus leaves. / – Say it speedier. Rice steamed in lotus leaves.

(Rice steamed in lotus leaves in a bamboo steamer) Is that meat indoors the rice? This is meat, this is squid. – Anchovies? / – Anchovies. The lotus leaves are hidden here. Okay.

I want to offer you a chunk of all the matters. 1, 2, 3. (Oh, my) What does it taste like? (Hmm) It tastes like seafood. That's curious about there's seafood in it.

(Analyzing the taste) It's like when your mother persistently makes you kimchi fried rice at homestead, then she feels like she must unavoidably make a factor else. So she put anchovies and different healthful materials and fried them to make a scrumptious dish. That's what it tastes like. What are you conversing roughly? Try to present an explanation for the taste.

It just tastes like seafood. It tastes like seafood having acknowledged that… It has a dwindled and necessary flavor. – Perfect? / – They all move smartly at the same time.

– Is it flawless? / – Yes. Oh, my. – This looks scrumptious. / – It is.

There are a vast deal of fusion dishes for the tourists. That looks scrumptious. Look how plump the shrimp is. Let's are trying it.

(The seafood is so titanic, immense, it perfectly fills the mouth) It's so scorching. It's scorching. The cheese, pumpkin, and seafood. The seafood is terribly terrific here.

And that's all broadly titanic, immense. The shrimp is titanic, immense. They do now not skimp on the materials, proper? The dishes have been appreciable. This is terribly terrific.

The cheese and seafood indoors the pumpkin makes it appear as though a cream pasta. It's a nutrition plan nutrition. – What? / – It's a nutrition plan nutrition. With all that cheese? – It has pumpkin.

/ – Yes. It'll relieve bloating only so's a nutrition plan nutrition. – It's like cream pasta sauce. / – You're proper.

– It's thicker. / – Yes. While  this, this is cheese and I do now not like greasy nutrition… – Will she want kimchi as briefly as extra? / – It can now not be.

It can now not be. – Do you need it? / – Yeah. Close your eyes then. – Make a want.

/ – What range of want? – Say, "Please give me kimchi." / – Give me kimchi. Please give me just a considerable range of kimchi. They broadly know the flawless thanks to have a legit time. Ta-da.

Ta-da. – Here. / – It's kimchi. I be conscious  this last time.

Does it melt in your mouth? Eat up. The eating place thankfully allowed us to devour kimchi. We could benefit from the nutrition extra. – You're the two in your 20s, proper? / – Yes.

(Sunset cafe) When the solar is roughly to set, we'll profit from the sundown concurrently enjoyable. You like that range of factor? – Relaxation. Healing. / – Rest.

– Healing. / – Right. Relaxing concurrently having fun with the sundown with pals. (The sundown disappeared on account of sudden rain) – Did it rain? / – Yes.

It's even extra very just proper with the rain. – This is what it was meant to be? / – Yes. – You could now not see this. / – You neglected that? This place has an totally exclusive vibe.

– Doesn't it sense gentle? / – Yeah. This place is terribly gentle. I heard that when it rains in Hong Kong… – People like to drink scorching honey lemon tea.

/ – This? Yes, honey lemon tea. Thank you. – Thank you. / – It's broadly exclusive.

– It's like green tea. / – Doesn't it smell like citrus tea? (Honey lemon tea, $5.30) Cheers. Cheers to Hong Kong. It's scorching.

I know why they drink this lots. – When that's chilly… / – You would almost absolutely now not catch a chilly. It broadly warms you up.

It feels like your whole body is calming down. Finally, Solar… – She's calmed down. / – She's calmed.

She only calms down when it rains. I imagine that's been a extraordinarily lengthy term since I've drunk a factor from a teacup. – When we move to cafes… / – That's proper.

You use plastic cups. – Or that's persistently paper cups. / – But a true cup… It feels range of replacement.

– It feels like we're being served. / – Right. That's proper. We're coming to the end of our day out.

It's our last night. What was the optimum memorable factor inside the midst of this day out? Everything was very just proper. But Disneyland was the optimum memorable for me. It was so amusing for me.

I made up our minds it desirable. She screamed so a lot. – Solar's mouth. / – For me…

I cherished it curious about I could come here and stopover at nice locations and luxuriate in terrific nutrition with different men and ladies I like. That's what I cherished. I'm going to dwell during this day out for… – At least 3 months.

/ – Will you dwell on it? I'm going to work troublesome concurrently pondering roughly this day out. Sounds terrific. – I can last 3 months. / – Okay.

The month ahead of the day out is so terrific. – Right. / – Then you relive the memories… – For roughly 3 months after.

/ – Right. (To Byul) (To Yongseon) – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! ("I sense happy now not when i attain the holiday spot") ("But concurrently I take a stopover at" by Andrew Matthews) We saw a fresh aspect of Hong Kong.

Yes. I do now not imagine I've ever noticed this in Hong Kong. Shall we investigate your valued at range? They had a fruitful day out in Hong Kong. We saw a fresh aspect of Hong Kong.

The Yong Kong Byul Kong Hong Kong Tour. Let's uncover out their final valued at range. Our Yong Kong Byul Kong Hong Kong Tour spent… – For 3 days and 2 nights.

/ – 3 Days and 2 nights. Final budge was… – It was? / – It was? – Per character. / – Per character? $426.10.

– Well, with this… / – It's… – It wasn't significance positive. / – Right.

But have self confidence travelling a theme park, obtaining a free circulation. And staying at the Disneyland resort. – If you have self confidence that… / – Yes.

I idea it'll significance extra. They furthermore appeared spherical every corner of Lantau Island. That's proper. Considering all the matters, you broadly had a fruitful holiday.

Yes, we broadly did. Hong Kong was like an onion with its infinite layers. We offered a fresh aspect of it. You acknowledged you'd last 3 months.

– It hasn't been 3 months but, proper? / – Right. Call us if one different hardship comes along. We'll send you on a stopover at which will last as lengthy as a year. – Really? / – That would be excellent.

– Latin America? / – Europe, maybe? But are we able to come during this divulge as briefly as extra? – Of course. / – Really? Many different men and ladies have come during this divulge twice. – Really? / – In Sandara Park's case… – She's been here 3 times? / – She's filming now! – Really? / – Yes.

You two had such excellent calories. – We all felt happy watching you. / – It was amusing. Next week, we'll see you as briefly as extra with an intermediate course to Taiwan.

– Thank you. / – Thank you. (Intermediate course to Taiwan, overcome the south) (Chorong and Hayoung's Tour) So amusing. – So beautiful.

/ – Seriously. Wow. (Healing day out, excellent view ahead of your eyes) Amazing. This place warms you up indoors.

Wow, that's so beautiful. – This is miraculous. / – It has hidden attraction. (Battle Trip) ("Holding On To You" by Sung Sikyung).

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