Battle TripEp.89 Yoojung & Mina’s commute to Suncheon [ENGTHA2018.05.13]

(Numerous meaningful counsel on trips) (Lee Hwijae, Jooe of MOMOLAND) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is war. Battle Trip! Nice to work out you once extra. The special host for as we speak is Jooe. – Welcome.

/ – Welcome. Hello. I'm Jooe of MOMOLAND. I'll be a terrific host with the spirit of a 20-yr-historic girl.

How are you going to indicate that spirit? What are you doing? What are you doing? What's mistaken? ("BBoom BBoom" by MOMOLAND) Great! – Whatever she does, she's cute. / – So cute. – That's what 20-yr-olds are like. / – 20S…

She's full of life from the . That's smart. A special holiday is ready as we speak. Yes, this is very special.

What is it? We geared up an event for this special holiday. Battle Trip has a book now. – We published a book. / – We have a book now.

We will… – Finally. / – Randomly make a choice these who… Watch the published and award them books.

From last week's 30-2nd preview, Battle Trip was reported in the most number of articles. – That holiday is as we speak's… / – Why was that the case? It's considering the reality that… – Special persons are here as we speak.

/ – So smooth. They're smooth 20-yr-olds. Jooe is in addition 20 years historic. Yes, I was born in 1999.

She was born in 1999. Guess what yr was I born? I was born in 1979. Nice to satisfy you. – Excuse me? / – Wait a minute.

Then… Why are you saying this? They're precisely 20 years apart? Exactly 20. Father? – What? / – Father. As for me…

– Were you born in 1972? / – I gained't say what yr. Year of the Rat. I was born in the Year of the Rat. These days, employees don't speak about their Chinese zodiac signal.

They gained't. If a man talks about it… – That suggests you are historic. / – That's appropriate.

Instead of Year of the Tiger… – If you assert it like Year of the Panthera. / – Panthera? "Where did you go?" "Europa." You're absolutely historic if you assert that. That's such an historic word.

It's a unquestionably special holiday as we speak. Today's theme is, Spring flower holiday at 20. It feels so smooth. I feel the flowers budding.

(Fresh) How historic are the a hundred judges as we speak? 20 Years historic! We have a hundred employees who're 20 years historic. That's appropriate. Let's hear how our youngest Sikyung was at 20 years historic. During our time…

In "My Sassy Girl," Gianna Jun and Cha Taehyun show off their ID cards after turning the offender age. They do this. They enter a bar. That was a scene in the movie.

It was a dream for 20-yr-olds. That's appropriate. When you enter a space… Did you do that too? No, no, no.

What's your dream then? For me, when I'm restless, I need to visit the karaoke room after 10 p.M. Whenever our schedules are over, we couldn't find the appropriate place to relieve stress. – When you were underage? / – Yes. – But now…

/ – Did you go whilst you grew to turn out to be 20? I did! – Really? / – I burned it up. In the karaoke room? Yes. – Where else did you go? / – It was crazy. Other matters I've done are like, with the members at the dorm…

– Just… / – Did you drink beer? Did you drink beer? How was it? You drank so much your hair is beer color. Right. Old employees used to dye their hair with beer.

Don't say matters like that. It's so sad. There should be so many stuff she'd need to do now that she's 20. It's the  for you.

Today, it is a stopover at for smooth young people that simply turned 20. They went on a spring flower holiday. I'm all in favour of the place they went. First, our 20-yr-olds…

– Trip planners, please come out. / – Come out. (Park Jihoon, Park Woojin of Wanna One) (Mina of Gugudan, Yoojung of Weki Meki) Seeing them like this, this is… – Wanna One and I.O.I.

/ – That's appropriate. – I.O.I vs. Wanna One. / – Wanna One.

– That's the wrestle as we speak. / – That's appropriate. 20 Years historic… You'll all be adults soon.

– Yes. / – Yes. Is there something you dreamed about doing. – The thing it's your decision to do most.

/ – Something… You need to be capable of do now that you simply're an adult. I need to do this. – Where? / – When we go to after-work dinners…

I need to be capable of drink with the older members. – You need to drink alcohol? / – Yeah. Also, I'm into automobiles. Driver's license? Yes, I need to get my license.

That's appropriate. What about Mina and Yoojung? For me… I need to watch soccer with my oldsters and have hen and beer. Or…

Clink glasses with my oldsters when they drink soju. – I'm hoping for that. / – It's all about alcohol. We could solely drink after our birthday.

– That's appropriate. / – Now you can drink from January 1st. – They might want to have drunk a tight deal. / – Of course.

Really? – You can do it now then. / – Yes. When do you're feeling like you are absolutely an adult now? Recently, I purchased a transportation card considering the reality that I desired it. I went to register and I couldn't register as a youngster.

That made me realize I was 20 now. It hit me. When I say hello to the driver when I'm in a taxi, The driver used to claim, "Where are you going, kid?" But they ask me, "Where are you going, young lady?" These days. It surprises me and makes me think, "Does it show?" – It makes me think like that.

/ – "Does it show?" Do you prefer to be called young lady? – That's cute. / – It feels new to me. – Before… / – Since this is the first time you have heard it.

– Young lady. / – That's appropriate. Let's  Battle Trip now. Today's special is a spring flower holiday at 20.

Where did you go for your flower holiday? We went to Suncheon, which is currently having a spring flower festival, then went to Gwangyang. – Suncheon and Gwangyang. / – Right. This team…

Must have a tight deal to eat. Suncheon has scrumptious cuisine. Suncheon has loads of smart restaurants there. You can not leave Gwangyang out.

Gwangyang as well. Gwangyang is amazing. Can we watch for an consuming show? – Of course. / – You can watch for it.

Mina, can we absolutely watch for it? I gave up being on a diet on this holiday. Did you eat a tight deal on this holiday? Yes, on this holiday, we simply ate, ate, ate, ate and then took shots in between. That's what the tour was about. Did you notice flowers? Yes, we saw a hundred million flowers.

– a hundred Million flowers? / – Yes. – a hundred Million? / – Not 1 million? – a hundred Million flowers. / – a hundred Million flowers. We went to a park the place a hundred million flowers were in bloom.

Right away… She started singing when she heard a hundred million flowers. 2, 3.  a hundred Million flowers are in bloom   Without holding back…

My daughter. Our daughter. Nice. Jihoon and Woojin, the place did you go? We started from Jinju and went to Hadong, which has the most exquisite flower path in Korea.

– Jinju… / – Don't we've something impressive? They have a hundred million flowers. Of course we do. We went to the 10 ri flower road.

Do you recognize of it? – 10 Ri? / – Cherry blossoms each of the tactic? – Oh, 4km? / – 10 Ri as in 4km. Have you ever showered in cherry blossoms? – A shower? / – With cherry blossoms? That's how many petals there were? You'll be shocked whilst you notice. – Enough to take a bathtub? / – Seriously. Okay then.

Flower holiday of 20-yr-olds. It's Hadong vs. Suncheon. People may simply think that this is an unexpected place for 20-yr-olds to commute.

These locations are well-known as the hottest locations on social media. A lot of young employees like these locations. That's why we went there on Battle Trip. Let's money out the map and see the place they went.

You need to carry going down. It's much turbo nowadays. It's quite far. Jinju, Hadong.

Gwangyang, Suncheon. Isn't that Hwagae Market? – That's appropriate. / – It is. You're appropriate.

Between Gyeongsang-do and Jeolla-do. Looking at the map, I think you can go to Jinju, then Hadong, then Gwangyang, and Suncheon in one holiday. Right, if you have gotten the time. If you have gotten ample time, that is the right method.

Jinju is noted for chilly noodles. Of course, this is noted. – Do you recognize? / – Of course. Honestly, I didn't know.

I was try to discover smart restaurants in Jinju… – I found it was noted for chilly noodles. / – Very noted. So we went there appropriate away.

What's in Hadong? We spent good-hunting benefit in Hadong. – Did you spend several budget? / – Yes. We ate Korean pork after all. I can not wait.

– Everyone will get excited by the pork. / – But… Since we're talking about cuisine… Once we comprehensive our promotions, our reins are removed.

We eat like this is an consuming show. You have not got to indicate your midriffs anymore. That's appropriate. Look at me.

So I'm absolutely shopping forward to their consuming show. Did you recognize that Suncheon, the place Yoojung and Mina went, is a pilgrimage for Rail-Ro workout travelers? Rail-Ro? It's for Koreans much less than 29. It's an infinite workout commute move that could be utilized in any workout in Korea. – Is there something like that? / – You can not use it.

There are dates for that. – That's appropriate. / – They have specific dates. You can decide the two 5 days or 7 days.

You can plan in actual reality based on… – Your commute route. / – If you buy that move… Can you ride a workout anywhere? You can ride to anywhere.

The complete u.s.a.. Think of it as an infinite move for five days. That's appropriate. Also in Suncheon…

You can get free lodging. Or you can hire a bus. – There are many services. / – It's a service.

It's very nice. That's smart. – Anyway. / – First off…

Let's go see the a hundred million flowers first. We'll go to Suncheon. Do you have gotten a tour name? 1, 2, 3, 4.  Spring is here  – Yoobom…

/ – Nabom… Spring is here. You in addition geared up an event, didn't you? Before we started the holiday, we geared up a small event. When you put up a photograph of your self watching our holiday on TV, we will decide one among the crucial viewers and presents you the shots we took.

– That's meaningful. / – It's absolutely an idol special. It's a 20-yr-olds' spring holiday. This is Mina and Yoojung's holiday.

Why don't we shout out your name to  us off? Spring flower holiday at 20. – Yoobom. / – Nabom. – Let's money it out! / – Let's money it out! I'm already feeling excited.

My pride is as much as here. Planning a stopover at is whilst you are excited the most. (Hehe) (Hehe) Goodness. Hello, I'm Mina of Gugudan.

Hello, I'm Yoojung of Weki Meki. (They were a part of I.O.I from Producer 101 Season 1) (They finished their time with I.O.I) This holiday can be meaningful. How exquisite. So, we…

This time… For the first time… For the first time… We're going on a stopover at jointly.

Right? – So cute. / – We… Just turned 20, you recognize. – Right.

/ – Now… We have no barriers. – They're long previous. / – We're a chunk extra…

– Free. / – That's appropriate. It's my first time going on an overnight holiday with a pal, with no my oldsters… It's a first for me too.

We solely had beach, pension, beach, pension. We didn't plan the relaxation. – We solely went to play. / – Right.

– This was your first time? / – Yes. I've on no account spent a night out. It's our 1st holiday as 20-yr-olds, I need to do this when we go on our holiday. I have a wish.

At a roof higher bar. I need to check out the cocktails there. – At a complex bar? / – While taking note of music… A glass of cocktail.

Your intellect is already at the bar. I need to do something like riding a bicycle with you. But I don't know the tactic to ride one. Huh? – Huh? / – If we ride a 2-man bicycle…

I can solely go straight. You can drive the bicycle. Right… You can enjoy the view whilst I drive the bicycle.

I got it. Also… In junior high, the twin look was trending. That's appropriate.

I've on no account worn an analogous outfit with my pal. And I need to… Go drinking… I need to drink.

It should be exciting simply imagining it. From an especially long-term ago, I've desired to go backpacking on a workout. That's a terrific theory. Since this is spring now, we should go see the flowers.

– I've been puzzling over it. / – Really? If we're going to work out flowers, we need to work out a field that's covered with flowers. While we're at it. Let's go to a space with an complete field of flowers.

I've done my analysis. Suncheonman National Garden's spring flower festival. The festival lasts from April 6th to May 22th. Are there loads of flowers in Suncheon? – For that long? / – I absolutely need to visit a festival.

This proves that the flowers over there are so strong. Are you saying the soil there is fertile? Yes, consequently of that, you can see flowers till May. The flowers will still be in bloom… – Even after this show airs.

/ – Right, appropriate. The festival ends on May 22th. – I absolutely need to go see flowers. / – Right? – We can take shots.

/ – Flowers like this. There are loads of tulips. Look at that. And this place is…

This is the place you can take the right shots. – This place is literally nice. / – Right? Flowers are in all locations. I read that Suncheon is a should stopover at place to go by workout for travelers who're in their 20s.

That's what you were after. – Yeah. / – That's what you are after. – You were.

/ – At first… I deliberate a workout holiday from the . There's in addition that. It's a space that's set as much as indicate what Korea was like in the nineteen sixties and nineteen seventies.

So… It's like going back in time. You and I. Can go back in time too.

This is sweet. The Yoobom Nabom Trip. You feel like crying once extra, appropriate? Anyway, we can attempt that. We can take loads of shots here.

I solely picked the destination which is Suncheon and the transportation, the workout. Next to Suncheon, Yeosu and Gwangyang are positioned. – That's the full itinerary. / – Yes.

– Yeosu, Suncheon and Gwangyang. / – Yeosu is sweet. – Yeosu is vital. / – But…

Yeosu has been introduced on Battle Trip already. But they showed a tiny a part of Gwangyang that time. Like a brief preview. We can introduce the urban thoroughly this time.

– We'll be thorough. / – Yes, thoroughly. Gwangyang is noted for bulgogi. Bulgogi.

Gwangyang bulgogi. – Yes, we've that. / – We can introduce that. – We can…

/ – You look so utterly satisfied. We can attempt the bulgogi too. Let's find loads of exciting matters to do there. Let's make our holiday amazing.

You find out extra about Suncheon. I'll find extra about Gwangyang. Okay. Should we clap? We have a terrific plan.

Right. Then… Let's name our holiday. My name is Yoojung and you are Mina.

And this is spring or "bom." Mina, Yoojung… Yoojung. Yoobom, Nabom. And Yoo feels like "you." So this is like your spring, my spring.

– Like you and me. / – Yes, like that. – Sounds meaningful. / – Yoojung, Mina.

– Yoobom Nabom. / – I prefer it. You and me. – Your spring, my spring.

/ – My spring. Yoobom Nabom. Let's go! – So organic and natural. / – They sound diversified.

Are you ready?   I'm ready   Spring, spring, spring, spring is here  – Yoobom. / – Nabom. Spring is here! Looks so exciting. (Fascinated) It's a swing! Want me to push you? (She steps on the flowers) I stepped on the flowers.

– So cute. / – Cute. – Cute. / – I love this place.

It smells like tonic. (Smell of the herbal tonic) It's like adult spicy rice cakes. I like the manner of jujubes. – So fairly.

/ – Finally… – She's drinking. / – Is that wine? I've continuously desired to check out this. With visitors…

We have not seen that dance in ages. It's diversified when the originals do it. (Yoojung's spring) (Mina's spring) (Current time, 4:30 a.M.) – 4:30? / – 4:30 A.M. – Yes.

/ – We are at Yongsan Station. We're in Yongsan now. Yes, this is Yongsan Station. Don't you suspect we should stopover at many locations in Suncheon? That's why we will get on the first workout and get moving.

Understood? – This method, we'll stopover at many locations. / – Right, appropriate. Yoojung said I need to believe her and follow her lead as we speak. That's appropriate.

Let me contend with as we speak's itinerary. We'll take an honest go looking Suncheon and take a relaxation. Okay, okay. – Let's go.

/ – Let's go. Let's go. (They set out to Suncheon) What's this? Why? What's going on? What is this? Is this a workout station? – You've solely been to Seoul Station? / – Wait… I'd on no account been.

– You've on no account even been to Seoul Station? / – No. Yoojung is fascinated by our station. What is this place? – I've on no account seen this earlier than. / – This is Yongsan.

– So many firsts for you. / – Yes. It feels so strange. Why? It's like…

I still can not settle for as true with it. We're absolutely going on this holiday. Unbelievable. We have a absolutely essential matter on our palms.

The much anticipated… Ta-da. Ta-da. Ta-da! We made these the other day.

You should take these on trips these days. If you take a photograph through these… – They turn out meaningful. / – Right.

It'd be meaningful if you make one earlier than going on your holiday. When you take a photograph with that at the beach, it looks so smart. This is how they turned out. Isn't this fairly? Ta-da.

So fairly. Then… Let's take this out… – Yeah.

/ – And take a photograph here. Right here. This is the spot. This is it.

This looks smart. So it suggests. (Toppers are the main focus) (Yoojung sleeps on the workout) (Yongsan Station, Suncheon Station) (2 hours and forty mins) (Suncheon Station, 7:50 a.M.) We've arrived at Suncheon Station. This is Suncheon! Was that your first time there? – Yes.

/ – Yes. My gosh. We need to do this thing. – What is it? / – A photo with the station name.

We need to take a photograph with the signal. – People take shots like that. / – Isn't that fairly? Suncheon. Suncheon.

Where are we going now? – We will… / – You informed me to follow your lead. After I.O.I, this is the first time… – We've long previous anywhere jointly.

/ – That's appropriate. Doesn't it feel like… – We've long previous back to that time? / – Yes. To absolutely commute back in time…

Are we going? We will take the bus to commute back in time. – It should've been a terrific holiday. / – That method. – Let's go.

/ – Were you in highschool in I.O.I? – Yes. / – Yes. We first met when we were 17. Oh, my.

Besides, you were so busy whilst you were in I.O.I. – You didn't have time to commute. / – That's so true. That's appropriate.

Even at this level, it sort of… Feels like… We're in a drama set. Is that the bus hinder? I think this is it.

Yes, this should be it. Here it is, drama set. Then from here… I guess it has been a whilst since you took the bus.

– Yes. / – It's been a whilst. – Right? / – Walking around to rejoice us being 20… I think it is going to be memorable.

The bus is here. My gosh, the bus! – Ta-da. We'll take this bus. / – seventy seven.

Here we go. When we go to Gwangyang tomorrow, we will take the similar bus. Is that so? Yes, we'll take the similar bus. You can stopover at almost all of the tourist points of curiosity with Bus seventy seven.

– We should take into consideration that number. / – Yes. This slightly looks like Jeju-do. Really? Everything about Suncheon looks appealing to me.

It's diversified taking the bus to visit school and taking the bus on a stopover at. You're appropriate. Your faces look diversified. On days like this, even the weather's nice.

Right. You're appropriate. The dramas that were filmed here are all shown here… Like this.

Amazing. "Bread, Love and Dreams". Of course, I know. I know Kim Takgu.

– "Gangnam Blues." / – They filmed dramas here. – Many dramas were shot here. / – forty seven. "East of Eden." – We're here! / – I see work of art.

1970S, 1980s, nineteen sixties. Divided into eras. This is so appealing. It's a TV-shaped entrance.

Hello. Two tickets, please. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

I'm going to connect this to my diary. It's a scene from the former. Restroom. This is Suncheon.

Goosebumps. Goosebumps. Why? I saw that in "Lights and Shadows." – Really? / – That theater. – A domestic theater! / – That's appropriate.

– It was so fascinating. / – Yeah. It's that place. – So fascinating.

/ – It was absolutely fascinating. When employees come here, everyone rents out college uniforms. Boys and females uniforms. Everyone does.

We can put on them here? You should attempt that out. People should rent college uniforms. – Taking shots… / – You should enter that time.

– So many. / – I absolutely need to check out it. Coming here with visitors, wearing uniforms and consuming lunch bins. Experiencing these matters.

– Hello. / – Hello. No method. This is a university.

Isn't this adorable? Those green desks! It was so appealing. I hate that wood. Right. You get all these splinters.

That's appropriate. If you touch the inaccurate spot. Right. If you notice in motion shots…

Right. The character in "Black Rubber Shoes" wears this. What sort of uniform is this? They have props. Student president.

They had that there. Kang Daniel? – Why is that there? / – What's Kang Daniel? You can borrow name tags. It was there as an example. – Ta-da.

/ – Ta-da. They did this. That's so obsolete. No, no.

We need to own it. We should look positive. (Confident) Hey, you said we need to look positive! Hey, you said we need to look positive! (Cute) If you take shots in uniform here, they will look meaningful. – There were many spots for shots.

/ – Looks smart. You can take these shots and compare them to your mother's. – You're appropriate. / – Of course.

Doesn't it feel like we're scholars of the historic days? – What do you mean? / – It's so… Isn't this 1988? (Sunyang Cinema in 1988) That's appropriate. I saw this theater in the drama. This theater showed up a tight deal in "Giant." And "Lights and Shadows." Ah! Right? You take into consideration that, don't you? (Oops) (What is this?) We can now watch…

Erotic motion shots. I'm so embarrassed. They were… They solely had these form of movie posters.

What is that? Adult motion shots… Why didn't they have matters like "Rambo?" Should we go in? (Embarrassed ) (We're 20 years historic, we can watch all motion shots) Here… – Wow. / – Pretty shots.

These shots can be memorable. – Later on. / – You take shots together with your phones… And they print them on wood frames.

Just like from the historic days? – A place that suits our uniforms. / – That suits… We should take a photograph in this manner of space. (Poor hillside village in the nineteen seventies) The weather was meaningful that day.

– This is it. / – You're appropriate. No. No.

Lean on me. Everyone took shots on their sides in the nineteen seventies. – That was so nice. / – Great photo.

I have not looked but. Me neither. – Let's look on the count of three. / – Okay.

1, 2, 3. This one turned out meaningful. This is awesome. It's like a movie.

– Doesn't it look like it? / – This one's no comic story. Thank you. – Bye. / – Thank you.

– It's a photograph of a life-time. / – So fairly. You're appropriate. When it comes to Battle Trip…

You can not leave out cuisine. You're well-known to be a picky eater. That's true. You can not eat loads of cuisine.

– You can not eat them all? / – No, I can not. You can not eat any of the dishes on the list? Something that suits your tastes. – Restaurant. / – I found a course.

– Right, appropriate. / – A course meal? Okay. (Drama set) (Suncheon eatery) (30 mins by Bus seventy seven) Traveling by bus… – You're dressed the similar.

/ – The twin look? We kept going with the twin look. A holiday to Suncheon is so… I feel like we can do the full lot here. So what are we consuming? Today, we will eat the noted dish everyone should attempt in Suncheon.

We'll eat spicy fishcake. My gosh. Spicy fishcake? Fishcake? Seriously… This is like asking a cat to carry on to a fish.

Looks smart. That looks so smart. Amazing. – Hey.

/ – Amazing. What is it? This is… We have a space this in my neighborhood. Should we write something too? We love spicy rice cakes.

– Right. / – It's fortunate that it wasn't the busy hour. The scholars would go crazy. It'd be insane.

It absolutely looks cute. It'd be exciting to go and seek for that. At that restaurant. (They write for each other) Actually…

Suncheon is noted for cockles. – Cockles? / – Yeah. She can not eat cockles. But cockles are not in season now.

So… We love fried foods, appropriate? We love it. While we were promoting, we had spicy rice cakes… – Hey, hey, you are appropriate.

/ – Yeah. We solely had spicy rice cakes or cup rice in our green room. – Or hen. / – We ordered it at the dorm.

You're appropriate. We ordered spicy rice cakes a tight deal. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

This is how this is served. Hey, but for the value, the serving is vast. Do you cook dinner it on the spot? I prefer it when there's extra fishcake than rice cake. I propose it for employees who like fishcakes.

– Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal. (I'll eat this up) (She's targeted) (Blowing) (Blowing) I solely blew lightly. (Slurping) This is so smart.

(Blowing) (Blowing) – See? See? / – I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Mina. This… I get why this is called spicy fishcakes.

Is it spicy? Spicy rice cakes are routinely candy. It's… Spicy. It's spicy.

Like absolutely spicy seafood noodles. – Yes, this is like that. / – It's absolutely spicy. Taste like absolutely spicy noodles.

Too spicy for Yoojung. She can not eat spicy cuisine. It's like adult spicy rice cakes. Yoojung…

She eats like a kid. – She's cute. / – Look at her face. I can not eat spicy cuisine.

I can not eat hot or spicy cuisine. – It's precisely this. / – You're appropriate. But I like spicy rice cakes.

The portion is vast though. There are dumplings too. Yes. It was a generous serving.

Try the fishcake. The fishcake. It's seasoned well considering the reality that this is thin. I like that this is cut into chunk-sized items.

– Isn't it spicy? / – No. This is my form of cuisine. That's smart. – We already finished 0.5 of it.

/ – Looks so smart. This is like volcano rice cakes. It's strong but… It's not heavy.

– Isn't it light? / – It's not the spiciness that hurts. Isn't it light? (This is my sort of cuisine) – Today, this is so… / – Mina eats so well. Mina.

I can take small bites but I can not take vast bites. – It looks… / – It looks scrumptious. How long has it been since you ate as much as you prefer? – It's been a whilst.

/ – Right? Weve been promoting our albums these days. I see. You can not eat much then. (If it receives too spicy, a sip of drink to ease down) Let's turn off the stove.

Shall we? We may simply find your self scorching it. I was boiling it down so we can combine rice. You're a seasoned. The sauce is…

We fried rice with the sauce. This is it. That's so… It was absolutely scrumptious.

Koreans continuously do this at the tip of a meal. I need to do this to finish a meal. – That's how to finish it. / – It's hot.

It's absolutely savory. I could instantly feel the aroma of the cheese. Woojin has fallen for the blended rice. – You need to eat that.

/ – Right? Actually, I don't absolutely like cheddar cheese considering the reality that it could be a little bit too greasy. But this isn't very greasy at all. It's absolutely savory. – It's like a cheese pancake.

/ – We finished it. It looks so scrumptious. When you go on a stopover at, it is best to eat a tight deal. Of course.

(Mmm) It's scrumptious. What are we doing now? It's spring, so we're going to go see flowers. Let's go see flowers. It's okay.

You can act like that at your age. We're going to a spring flower festival. The one you showed me earlier than? – That… That…

/ – Yes, yes, that's appropriate. a hundred Million flowers. That's appropriate. – There? / – We're going there.

Shall we go? – Thank you for the cuisine. / – Thank you for the cuisine. (Suncheonman National Garden) (30 mins on Bus sixty six) I'd want to work out a hundred million flowers. (Spring is when the full lot is in full bloom) This place is literally vast.

We're here. We're ultimately here. Well, this is the place I've been shopping forward the most. – Me.

/ – Me too. Right? Right? – Let's money it out first. / – Hurry, hurry. I think we should hurry to work out a tight deal.

Let's hurry and money it out. We need to stroll around a tight deal. Right. I absolutely desired to test flowers.

(It's the length of 1 hundred fifty soccer stadiums) one hundred fifty soccer stadiums? – Yes, this is absolutely vast. / – It's vast. Healing wooded area. By the tactic…

I was questioning how a hundred million flowers could fit in one place. But this is so vast. We should money the map. There's a lake too.

1-Hour course, 2-hour course. This one begins from East Gate to Rose Garden, Maze Garden, Lake Garden, German Garden, Dutch Garden… Let's take the Yoobom Nabom course. Okay.

– Shall we go? / – Okay. You gained't be capable of see the full thing in an afternoon. Some employees stay there overnight simply to stopover at this place. There are lots of employees here.

It's so… The tulips are so exquisite. (Flower path from the doorway) How fairly.  The worldwide   Is a little bit cold   Compared to   When I was living within you   Without the relaxation lacking  The tulips there…

– Are simply the commencing. / – Right. This is simply the commencing? – This is simply the commencing. / – Tulips are the .

How many flowers are there that this is simply the ? That's how vast it is. I can not settle for as true with I'm here. Amazing. – There's a lake as well? / – Yes.

I can not settle for as true with there's this manner of gigantic national garden. – It's so fascinating. / – That path is so exquisite. – Right.

/ – I can not settle for as true with this manner of space exists. It's absolutely nice there. Many employees said that we had to stopover at the Dutch Garden, so we added it to our course. –  I like  / – It's so fairly.

You  This is so exquisite. It looks so fairly. It was absolutely fairly. It's a perfect place to take nice shots.

Any random photo turns out nice. It'd be meaningful for shots. This is so fairly! This is too much. I think this is my first time seeing tulips since I was a little bit girl.

Right? We don't many times see tulips unless you are in an enjoyment park. It's so fairly. Are we in Korea? – So fairly. / – I love this color.

– This? / – I'm absolutely into… – Lavender these days. / – Lavender? This? – Can I sit down down? / – Yes. 1, 2, 3.

1, 2, 3. – So fairly, appropriate? / – That's so fairly. It's all flowers in the back. The flowers are so nice.

Seriously Like this. – Pretty. / – That's how this is done. Is it a development to close your eyes whilst you take shots like this? They do that nowadays.

Like this. To make you seem smooth. Fresh? Right. So it is a trending pose, appropriate? – Closing your eyes.

/ – Right. Now, we're going to work out canola flowers. After seeing canola flowers, we'll see animals. There are so many stuff we need to work out.

So first, enable's go see canola flowers. (Everything that is yellow is canola flowers) (My goodness) – Seriously. / – Amazing. How many flowers are there?" How many canola flowers are here? This is simply…

Like Jeju-do. This is amazing. – It's so fairly. / – Seriously, it is.

Make sure you return here. It was so fairly. I… I desired to take shots of the smart tales here, so I brought soap bubbles.

– You brought these for shots? / – Yes. Will it work? But it should be windy… But it should be windy… You need loads of wind…

– Huh? / – Goodness. They'll fly out now. So fairly. – That's like…

/ – I thought it was photo-shopped. They look like manga characters. Here we go. – God? / – Ready…

(Swing) – Hey! / – Did it come out okay? – Did we get an honest one? / – I think I did. Oh, wow. – That was absolutely fascinating. / – That was smart, appropriate? I think it is.

How did you get the sluggish-mo appropriate here? Right? That's awesome. – Good process. / – Please pat my head. – Good process, smart process.

/ – I did so well. Right? Let me take a video of you this time. Cue. – That's an honest one.

/ – I can tell this is smart. – It turned out well. / – It did. – She smiled.

/ – She did well. She smiled. It was smart when she smiled. This is the place it begins.

This is how it turns out. Isn't it fairly? Then the bubbles fly out. You did well too. – Hey.

/ – I know the tactic it works now. – Nice. / – Okay, okay. – Then…

/ – Yeah? Let's go see the flamingoes you desired to work out. Flamingoes! I heard there are other animals as well. Let's go see animals. Let's hurry.

– Let's go! / – Go! – I need to work out. / – How do you're feeling appropriate now? My coronary heart is racing! – This place is literally nice. / – It is. – Wow.

/ – Wow. The first time in my 20 years of life seeing flamingoes. Unbelievable. It's like they're wearing stockings.

Look at their bodies. They're forming a coronary heart. I wish I could touch them. Two flamingoes make a constitution of coronary heart jointly.

They could be status with solely one leg. Yeah. Behind the one who is sleeping. You're appropriate.

Amazing. They have such thin legs. It's absolutely appealing that they sleep on one leg. They hide the other leg.

Look. This is so fascinating. – Everything's a first. / – Right.

– Seeing flamingoes for the first time. / – All firsts. – First time in the Dutch Garden. / – First holiday.

There's extra within? Yes, in that building over there, there are other animals. Bye, guys. We're leaving. – They're very flexible.

/ – They are. They can bend like this. – What are you doing? / – She's smart at that. She's smart at that.

– Good at bending her body. / – Yeah. At times like this, you simply need to maneuver along. I'm not going to answer.

(The next visitors after the flamingo are) – Prairie dogs? / – Oh, my. Oh, they're so cute. – So cute. / – Aren't they too cute? So cute.

Do it's your decision to be on Battle Trip? They eat a tight deal. What is that? They make it look so smart. I know. – They were so cute.

/ – Eating so well. – Goodness, fennec foxes. / – Fennec fox! – They're so fairly. / – Aren't they fairly? I need to reinforce them.

Oh, my. They're so cute. People say I look like a fennec fox. – That's appropriate.

/ – You do. – You look like one. / – You like alike. So cute.

They're so cute. – Meerkats! / – Seriously. It was so amazing. They were status up like this.

They're on the lookout for large predators. That's why they stand on their feet and go looking. Please stand for us. – Just once.

/ – That's what I'm thinking too. They need to take shots. – Zoom. / – Just once.

– Please solely once. / – But they… Do it solely once. They should be going within.

We desired to take that so bad. Did you await ages? Like this… No, like this. Let's stroll and then do this.

Got it? Walk and 1, 2, 3. – That's what came about? / – What's going on? Cute! How fairly. Zoom. They absolutely gathered.

– Oh, my. / – So cute! It was fascinating… – That they absolutely stood up. / – Wait a minute.

How did you call them? It was so amazing. They should've been mindful. Try it whilst you go there. It may simply work.

So cute. They know the tactic to act on TV. Look at that. They absolutely put their palms like that.

– So cute. / – They're so cute. Their noses are red. Are they trying to pretend to be bigger than us? (I'm not going to lose) I'm so utterly satisfied.

I turn out to be utterly satisfied when I see cute animals. Thank you. Bye. – Bye.

/ – Farewell. 1, 2, 3. Step, step, step. Are you a meerkat? – Cute.

/ – They're so cute. From Suncheon to Gwangyang… We'll need to sleep a night, appropriate? – Right. / – We need to sleep.

– We do. / – At a guest house. That sounds smart. I didn't know this was a guest house.

(Suncheonman National Garden to guest house) (Automatic reflex) – Let's go this technique. / – Here it is. The guest house. Shall we go within? – Let's hurry.

/ – Let's go. (A place to relaxation for a little bit whilst as we speak) – Hello. / – Hello. (Guest house, double room for $50) (They enter the guest house) It smells so nice.

So nice. – $50 For 2 employees is cheap. / – Yes. – This bed.

/ – Yeah. Isn't it equal to the ones in the I.O.I dorm? – These rails? / – Yeah, the rails. – But this place is extra desirable, appropriate? / – Yeah. You know why? – It's two single beds here.

/ – Yeah. It's smart to sleep there jointly and make tales. – You can speak and sleep. / – It's so smart.

It reminded of us of the former. True. Don't you're keen on that time? – Right earlier than you go to sleep and talking. / – Yes.

What are you puzzling over? I'm simply… Sad. That this would end tomorrow. I've continuously desired to commute with no my oldsters and I'm glad that…

– I'm doing this with you. / – Right? That's what made it extra desirable. We wore college uniforms and took shots. – We in addition ate vintage snacks.

/ – That's appropriate. Being capable of commute with simply you and me was so smart. I realized we received so much love back then. I feel like I'm experiencing that once extra.

That's this manner of conventional dance. So many of us cheered for us. I feel so grateful for that. (Memories extra helpful considering the reality that we can not go back) We need to stand up early and have the breakfast buffet.

That's appropriate. Whatever you have geared up… – Just believe me. / – I'll simply follow that course.

Sounds smart. Let's hurry up and sleep. – There's lots to eat tomorrow. / – Let's sleep.

– "There's lots to eat tomorrow." / – Turning the sunshine off. They're so cute. I didn't inform you the highlight. – We're going to eat Korean pork.

/ – What? – Korean pork? / – That's why we need to sleep now. I'm so excited. I'm so excited. Let's go to sleep.

We need to wake up early. – I'll see you in my dream. / – Do we need to? You have not got to. – You can not hinder talking.

/ – Sleep well. The sunlight will rise at this rate.  The sunlight is up   Get up now  – What do they have? / – Let's eat breakfast. – Take two items of toast.

/ – Is that in the guest house? – Guest house breakfast? / – Yes. – In the basement. / – It's for free? Yes. – Part of the lodging commission? / – Yes.

(Pop) – Is it working? / – Isn't it working? We've on no account used a toaster earlier than. (It should be working since this is warm) (They attempt the cereal) That's so cute. This is new. Is this all we get? It's too little.

Nice. – Stop, hinder. / – Stop? Okay. (Let's eat now) It's so cute.

– Let's eat. / – Let's eat. (They are filling their stomachs earlier than they leave) She hunches so well. She eats whilst hunched.

– She continuously hunches over. / – When she eats… She's absolutely into it. If Yoojung deliberate the day in Suncheon…

Today is my plan. – Mina's spring. / – Mina, Mina, Mina.  Mina, Mina, Mina  Don't you suspect Gwangyang can be absolutely exciting as we speak? I absolutely need to check out Gwangyang bulgogi.

They have a bulgogi edge road in Gwangyang. The edge road is full of bulgogi restaurants. That's appropriate. – We should specialize bulgogi.

/ – I like that. We should specialize bulgogi. If Yoojung deliberate the day in Suncheon… Today is my plan.

This is so smart! (Captivating 20-yr-historic's hearts) – We're ultimately going. / – It simply glided by. – I'm shopping forward to this. / – Looking forward to it.

It's so fairly here. Seocheon Riverside. So nice! I love it. Goodness.

Yoobom Nabom, spring is here. Bye. (We'll  Mina's spring in Gwangyang appropriate now) (Mina's spring) We're shopping forward to it. – Will they  with bulgogi? / – It's Gwangyang.

This weather makes me need to hum.  I'm a banana allergy monkey  (Excited) This should be the bus hinder. This should be the bus hinder. It should be.

Bus seventy seven will arrive soon. Bus seventy seven is here. – Hello. / – Hello.

It's meat. There is a diversified combined tour fee ticket between Suncheon and Gwangyang. It's more affordable if you stopover at extra than 3 locations. Really? This is amazing.

We're here. – This is the Gwangyang bulgogi edge road. / – Right. – It's Gwangyang bulgogi edge road.

/ – It says it appropriate here. (Gwangyang bulgogi edge road) – Wow. / – So many bulgogi restaurants. Right.

We're going to a Korean pork bulgogi place. – The Korean pork that kept me up last night? / – Right. – You like pickled plums, appropriate? / – Yes. You can eat it with pickled plums.

– Plums and bulgogi. / – That's appropriate. It's destiny. – What did they say? / – Destiny.

Oh, destiny. The other locations commission over $20. But for us… The owner raises cows.

– Really? / – Yes. That's why this is cheap. – Really? / – Yes. It's perfect for the early 20s.

– How do I put it? / – Very cheap and scrumptious. – Very satisfactory. / – That's appropriate. – Trip with no budget anxiety.

/ – You're appropriate.  Let's go eat Korean pork  (They ultimately get to style Gwangyang bulgogi) – The bulgogi was so scrumptious. / – It looks so smart. It absolutely looks smart.

Plum? You eat it with plums. – That looks so smart. / – That is scrumptious. – It was so smart.

/ – Show us easily. Here… At other locations, they marinate the meat beforehand. – That's appropriate.

/ – It's that well-known brown color. Here, they marinate it earlier than this is cooked… – So the meat is read. / – Really? You know that fairly uncooked meat color? – Pretty color.

/ – Gwangyang bulgogi doesn't have soup. – They cook dinner it like that. / – That's appropriate. And you cook dinner it.

– It's diversified to the bulgogi we know. / – Right? It looks scrumptious. That was so smart. Thank you.

There are so many edge dishes. The meat looks so nice. (Make several noise!) The meat is red not like the meat they serve in other restaurants. It's so red.

This is the pickled plum. I've had chili pickles earlier than… – But I've on no account tried this earlier than. / – It looks smart.

– That's absolutely smart. Pickled plum. / – It's smart. It's candy and sour.

It's so sour. – Can I simply have this rather then pickles? / – Right? So smart, appropriate? – It was so sour. / – It's meaningful for digestion. – True.

/ – Indeed. I'm excited. (Falling for the meat) Yoojung's commencing to hunch up now. She's hunching.

It cooks fast. – Thank you. / – Thank you. (What does Gwangyang bulgogi style like?) Her reaction doesn't enable us down.

(I did it considering the reality that it was so scrumptious) We say sorry to the waitress. Our females react so loudly. I get now why employees said it's your decision to check out the bulgogi in Gwangyang. I know now.

There's no level coming here if you do not attempt this. I thought the meat could be dry considering the reality that this is so thin. – But this is juicy. / – Yes, and this is very chewy.

Is there any method to make it even extra scrumptious? Wrap it in lettuce and perilla leaf. Like this. This is bigoted. You shouldn't do this.

That tastes amazing. Is it for me? (She takes a gigantic chunk) (Do you favor it?) It hit you. You simply chewed on the pickled plum, didn't you? I can see that. In Suncheon, Gwangyang, it is best to eat this.

– This? / – It's game over with this. I need to go back simply to eat that. – Really? / – Me too. – Is it that smart? / – Okay, I fully get you now.

I get what you are saying. The pickled plum is so smooth and sour. (She in addition opens her mouth huge) I like how it pops in your mouth. The pickled plum has a exceptional style.

That's what makes the full thing scrumptious. – It's scrumptious. / – It's so scrumptious, isn't it? Try the meat smooth from the grill. Try the meat.

(It's so hot) – She's so funny. / – Look at her face. It tastes so smart. You need to eat it smooth from the grill.

That's appropriate. You shouldn't enable it relaxation on the plate. You need to bring the meat straight from the grill. – You shouldn't use a plate? / – You need to eat transient.

– As if you are fishing. / – That's appropriate. Woojin, are you convinced? I'm sort of jealous. It looks so scrumptious.

That's… (They're enjoying the absolutely hot cuisine) This is amazing. It's diversified. – This is why we came here.

/ – Right. This is so… If you didn't eat this, you shouldn't say you have been to Suncheon, Gwangyang. You should attempt this here.

Okay? This is amazing. I don't think I will eat any other bulgogi from now on. It's so scrumptious. I think Yoojung could be a terrific actress too.

– So many faces. / – Such loads of of expressions. They eat so well. (They hold consuming) (They finished the cuisine) We'd want to order 2 extra parts of meat.

That's it. – They need to eat extra. / – More plums too. – Thank you.

/ – You need to get extra. Thank you. – Shall we ? / – Shall we ? – Actually… / – Is this a commencing? (I'm done) (I'm simply getting started) (Even when Yoojung left, Mina kept consuming) I need to visit Suncheon.

– For the bulgogi? / – Yes. – Gwangyang. / – You said you desired to ride bikes. Right.

How about I teach you? I've learned earlier than so I can ride it. But I can solely go straight. Let me teach you. Where can we ride bicycles? Near Seocheon Riverside and Seomjin River.

– There are loads of canola flowers. / – Canola flowers. It's covered with the flowers there. – All covered.

/ – Really? We need to ride bikes now. I'm so utterly satisfied. Do many of us ride bicycles at Seocheon Riverside? I think so. – It's appropriate next to the place you were.

/ – Yes. – That looks nice. / – Perfect course. – You eat bulgogi then…

/ – You do not get that in Seoul. – Exactly. / – This is Seocheon Riverside. – Seoul is too artificial.

/ – Really? – It's so fairly here, isn't it? / – Yeah. The flowers are exquisite here. Doesn't it make you're feeling smart… – To see the open view here? / – Right.

Just watching the river flow makes me feel smart. They're all cherry trees but no blossoms. This place should be exquisite with cherry blossoms. – It should be absolutely exquisite.

/ – Right? This place should be colorful each of the time. I love the colors here. Riding a bicycle here should be nice for sure, but walking should be nice as well. (They play with each other) Now enable's go ride bicycles.

This is so nice. Hello. We'd want to rent bicycles. From April 6th…

You can rent bicycles for free in Gwangyang. – Really? / – Yes. If this is free, it is best to ride it. They simply started this service.

The weather is vital as we speak. It's so sunny. – Let's go! / – Let's go! Hey, Mina. There are solely…

This many canola flowers. That road is supposed to be covered with flowers… But we were there too early. (It wasn't like this when I looked it up online) It's supposed to look like this.

Yes. There is possibly extra canola flowers by now. Yes, by now, it is going to be in full bloom. It's okay.

We can enjoy this refined beauty. You're appropriate. "Subtle beauty." She's appropriate. There's refined beauty.

As you push the pedal, put the other foot on the pedal. You're smart. You're smart. I can do this.

Okay. Come here. How do I? Turn around. Be careful.

Be careful. She can not turn corners. (You can simply turn corners together with your feet) Actually, I can not turn corners the two. What the? You two are a terrific team.

(They're excited) Mina, I love this. Mom, dad, I'm riding a bicycle. This is sweet. The weather is so nice, isn't it? It would've been nice if there were canola flowers too.

– It'd be so exquisite with the flowers. / – Right? I'm sure they will make it look like it with CG. Canola flowers! (Yoojung and Mina ride along the flower path) (Mina rides the bicycle with solely one hand) I need to do this too! No, I can not. Choi Yoojung, you are a fool.

Kang Mina, you are a fool. (Although there are no flowers, they enjoy the ride) How was it? Although there were no flowers, it was very nice with the cool breeze and the full lot. The weather makes the ride even extra enjoyable. – Let's go eat plum blossom macarons.

/ – Okay. Let's go. Macaroons? – Plum blossom macarons? / – Yes. I heard Gwangyang is noted for plum blossoms.

But around the time we stopover at the urban, there are no plum blossoms. It's sad to overlook it though. So we will see the plum blossoms through cuisine. – They have plum blossom latte.

/ – Really? – Goodness. / – It looks fairly, doesn't it? And these are plum blossom macarons. They come out like this. – Isn't that fairly? / – It's so fairly.

I'm absolutely frightened about my team now. – Their reactions are so bad. / – That's a authentic flower. When guys eat bulgogi and this is absolutely smart, they go…

The end. (The noted plum blossom shaped macarons) (They look tremendous cute) (Plum blossom macarons, $2 each) We took so many shots. They're meaningful for shots. (She's taking shots once extra) They're so fairly.

It's perfect girly shots to upload on social media. – That 20s feel. / – What does it style like? This is raspberry cream cheese and this is cream cheese. (Yoojung takes a chunk) (Mina takes a chunk too) They say this is the right macaron if it doesn't crumble…

– When you chunk into it. / – It didn't crumble! That didn't crumble. – That macaron was so smooth. / – Yes.

– It went in slowly like this. / – Like this. – Isn't it absolutely chewy? / – Yes. It goes in like this.

It goes like this. I've on no account had a macaron this chewy. I highly propose this. (Cream cheese macaron this time) (Mmm) It's so scrumptious.

Some employees don't love candy stuff that much. I don't think this is that candy. It's not that candy. Now, we need to drink milk tea appropriate after.

It's so fairly, I feel bad consuming it. (What's this flower?) It's a authentic flower! Hey, it is a authentic flower. It's a authentic flower! She has a terrific reaction. – That milk tea is so fairly.

/ – Hey, it is a authentic flower. (Spray rose capacity "I can not hinder admiring") (I need to style it no matter if this is fairly) Wow. Why? It's so smart! (Smiling brightly) What sort of milk tea is this? It's a blend of earl grey, assam and English breakfast are blended. I knew it.

I love milk tea so much, so I tried many numerous kinds but this tastes new. It has a flowery aftertaste. It's so smart. Three styles of tea are blended jointly, so not like other milk teas, it tastes extra like a flower.

This milk tea is so smart. I'm quite shocked by this. We had plum blossom macarons, so now we'll have a latte. One dessert after but one more.

Nice. Let's go have several latte. Let's go. (She packs the leftovers) It's a terrific set.

Macaroon and milk tea. It's a perfect combination. (They're on their method to have plum blossom latte) This place is 5 mins away from the macaron save. – Really? / – It's absolutely close.

It's appropriate here. – Hello. / – Hello. It's fairly.

– The cafe is so fairly. / – It is. We're going to have this. Plum blossom…

– You need to have that. / – It's so fairly. (Adorable plum blossom latte) (Plum blossom latte with pink whipped cream) It's absolutely fairly. It's absolutely fairly.

Did you hear that? "It's absolutely fairly." That was from the backside of his coronary heart. Right? It was. It's so fairly. It's so fairly.

Won't it look fairly if we take shots with these? – Shall we? / – Since they're all plum blossoms. Good, smart. This is perfect for taking shots, whilst you return with a pal. It's so fairly.

Take them appropriate away. (She takes shots with all her coronary heart) (Burning it up) (Plum blossom latte, macaron) You can use a straw to drink this… But this is extra desirable to drink it like this so that you simply can drink in with the cream. It's absolutely scrumptious that method.

It's not the cream you suspect. It's not whipping cream. It's absolutely so… How should I provide an explanation for? I was very much surprised.

When I drank it, the cream didn't go into my mouth. That's "Secret Garden." You have a mouthful of cream and coffee unexpectedly goes in. The condensed milk cream was absolutely dense. – The cream is so smart.

/ – Yoojung. (They drink it one extra time) You can even chew the cream. It's that dense. – Condensed milk.

/ – Condensed milk… – That's cheating. / – Cheating. Really? – That's cheating.

/ – Do it's your decision to check out this? Try this. This one has a sturdy coffee odor. People who can not drink coffee can drink this. This feels like consuming…

– A pink cloud. / – You're appropriate. I've on no account tasted a pink cloud… – But that's how you would describe it.

/ – Right. – It's candy. / – The cafe is ultra cute. (I finished it) – One extra plum blossom latte.

/ – She had two. You said you do not eat much. Thank you. (They enjoy spring as they drink plum blossom latte) I looked, but there is no rooftop bar in Gwangyang.

But I found an increased place. – Really? / – Yes. – We need not go to a rooftop bar. / – Really? – We need not go.

/ – Really? I found a unquestionably meaningful wine bar. So we… I don't know. I absolutely like that place.

Look at her. She's utterly satisfied simply puzzling over it. What a terrific time. We've gotten changed once extra.

We're dressed up accurately. We'll take a cab to the wine bar. Hello. I'm absolutely excited.

I've on no account been to a wine bar. Are you taking a cab to the wine bar? But you take a bus in all locations else. – Cab for the wine bar… / – They got changed too.

– They're spending budget. / – They got changed. – Our clothes… / – You need that black cab.

I feel like we shouldn't be here. No, we need to carry our heads up. – We're 20 years historic. / – Right.

– We can go in. / – That's appropriate. I perceive why it's your decision to embellish up. – I'm scared.

/ – Let's not show that this is our first time. They don't need to indicate that this is their first time. – Hello. / – Having your first dress shoes…

At age 20. You can on no account overlook. I still perceive too. Hello.

This is weird. (They're given a menu) (What does this mean?) – But we do not know about wine. / – Of course not. It was too challenging.

– It's challenging. / – What do we do? I still do not get wine. Can you propose us something? We don't know much about wine. The bestselling wine at our bar is (Ca'Bianca? What?) (What? I have no theory what he's saying) I'll inform you what to do as an educated.

Take solutions and hold drinking diversified ones. Then once you discover one that you simply like, memorize the name. Memorize what this is called? – Memorize the manner. / – Once you memorize that…

That becomes your normal. Wine begins from there. – He's Muhammad Ali of drinking. / – Seriously…

You should learn how to drink from Sikyung. (The bartender leaves) I can not perceive the names. All I perceive is d'Acqui. Even if I pretend to be an adult, I can not fake it.

It bubbles up a little bit bit. So this is straightforward to enjoy. It's fairly. – It looks tasty.

/ – It's competitively priced too. It looks smart. Thank you. This is awkward.

I feel awkward. This is awkward. – I feel weird. / – This is too…

That's  sound. (Stiff) It's smart. I like how it tickles my nose. Why does it tickle my nose? That's the wine bouquet.

– This is the bouquet? / – Yes. (Yoojung learns about wine bouquet) You look smart with wine. She seems mature when she's drinking wine. – It suits her.

/ – She didn't hunch when she drank wine. – You're appropriate. / – She sits up straight. She hunched over when she ate spicy rice cakes.

(Wait, this looks like this is for grownups) What? – Gosh, this is weird. / – I know. – Thank you for the cuisine. / – Thank you.

Eat then drink? Or drink then eat? – You're such learners. / – Whichever method you prefer. I'll attempt this first. (Yoojung and Mina are playing grownups) It suits her.

– Like she's experienced. / – It suits them. Mina looks smart too. (Staring at Yoojung) (What's mistaken?) It feels so weird.

I can not settle for as true with you are drinking. I feel the similar. They think this is funny. Now I can feel that we're 20.

– This is the last day of our holiday. / – Right. The holiday will end after we see the rainbow fountain. – Don't you're feeling sad? / – I don't need to go back.

Don't you're feeling sad? Right? But the fountain can be meaningful. – Is it smart? / – Yes, this is vast. Is it? You can watch for seeing it. Can I watch for it? Alright.

(Darkness falls over Seocheon) This is the last course of our holiday. Such a shame. What's that? That's the Rainbow Bridge. The lighting fixtures come on at night.

It's exquisite. (Jaw-dropping) They have the right reactions. – The ideal. / – Such smart reactions.

Isn't it fascinating? They go up so high. It feels refreshing to work out the fountain in front. So fairly. – Wow.

/ – Wow. Music, lighting fixtures, fountain. – All in sync, appropriate? / – Yes. It's high ample to achieve for the stars.

(The first tune is over) (The next tune maintains) ("On a Spring Day with Cherry Blossoms" by J-Cera) Yoojung. Mina. It feels somewhat touching. It feels so smart to watch it together with your ideal pal.

(The phrases "You and Me" appear swiftly) (What's going on?) Is that conceivable? Congratulations. Wait a minute. – What's going on? / – I geared up this. I simply got goosebumps.

Ta-da. – You did this? / – Yeah. When did you do this? – Can you make a request in advance? / – Yes. You can upload phrases or shots on the homepage.

– Congratulations on being 20. / – Mina, you are so good. We're 20… I feel sad.

You can in addition display a photograph. Isn't so fairly. This is so touching. I can not settle for as true with we're 20.

I think we had… Some time for internal peace. It was so enjoyable. – You equally grew to turn out to be 20 this yr.

/ – Right. She organized it and cried alone. This is so nice. When you are with an honest pal, you get emotional.

You absolutely do. It feels so special that we're on a stopover at to rejoice the age of 20. (Yoobom Nabom enjoy their holiday to the last moment) – I guess you are going to perceive this holiday forever. / – Yes.

Right? We were a team, so we spent loads of time jointly… – But it was our first holiday. / – First time. I came on the first holiday of my life after turning 20.

I'm glad that I came here with you. It feels extra special and meaningful with you. We'll go on a stopover at jointly once extra when we turn out to be 30. – 30? / – That's nice.

It was amazing. Yoobom Nabom, spring is here! – Bye. / – Bye. (The end of Yoojung and Mina's spring) I feel so bad for Jooe.

– Suddenly? / – Yes. Because I saw Jooe feel envious watching their holiday. Which part were you most envious of? – The bulgogi. / – I knew it.

The macaron and latte. Food is the right. I think the bulgogi was the highlight. – I agree.

/ – It's true. The meat is ultra juicy. When you eat marinated meat… – You solely style the sauce.

/ – Right. But this one is fresher. He's appropriate. When we had the bulgogi, we kept saying that the meat is so thin nevertheless it is ultra juicy.

– We said that so much. / – Right. – It simply melts in your mouth. / – Yes.

It simply melts away. I was impressed to work out so many styles of flowers in Korea. The Netherlands, numerous countries, Germany… There were all styles of countries.

I've on no account seen such matters earlier than. I have a vague recollection of being there. You should leave loads of time for it. – You're appropriate.

/ – Yes. It's an immense place. Which place was the prettiest? Our preferred was the Dutch Garden. There was an immense windmill.

And we could see many other gardens on the tactic. So you can enjoy as you go. Alright. This is the most essential moment.

The complete commission of… – The Yoobom Nabom Tour. / – The commission. – This is essential.

/ – How much did you spend? For the overnight holiday of the Yoobom Nabom Tour in Suncheon, Gwangyang, we spent… How much? Excluding the KTX fare. – Per individual… / – Per individual! $162.85.

That's very cheap. – That's adding lodging, appropriate? / – Yes. – And the get admission to commission earlier? / – Yes. – Two cups of latte.

/ – That's appropriate. – You ate too much. / – We had too much bulgogi. Wine…

Would you go to Suncheon and Gwangyang in actual reality based on Yoobom Nabom Tour's plan? Please vote. (They deliberate a spring flower holiday at 20) (What will the judges decide?) The first holiday in their 20s isn't over but. Right. It's time to head off to Hadong, a space you can stopover at all yr round.

(Next week) It's a first with you. It feels like we're in a movie here. Like a pink fairy tale. I'm so utterly satisfied appropriate now.

Save in my coronary heart. Let's go. (A new spring in the sky) The view is amazing. Good view, nice wind.

Let's go. Will this day ever come back? (Battle Trip) ("That Day" by Lovelyz).

Battle TripEp.87 Trip to GUAM [ENGTHA2018.04.29]

(Battle Trip) (Started on April 16th, 2016) (Numerous) (Great rules) (On trips) Bravo! This is shocking. I've never felt like this earlier than. It feels like I'm in a movement picture. (Battle Trip is to peer) It was once the most extreme moment.

Good, good. (Battle Trip is to enjoy) Oh, my God. It's monumental. (Battle Trip is to eat) It's so good.

I've never had anything else like this earlier than. (Battle Trip's 2-year anniversary) (The hosts have arranged a alternative episode) You startled me. You startled me! Geez! Hey! What is that this? I have a weak coronary heart. That's contemplating the proven reality that you're historic.

What is that this for? It's our 2nd-year anniversary. Now it feels real, huh? That is quite desirable. What is? I get surprised when I see us like this. Don't americans on the entire take a seat like this for announcements or if they did something incorrect? Or announcing a marriage.

That's applicable. What? What are we doing? – What is that this? / – This is how it's completed. There we go. Seriously…

– Congratulations on 2 years. / – Congratulations. (Congratulations on 2 years Battle Trip) Time specific goes immediately. It goes unquestionably immediately.

Shouldn't we go somewhere for two years… Over the earlier 2 years, we were requested the most roughly wife and children trips. – Family… / – If it is a wife and children day trip…

But I reside by myself. – A wife and children day trip… / – Sikyung and I… – Dad, mom…

/ – Family. – The historic bachelor. / – Uncle. It's form of a stretch for me to be the son, applicable? – It's a little problematical.

/ – You're too large to be our son. – You're too large to be our son. / – Then… – You're applicable.

/ – This is good. We'll go on a day trip like this. Korean households go on a day trip to Guam the most. – Oh, Guam.

/ – I went there 3 months long ago. – For me… / – How time and over again have you been there? 6 Times. – To be fair…

/ – You're a Guam native. This ability you're a native. – Right. / – I even…

Have a wife and children photo from Guam. It was once so good then. Goodness. You appearance so happy.

It was once good then. Seriously. Let me tell you one thing… There's an ice cream shop right here.

I know the manner it tastes so I need to eat it so terrible. They'd like this place too. Just go. (Battle Trip's professional Guam professor, Lee Hwijae) (The very last girl crush, Kim Sook) Blue is for women.

Men don't seem to be intended to drive. With her… Forget all this. Darn it.

Help me! Help me! (Battle Trip's professional girl crush, Kim Sook) I'm so happy. With salmon. One of these too. (Battle Trip's professional youngest, Sung Sikyung) You can not! Let's be happy for an namely long run.

(We'll birth their wife and children story applicable now) The thing that mother and father like the most is having the resort on the factor of the airport. Guam is the optimal location for that. – Right. / – How long does it take? 15 Minutes.

The childrens can use the pool as soon as you get there? – That's applicable. / – Right. Also, the weather's good. You don't need to transfer circular masses.

– For me… / – You can plan all the troubles then. No, I shouldn't plan all the troubles. – Why not? / – Since it is a wife and children concept.

– Should we divide the work? / – Yeah. I'll plan the mornings. Let's divide it into morning, afternoon, evening. Yeah? Can't we sleep in the morning? What? You can never sleep in on a wife and children day trip.

What are you on roughly? You can stay awake in the morning. You need to be diligent on trips. Then I'll sort out the evenings. Sikyung, you sort out the afternoons.

– Okay. / – Okay? – Fine, okay then… / – Yeah. What do I deserve to do? Things to do in the morning and to eat.

– What to do in the afternoon. / – What that you would like to do. – You come to a resolution what that you would like to do. / – Just come to a resolution.

– Just decide one thing. / – For me… I can recall to mind so many concerns. In the evening? Too much.

Let's enjoy our day trip. Yes. I'm so… Come on, Sikyung.

Join us. Let's have a favorable day trip. Let's go to Guam. This turns out like an oversized version of "Gangnam Style." Try it.

This will likely be amusing with merely us three. Good restaurants in Guam… I'm going to eat an oversized breakfast no matter what. This turns out good.

Yes, Sook? Are you busy, Seyoon? What time do you end? The radio? I end circular four. – You end at four? / – Yeah. Then I'll wait for you. Hello.

To Guam. – Guam. / – Guam expert. I'm Guam expert, Moon Seyoon.

I'll document this. – Do that you would like to document it? / – Yes. Who do you're employed for? I don't need to overlook out on anything else. Okay, okay.

You know I love Korean nutrients, applicable? Why? I'm going to eat Guam nutrients. Restaurant "D." Restaurant "J." These names… And… The course is good.

At night. – This is the course I like. / – At night. Night…

"S" chicken. At night… – "S"… / – "S" chicken.

"S" chicken. They have good spicy chicken. Korea has the most interesting chicken. It tastes like Korean chicken.

Hafa adai. What is that? Hello. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai.

– Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – At the airport…

They'll be playing music like this. – Saying hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. You can not merely walk earlier them.

Hafa adai. Hafa adai. Hafa adai. – I discovered one thing, hafa adai.

/ – Hafa adai. I discovered one thing, the greeting. Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. Hwijae.

Sinyeong, Sinyeong, Kim Sinyeong. What may have to I do in Guam? First, that you would like to head clubbing in Guam. They have the ones grownup finds in addition. You're on digicam applicable now.

I'm recording. Oops, I'm sorry. What roughly doing busking? Busking? – What? / – Busking. "Say Goodbye" in an acoustic version.

It's been ages. As you'll see, I have no guiding principle. I'll merely plan it myself. Go, go.

Seoeon, Seojun. Why are you packing? I'm going to Guam tomorrow. Why? Babies can not go. Just me…

No… Huh? Did I wear sunglasses? Take me. How am I going to go away? You can not go. Why not? It's for work…

If we can not go, you'll't go. I'm going for work. You can not go. You can not go.

You can not go. Can't go. (The day of the 2-year-anniversary day trip) (Who's the first to reach on the airport?) Isn't an individual right here but? Isn't an individual right here but? Isn't an individual right here but? (Awkward) I can not take into account that the last time… I left on a day trip by myself.

You're confident roughly Guam, applicable? I'm a Guam native. I'm a native. I'm guests with the proprietor of the shooting diversity. I'm guests with Chamorro americans.

It's the most interesting place for a wife and children day trip. The airport is on the factor of the downtown neighborhood. It's safe. I'm in difficulty.

(He receives a video call from dwelling house) Seojun, I'll be again real soon. No! I'll be again soon. Don't go. Then…

Is it contemplating the proven reality that I'm leaving or I'm going to Guam? Don't go. You don't need me to head anyplace? Dad, don't go. I'll call you when I'm there. No.

No. (Who's arrived on the airport this time?) It's been so long since I've been on an overseas day trip. It's nice to peer you. Oh, my.

This is shocking. We sent americans to enjoy like this for the earlier 2 years. We made them happy. Hello.

– Hello. / – Oh, my. – Hello. / – Hello.

Hello. It's Sook. (Ho) (Hahaha) Hurry it up. Yo! Hey, Hwijae.

Yo! Hurry it up. So we're in reality leaving. Seyoon recently went to Guam. I know.

So… But Seyoon… Only advised me roughly Korean restaurants. (No guiding principle, identical to Sinyeong) Did you carry some monumental money? No.

Why? I have my mastercard. You need money though. How much did you carry? About $100. Lend me a spread of cash.

I mean it. Just lend me $1,000. I don't have $1,000. Sikyung is right here.

Shouldn't I wear sunglasses since I'm going on a day trip? (Sung Sikyung now turns out cool) Incheon International Airport grants you this feeling of excitement. He visited the salon. Sikyung turns out so cool. It's his airport appearance.

He's the absolute best 1 hunting cool. Airport fashion. – Look at Sikyung. / – Why are you doing this by myself? Sikyung.

You know these don't seem to be mine, applicable? – I know. / – These don't seem to be your outfits? – No. / – I knew it. – Sikyung, did you carry a spread of cash? / – This…

– No. / – Talk roughly money later! Don't they accept charge cards? I need to business a spread of cash. Did you carry your passports? – Passports. / – Wait a minute.

I have my passport. My passport was once the general thing I packed. I reasonably much twisted up terrible. Do  roughly this? They steered I had to expose my ears and brow .

But now it's changed. It doesn't matter now. Also… – I've ordered our meals already.

/ – What? You need to order upfront, applicable? What did you order for me? I ordered a spread. – So we can proportion. / – Okay then. Let's board the aircraft now.

– Let's go. / – Let's go. Hey, I can use my mastercard in Guam, applicable? Of course. I are not attempting to search out money, applicable? They accept all cards there.

But shouldn't we carry not decrease than $100 in money? $100? I have $100. (Off to Guam) – Here are your in-flight meals. / – Thank you. I ordered them upfront.

Excuse me. I have your meal… Yes, the wholesome meal. For Sook, who is on a diet.

I like that they gave me the applicable spoon for my size. That's for Seoeon. This is the place the day trip begins. To be fair…

I wasn't going to assert this since it'll make me appearance historic. But the sector has difference into so evolved. This is so good. This is the good eating place.

– Sook. / – Yeah? This is good. I think I can eat this for every meal. So we're in reality going.

Happy day trip. I'm so happy. As soon as we arrive… – We sleep.

/ – We need to sleep. – Let's sleep. I'll wake you up. / – Okay.

I'll wake you up then I'll kind out the place we're going. I may have to've delivered my pill. (See you in Guam) (Incheon International Airport) (Guam International Airport, four hours and 25 minutes) (Guam) (Guam is Korea's favorite wife and children day trip destination) (Everywhere you appearance) They're so cute. (You can have amusing in each single place) (So many activities to do) (A paradise the place you'll do all the troubles) (We invite you to this magical island) (Guam) (First day in Guam) (The hosts' rooms) (Sikyung, Sook, Hwijae) (Hwijae's room) (Hwijae's room is empty) (Where did he go this early in the morning?) (Hwijae's swimming in the pool) – Show us your swimming virtue.

/ – I agree. – We've only heard rumors roughly it. / – Right. You haven't completed anything else thus far.

You failed to even get to peer the dolphins. You might not even upward thrust up on the surfing board. He looked so pitiful when he went surfing. (He's showing off his swimming from the morning) (All by myself in this pool) (Sook, are you well inclined to peer how good I am?) (He swam for ages all by himself) (Meanwhile, what roughly Sikyung the youngest?) (Ta-da) (Staring the morning with documents in English) (Sikyung is an intelligent, wholesome male) (So warm) Should I wake them up? Such sleepyheads.

It's right here. (Silent) Is he not in? (Sikyung's room) Sikyung. Hwijae. Sikyung.

(Sook decides to appearance for them) – Oh! / – Hi. My goodness. What's going on? I thought it was once my residence. Hello.

– Hello. / – Hello. Hello. Hello.

Such a friendly ambience. Where is Sikyung? And Hwijae? (Spots a well-diagnosed guardian 1/2-hour earlier than their day trip) Hold on. Is that Sikyung? (Looking in) (Staring) Hey. How long have you been understanding? It's been 37 minutes.

37 Minutes? You'll detect yourself dying in case you do that. No. I'm making ready myself to eat masses. What's going on? (Sikyung did eat masses) (It's a favorable thing I labored out as of late) Amazing.

Look at all this sweat. What's up with your blouse? You deserve to wear this too. – What? / – You need to wear one too. To be fair, we don't deserve to pack anything else.

When they wear these shirts… It will lift their spirits. (Ta-da) Don't you believe roughly leaving the group. We'll hang out in combination.

They appearance nice. They appearance nice. Smiling angel. Smiling angel.

Can I use this to wipe my sweat and throw it out? What are you pronouncing? You need to wear it. Tell me the time and I'll be well inclined by then. 9 A.M. We need to head have breakfast.

– Oh, applicable. / – Yeah. We need to be there by 10:30 a.M. We need to eat breakfast…

Hurry. Run. You can do it. Don't wipe your sweat with this.

– Okay. / – Good. He need to be crazy. (Sikyung ran for an prolonged while to eat breakfast) – Start.

/ – Start. The world is your school. Life is a journey. Battle…

Geez. Trip! We've arrived in Guam! What an afternoon. I don't think it. I sense such a feeling of relief.

You're applicable. When you appearance at Korean wife and children trips… This is the desired location. – Guam.

/ – We've arrived in Guam. You're a father. Do you agree with that? It's even beyond that. Last year, we stayed right here for according to week.

On pointers on how to the airport, Seojun cried so much. – Why? / – Because he failed to want to go away? Looking on the stars. Saying he desires to remain? He sought after to remain right here. As you'll see, many of the americans watching us right here are Korean.

There are no inconveniences. There are Korean staff. You can ask in case you have not any concept. Everything is in Korean.

Today, Guam is no. 1 On the favorite wife and children day trip destinations checklist. – No. 1.

/ – Right. And we're a wife and children too. – Our 2nd anniversary. / – That's why…

– I arranged these shirts. Dad. / – Dad. – Mom.

/ – Mom. – Old bachelor son. / – Uncle. What are we doing as of late? – Who's first? / – Today, I…

I painted the picture. – Since you're an artist? / – Yes. – I've deliberate the day… / – Where do you purchase this? With this…

There's a shop that only fashion americans know. They don't sell these merely anyplace. You need to deal privately. There are such channels.

– Okay. / – I painted the picture as of late. Morning. Before midday.

I'm in commission. We'll eat scrumptious nutrients. – We'll have the breakfast buffet. / – I'm hungry.

Just practice me. How will we get there? First off… – Don't do concerns like this. / – For you two…

Don't make us do that. I rented a automobile for us. In Guam, americans may have to rent a automobile contemplating the proven reality that they might rent a automobile with Korean license. That's applicable.

Let's head out. Let's go. Turn circular. Battle…

Battle… Let's go. Just do it. Trip.

– Let's go. / – Go! Go. (Battle Trip 2-year-anniversary unique in Guam) (First day is deliberate by the hosts) I'll be in commission of the morning. This turns out good.

Morning. I'm in commission. – It's so good. / – So good.

– Sikyung, you sort out lunch. / – Okay. Hey, are you insane? Hey! That was once horrifying. Stop.

Help me! Help me! Hey! Stop it! – What roughly dinner? / – Dinner? (The Guam professor will take over at night) I see the dolphins! – Where? / – Dolphins! Out of 5 aspects. 1.9 Points. 3 Points. 2.5 Points.

(Sook is in commission of the morning) (Sikyung in commission of the afternoon) (Hwijae in commission of the evening) (Battle Trip 2-year anniversary unique in Guam) (Second day is deliberate by the viewers) Today, we shall make a choice from the requests that viewers submitted for us to are making an check out in Guam. We'll draw them. It's random. (The randomly chosen activities will likely be implemented) I'll lend you $40,000.

I'll go first. Hey! No manner. Sook, run! You'll die once you come down. Making me do that…

(Sook time) (Brunch cafe) This turns out so good. What is that this? Okay, I've chosen right here for breakfast. It's a favorable eating place locals like. Review.

"It's the most interesting eating place I've dined at in Guam." They say they'd go again right here if they go back to Guam. Now… Convertible. It's not a convertible.

Why not? Not a convertible? It's too sunny for that. It's not this, is it? – We'll go over. / – No manner. – Hurry up.

/ – This is ours. What is that this? It's cute. No convertible? I'm in commission of the morning schedule. – It's not a convertible? / – Come with me.

There's no convertible. – Get in now. / – Geez. Gentlemen.

– Get in. / – Seriously. Thing is… Geez.

Can't I drive? No manner. Men shouldn't drive. Hwijae, have trust me. Goodness.

This is new too. – This wasn't right here earlier than. / – It wasn't. There are tons of contemporary deciding to buy groceries retail retailers.

You're applicable. If you appearance on the left, there is a deciding to buy groceries mall. This wasn't right here earlier than. I don't think this was once right here earlier than.

It wasn't. (Hotel) (Brunch cafe) (four minutes by automobile) If you appearance in right here, it's crammed with americans. It's unquestionably popular. The locals, not tourists, line up to eat right here.

What's good at this eating place? At 10:30 a.M., We can order from equally the breakfast and lunch menus. You need to return right here currently to are making an check out nutrients from equally menus. I heard this is a need to-are making an check out dish. The Loco Moco comes with a alternative sauce.

They say the sauce is actually good. – It turns out scrumptious. / – The sauce… Was made by alternative.

They added the incorrect ingredient on the other hand it was once so scrumptious. That's how this unique sauce was once built. A lot of other locations attempted to exercise session the recipe on the other hand they might additionally not tell the last two additives. On most practical of that, this is a gravy sauce.

It's produced from the meat stock. Just recall to mind it as grease. That's an outstanding base for sauce. It's so good on the other hand…

To tell you upfront, the gravy sauce is limitless. Unlimited. – It is? / – Yeah. I like anything else that's limitless.

If you have circular 1L of gravy… You may die. Unlimited. We're well inclined to order.

– Loco Moco. / – Loco Moco no. 1. – Benedict Chamorro.

/ – Chamorro Benedict 1. – And a Salmon Benedict. / – Salmon Benedict 1. Okay.

Should we birth with three? – Yeah, that's roughly it. / – Okay. Should we domestic dog bag the leftovers? – Of course. / – Okay.

We need to. Will we have got any leftovers? Nope. Serious? There are three of us. But…

We have two large adult males right here. But the dimensions… – An Eggs Benedict is tiny. / – It's tiny.

– It's only this massive. / – Oh, unquestionably? – It's like one chew. / – But… First meal may have to be grand.

I'm hunting ahead to this. Kim Sook's first meal. (On the Jeju-do day trip, she ate) (And ate) (And ate a spread of more) (She ate 5 meals in 1 day) Can I eat all of this? I've arranged something. It was once problematical to carry this.

I took noticeable care to carry this. It's so funny. Great care… Wait…

Here. – What is that this? / – What is that? Take a appearance. Ta-da. Ta-da.

(Travel toppers are trending currently time) (Great for taking exotic travel pictures) These are a pattern currently time. How do you utilize them? You take the photo like this. Once the nutrients is out… I thought it was once for whilst you tan your skin…

Then you will have this tanned onto you. No? Try that out. (Uninterested) (He's fed up in addition) This is so Kim Sook. You're telling me this is never reasonably? – Let's see.

/ – You're telling me this is never reasonably? It turns out like he's trapped. It's more advantageous in the sky. – Yeah, that turns out nice. / – The sky turns out nice.

(Guam and the sky by Hwijae) Here we go. We've were given the French toast applicable over right here. Your Loco Moco and Eggs Benedict are coming. (Chamorro-model Eggs Benedict with floor meat) (Eggs Benedict with plump grilled salmon) (Hamburg patty with gravy sauce) (A most competitive combo of the Loco Moco) What do we eat first? Just eat the dish you would like first.

– I'll slice this up. / – Yes, cut that. Pop the egg. First meal in Guam.

With bread. I'll are making an check out it. And salmon. Sikyung.

And salmon. Sikyung. How is it, Sikyung? We've lived to eat this, applicable? Amazing. It's not that fattening.

This sauce is never that fattening either. So it's quite light. So it's good for breakfast. You can tell whether the sauce is fattening or not? My body can tell.

You'll know what I mean once you taste it. This is the lightest Eggs Benedict I've had. You're applicable. I was once very curious roughly this pink potato.

Red potato. This is pink potato. Red… – Red potato.

/ – The pink potato… It's like… It feels like a blend of potato and radish. The texture.

Let me are making an check out this one. Benedict Chamorro. Chamorro americans are the natives right here, applicable? – Chamorro americans. / – Saipan and Guam.

(Chamorro Benedict) (Different to an Eggs Benedict with ham and bacon) (It's a fusion dish with a Chamorro-model sausage) (Chamorro Benedict, $14) Don't touch this one. Why not? I need to take a photo. – Hwijae. / – Stick your digicam right here.

It's too much work to attend for you. – I need to take it. / – Just stick your digicam right here. And take pictures like this.

I don't like taking nutrients pictures. But when else will I come right here? I need to take pictures. Look how gorgeous the colors are. Upload that photo.

It's so gorgeous. When else will I come right here? I need to take pictures. Look how gorgeous the colors are. Upload that photo.

It's so gorgeous. I'll be again a spread of time. This dish turns out very rugged. The Chamorro sausage tastes very light.

It's more healthy than you would think. Also… It's unquestionably… – Hwijae.

/ – Yes? You've been to Guam so time and over again on the other hand never right here? Yeah. You wasted your trips. I had no concept this place existed. Try that dish now.

What is that this dish? Loco Moco. This is the need to-have dish. It's like a burger… It's like a burger patty.

Wait. Is that rice and ribs? It's like a hamburger patty. It is comparable to a burger. Try it.

(He takes a favorable a part of the rice and the patty) How is it? Is it good? It has to taste good. Oh, this one… This one's quite unstable. I may have to are making an check out it now? That dish is so good.

You need to eat this. This is the one. It's the one. It's so good.

Imagine a extraordinarily wealthy mushroom soup. Really wealthy. Completely savory. Add Hamburg steak, fried egg and rice to that.

It'd be weird if this tastes terrible. We used to feature rice to cream soup once we were childrens. The childrens will love this dish. 100%.

We may have to order additional sauce. One sauce applicable right here. He's unquestionably polite. (Adding more gravy sauce) Let me merely pour one first.

This feels like circular 800 calories. You can not hassle with weight attain right here. You merely need to eat. This one is so good.

When you eat this dish, it would get too greasy. With this sauce, it will refresh your palate. Think of it as a reset button. (Dinanche) (Chamorro-model spicy pepper paste) (Conne peppers are used to make the paste) (The spiciness is piquant like Cheongyang peppers) (Welcome to dinanche) It's very spicy.

– Very spicy. / – Okay. – Dinanche. / – They gave us only this much.

This smells strong. Smells good, applicable? Smells good, applicable? What's good? Smells good, applicable? What's good? I can not eat this. Did you're making an check out it? Did you merely eat it by itself? It's spicy. Koreans need to order this.

Isn't this a punishment? No, it's spicy and scrumptious. It would be too spicy for you. It would be too spicy for you. It would be too spicy for you.

Goodness! How much did you eat? This is so scrumptious. It's unquestionably scrumptious. How is that this scrumptious? But with this sauce, you can even end all this. How much did you eat? How much did you eat? Someone is punching the side of my mouth.

Hwijae, this is so good. It's so good. Isn't it so… It's so good.

– You can birth over, applicable? / – Yes. – The sauce is… / – Let's birth over. (Looking circular) What? You can have mine.

– Do you still have a spread of? / – Yes. I like dinanche. Goodness. It's so scrumptious.

It's not the spiciness that makes you indignant. It refreshes you then goes away. It goes so well with this. Did you come right here for brunch or the spicy sauce? Dinanche.

Seriously… Are you going to preserve eating dinanche? Yes, dinanche. This… – You can not eat this dish by myself.

/ – You're applicable. You need dinanche. You need to eat it with dinanche. Among all the troubles in Guam, this is my favorite.

– This is only our first meal. / – The colour of the ocean… The resort, and Eggs Benedict are not anything in comparison to this. You need to are making an check out it.

I'm specific Koreans will love it. This is the entire sauce I ate by myself, applicable? (Sikyung finished 6 cups of sauce by myself) How would you rate this eating place? Let's make it out of 5. I've been to Guam time and over again on the other hand this is my first time making an check out this brunch. Let me be fair with you.

Out of 5 aspects, I give it four.5. Sikyung is busy eating. Don't hassle. I'll exit for a minute.

You may have to rate it like this. Before and after dinanche. How many aspects earlier than dinanche? 3 Points. What roughly after dinanche? four.3 Points.

I'm serious. Let me tell you why. Eggs Benedict is customary in Korea in addition, in case you've attempted the dish, it is a chunk… You'll be like, "What is that this?" With the bread…

Just as I steered, it's like a favorable soup with rice and meat so everybody will like it. But with the dinanche, I've gone crazy. I ate all the troubles. Dinanche, dinanche.

The weather is so nice. The sky turns out shocking. – Should we walk there? / – Look. – Let me tell you something.

/ – What? There's an ice cream store in there. Let's eat ice cream on the manner. Let's go there. Why not? Let's go.

I don't think we have got enough time. Even a short walk makes my body sweat so much. That's why… – It's over there.

Let's get a spread of ice cream. / – Yeah. Yeah. Let's get a spread of ice cream.

But we want to attend a chunk. No, there is not any queue now. Really? Let's go then. Let's go then.

Are you specific? Yes. (They happily head to the ice cream store) Wow. Look. It turns out tasty.

– See? There's a line. / – I'm excited. Hwijae, it turns out unquestionably scrumptious. – What is that this? / – You need to return right here.

Mine is well inclined. Mine is well inclined. It's well inclined. Thank you.

It turns out gorgeous. It turns out so gorgeous. (It melts in her mouth) This is so much more advantageous than Eggs Benedict. It's so scrumptious.

I don't unquestionably like sweets. But that you would like to eat something like this in warm weather. Your body sucks it up. (Like this) – I'm so happy.

/ – This is good. It's scrumptious, is never it? The cone is so good too. Oh, my God. – Oh, my God.

/ – Oh, my God. – We're right here? / – Do you see that? That wire, Sook. What is that? Does this drop you into the water? What is that this? No, you ride this on the floor. It's like a ball going straight up…

– Then coming down. / – Okay. It's pulled again and as soon since it's released, you spring into the sky. No thanks for me.

No thanks for me. – Let's ride this with me. / – No, I'm not doing this. I sense safe only when my ft are touching the floor.

I like being held down by gravity. (Sikyung's time) (Slingshot of horror) – We're right here? / – Do you see that? That wire, Sook. Are you insane? I'm not riding that. (Slingshot) (A landmark of Guam) (You fly up 70m in only 2 seconds) Imagine flying to the sky.

How superior is that? Hey, you… Are you insane? You… I can not do that. Forget it! Why you…

I sense safe only when my ft are touching the floor. I like being held down by gravity. Hey, seriously… You're unquestionably scared.

No, seriously… You're so scared. It turns out amusing. I'm not doing this.

No, I mean it… (He catches her) Come right here. Stop making an check out to run away. Gosh, appearance at that.

It turns out so horrifying. Look on the eyes. They appearance identical to mine. Hwijae, I don't think I can do that.

– You can do it. / – I'm serious. – I can not do it. / – You can do it.

You're the host. You might additionally not do it for our 2nd anniversary? Hey, that's… Hwijae, I'm so scared. Are you being serious? I'm being serious.

But this is never horrifying. I think I've rainy my pants already. – Hey. / – I mean it.

I would poop my pants. We've introduced many rides. – We have. / – We introduced rides in Japan…

And Daegu in addition. Do you are taking into account that Eunkwang? (Don't forget your lipstick whilst you get on rides) (Episode 16, Taiwan, aired July thirtieth, 2016) (Episode 62, water activities, aired August fifth, 2017) (Eunkwang and Changseob entertained us with lipstick) (Forget all that, I can not think applicable now) – Let's ride it. Sook, are you hearing me? / – Yes. Do you win in case you make it appearance reasonably? Or in case you make it appearance funny? – Make it funny wins.

/ – Okay. Just eat the lipstick. Alright. I will ride it.

But Sikyung, you ride it first. – Come on. / – That's meaningless. – It's meaningless in case you do that.

/ – Let me see first. – You two ride it first. / – Okay. I'll preserve my phrase.

What will you do in case you run away? – If you run away… / – Give me a pen and paper. (What is he up to?) Do that you ought to be like that, Sikyung? Don't you have trust me? If she runs away, she'll need to offer us all her money. I don't think she'll give all her money to us.

Let's make it $10,000. I will take your $10,000 and use it for Battle Trip. – In case she runs away. / – Yeah.

Geez… $10,000 Is too much. You're so tenacious. Use the lipstick to feature your seal.

You're so tenacious. Here you're. Please blur out the useful bits. March 16th, 2018.

If she doesn't ride the typhoon slingshot, she will transfer $10,000 to the production personnel of KBS Battle Trip. – Let's go. / – Let's go. – We'll be again.

/ – Yeah. Wow, you're so courageous. – What's courageous roughly this? / – What's courageous? My coronary heart is beating faster. Oh, no.

(Slingshot standby) (Shaking) Why are they lying down? Here it comes. Hwijae, do we shoot out like this? Yes, after the countdown. – Are you well inclined? / – Yes, we're well inclined! (Fire) (They're shot up to the sky) (Sook watches them from in the back of) (Out of it) (They fly in opposition t the sun) (Spin) (This is the slingshot) (Starts placing on lipstick applicable away) You jerks! Hey, you jerks! (Hwijae can not even preserve his eyes open) You jerks! Hey, you jerks! Hey, you jerks! This is insane. It goes up too high even the 2d time.

You jerks! This is amusing. You can not put it on now merely to be funny. Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Dahye, how much money do you have? How much do you have? How much money do we have got in entire? $50.00 $50? We have $50? Hang on a 2d. Then I merely need $9,950 more. Director, how much do you have? Please donate a spread of cash to me.

Oh, my God. This is superior. – It's an outstanding view. / – This is good.

But I can not see anything else without my glasses. – This is never horrifying at all. / – Exactly. (Just a minute long ago) (Can't guiding principle on the other hand act like it was once not anything) Oh, my God.

Hwijae, is your nostril bleeding? Sook, I advised you. If we go first, you'll't ride it. Hey. Sikyung, you're so reasonably.

– How did you draw that mole? / – I put in the hassle. Do  the manner you appearance now, do you? Ride with me. I need to head on it over again. I merely borrowed $50.

– I merely need $9,950 more. / – Stop messing circular. Can an individual lend me money? I've accrued $50. Can an individual lend me $9,950? I'm merely so scared.

– Hey, wait. / – Sook! Wait a minute. Someone please lend me $9,950? (Running on the spot) Help me! I'm so scared. He doesn't care.

Oh, that's warm. He doesn't even care. I don't think I can ride this. Wait.

Sikyung. Sikyung. My coronary heart's beating too immediately. – I'll be okay, applicable? / – Yeah.

– Where? / – I clutch right here, applicable? Sook, your face turns out unquestionably weird. Smile. – Hwijae. / – Are you good? I'm so scared.

Let's go! I'm so scared. – Sikyung. / – Sook, don't swear. I don't have any concept.

Goodness. The sun is merely too warm. – Will you be okay? / – I'm too scared. – This is never horrifying.

It's okay. / – My eyes might additionally not open. It's unquestionably not horrifying. Here we go.

– We're going now? / – Yes. They're going. We're going. (Ready, set) (Go!) (It shoots up with no caution) (Shaking) (Screaming) (Screaming) Lipstick…

Lipstick… (Though she's scared, she does what she desires to) (Screaming) (Sook's misfortune makes Hwijae happy) (Sook's voice echoes in Guam) (Sikyung puts his glasses on so he can see the view) (He is labored up) (Can he be more excited than this?) Are you okay? You're okay, applicable? Are you okay? – This is horrifying. / – You're okay, applicable? (Laughing) It's okay, applicable? It's not anything, applicable? – Sikyung. / – Look on the view.

Forget the view. Hey… I'm going to hit you once we get down. Why? Let's ask them if we can ride this over again.

Hey. You… – Don't mess with you. / – I mean it.

– My coronary heart is up there. / – Really. Once more. Don't mess circular.

– Stop. / – Come on, Sook. I mean it… I'll…

Can we ride it over again? Don't mess with me. – You're insane. / – Go up applicable away. Stop it.

Hurry up. – Be quiet. / – Let's go over again. Come on, Sikyung.

Hey… Let go! – Okay, go! / – Don't! Help me! Help me! Don't! Help me! Help me! We may go over again applicable away. You appearance like "The Slave Hunters." (Slave hunter, Sook) Let go! Let go! (Her fury rises) (Good process, Sook) I was once so indignant. I were given so indignant when I was once placing on the lipstick.

I might additionally not hang out with you. – I will travel by myself. / – How was once it? – It was once a little amusing. / – See? See? It's 1/2-1/2.

But it's so horrifying. It's horrifying and… What view is up there? – When you go up. / – Because she's small.

She might not see. It's even problematical for me. I'm seriously… Wow…

(I'm so indignant!) I deserve to take this out on an individual. I'm so annoyed. You need to offer a decent evaluate. If you prefer riding rides, this is amusing, not horrifying.

– You two may have to go over again. / – No… (The viewers will settle on who turns out the funniest) Out of 5 stars… I give it 1.9 Stars.

Well… It's amusing. I give it 2.5 Stars. Exactly 1/2.

It's well worth riding once on the other hand you're afraid of rides like me. I propose it. Now I eventually sense excited since it's over. I gave it too low a score.

You birth to sense alternative now. Right? It feels alternative, applicable? After roughly 20 minutes, I sense alternative. – Because… / – I need to whinge to an individual.

Now I sense happy. – Now I sense excited. / – Really? – I was once scared earlier than. / – That's good.

So will you rate it over again? – Yes. / – Yes, I will. I'll give it four.5 Out of 5. – That high? / – Yes.

It's so much amusing after it's over. I gave it 2.5 Before. Because I felt 1/2 scared and 1/2 excited. I'll give you 2 more stars.

– It's well worth riding not decrease than once, applicable? / – Yeah. (They head to the following destination) (Battle Trip 2-year anniversary) – Fishing, fishing. / – Fishing. It's difference into popular by cause of the Gyeonggyu.

Fishing is in reality amusing. It is. If we can catch it and eat it. It's conceivable.

If the captain has a license, it's conceivable. – Let's do that. / – We can make raw fish. – Yes.

/ – Eat raw fish? Since this is intended to be a wife and children day trip, we must always think roughly what childrens like too. It might additionally not be amusing for us on the other hand for the viewers… (Brain working at full speed) (We think in you, Guam professor) You're like a Guam native. You like dolphins, applicable? – I like them.

/ – That's it then. You say you would take us to peer dolphins on the other hand if we don't seem to be attending to peer them, I'll hit you. If you'll't see dolphins, I'll be the dolphin. – You need to do the dolphin show.

/ – Yes, I will. – You need to color yourself gray. / – Okay. – I'll paint myself 1/2 gray.

/ – Half white. – I'll use two tones. / – Yes, two tones. I'll transform perfectly into a dolphin.

– Water has to spurt from your head. / – Okay. Make dolphin noises too. – Okay, okay.

/ – You need to make that sound. In Guam, you do not need to sail out too far. You can see dolphins without difficulty. Don't be frightened.

This course is arranged by historic man Hwijae. (Fishing in Guam) (Snorkeling in Guam) (Dolphins in Guam) This is shocking. (3 Things to do in Guam by the Guam professor) (Hwijae's time) (Dolphin cruise) (After racing alongside the coastal avenue) (They meet the blue sea and clear sky) (Boats are docked on the marina) – This is noticeable. / – I sense like I'm on holiday.

– Seriously. Amazing. / – We are on holiday. (She's ecstatic) I sense like I'm out of the country.

Hafa adai. – Hafa adai. / – Hafa adai. (They get on the boat to expose pride in the Guam ocean) This is Guam.

Hwijae arranged masses. This course is arranged by historic man Hwijae. We'll see dolphins, fish and go snorkeling. – Hwijae.

/ – Yes? I sense like I'm on holiday now. – This unquestionably feels like Guam, applicable? / – This is noticeable. (First, they'll have a dolphin tour) (Hwijae is very excited) (Here's Battle Trip's youngest) (Glancing over) (Sook, appearance on the digicam) Are you recording? (I'm excited!) It feels like the day prior to this that we were in the studio. – But we're unquestionably right here.

/ – This is good. (They get to peer an outstanding landscape) Hwijae, appearance right here. (Acting silly) 1, 2, 3. It's so gorgeous.

One at a time. What do you believe? – It does appearance good. / – Yes! It turns out noticeable. Okay, it turns out most competitive now.

In 1, 2, 3. (They show pride in the cool sea breeze) (They sail for 20 minutes to peer the dolphins) Don't americans say it turns out reasonably when the hair blows in the wind? (What Sook imagined) What is incorrect with me? Actresses appearance reasonably when their hair blows in the wind. Hwijae, how do I appearance? I heard it's reasonably when the hair blows in the wind. (Sook) You're merely "The Slave Hunters." What's with this? (They can not wait to peer dolphins) (One man is nervous) If we don't see dolphins, I'll hit you.

If you do not see dolphins, I'll difference into one. – You need to do the dolphin show. / – Okay, I will. We need to peer the dolphin.

(Why did I conform to that?) Everyone, we're reasonably much there! Everyone, we can see dolphins soon. There it is! – Where? / – Dolphin! Dolphin! Where? (The sea turns out calm) (The video is not paused) (Oh, no) (1 year long ago, Jeju-do host unique) All I see is seagulls. Dolphins, the place are you? I came to peer dolphins. (Seagulls over again?) (What do we do roughly Hwijae?) (Sigh) (Solemn) Wait? Isn't that a dolphin? – Where? Where? / – There! – Where? Where? / – There! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! It jumped! Did you see? – Over there! / – It's jumping! – They're applicable right here.

/ – They are. Wow, I see dolphins right here. – Wow. / – This is no funny story.

– Over right here, over right here. / – What's going on? (It's improbable that they're seeing this) (A pod of dolphins) No manner. They're coming right here. They're coming right here.

(3 Dolphins jump out of the water) Where are they? (Before their very eyes) (The dolphins show their new virtue) They're so lovable. They're playing. I need to be getting older. I'm getting teary.

You know what I mean, applicable? (Sikyung, don't cry) (Before Sikyung cries, they head to the following spot) (Fulfilled) (The dolphin tour was once a success, 5 stars for specific) (They head to the fishing spot) (In the center of South Pacific Ocean) (They show pride in the leisure of fishing) (The sun slowly goes down) I'm getting bored now. (It's not handy to catch a fish) (They've been awaiting 1/2-hour with no chew) – Who steered we go fishing? / – I'm Sorry. I'm not giving you aspects for this. I give -100 aspects for fishing.

Let's are making an check out one last time and go snorkeling. (They are making an check out fishing one last time) (Please chew it) (Right then!) I were given one. Did you? Hey, it's an oversized one. – What is it? / – I don't have any concept.

Look on the rod bending. (It's a sign of an oversized fish) Did you catch it? (The rod is bent) (Hwijae, I need to eat raw fish) (I have trust you, Guam professor) You caught a rock. Really? It were given caught on a rock. Rock? (Disappointed) What happened? What was once that? You sounded so confident.

I haven't been fishing by cause of the the childrens. (Sikyung has one last are making an check out in addition) (Let's stay calm, it is on the entire a rock) (Hesitant) – Look at this. / – Did something chew? You've were given something. – Wow! / – What is it? (Sikyung did it at long last) (They eventually caught a fish) Really? Sikyung, you did it.

Guam suits Sikyung. Let's catch two more of these. It wasn't problematical. Maybe I may have to be on "The Fishermen and the City." Let's go snorkeling.

It will make up for this. (Snorkeling) (The 3 of them get well inclined for snorkeling) I think Sikyung doesn't need to lay makeup on. Take your sunglasses off, Sikyung. I can not tell it's you.

This might additionally not do. This might additionally not do. (This is in reality Sung Sikyung) Sikyung, don't be frightened. – What form of model? / – Ray-Ban.

Okay, okay. I shouldn't do water sporting events. Because… People don't admire me if I take off my glasses.

It will likely be funnier then. Sikyung, I will draw one on your face with a marker. I'll draw glasses on your face with a marker so that you might additionally actual well be comfortable underwater. When I was once in my 20s, I hated concerns like this.

But… I think it'll be alright to draw it on my face. I guarantee satisfaction. (She makes an check out to make it appearance like he's wearing glasses) Sook, the ones are a spread of sumptuous glasses.

I think Sikyung will hit me. Sikyung, you appearance more advantageous than you believe in reality. Let me introduce my first paintings. Sung Sikyung and Water Activities.

Take them off. (He eventually exhibits his face) (Amazing) – Hey, Sikyung. / – She drew it on so well. – I can not tell.

/ – She did so well. – You can not tell at all. / – The glasses are there. – They're merely glasses.

/ – They're real glasses. Do you would like circular glasses? I need to do it too? Of course, that you would like to take off your glasses. Why me in addition? Let's go with circular glasses. (She makes an check out to get away) (She were given caught) But I don't wear glasses.

I like it. – That's good then. / – I like it. I'm happy.

Let's go. Why did I birth this? (It's now time to expose pride in the ocean) (Hwijae goes into the water first) (Sikyung joins in addition) Let's go, Sikyung. Let's go, Sikyung. Sikyung, I will go catch a spread of fish.

Brother, how is it dwelling off the grid? I've been dwelling off the ocean and nature right here in Guam for… (Cracking up by cause of the Sook) 20 a spread of years now. 20 Some years now. Living off the grid.

I'll go and catch a spread of fish. Can you come in now so I can get out? (20 Years in Guam on the other hand still afraid of the water) It's cold! It's so cold. It's so cold. (Okay) (Everyone is in the water now) (Inside the South Pacific Ocean) (With crystal clear water) (They settle down and watch the fish) (So excited) (Hwijae is on the threshold of dive) Are you going to dive? Go on.

(Hwijae is showing off his swimming virtue) You're like a mermaid. You were unquestionably gorgeous. (They are enjoying and relaxing in the ocean) (They head again after they comprehensive the day's activities) (Making raw fish with Sikyung's catch) (Precious) If we might caught one each… This is enough.

This is worthy of "The Fisherman and the City." You'll get sick in case you eat too much. – Let's have a drink first. / – Good work. – Good work, everybody.

/ – Please score generously. It's good. I think it tastes more advantageous than Jeju-do. – I can not think this.

/ – What is that this? It's so chewy. – It's clean and candy. / – Oh, my. (Tastes clean and candy contemplating the proven reality that they caught it) – This is it.

/ – I've lived in Guam for 15 years for this. Guam is so nice. Sir, what's your English name right here? I'm known as Nanda Kim right here. Are you okay? I can not think that Battle Trip came to Guam.

I'm so thankful. Please promote Guam masses. Tell them who good Guam is. – Sir.

/ – Sook. I heard you live below right here. You merely reside right here. – I'll get going now.

/ – She lives with the Dragon King. (Sook is so funny) You're enjoying it so much. – It's so good. / – It's so good.

The fish itself is so good. It tastes good after playing in the water. Can't we purchase a spread of more fish? We can purchase it on the supermarket. Sikyung, permit's fish more.

Sikyung, permit's do a spread of more fishing. How much is that this course? How much for a wife and children of four? $180.00 $50 For adults. $40 For children. If you exchange that to the Korean foreign money, that's between 50,000 to 60,000 KRW.

That's a favorable price. – It's an outstanding price. / – Yeah. How many aspects may have to we give this? Sir.

For me… The dolphin tour… I will give it 5 out of 5 aspects. But I deduct 5 aspects for the fishing.

You need to catch the fish to be amusing. So it's zero on the other hand then for snorkeling. If you embody snorkeling and eating the fish we caught… – I give this…

/ – Out of 5. 5 Points. Yeah! Full score. Sikyung.

I reasonably much cried by cause of the the dolphins. – He's going to offer an entire score. / – The dolphins are… Very alluring to humans.

Their existence is so grateful but coronary heart breaking. For me, I think that you would like to return right here with wife and children. It's a need to. When the dolphins jumped, I unquestionably considered Seoeon and Seojun.

Even in case you might not catch any fish… Just having the ability to enjoy this sundown with your wife and children… This deserves 5 aspects. So 5 aspects.

(Cheer) If you get lucky and catch something like this… – That's shocking. / – That'd be 10 out of 10. Since the sun is setting, we deserve to have dinner.

– Aren't you hungry? / – Normally… – Yes, after being in the water. / – You are, applicable? We ate something greasy earlier. We will get rid of that greasiness now.

– Let's go. Okay? / – Let's go. I'll travel by water. – Sir.

/ – You can ride the boat. But you have terrible knees. I hear your Korean name is Dragon King. I'll depart first.

Stop it, sir. (Good eating place licensed by Hwijae) We'll be in difficulty if we go right here. We'll attain 3kg right here. – Thai? / – That turns out so good.

I've been to this eating place two times. – Because it was once so good? / – I love it so much. – Really? / – It's so scrumptious. (It's time to head to dinner the place they'll fall in love) – Is it Thai nutrients? / – Yes, it's Thai.

Do you would like something refreshing? I need something refreshing. – Do you would like it? / – Yes. – It's salty and candy. / – Give me alcohol.

– Why is he acting like this? / – His nostril is burnt. I thought he was once a Guam drunkard. How may my nostril burn like this? This place is actually diagnosed for its Thai nutrients in Guam. Over there.

You know the evaluate… 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. They received awards yearly. – Let's go in.

/ – Let's go. I'm hunting ahead to it. I love locations like this. (Many americans chose this as their favorite eating place) Pick one each.

What is that this? They all appearance good. – Here… / – How are we well inclined to only settle on one? (That's impossible) (If we had to settle on one) I need this alluring hunting one. What? Northern Thailand sausage.

Will it be okay for you? Northern Thailand sausage… And spring rolls. I'll settle on the curry. – Which curry? / – Just the easy pink curry.

– Red curry. / – Okay. Let's order this primary and order more later. No.

We need to order this. What is it? Vietnamese fried catfish. Hwijae. – Shouldn't we order this? / – Don't eat catfish.

– Let's eat that later. / – Please order it for me. – Let's eat that later. / – Please order it for me.

– Shouldn't we have got a spread of fried rice? / – Okay then. – Let's eat this primary. / – Let's order fried rice. The curry comes with rice.

– Let's order the fried rice later. / – Okay. – We're well inclined to order. / – Sure.

Spring roll and Thai sausage… Is this our first order? This is for the first circular. And the 2d circular is coming. (Unbelievable) (Countless nutrients to stimulate the urge for nutrients) (It's $sixty nine.ninety In entire) (The first dish is right here) (Fried spring rolls, $7.50) (Crispy) She turns out an analogous when she's scared and hungry.

– The face from the Slingshot. / – It's an analogous. Same as when she's indignant… (It unquestionably is an analogous) It's an analogous.

It's an analogous when she's scared and when it's scrumptious. It's so good. I'll are making an check out one too. Want to connect me, Sikyung? (Will it suit their taste?) (They equally admire it immediately) It's fried well.

I can taste quite masses of veggies. – What's useful is… / – It tastes clean. The skin is so thin and crispy.

(Satisfied) What is that this sauce? It's Tom yum. Tom yum Goong. Tom yum Goong. (Battle Trip hosts' favorite, Tom yum Goong) I need to boil up a load of Tom yum Goong and bathe in it.

(It's so refreshing) I need to order quite masses of Tom yum Goong and massage my face with it. (Don't eat it, give it to your skin) (It's time to eat Tom yum Goong, the most interesting of Thai nutrients) (Shrimp Tom yum Goong, $14.50) It's good. This eating place makes unquestionably good Tom yum Goong. It's very bitter.

(They reenacted the scrumptious taste of Thailand) For americans who enjoy Thai nutrients, they ought to season it stronger. Seoeon and Seojun will like this. I'll show you ways I eat it. I don't add the additives.

I merely clutch one shrimp. (Cilantro) I eat it like this. (How will it taste with this much cilantro?) (This is it) Are you convinced? I love it. (Sikyung additionally makes an check out a chew) (Completely authorised) This is my taste.

It is never terrible. The pink curry chicken. (Another dish, the pink curry) (Chicken pink curry, $11) Goodness. It turns out more scrumptious than it turns out.

It doesn't appearance spicy. How is it? Tom yum Goong. (Sook, this is it) We would've regretted it if we failed to order this. Completely alternative from the curry we on the entire eat.

And it's alternative from Indian curry. – It's not spicy. / – Are you specific? Try it with a spread of rice. It would be intricate for you.

– It's so good. / – So good. It's the stage of spiciness that Koreans love. Try it with rice.

I'm dying right here. It's so good. This is a extraordinarily good form of spicy. Why are they so immediately? The last dish is the white pepper fish.

– Okay. / – Wow. (It's Sikyung's encouraged dish, deep-fried catfish) (Deep-fried catfish with white pepper, $12.50) It smells noticeable already. (How will this surprising dish taste?) Come on.

Come on. (Just are making an check out it with doubtless) When the meat begins to crumble… This is the most interesting fish I've ever attempted. Is this catfish? – It's so tender.

/ – Look on the meat. (Plump) This is the most interesting fish I've ever attempted. I'm specific this is one of several most practical 3 dishes of this eating place. This is never catfish.

It's chicken. – It's right here. / – It's the Thai sausage. (Here comes a refreshing issue, Thai sausage) (What does it taste like?) I'll are making an check out this alluring dish, the Thai sausage.

– Will it be okay? / – How is it? It's Northern Thai sausage. Deep-fried squid is solely customary. And skewers are merely similar old. This is never my thing.

Gosh, Sikyung. (What's incorrect along with her?) I advised you to have trust me. Just have trust me. It's scrumptious.

It's noticeable. (This is it) The aftertaste is an namely spicy cold blood sausage. It's more like spicy beef soup. It tastes much like Philippine sausage.

This is shocking. This is harmonious. – It's not too spicy. It's merely good.

/ – Yeah. Imagine if we failed to order the Northern Thai sausage. – It'd be too dull. / – It was once a need to.

It's unquestionably good, applicable? I'm happy. Let me speak about eating now. What? What did you are saying? (It's time for them to eat competently) Do we score it now? – I already did in the establishing up. / –  How much? – The 2d I stepped in.

/ – 5 Points? – What roughly you, Sikyung? / – I think this place is Guam. (There's no deserve to give an explanation for in addition) This is Guam. This place is Guam to me. Let's calculate the prices for as of late.

The breakfast we had was once $sixty four. Slingshot was once $25 according to man or female. And the dolphin cruise was once $fifty four according to man or female. ($27 Per man or female for the Thai dinner) (The entire is $480 according to man or female including accommodation) I need to are making an check out other dishes.

(What? Aren't they completed but?) It's that good. Order green papaya salad. Order green papaya salad. (And that's how all of them began circular 2) Hwijae, go and luxuriate in the shooting diversity.

We'll birth circular 2. Come on. (Hwijae in reality went to the shooting diversity) I'm so happy. Fathers exhausted from babysitting.

Challenge! (Meanwhile, Sook and Sikyung finished the 2nd circular) There will likely be a booklet for our 2-year anniversary. – So many good concerns are happening. / – Battle Trip? Now that the booklet is out, we must always maintain a alternative tournament for our viewers. We may have to give out a spread of books.

Yeah, permit's give out the books. First, please watch the reside broadcast. And add lots pictures. (Next episode) It's our 2d day.

Today, the viewers steered concerns we must always do in Guam. We'll do a random lottery. Check them. (Paradise of activities) (Clear blue skies) Sikyung, are you enjoying your wedding shoot? Let's be happy for an namely long run.

(Battle Trip) ("Blooming Day" by EXO-CBX).

Battle TripEp.84 Taehyun and Sieuns Trip Penang, Malaysia [ENGTHA2018.04.08]

Reset Tour!  Turn it all to come back  What's the motive we obtained desirable here desirable here? Photo of an total existence. The photos look really significant. A romantic couple's day journey. This was a dream of mine.

A surge of romantic love. You were really shocking. Will you marry me in your subsequent existence? I love you. It was victorious.

Congratulations. (How did they plan the Penang day journey?) For married couples, trips are wars of love. Battle Trip! Last week, it really was a love that is like war. – That's desirable.

/ – A very joyful war. Sia will subscribe to us as our host this week as well. Last week's episode was quite romantic, wasn't it? I'll be honest with you. Throughout my marriage, I thought that I had met a immoderate-good quality husband.

He's very respectable to me. But when I saw how Dongseok treats Jiyoon, I realized my husband has a great distance to go. Has he ever shed tears after realizing how a lot he loves you? No, he has not. He hasn't ever cried in front of me.

He failed to even cry when I delivered our youngster. I was a bite disenchanted about it. I really thought he was so cool. – Korea's brand husband.

/ – Seriously. – You won over each and every one. / – Last week was… Choi Dongseok's exclusive.

Sieun, why don't you compliment your husband too? Brag about him. Brag about your husband. Taehyun is respectable at doing apartment chores. – Before I obtained married…

/ – That's the key important. I'd indubitably not completed laundry quicker than. I failed to know guidelines to do it. When my mom went away…

While I was at work, he obtained desirable here to my apartment and did the laundry for me. Like a genie. Taehyun does all of the cleaning and laundry at dwelling place of abode. And I do the cooking.

– That's notable. / – He's so cool. You divide your chores. This week, we will watch Taehyun and Sieun's day journey.

I heard this is your first time traveling in combination. For your honeymoon, you went to volunteer. That's desirable. When we obtained married, we wanted our honeymoon to be meaningful.

So we went to an orphanage in Jeju-do to spend time with the young ones. We indubitably not obtained to go on an actual honeymoon. We have indubitably not long past on a visit in combination as a pair. Jiyoon and Dongseok, where did you two go to your honeymoon? We went to some areas.

– We did… / – Really? – A three-city excursion. / – Where? We went to Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao. Great route.

That should essentially have been nice. What about you, Sia? Where did you go? We went to Ko Samui. – Ko Samui. / – We went snorkeling.

My husband advised me that a fish with a thorn poked his foot. But… I thought he regarded nice. But he thought his foot was swollen and paralyzed.

He made such a fuss. I was so turned off by that. – For me… / – On your honeymoon? I married my husband because I fell for his…

– Maturity and reliability. / – Manliness… He acted like a youngster. I can not ignore that incident.

Honeymoon destinations modification with each and every single know-how. Back within the days, going worldwide areas wasn't as effortless as it truly is now. – Most parents… / – Bugok Hawaii.

– The elders… / – Went to Jeju-do commonly. They'd visit sizzling springs or visit Jeju-do. But it be miles varied now.

Things within the 19 nineties and 2000s… – The 20th and 21st centuries are varied. / – Right. The 90s are separated into quicker than and after the Asian Financial Crisis.

They were in actual actuality powerful times. Before the Crisis, honeymoons centred on tourism. People went to Phuket, Thailand. Guam or Saipan.

– Places where which you can take lots photos. / – Right. Malaysia, Bali… They went to such areas.

But after the Crisis, parents went on… – Domestic honeymoons. / – That's desirable. This is when parents started going to Jeju-do a lot.

– Jeju-do is crucial. / – It's superior. In the 2000s, parents started to spend extra on honeymoons to advantage from the option. That's when they started going to Europe.

Or even Las Vegas. They'd get advantages from the sightseeing and have time to settle down. A place they will do the great deal. It's changed.

– The traits preserve changing. / – They preserve changing. If which is the fad… Penang, which was our vacation spot, will draw in such a big amount of couples after this put across.

Is it a memorable place? It's so… It's a spot where many cultures come in combination. I love those areas. There's Europe.

– Yes, Europe. / – And Southeast Asia. And vacation areas too. – Vacation areas too.

/ – Yes. You can appreciate sports within the ocean. It's significant for matters like that. We don't know a lot about Penang.

Not many know that Penang is in Malaysia. That's desirable. Well, a graphic is price a thousand words. We'll should essentially still head there.

Let's go there now. I wonder what these two… What quite cringy matters they did. I bet it turned an actual honeymoon once the cameras were off.

Yes. Seriously, for us… It really felt like a honeymoon. – What's wrong with him? / – What? What? – What? / – Sikyung, why are you crying? – Wait, Sung Sikyung.

/ – Nothing, nothing. – I'm embarrassed. / – Sikyung. – Sikyung assists in conserving crying.

/ – What's wrong with you? – No, nothing. / – You're forty now. It has to be time for Sikyung to go. He assists in conserving…

– We'll watch the footage. / – He will get excited. Sounds bizarre announcing it be miles time for him to go. – Go where? / – Get married.

Get married? You should essentially still say it like that then. – Time to go. / – It sounds bizarre an extra technique. It's time for him to get married.

– That's desirable. / – Time for him to go. Let's be taught about it out. (Like last week, they will watch the clip separately) (It's time for the Penang day journey!) Let's do a throwback to the 80s.

– I don't find out about the 80s. / – Remember that? After we take turns to speak… – You desire us to do it in combination? / – And ask for favor. It looks like they're courting.

– They are still newlyweds. / – Yes… Hello, we are… They still look refreshing.

Still newlyweds, desirable? Yes, we are. We're like newlyweds but have been married for 3 years. – I'm Park Sieun. / – I'm Zin Taehyun.

– It's nice to see you. / – Hello. – Nice to see you. / – They are varied.

– three Years. / – They look so refreshing. It does sense slightly varied. – Slightly varied.

/ – They're quite varied. It may not be over with an exceedingly major resignation. Do you understand? Hey, I would love to purchase that. He's like a kid.

Goodness. Don't try this. Please don't try this. Coconut ice cream.

We get to see matters like this. – That looks cute. / – I would love to be fed too. Try some.

I have confidence  guidelines to focal point in your husband. I do? Honey, this is honestly too difficult. – You were wrong, desirable? / – I was wrong. It's going down.

Seriously… It's going down. (They're still figuring out their modifications) (But they appear to be a sexy couple with significant chemistry) I took some time off. Then on the primary drama I did after my comeback…

– Taehyun was the lead. / – I bear in intellect this drama. – And I was a assisting actress. / – So cute.

– You really met in a drama. / – He obtained desirable here to me… And pronounced, "I've largely been your fan, ma'am." He obtained desirable here and pronounced that… – With each and every one around.

/ – She's your senior? In 2001… She's older too? – Yes, by 1 year. / – I was an open recruit actor. At MBC.

She was the lead… – The lead and a minor position. / – Of a drama. I had a minor position in it.

– It's like a movie. / – She was really relatively then. I was bowled over in my young age. Shocked that such a sexy girl existed.

I'm sorry. No, but wait a minute… I'm sorry. – Goodness.

/ – Oh, no. – That's so… / – What's happening? That's just wrong. I don't go that some distance.

– Don't do matters like this. / – I don't. I don't have confidence that is desirable. Let's see what you did in Penang.

No, no, that is… That's a bite too… Wait, for me… You should not have criticized him last week.

Let me start with an apology. I sense a lot less guilty now. We met in that drama and she was precisely the comparable. Things obtained to work out and I obtained her latitude.

I worked difficult and chased her around. We wanted to visit Southeast Asia so we researched. Recently, my sister… She lived for five years…

In Malaysia. My 2d eldest sister. So I asked her. She pronounced there is a spot which is called Penang in Malaysia and that she'd been there for a vacation.

When I was just researching about it, it regarded so a chortle. There were such a big amount of matters to talk about. This is the primary day journey we've been on alone. That's why I was really excited.

Is this Penang? – Yes, yes. / – What's this? – It looks like Seoul. / – It's a city. It's extra of a city than a vacation spot.

No, no, no. No, no! – Come on. / – No, no. (Thrilling activities) You want the activities.

Oh, goodness. That looks respectable. – That's notable. / – I like this.

I might eat these two on a daily basis. It's respectable. It's really respectable. It's respectable we obtained desirable here.

With my wife. Oh, My Honey. He's planned a surprise too. What the? My goodness.

Compared to Jiyoon's day journey… You failed to have matters like this. This is worse than last week. No, no.

I'm sorry. Wait a minute. Was I like this? Wait, don't go away! Did I try this? I'm sorry. Tour locate.

– Team locate. / – Your excursion locate. – We're the vigorous Park and Zin couple. / – Yeah.

Park, Zin. On excursion with the vigorous Park and Zin couple. – Oh, Park and Zin. / – Lively Park and Zin Tour.

That's a really respectable locate. We would love to move each and every single other. Thankful Tour. We're thankful for each and every single other.

We visual disclose unit each and every single other. We're thankful for each and every single other. He pronounced visual disclose unit. He's a bite of a jokester.

He fools around a lot. – Park Sieun. / – And Zin Taehyun's… Touching Tour.

Lively Park and Zin Tour. That's a immoderate-good quality locate. – So your sister suggested it. / – Yes.

I hadn't heard about it quicker than. If it be miles suggested by a regional, it has to be respectable. I made a decision where we're going. Where? Kapitan Keling Mosque.

St. George's Church. Come desirable here. Come over desirable here now.

Wait. Just preserve searching quietly. Were you upset? I was working on something but he saved calling me. Penang is comparatively small.

What's that thing that flies within the sky? She wants to do something bizarre. There's a graphic. People are flying above a boat. I don't understand why parents try this.

(He has acrophobia) (Lively Park and Zin's challenges in Penang) (Lively Park and Zin's curative in Penang) We're not immediately heading off. (Incheon International Airport) (Kuala Lumpur) (Penang) (Takes 9 hours) It takes quite your time. We had a stopover in Hong Kong. It looks like it be miles price visiting.

The city looks unique. Yes. What's notable is that there may be a Hindu temple, a Buddhist temple, a Catholic church and Protestant church all on one street. It's a totally personal culture.

India, China, Malaysia, Europe. It's all blended. That's very personal. That place looks like Europe.

I saved forgetting I was in Malaysia. – That looks so respectable. / – It looks respectable. It's just like the Jeolla-do of Malaysia.

All the delicious meals is there. – The Jeolla-do of Malaysia? / – Yes, Jeolla-do. We're not immediately desirable here. – Honey.

/ – Yeah. We're not immediately desirable here. – We're in a summer nation. / – We're desirable here.

– Now… / – What should essentially still we take? Now whenever I see a suitcase, I sense like anyone should essentially still get on. – I would love to ride it. / – It's respectable, desirable? Yes.

She should essentially still've rode the suitcase. What should essentially still we take? – Is there a bus? / – I checked it out. – There's taxi. / – From what I discovered…

Taxis listed desirable here are varied to what we know. There are taxis outside… – If you look desirable here… / – Where are the taxis? – The taxis…

/ – Which one's a taxi? The precious thing is that there are not any taxis. – The taxis are largely not marked. / – They're not. – How can you tell? / – You take a ticket.

You use that ticket as a day journey pass. So there'd be no illegal hustling by the drivers. At least not at the airport. He pronounced 69, desirable? Is that $18 something? I have confidence so.

Thank you. I have confidence this is the ticket. Let's go. We should essentially still existing this ticket then? I have confidence so.

That's fascinating. Ticket. Thank you. – Penang, Malaysia.

/ – Now I sense the heat… – It appears like we're really desirable here. / – I know. Right? How have you ever learnt about the taxi? It's notable.

– The ticket taxi, desirable? / – Yeah. You get ripped off so a lot on vacation. That's desirable. This is to preclude that desirable here in Penang, George Town.

The city corridor's… I'm searching to speak desirable here… Oops, I'm sorry. I wanted to shoot the airport.

(They arrive at the motel after an hour from the airport) Come desirable here. What's this? Come over desirable here. I prepared something for you. (Ta-da) We indubitably not had the probability to do matters like this.

What's happening? – I… / – Yeah? – I've only seen these in dramas. / – They have swans! They have birds. They have swans.

It's the primary time I saw such a thing. Goodness. – It's so relatively. / – The roses are in a heart shape.

When did they… Right? 1, 2, three. Does your husband take such a big amount of photos for you? Not as a lot as her husband. Not as a lot…

Not like Jiyoon. – You'll see. Pictures are all you are left with. / – Right.

Our exciting Park and Zin Tour… Let's start it. Lively Park and Zin Tour! (Lively Park and Zin's challenges in Penang) (Center of Penang, George Town) Honey, investigate me. (Checking herself out in Taehyun's sunglasses) It looks like they're on a honeymoon.

– I really felt that technique. / – That's sufficient. You look very relatively. Shall we go? Is this George Town? Yes, it be miles George Town.

It's the historical center of Penang. The whole city is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I should essentially still definitely go there. The buildings are shocking.

– They look graceful. / – It appears like Europe. – You're desirable. It's many varied.

/ – It's captivating. (It's a really respectable photo spot a outcomes of wall paintings) – Yeah. / – They sell coconut shakes. – I'm thirsty and sizzling.

/ – Let's are trying coconut ice cream. Come desirable here. – What's that? / – It's coconut ice cream. Hi.

Having an ice cream? Coconut ice cream. Coconut shake. – One. / – One.

Will it taste respectable? – Interesting. / – It's in desirable here. I love my ice cream. I know.

– You'll eat to your heart's content drapery desirable here. / – Yeah. Thank you. How a lot is it? It's $2.20 Each.

That's fair. – It looks respectable. / – This is coconut ice cream. Don't you have confidence you gave me too little ice cream.

Just eat it for now. It should essentially still be 1/2 ice cream and… Keep it down. Half peanut…

Just are trying it already. How is it? – Is it respectable? / – Yeah. These matters can not fail. I can taste the coconut.

Why do you provide me so little ice cream? What are you saving it for? Your enamel will ache if you eat it like that. You get a headache. If that was us, we would've ordered… – Two ice creams.

/ – You're desirable. – One each and every single? / – While we've been ingesting this.. I found something. – What? / – It will shock you.

Come desirable here. I'll take a photo for you. Sit down. This village is full of work of art.

The coconut ice cream is a element of our excursion. – Okay. / – Sit there. Just like him.

Oh, very respectable. That's it. – So relatively. / – That's so relatively.

– That's a portray, desirable? / – Yes. It's a mural. That window portray looks nice. (Take a photo of me patting the kitty) What are you doing? Did you take it? – What? / – You took only one photo? Trips are all about the photos.

– That's no respectable. / – You would need to take several to recognize on. Full, tight, best 1/2. You want all those pictures.

Since the brand is comparatively. I indubitably not considered all those angles. She's varied since she's an actress. She's so relatively.

– I… / – Can't we ride that? What? – That. / – I've prepared the great deal. He looks confident.

It was a chortle. What? It's a revamped bicycle. Oh, that? It's a trishaw. We should essentially still go somewhere on this.

Take a seat. Hello. – Hi. / – Hello.

– Can you sit desirable here? / – Cornwallis. Cornwallis. – A castle? / – Yes. It's a castle.

Fort, castle. I really would need to go there. I like these matters. The castle? I'll definitely go there.

Where? Fort Cornwallis. Okay. You know why I would love to go there? Why? You'll see once we get there. So just exercise me.

Don't look to come back despite the fact that. The historical man is driving so I sense guilty. I know. – This is respectable.

/ – Right. It feels cool. – It's quite cool. / – Yeah.

– But if you are enormous… / – It's a chortle. You may not be able to share a seat. This place looks nice.

Right? This place looks like Europe. The city is highly fascinating. Over desirable here. I can see the white…

That's… George Town city corridor? That white building may just maybe also be it. You're desirable. I do see a white building.

That has to be it. Can you see it? – That's the city corridor. / – That building… – Is the key reveals landmark.

/ – That building… It's so relatively. – It's the George Town city corridor. / – Great for photos.

It's quite small. Countries that had been colonized have a tragic historical past… – Relics. / – But the buildings are shocking.

That's Fort Cornwallis. Stop. – I'll assist you to out. / – Okay.

Come desirable here. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you.

– There's an entrance price. / – Yes. This place was outfitted by the British. When the British obtained desirable here, they outfitted a castle.

Taehyun studied a lot. – Yes, I was really greatly surprised. / – Like a instruction. – It's true.

/ – He performed the instruction. You studied a lot. – You don't desire a instruction. / – Captain Light outfitted it.

Here. That's why the castle is big locate-shaped. He wanted to give an explanation for that to you, Sieun. I mean, he likes to blow their own horns by nature.

There's an actual motive that I wanted to ship you desirable here. What is it? There's a legend in that cannon. – That cannon over there? / – Yes. If we pray while placing…

A flower within this cannon… No technique. Did he ship a flower? – If we pray while placing / – Okay. A flower within this cannon, we'll be blessed with a youngster.

This is why we obtained desirable here desirable here? – I wondered why you saved announcing… / – It will… – We essential to visit the castle. / – Help you conceive.

I bet the general public come with crops. That's desirable. – Those who desire young ones… / – Desperately.

They'll come desirable here. It's equivalent to our dol hareubang. – Yes, like touching its nose. / – Yes.

There are such a big amount of crops within. Really? I'm placing it in. Okay. I'll have a daughter.

We largely thought that we should essentially still have a youngster. But Taehyun pronounced that he really appreciated our lives at that point. He saved pushing it to come back. – He wanted to have it later.

/ – Really? – Goodness. /  – So I asked if he ever will. And he pronounced we'd should essentially still. So I suggested that we would need to prepare.

And he's been decided since last year. That we should essentially still really have a youngster. Now babies look so shocking. Baby girl? So cute.

– I see. / – She was so cute. That's so cute. So cute.

– So a youngster will be additional… / – We want a daughter. To your pics. I'm a son.

I can not have a son who takes after me. That's the only motive for my would love to have a daughter. Baby boys are shocking but when he takes after me… I trust that I'm not a mature individual.

I agree. – Men… / – Not mature… – A daughter like my wife.

/ – I in locating him charming. Right? – So have you ever made plans. / – I have confidence so. We'll have one youngster first.

– First… / – But I sense like they'll want a sibling. – At least two. / – Isn't it significant to have two? – It's significant.

/ – It's significant for them. Three is too a lot. – Three… / – Well, three for me…

I'd like a 3rd. I hear them speaking and… – Your husband doesn't desire a 3rd. / – He doesn't.

– It has to be too powerful for him. / – What was that? He doesn't desire a 3rd. – What? / – I have confidence only you desire a 3rd. It has to be too difficult.

– Did you talk about a 3rd youngster? / – Yes, we are. Did he say he wants a 3rd youngster? – No, not in any respect. / – He pronounced yes. – Really? / – He pronounced he does.

She really wants an option desirable here. It should essentially've been difficult with the primary two. I guess so. Honey, I'm getting hungry.

Me too. Should we provide the Malaysian cuisine a are trying? – Should we? / – I love ingesting regional meals. – Me too. / – Me too.

I can tell this place is respectable. – There's also a mural desirable here. / – It looks respectable. I'm hungrier after seeing the pics.

What should essentially still we get? Look at the costs. – Why is it so low-cost? / – It's greatly low-cost. – This is $1.eighty. / – It's really low accountable there.

– $1.eighty? / – That's an outsized. A bowl of noodles bills $1.eighty. If it be miles that low-cost, we order around 10. – Really? My gosh.

/ – Foodies try this. Let's get that. – These fried noodles look respectable. / – What's this? I desire Sambal fried rice.

– This and, oh, chicken. / – This. – We should essentially still have chicken. / – You can not go wrong…

Wherever you order chicken. – Honey, can I have soup too? / – Huh? – 10 Dishes is not up to $20. / – Exactly. Sure, go ahead.

It's low-cost. But why do you ask? You'll order what you desire anyway. Excuse me, hurry. You're just asking him to agree.

– That's desirable. / – Yeah. Telling him what I'm ordering. This one.

(Ordering without caring about price) – Thank you. / – Thank you. All that… – Was $9.30? / – It's not up to $10? Isn't it notable? – I adore it.

/ – That's so respectable. And it was all so respectable. It looks respectable. This…

– Oh, in combination. / – Mix it. Okay, okay. Thank you.

This perfume… That already looks respectable. This is… It's quite like kimchi soup.

What's wrong? Try it. I don't have confidence it suits my taste. Honey. Look at his face.

– He can not eat something but Korean. / – It's a bite… I have confidence it'll be like that. There's that face over again.

Thank you. He's a youngster. Taehyun's a youngster now and again like this. It's to not his liking.

And except, that one obtained desirable here with fish meat on best. It tasted like salty dried filefish fillet. That was… That sounds delicious.

Excuse me? Dried filefish fillet is respectable. But… Okay. Thank you.

You would need to stir in combination. Okay, okay. The meals is served really without carry up. I like that.

Isn't it respectable? I guess he doesn't like it. – It should essentially have a durable aroma. / – Isn't it okay? I'm curious. – This one tastes a bite sour.

/ – I have confidence it'll taste respectable. It smells of coriander. Too a lot. This one's okay.

It's like ingesting salty dried filefish fillet in kimchi soup. And it be miles been braised it in soy sauce. It's a combination of these two. This is like a bowl of noodles soup with canned fish, desirable? The noodles are softer than the udon noodles in Korea.

– That looks delicious. / – The noodles look so respectable. That definitely should essentially've been respectable. That's so…

I should essentially still are trying the rice. That dish was so respectable. I can tell your collection. Your fashion…

– I like salty meals. / – Is the sambal sauce respectable too? – The sauce desirable here was respectable. / – This is… Sambal.

Sambal, sambal. Try mixing this. I'll are trying the sambal. Luckily that one suits his taste.

This is respectable. This is respectable. This is truly respectable. This is to my liking.

– It tastes like egg fried rice. / – Yes. It's like I'm mixing Tabasco sauce with the rice. The sauce is truly hugely spiced.

How is it? This is to my liking. – It tastes okay? / – Yes. It was really respectable. I can eat these two dishes three meals a day.

He's ingesting alone. You eat it. This is better for Koreans. I'll eat this until we go away.

The chicken will be respectable no subject what… – So should essentially still we take it gradual? / – We should essentially still are trying it. See what Malaysian chicken is like. I sense just like the chicken will taste bizarre.

Oh, that… Yes. Right? It's full of spices, desirable? The aftertaste. A slight aftertaste.

– Fried chicken largely smells the comparable. / – No. – Fried chicken largely smells the comparable. / – No.

It has that scent I don't love. There's a hint of that. – Really? / – Yeah? Maybe it be miles a outcomes of the different dishes but I can not tell. You really have varied tastes.

Both couples. Yes. I was really greatly surprised that he only likes Korean meals. I thought he'd appreciate regional meals.

To be honest, I appreciated the fried chicken. I failed to know what spices he might taste. I discovered he was really touchy. It's respectable.

(Taehyun uploaded it on his SNS at long last) (I recommend the noodles and fried rice) That's why when I day journey… Do you pack kimchi? The first thing I do is look for Korean restaurants. I lookup Korean restaurants. Next, I lookup McDonald's.

(Lively Park and Zin's challenge in Penang) (Extremely immoderate observatory) – There's a personal building desirable here. / – What is it? It's indubitably among the crucial highest buildings desirable here. – In Malaysia… / – sixty three Square? Higher than sixty three Square.

There's such a building desirable here? I heard there's this relatively observatory desirable here. Wow, it be miles standing tall. You might see all of downtown Penang. That's desirable.

– You'd should essentially still make assured to go there. / – Right. With you, My Honey… – Goodness, My Honey? / – That's your pet locate? Yes.

– Honey. / – Yes? It's so sizzling they largely're still holding fingers. Geez… You call her My Honey? I…

Yes. I'm sorry. – With you, My Honey… / – Yes? Why do you want tall buildings? I have confidence…

– Why do you want them? / – Maybe because I'm brief. I have confidence you want tall buildings too a lot. Why is that? It's not just me. Most parents do.

I'm terrified of heights. I hate immoderate areas. Why? I'm scared. I have confidence it be miles this methodology.

Yes. Thank you. Is it a theater? There are so many buildings. – Aren't there? / – Yes.

It's like downtown. That scared me. Goodness. How annoying.

Don't try this. Goodness. – How annoying. Don't try this.

/ – It opens up. It opened up so without warning. Don't try this. Don't try this.

You should essentially still've warned me. I was greatly surprised too. – It's so… / – That's so, wow…

This is indubitably not too damaging. This city is peculiar. – This city of Penang… / – It really is a unfamiliar city.

Wow, that is so… That's closely so… – It opens up to the actual thing. / – Yes.

Is that a portray or what? – It was notable. I was so greatly surprised. / – It's shocking. Penang really reminds me of Ganghwado.

This is a chortle. That was something new. Gravity? – What's this… / – Gravity.

– What about gravity? Why? What? / – Gravity. I obtained that sick feeling in my belly. – Wow, closely… / – Honey.

Something is going down desirable here. – I was so… / – I… Actually delivered you desirable here without telling you.

What is that this place? What this is… You connect a rope. – No technique. / – And walk on the market.

And walk on the market. Oh, my God. And walk on the market. Oh, my God.

(Did you have confidence it was a each and every single day observatory?) I hate it. Jung Joonyoung and Choi Taejun did that during Macao. But this place is 6m larger. That's too immoderate.

We were so scared just watching them. They opened this in February this year? Yes, it be miles very new. Then you don't understand how safe it truly is. That's so…

It's making me angry. – That's so… / – Oh, no. He's hating it as he watches.

I hate it. It looks that during peculiar, romantic husbands have a immoderate-good quality fear of heights. Now I know. – We tie a rope and go out? / – Yes.

What will we do outside? We go out and walk around. You're all insane. But he's still holding your hand. – Even as he says that.

/ – Why would you do that? Don't do that. How am I going to do that? I can not do that. What, honey? – Honey, I'm sorry. / – First…

I had no proposal my wife would disguise it from me. Because she is aware me really well. But… Why did you…

Do that to me? He looks like he's acting. "I can not go on the market." It's like, "If you love me, go outside." Something like that. "If you love me, jump." Dongseok does the great deal despite his fear, desirable? He looks to do the great deal. – If I say I'll do it alone…

/ – How is he? He does it with me because he'll get worried. – That's my husband. / – So cool. – He's a romanticist.

/ – That's so cool. Why are you asking me to do it? You know I'm terrified of heights. I thought per probability you may do it. I would love to are trying this.

I might… Just tackle the challenge. Just desirable here. We can do that only in Penang.

Only in Penang. – Just once… / – I will… Do it swift.

There's a door within the heart. – You noticed that? / – I did. I saw it. There's a door which you can exit midway.

– In case you get scared. / – In the heart? I noticed that. You knew. I'll come to come back in if I can not do it.

– Yeah, but will you be okay? / – I'll try it. – Because… / –  You should not should essentially still do it. I'll do it.

Okay. I'll are trying it. And if I can not do it… Sieun is aware guidelines to persuade him.

If I preserve telling him to do it… "I might not do it." "Do it." "No." "I might not do it." He does that. But if I tell him, "You should not should essentially still do it." "Don't be anxious about it." "Forget it." "It's extra powerfuble if you don't do it." If I say it like that… – That's funny.

/ – She has him within the palm of her fingers. He's like, "Should I?" That's how parents have confidence. That's my enormous graphic. Done? Write your real locate.

Your real locate. You're Park Eunyeong. I'll die as Park Sieun. Got a controversy with that? Is that respectable? (Happy) I get it.

He's now not smiling. He's like a conventional grade schooler. It's not damaging. Relax.

Calm your nerves. What are you doing? I'm loosening your arms. Relax. Here.

Are you okay? I can do that. That's really powerful, desirable? Okay, respectable. Honey, just investigate me. Okay? I'm scared too.

(They start now) The sound is… – It's the wind. / – That's horrifying. That's…

– Honey, I'm closely… / – The ground has holes. Yes, it does. Okay.

Honey… – You're okay. / – Honey, I'm closely so… My wife stepped out so I essential to.

His face looks so grim. That's too horrifying. This is truly difficult. What do I do? Honey, what do I do? – I'll carry this.

/ – Oh… This is too difficult. This is too difficult. I can not look out.

Honey… I'll take you to courtroom desirable now! Don't contact me. Don't grab me! Okay, okay. – Don't grab me! / – Take you to courtroom! He's so charismatic in dramas…

In dramas… Honey, this is honestly too difficult. (Smile) This is honestly too difficult. (Smiling) Move alongside.

It's too difficult. (Trying to seem nice for the graphic) That photo. – He smiled for the camera. / – Yes.

He definite is an actor. Honey. That was really horrifying. You're doing significant.

Come desirable here. I'm being courageous. Yes. You're doing so well.

I am. Now, there will be a immoderate-good quality bridge. Welcome to a immoderate-good quality bridge. What's happening? What is that this? What's happening? – It's like a stepping stone bridge.

/ – It's a song. Yes, they've got a song. They have missions alongside the technique. It was a chortle.

It's so horrifying with those gaps. – I can not do that. / – At first… – It was effortless.

/ – I don't would love to do that. Everybody, exercise me. I don't have confidence I can. I obtained desirable here this some distance.

Wait. Excuse me. – He'll go out? / – I'll go out. Is he quitting? I'm so…

You're sweating so a lot. I'm joyful with you. I'm proud. Did you provide up? I did.

Really? – I essential to. / – It's like a mom consoling her son. She gave me permission. You provide up? I'll call it quits desirable here.

I'm so… I don't recommend it to oldsters who has acrophobia. That'll be too difficult for them. Honey, I'll go farther.

– More? / – Yes, I'll be to come back. See you. – Good job. / – Bye.

Good job. Thank you. After I sent him off, I felt like a weight had been lifted. – A bit…

/ – I was so… Because I essential to be anxious about him… I was worried too. There was an exit midway so I advised him to go within.

That it be miles okay. From then on, I might really get advantages from the tower. I discovered for the primary time my wife likes this stuff. – You're so cool.

/ – That's too slender. – I stood there…  / – The trail quicker than was wider. Why is she doing that? I really don't understand.

Why is she standing outside the building? Seriously… There's an option horrifying challenge. This is scary. It's horrifying once which you can see below…

Through the walkway. Hey. How am I going to take photos for her desirable here? This is insane. I can not even step on that.

– She's sitting down there? / – It's like that. Did you go away out this? I couldn't see… Oh, my… – Put your legs like that? / – Like this…

That's a challenge as well. Sitting down then standing up. – You should essentially still take a seat? / – Yes. You're notable.

What is she doing? Why would you sit there? I don't trust this… – Stop filming now. / – In case he loses a wife. I'm really scared.

This is nice. I in locating this a chortle. – Oh, dear. / – Park Sieun…

You'd indubitably not expect this of her. – She's varied to how she looks. / – It's like my break out. No technique! You do the "Titanic" desirable here.

That was really horrifying. Don't! Not this! Don't! Unbelievable. That's potent. But this…

– The route is truly a chortle. / – It is, desirable? The first thing I thought was, "Wait, that is dangerous." I saved thinking that. I failed to wish her to do it. Then…

I saw her appreciate it. And I realized that… I've been doing matters that only I like. My wife has been doing matters that only I like.

She did that for me. – He realized something by way of this. / – I felt damaging. – I recommend this to fanatics.

/ – Battle Trip is so… When you to horrifying immoderate areas… – You come in combination. / – Oh, really? – You come to be nearer.

/ – You carry each and every single other too. – Rely on each and every single other. / – That's desirable. If your man holds your hand, he looks so trustworthy.

You're desirable. You sense like which you can trust him with your existence. Did you appreciate it? – It was a chortle. / – Let me see.

You look relatively. You look relatively. It was so a chortle. Are you okay? Honey, are you okay? Look at me.

– Aren't you dizzy? Are you okay? / – I sense dizzy. You do? You did a immoderate-good quality job too. I thought that once I completed the route, I thought he'd really console me. – But as soon as I stepped in…

/ – That's like us. I started to console him quite. – It's so funny how she comforts him. / – It's okay.

I found myself comforting him. But so what? I have confidence couples just would need to meet midway. There's no law announcing the man has to comfort the wife. We can just modify to the issue.

I trust ladies would need to present their shoulders to lean on now and again. I trust ladies would need to present their shoulders to lean on now and again. You're so cool. A girl calls for to lend her shoulder too.

– That's my fashion. / – I'd extra powerfuble be educated. (Lively Park and Zin's challenges in Penang) (Penang fashion steamboat) When I was there, I really enjoyed steamboat. What's a steamboat? It's like shabu shabu.

That looks respectable. You add vegetables and seafood and boil it in broth. It's really tasty. – I'd extra powerfuble are trying that.

/ – It's respectable. – Steamboat? / – Those matters are largely not fattening. – True. / – It's ingesting regimen meals.

You can eat as a lot as you want. I wonder why it be miles which is called steamboat. I have confidence there is a steamer within the heart. Package.

(The owner recommends the well-liked menu) Since we're desirable here… Out of A, B, and C, A is the key pricey. It has the key. – Let's eat the one with the key menu.

/ – Of route. – They put dried noodles in it. / – Set A. You add dry noodles to it.

You look really drained. Me? Before our meals is served, let me present you with a massage. You had a really difficult time. That's equal to my husband after the swing.

– He's a bite out of it, desirable? / – Yes, he's. I'll present you with a massage. She's still consoling him. – She's even giving him a massage.

/ – That hurts. The husband is too immoderate preservation. – That's going to air on TV, is indubitably not it? / – Younger guys… Tends to be cute like that.

Turn around. That really hurts, honey. Steamboat. It's intensive.

– Oh, I like this. / – It's really like a boat. (A enormous steamboat enters) Let's dig in. – It's really boiling.

/ – You're desirable. Is there something underneath? There's nothing there but there may be within the heart. Do  why it be miles boiling when there isn't any warmth source? – Why is that? / – I was fascinated by that. Is there a stove under the pot? There's charcoal in desirable here.

– It's heated with the charcoal. / – In desirable here? It's like a brass chafing dish. There's coal within the tube so it assists in conserving the great deal warm. – So that chefs it.

/ – It assists in conserving it warm. That's captivating. – Oh, it be miles not a fireplace underneath? / – No. That's desirable.

Let's are trying the broth first. That was really respectable. That broth has to be so tasty. What is the broth made of? – It had a garlic flavor.

/ – It's just conventional broth. – It's tasty. / – Clear broth. It has a durable garlic and pepper aroma.

Shabu shabu with that quite broth. Is it like chicken broth? – It's equal to that plus garlic. / – It's seasoned. At the conclude of the shabu shabu, the broth is all seasoned.

– That's so respectable. / – It's like that from the beginning. – So it has to be a bite salty. / – Yes.

Sambal. The fish cake was technique extra delicious than in Korea. They have significant fishcake there. They make it out of refreshing fish.

It's home made fishcake. – It's respectable, desirable? / – Homemade fishcake. It was really respectable. It's respectable.

– Is that to your liking? / – I have confidence so. That's a relief. It's like a mom asking her son, "Do you want it?" And the boy is going, "Yes, mommy." Oh, this… – As , I only like Korean meals.

/ – Yeah. Nevertheless, it be miles respectable. Let's are trying the fish. – It looks like meat.

/ – Yeah? I'll add it. Dip it… Then take it out and eat. I'm going to are trying it as is.

– Dip then take out… / – What kind of fish is it? – Grouper? / – Grouper. It's a saw-edged perch. – A white fish.

/ – Yes. It's too pricey in Korea. – But it be miles low accountable there. / – It's like deep fried puffer fish.

– The within meat is clean. / – Right. – Deep fried puffer fish is tasty. / – The white meat.

It's like really tender chicken. – Deep fried puffer fish. / – Like deep fried puffer fish. You get that at a puffer fish eating place.

– It's really respectable. / – It's respectable by itself. (They gulp down the great deal) – I'm ingesting too a lot. / – After you conclude it all…

You add the hugely spiced sauce to the broth and… – Then you start over. / – Reset. Very true.

(Park and Zin's first day comes to an conclude) For mothers, despite the incontrovertible actuality that they would love to visit a really respectable place… – It will depend on whether it be miles kid-pleasant. / – Right. But this place is nice.

You can let your young ones grab one and eat. That's desirable. They can eat that. (Lively Park and Zin in Penang, day 2) The ocean color is so shocking.

Honey, what are we doing this present day? Today, we're going to a seashore. – Taehyun, did you plan both days? / – Yes. We should essentially still go. – Honey.

/ – What now? – I really… / – You're going to say something strange. I haven't long past shopping properly yet. – Shopping? / – Here we go.

– Just how a lot shopping is correct? / – I know. – Really? / – There were some relatively matters… But you saved pushing me to move on. Everything was so rushed the day prior to this.

I really couldn't investigate something. You don't desire a lot time, desirable? If it takes long, I might should essentially still go away. I'd love to visit accessory outlets. – Don't go to accessory outlets.

/ – Alright. Seriously, it takes ages for her. You will make the viewers have confidence it in actual actuality takes ages. It does take ages.

You would need to recognize on. Decide what you'll purchase beforehand. – How can you try this? / – What on earth? You can not. – Right.

/ – See? They're going crazy over there. You should essentially still know what you desire and how a lot it bills. – That technique, it'll conclude in five mins. / – Don't make a decision there.

There's too a lot once you go there. Anyway, I beg you. (Lively Park and Zin's curative in Penang) (George Town shopping) (George Town) (George Town's street artwork) It's like Garosu-gil in Korea. – There are the general public on dates.

/ – Right. It's equal to Samcheong-dong. – It appears like there are extra parents. / – I know.

When I heard you were shopping, I obtained exhausted. But I pronounced I might not input any outlets I haven't regarded at already. Just the place we went the day prior to this. Wait a minute.

Where was that? – The place we went the day prior to this. / – I'm scanning. – I went but I couldn't purchase something. / – Accessory shop? Pin cushion.

– The place you went the day prior to this. / – I should essentially still in locating it. – You've staked out a spot? / – Yes. That's why you wanted to come desirable here.

I thought you wanted to start over. – I did would love to seem in desirable here the day prior to this. / – Where? – Here. / – Oh, desirable here? Look around.

Take a beneficial instruction a rough look around. (I knew this may turn up) Okay. Honey, I would love to purchase something for now. – Okay.

/ – Choose one for me. – Something that suits you now. / – Buy it on web site… – And wear it desirable away.

/ – That's what it be miles about. – That's the brilliant thing about day journey. / – Right. This one suits you.

– This one? / – Yeah. Right? They're nice but… How about this? Is it too such a big amount of a flower sample? I in my view like this one. – This? / – No, no.

You chose this one earlier. Then this one. They look the comparable to him. You can tell if you consciousness.

He's just not searching. Geez, what is that? There's too a lot diversity. I can not recognize on now and again like this. – This is nice too.

/ – There is indubitably not… That a lot diversity desirable here. There were so many in varied colors. You would need to purchase one in each and every single color.

– When a individuals waiting, you are rushed… / – Yeah. You can not recognize on comfortably. (He escapes the scene) Honey, what do you have confidence of this? Honey? – Yes? / – What about this? – The blue one looks extra powerfuble, desirable? / – The blue is extra powerfuble.

(End of discussion) Honey, what do you have confidence of this? Do you should essentially still use the camera? I should essentially still see it up close. – Good! / – That one's nice. It suits your outfits desirable now. I favor the other one.

– She's already chosen one. / – They're the comparable. They're varied. – That one? / – Get the blue one.

– This one? / – The blue one looks respectable on you. Okay. See how it looks on me. – The blue one is truly relatively.

/ – Right? – The blue one looks respectable. / – Yes, the blue. – How a lot was it? / – How does it look? Does it suit me? It looks refreshing. Yeah.

Buy that one. This one? Yeah, hurry it up. Just a minute. Honey, please cut down your time when shopping.

Decide beforehand what you'd love to purchase. (She should essentially have totally forgot about that) I recognize on such a big amount of matters for her. The shopping will conclude without carry up when I recognize on for her. I'm doing it to conclude the shopping without carry up.

Couldn't you tell that I was uncomfortable? How? In what technique? – I was really searching to rush… / – When? My eyes moved really swift. – I attempted my largest. / – Shopping with a pal is largest.

– You chose the one we appreciated. / – Yes, that is desirable. You should essentially still get that one. – Women have confidence alike.

/ – You're desirable. – Isn't it relatively? / – Yes. It looks respectable on you. Find me that shop for me.

– I have confidence this is correct. / – It's desirable here. Honey, I have confidence this is it. – It's desirable.

/ – It is. (Big smile) – Let's go in. / – Great stuff. (Sieun has entered the sector of shopping) This is…

I don't purchase matters desirable away. Because when I was young… She made a really respectable option obtaining those jewelry. – It is going with her total outfit.

/ – It's so relatively. I just purchase it despite the incontrovertible actuality that I don't adore it. Even if I don't adore it, I purchase it since I'm there. But my wife doesn't purchase it if she doesn't like it.

Then she is going to come back in case she regrets not obtaining it. – He's frowning so a lot. / – That's desirable. – Why do they are trying this? / – Frowning eyebrows…

Even with soy sauce. Soy sauce? Yes, even when she's obtaining soy sauce. She reads up on all versions of soy sauce. – Goodness.

/ – She reads the labels? Yes. You can stay awake if you don't purchase something. – Right. / – You bear in intellect the thing you left.

– In case anyone else buys it. / – Right. (Pick the great deal up to seem) (Tap on the great deal fascinating) Is that a menu? I'm not really to purchase it but let me just are trying it on. Goodness, it be miles so relatively.

You would need to purchase something in an adjunct shop. They sell so many nice matters desirable here. It's unlike that on a daily basis. – It's only because it be miles low-cost there.

/ – Yeah. You do it for kicks. – Honey? / – Yes? (He's checking Sieun's mood with a sour face) (He's leaving for somewhere without announcing something) He's sitting. His legs are hurting.

(He's alone by himself) I can not trust we're to come back desirable here. Doesn't Penang really suit him? It doesn't look awkward. He's a regional. – I sense like asking him, "How a lot?" / – Boss.

– He's like a tout. / – Boss. "It's low-cost." (Sieun is taking her time searching around) This was so adorable. (The pot frames caught Sieun's eyes) – Frames.

/ – Wow, that is so relatively! – Aren't they relatively? / – So relatively. (24 Hours during the past) – Honey, let's purchase this. / – She saw it the day quicker than. – She wanted to purchase it? / – I advised him…

– He pronounced no and dragged me out. / – That's relatively? – You have confidence that is relatively? / – I haven't any clue. It's not my fashion. Why do you'd love to purchase that? – There's no motive why.

/ – To dangle it up! (I really would need to purchase this this present day) Interesting. These tiles are so relatively. Where did he go? Honey. Where did he go? Honey! Where are you? (Where would I go? I'm desirable desirable here) I would need to ship him in.

(She actions to catch the shopping slave) – This is the technique you waste time. / – I know. – You might've bought several matters. / – Right.

If he was desirable there, she would've bought it. Where did he go? (Taehyun is indubitably not desirable here) Honey! (Looking around) Where did you go? Taehyun has all of the dollars. Where did he go? (It looks like she is calling at something) She's still shopping. – Geez.

/ – She outlets within the midst of that? – Unbelievable. / – That's the one. – She's still searching. / – That's what bowled over me.

So a lot I missed last time. Is that a refrigerator magnet? She's full of curiosity. (Oops) Where did this man go? He calls for to ship the dollars for me to purchase. He should essentially still have left the dollars with me.

There are so many a chortle matters desirable here. This is truly cool. I really would need to purchase this. This may just also be relatively.

– Didn't she look desirable here quicker than? / – Seems new over again. How long will we should essentially still watch this? Is this a product placement for pots? There are too many frames. There are so many frames. Why are they all in varied colors? This is so painful.

It's painful. What is the color of your wallpaper? White. Are you discussing it with the camera director? The atmosphere are mint colored. Mint, blue.

I have confidence this will likely suit our apartment. Okay, this one. The one I appreciated within the initiating glance. I will recognize on the one I appreciated within the initiating glance.

She was just going to purchase that all alongside. I'm joyful. She failed to even purchase a lot. Sook would've bought all 20 of these.

I largely say this. I indubitably not remorse after obtaining something. – Right. / – But I have regretted not obtaining it.

– It's awkward if you only dangle one. / – Yes. – You should essentially still dangle as a minimal four. / – That's desirable.

(So a lot time has handed by while shopping) (She not immediately obtained in contact with Taehyun) – Hello? / – Honey? Yes? – Honey. / – Yes? – Honey! / – Yes? What is happening desirable here? I'm sorry. You'll should essentially still explain yourself well. I'm a bite of bowled over.

You abandoned me in an option nation. No, I failed to desert you. – Let's talk once you get desirable here. / – Okay.

– Sieun has a immoderate-good quality personality. / – Where did he go? He has to ship something with him on this problem. – You're desirable. / – Taehyun extra powerfuble be holding something.

Why are largely not you operating? You abandoned me. In this worldwide land. What took place? I know what which is. – Hugging quicker than he'll get hit.

/ – I'll inform you the truth. – Sit down first. / – In case he'll get in trouble. Come and sit desirable here.

Tell me. To be honest… I was desirable here the total time. (What?) – I was too sizzling.

/ – He should essentially have a motive. Look at me. What are you taking a look at? Honey? Look at my eyes and tell me. It's really horrifying when she does that.

I'll inform you the truth. I obtained desirable here to come back from fishing. What? There's a really respectable fishing spot desirable here. What are you on about? I was just desirable here the total time.

I just had some espresso. – Anyway… / – Let's go. I'll will allow you to off this time.

Since we're doing what I desire now. – Honey, Batu Ferringhi. / – Yeah, this is the seashore. That's so relatively.

– There's a vacation spot there. / – This is it. Isn't it? No, this is… Wait, it truly is that this.

Parasailing. – Batu Ferringhi… / – This has to be with it. – Do we should essentially still go parasailing there? / – Parasailing…

(30 Minutes by car from to Batu Ferringhi) – The ocean is in overall so nice. / – Yes. It looks so nice. We'll get advantages from the ocean.

(Batu Ferringhi) Wow, the seashore is truly long. Isn't it really long? It's like Haeundae. – Should we walk the seashore? / – Okay. – It's the ocean! / – This is nice.

I went to the seashore last week… But I couldn't walk the seashore once with my husband. Because of the young ones? Yes, he was too busy gambling with the young ones. I'm reminded now that I watch this.

I should essentially still really day journey a lot now. So nice. (It's like they're on their honeymoon) I have confidence matters you want are accumulated over there. Yeah.

I really wanted to are trying this. It's time to realize your dream. (You should essentially put on safety accessories) Isn't this for youth? I have confidence this is for youth. He's so kind.

(Heading out to sea to meet Sieun's wish) I can not trust this. I can not trust I'm doing this. This is unthinkable for me. I'm serious.

It's unattainable to have confidence that I will only dangle on a rope and fly within the sky. Why would you do that? That has to be ours. (The parasail is almost able to fly) I had no clue my wife appreciated this kind of thing. – For three years? / – I discovered on this day journey.

(Nervous) (Excited) This is my wife. She's so excited. (It's now time to fly into the sky) – Honey. / – Honey.

You're doing this with me since you are my guardian, desirable? This is madness! I did it alone in Thailand. But it be miles really lonely alone. At first, I went up excited but then… There's no man or woman to refer to with up there.

No one to share it with. Honey. He careworn out whether he should essentially still subscribe to me. So it be miles just the two of you…

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! (The boat is getting smaller) Honey! – We're flying! / – We're flying! – Honey. / – What are we doing? Honey! (Taehyun looks to appreciate it extra than he estimated) Look down! (A thrilling view below their toes) – Honey, is indubitably not this crucial? / – It's superb. – How is it? / – It's superb. – Good thing you listened to your wife, desirable? / – No…

(One can appreciate this view only within the sky) I recommend you to do it with an option man or woman. – It's extraordinarily boring if you do it alone. / – Right. I'm nice because I'm with you.

(They don't fear something because they're in combination) When we took off, it was notable. It was so a chortle. As we were driven clear of the boat, we floated… That feeling of flying felt notable.

Plus the wind… Ocean beneath our toes. That feeling of mountaineering larger into the sky was significant. It was really a chortle within the initiating.

My wife screamed as we climbed up. Then because the velocity without warning reduced… It felt bizarre when the velocity reduced. I don't have confidence parents terrified of heights like me should essentially still do that.

– Are you scared? / – Yeah, I'm getting nauseous. – Already? / – Yeah… This is indubitably not respectable. – Is it too a lot? / – Yes, it be miles too a lot, honey.

Please take us down. Bring us down. – They have an indication, desirable? / – Yes. – To ship you down.

/ – It's only been three mins? Yes, yes. I felt really sorry up there. I should not have made him do it. I made him do matters he's so terrified of.

It's not just being scared. He's feeling it all over the place his body. I felt damaging because I felt it was my fault. It was a nightmare for me as well.

Honey, it be miles going down now. – I'm so… / – It's going down. Yes, take deep breaths.

It's mountaineering down. – I'm sorry, honey. / – This is truly powerful. We're almost there.

It appears like you are studying each and every single other extra powerfuble. I really failed to know it was that damaging. I only found then how critical his acrophobia is. (He's calmed down a bite of now) Goodness.

That's really being involved. It's unlike I'm scared. It's just a terror of heights. – I'm sorry.

/ – Don't say that. I don't have confidence I can do it. – But from his point of view… / – It's my fault.

He should essentially sense so damaging which you essential to discontinue. – Because of him. / – He saved announcing he was sorry. He's scared and sorry.

My wife is notable. She should essentially've been worried that something will turn up. I realized that she in actual actuality is my wife. I was really thankful.

You confirmed your love for each and every single other. They look so down after doing something so a chortle. That's a bite sad. Have a seat desirable here, honey.

– It's powerful. / – You did well. (Taehyun had it more difficult than any man or woman) Good work. I was really thankful.

He had clenched his fists so difficult… People with acrophobia should essentially still indubitably not are trying this. – But as a minimal I attempted. / – That's desirable, you did.

– I failed to not are trying. / – That's desirable. Good work. But it be miles really difficult.

This application makes you'd love to get married. I really acknowledge these two couples. If you are not basically that respectable to each and every single other, they will not act like this desirable here. When you face hazard in combination, you return to rely upon each and every single other.

For that purpose, this is respectable for newlyweds. I have confidence it be miles significant for married couples. If you do it at sunset… – It'd be so cool.

/ – It's really the spotlight. (Lively Park and Zin's curative in Penang) (Dinner with a nice view) (The chaotic day is now over) Since this present day is our last day desirable here, I'd want to take you to a immoderate-good quality dinner. In actuality, I have been secretly saving some dollars. – Is it a luxurious place? / – Yes, it be miles very pricey.

– Is this the place? / – Yes. It says it be miles a seafood industry. – I'll treat you to a seafood industry. / – I sense lobster.

The look of the building tells that it be miles a progressed place. I spent a really respectable little bit of bucks. – It looks a bite like Thailand. / – It does.

Penang is approach to countries jumbled together combination. (The entrance of the eating place is full of fish tanks) – Is that a fish tank? / – Yes, fish tank. – I love areas like this. / – It looks delicious.

– They'd really have lobster. / – They would. – They have each and every diversity. / – Honey…

Here's the lobster. They're so enormous. They have Chinese cuisine, Malaysian… – It's a rainbow lobster.

/ – You recognize on the technique you desire it. That's desirable. Honey, look desirable here. – There's something we should essentially know.

/ – What? If you look desirable here, it be miles $20 for 100g. – $20? / – It's greatly pricey. – You can come for just that… / – What will you do? – Is the meals a lot cheaper? / – Let's just eat a really respectable volume.

– Want to go away or eat? / – We should essentially still eat. – We've come all of the technique desirable here. / – Really? Honey, turn around! – We've come too some distance in. / – You're desirable.

We can not go to come back out. Rainbow, Australian or Boston? Who will I recognize on? Who will I recognize on? It's a chortle for us but for them… She's a totally cruel girl. They're so horrifying.

It's so enormous. Let's head within. – Thank you. / – Thank you.

It's really enormous. I reserved a seat for you. – Even a seat? / – Yes. Check out the ocean.

Honey. Are we going to eat the lobster with this ocean view? This is so nice. The sunset is shocking desirable here notwithstanding was cloudy that day. (They will have their handiest dinner desirable here) (Checking the menu) – Please promise me one thing.

/ – What is it? Please be brief to decide what to eat. Please. That's the hardest thing. She can indubitably not recognize on what to eat.

She assists in conserving asking for my opinion but I haven't any proposal either. She largely asks for my opinion. Honey, what else should essentially still we order? – There's so a lot to order desirable here. / – I…

Why did you just ask me? You look first. Reading the menu is the key important thing on this planet. There's so a lot to recognize on between. It's my favourite e-book of all books.

I really like you. – Vegetables… / – There's the clouds which you love. – I should essentially still recognize on one with a graphic.

/ – Yeah. All he can have confidence about is bean paste stew. I have confidence I saw a Korean eating place on the technique. Tofu…

– Choosing the menu is a kind of shopping. / – Right. Choose, I'll wait. I can wait for all time.

Let's ask the waiter what the hottest dish is. Hang on a 2d. Why did you even investigate the menu then? I'm just curious. Why have you ever been taking a look at the menu all this time? – I wanted to recognize on but…

/ – Let's discuss this. Then you order. Choose from desirable here… I've already chosen.

I chose as I walked in. I'm going to eat this rice. Me too. You have a sickness with making choices.

– The sun's already set. / – Yes, it went down swift. – The meals's not out yet? / – No. They regarded at the menu and the sun set.

I've largely wanted to have a dinner on the seashore with the sunset. It's nice. I guess this is why parents do that on their honeymoons. The sun's long past down now, honey.

– It's pitch black. / – You're desirable. It's desirable here! Is the lobster not immediately desirable here? (Mouth wide open) Unbelievable. Wow, what is that? I've indubitably not seen something like that quicker than.

– It was really respectable. / – The meat… Doesn't it scent notable? (Mmm) It's respectable. (Her eyes widen) (It melts within the mouth) – It's respectable.

/ – It was really respectable. Anything tastes respectable with butter and cheese. – There's so a lot meat. / – There was so a lot.

That could be handiest with wine. While ingesting this… I'm reminded of Penang. The extra you peel to come back…

There's so a lot complexity under desirable here. It feels equivalent to that. I really would need to are trying it. – That looks really delicious.

/ – It looks so respectable. I have confidence Penang, Malaysia is… It's so blended desirable here. – They've worked in combination.

/ – To come to be one. For 10, 20, 30, forty… – 50, 60 Years. / – That's desirable.

– They come to be extra like each and every single other. / – Right. – And blend. / – Right.

It appears like that. – That's Penang. / – You are actual. Even if we come with young ones…

– There's so a lot to do. / – Okay, okay. Is the restroom outside? Okay, okay. Let me just take a beneficial instruction a rough bathroom break.

(While each and every one was searching ahead to Taehyun) I have confidence you should essentially still be taught about your textual content messages. (Sieun exams her textual content messages with a stern look) – What took place? / – What's wrong? (She looks at her cell for a really long time) (Her eyes without warning turned teary) She's crying. (Someone sent her photos) (She's about to burst into tears) At each and every single location! He took one at each and every single location. This is respectable.

(Thank you) (For residing) (With) (Me) That's so relatively. That means… – At each and every discontinue. / – At each and every single location.

That's relatively. I was really bowled over. – He sent each and every single photo one at a time. / – What is that this? – That will make you cry.

/ – Right. (She continues to investigate it for a really long time) When did he take these photos? She largely doesn't cry. I'm so lonely this present day. Where did he go? Where is he? (Look to your left) – Why is he operating like that? / – Is he the village fool? What was that? I failed to know that I ran like that.

(Taehyun looks nervous) Geez, I largely don't do matters like this. Hello, My Honey. It's been almost 8 years since we met. Thank you for largely being by my facet.

This staff is an total drama. Just like we promised, let's stay a meaningful and cheerful existence. Is Dongseok crying? Why are you crying? Why are you crying? – Is he crying over again? / – Is Dongseok crying? – What's wrong with him? / – Go be taught about on him. Are you serious? Why are you crying? Is he really crying? Why are you crying? Is existence too powerful for you these days? – Are you okay? / – It's because he ran like this.

Thank you for largely being by my facet. Just like we promised quicker than we obtained married… Besides residing well in combination… Let's stay a meaningful and cheerful existence.

I love you, My Honey. My wife, Park Sieun. In our subsequent existence… Please provide me extra allowance dollars.

I love you, My Honey. – What is all this? / – What else? Oh, My Honey. (We might sense Taehyun's sincerity within the development) – Is that what you were doing on a daily basis? / – Yeah. That's what I was doing each and every single time.

Goodness. (One man or woman continues to be touched) – That's so cute. / – That's so nice. Goodness, goodness.

– I made a request, desirable? / – I like seeing that. In the 8 years of marriage… I've not normally completed a surprise for my wife? Is that the primary time? – Never a surprise. / – Hardly ever.

Then it'd be a lot extra transferring. I favor to be a really respectable husband on a daily basis. So I've not normally completed it… (This is how Taehyun's surprise started) (Step 1, cooperating with the staff) Did he prepare earlier? I'd want to set up a surprise for her.

I wrote this down. That's adorable. He prepared this when he was in Korea. (This is how he completed it word by word) (Step 2, getting prepared the flower bouquet) Where did he go? Seriously, where did he go? – Oh, then! / – I felt so damaging.

– Where's the florist? / – He went to purchase it then? – Then… / – It's so difficult to in locating crops. This one. She loves purple.

I'm 100% definite of it. That's desirable. I felt so damaging that day. (Step three, the giant match) – Even then…

/ – Is the bathroom outside? Okay, okay. (Everything's going as planned) (Where Sieun is sitting) Can you see it? (He completes the remaining photo) (Sending the photos to Sieun) She saw it. She saw it. (Step 4, an option hidden surprise) I prepared this.

– That's your wedding photo, desirable?  / – Yes. On the to come back. "I love you." You took care of him like a son. – What's that photo? / – This is us.

(Ta-da) (The pose Sieun largely likes to do) – That's what I do. / – That's desirable. I'm so moved. On this day journey, for you and me…

It was a probability to get to know each and every single other perfectly. Yeah, I'm definite we'll track new matters as we stay in combination. But equivalent to the parents of Penang… Let's admire each and every single other and meet within the heart.

It was totally unexpected. I realized this is why parents do surprises. As parents stay on… It might come to be dull if it be miles completed all of the time.

But doing something small once in your time… I realized which you can move anyone with just a sketchbook. I thought my wife leaned on me but I realized I was leaning on her. I realized that a lot extra.

This excursion was meant to be us transferring each and every single other. But at long last, Taehyun moved Sieun. (They largely held fingers wherever they went) – It was really transferring. / – So touching.

I have confidence it was extra about Taehyun transferring me. The excursion locate was handiest. We would need to track about the bills. – Since charge of residing is low-cost there.

/ – I know. – In terms of bucks spent on meals. / – Cost powerfuble… If you have time, you should essentially still visit both areas.

I really would need to try this. You'll should essentially still be jobless to attempt this. You wants to be rich too. Let's hear the entire expense from Sieun.

For three days and a pair of nights, the Lively Park and Zin Tour spent a comprehensive of this a lot at Penang. – Excluding airfares. / – Excluding airfares. – Total.

/ – Per man or woman. $396.50. – My goodness. / – You did all that for $390? – It was not up to $four hundred? / – $396.50.

If it be miles $396.50, That is composed of the lobster you ate. Yes. That lobster was $200. Then without that, $100 ninety? It means there really is indubitably not a lot to spend.

That's so low accountable. – Since meals is so low-cost. / – The noodles were $1.eighty. That total meal was only $10.

Next week… – Another exclusive? / – It's an option exclusive. – This is an actual. / – It's an actual exclusive.

This week was real too. But this is truly, really real. It's really true. Vietnam and the Philippines.

A true day journey planned by real parents. Look out for it. Please look ahead to the subsequent episode. We'll say respectable-bye desirable here.

The world is your college. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) You can experience the class of Vietnam that others haven't experienced. (Hanoi, Choi Eunyeong, Ahn Sunyeong) (Boracay, Boom, Lee Jihye) Something a bite of numerous.

Places that haven't been visited. Isn't it so relatively? We're seeing a refreshing Boracay. I'll bear in intellect this for existence. (Battle Trip) ("Boomerang" by Wanna One).

Battle TripEp.83 Bali Tour with Choi Dongseok & Park Jiyoon [ENGTHA2018.04.01]

(Numerous awesome directions on trips) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) (Lee Hwijae, Special host, Jung Sia) Travel is war! Battle Trip! Our uncommon host for this week is… Goodness. It's Jung Sia! Hello. – Welcome.

/ – Hello, I'm Jung Sia. Thank you for having me as a uncommon host. I'm so happy to be the following again. There's a clarification why we have Sia since the host the following these days.

The actual deal is the following. Today is about respected traveler locations for couples. That's why I'm the following. You know my husband and I are smartly-knownshows lovebirds.

– You identify your self that? / – How embarrassing. Acknowledged. – It's considerably embarrassing. / – Acknowledged.

The concept for these days… I'm uncertain. – Would it's relatable? / – That's true. – I fret about that.

/ – It's a relief because… The manufacturing personnel who are unmarried reported they essential to get married after watching these days's outing designers. They say they in reality felt that. – Really? / – Yes.

They're married but imagine of these trips fairly a lot as respected for relationship couples. That's the sort needless to say that they designed. We have brilliant faculty for these days's episode. Since it is a communicate over with for couples, we have actual married couples that designed these days's trips.

Here are the four outing designers for these days. – Please come on out. / – Come on! Welcome. They're in reality married.

Hello. They're actual married couples. I love taking place circle of circle of relatives trips. But Park Jiyoon's circle of circle of relatives go on trips in reality frequently.

I guess we'll be capable of see her technological know-how with this outing. Going on trips simply the 2 of you… – The preference to try this… / – It's now not easy.

– We aren't getting many. / – Right? Since there isn't a one to brain the children. I heard this was a noticeable outing for you though. Actually, I was on paternity leave.

I've been looking after our infants for your time. It was awesome to go on a communicate over with by myself with Jiyoon after a lengthy term. This is his first TV appearance after the paternity leave. First after the leave.

– Congratulations. / – Congratulations. How lengthy have you ever been on paternity leave? It's been a year. So you lived only as a father…

– Just youngster care? / – For the complete year? – Yes. / – You took care of the apartment? For actual. This is one factor… – You are now not prepared to commence to component in.

/ – That's correct. Not everybody can do this. He deserves an award. – It's been a year…

/ – I did now not push him into it. Since I've met this many persons. – That breaks my heart. / – I in reality feel like crying.

– I'm going to cry. / – That makes me look so terrible. He reported he necessary a break. So I told him to take accountability.

But which is now not taking a break. – It's an lousy lot more difficult. / – They have two infants. Doing the housekeeping, taking the children to school…

– And elevate your wife. / – I wager… You grew to be closer to your teens. We have been very close already but we've transform even closer.

Even when I'm out for work like this, I miss my infants. The infants seek for their dad each morning. It ought to upset you only a little? Yes. They keep soliciting for their dad.

– With their mom correct there. / – I tell them I'm their mom. – I gave birth to you. / – Mom.

And we have Zin Taehyun and Park Sieun the following. I heard this was their first outing as a couple. – Really? / – I thought you'd travel an lousy lot. – We…

/ – How did that take place? Just the 2 of us… We did now not even go on a honeymoon. So we in reality essential to have the correct time, simply the 2 of us. Must've been awesome.

Well… – It might be awesome. / – Since they haven't bought teens. – That's correct.

/ – It ought to've felt like relationship. It might in reality feel like after you're relationship but after you have numerous likes, that you can also need an actual colossal battle. You're so pessimistic. It's because…

You ought to've fought an lousy lot. – Not an lousy lot. / – He's so pessimistic. When was the last time you had a battle, Hwijae? Yesterday? It wasn't the day prior to this.

– This morning? / – No, no. Don't be like that. Did you guys ever battle and certainly now not keep up a correspondence to each one other? We don't battle. You've certainly now not fought for the former 3 years? Sometimes, we get upset and so on…

– But preventing… / – He admits his wrong actual fast. He admits his mistakes correct away? – Yes. / – That's correct.

I'm eager on whereby they went. Sia, whereby would you favor to go? I've certainly now not been on a communicate over with by myself with my husband since the honeymoon. Goodness. I've certainly now not been.

Going on a communicate over with without the children? I've certainly now not even regarded as it. Hwijae, whereby would you go? Where would you go in case that you may go by myself? – Alone? / – Yes. – If you go by myself. / –  So many locations.

I can go wherever if it's by myself. – I'd be so… / –  Okay then. About with your wife? Where would I go? Alright then.

Therefore, experts in traveling, Park Jiyoon and Choi Dongseok chose which location for their outing? I'm curious. I'm so curious. It's indispensable for us to have a chortle but we have our obligation as outing designers. So I essential to go to a spot I've been in the past.

Luckily, there has been a spot whereby every one of us went to two times. When we had our first and have been exhausted with youngster care. So our oldsters begged us to go on a communicate over with. – Really? / – We did now not plan the remainder and…

– Just you two? / – Just left for Bali. Yes. It was so awesome. We have a unconditionally respected reminiscence of the place.

– So it's your 3rd time? / – Yes. Bali. Bali is highly smartly-knownshows for honeymoons. That's powerful.

Since it is a smartly-knownshows traveler attraction, I was fearful their outing would be predictable. But within the match that they're this attached to it… – Since they've got been rather a number instances… / – Right.

They might've realized someplace new there. I make assured, after you notice this, you can be shocked that such locations exist in Bali. – We love matters like that. / – You'll be shocked.

There are a unfold of matters that women would like. What about you two? – You've certainly now not taken a communicate over with mutually. / – Yeah. I wonder whereby you selected to go.

We went to a less known place because we essential to introduce it to you. – It's Penang in Malaysia. / – Penang. – Penang? / – Penang.

– I've certainly now not heard of that place. / – Penang. Why did you settle upon Penang? In actuality, we favor to stroll an lousy lot. So…

– I thought it'd be too boring to simply rest. / – Right. So I essential to go some place whereby we'll do sightseeing and transfer circular. I necessary a spot that has an lousy lot to see and luxuriate in.

Penang was perfect for that. And Sieun's sister suggested it. She lived in Malaysia for a very lengthy term. So you bought a suggestion.

It's very non-public. They have several cultures. They have the methodology of life of England, India, China and Malaysia mixed in that small island. The foodstuff would have to be respected.

– The foodstuff was in reality respected. / – The foodstuff… That means… We might be hearing a few Penang youngster.

Well… The birth identify might be Penang. – Penang. / – That's cute.

Why are your eyes so intensive, Taehyun? They're now not. It's time to watch their trips. Even though they went on a communicate over with mutually, their testimonies can also even differ. – Right.

/ – Even with a equivalent reports. So we divided the adult males and women in separate rooms. To spoil their relationships as a lot as viable. They had numerous recommendations.

So we get upset after watching the footage? When I'm with Sikyung and Hwijae… There have been instances when I might now not get by to them. – What? / – It's such an most amazing factor. I in reality feel adore it is so awesome but they…

That marriage ceremony shoot by your self? – Huh? / – The marriage ceremony graphics. When I did the self-marriage ceremony. – I was in reality moved by that. / – That was awesome.

It was so respected. – It was in reality respected, wasn't it? / – Yes, incredibly. I noticed it. It was so respected.

They simply don't appreciate. What's respected a few self-marriage ceremony? It was awesome. What's respected about it? Go and watch the Manchester derby. When you are the prettiest…

– When you're youthful… / – People take them. This is perfect. – It's powerful.

/ – Hurry up. Let's divide the teams. Alright then. I hope many persons would ought to get married after watching these couple's trips.

Shall we? – Move to our rooms? / – Divide up. – Let's go. / – Then first… – The adult males first.

/ – Choi Dongseok… And Park Jiyoon's Bali outing. Let's watch that first. Men, this method.

Ladies, cash in on the footage. – Hello. / – Hello. Hello.

Hello. I ought to get a symbol of a entire life. – I'll ought to take it. / – That's correct.

You're the first couple to go on a communicate over with in Battle Trip. – Are we the first couple? / – Yes. – This is so pleasing. / – They'd in reality feel shy.

She's respected. We met all the manner by the experiment for anchors. We joined the firm at a equivalent time. I met her all the manner by the 3rd interview.

You two joined the firm in a equivalent year? Yes. We met at the practicing institute. We grew to be attached. She says I was once aggravating.

He was examining his scrapbook by myself there. So I did now not wish him to skip the experiment. He wasn't my style. My husband wasn't my style either.

– But I ended up with him. / – I know. They've grown an lousy lot. We've experienced that an lousy lot.

But taking place a communicate over with simply the 2 of us… – Maybe once or two times? / – Less than 5 instances. We went to Bali simply the 2 of us. It was like a honeymoon.

It was in reality… I have awesome testimonies from that outing. Bali for us… – Is very uncommon.

/ – Let's go there. – Decided on Bali. / – Nice. There's the Seminyak most primary road whereby there's a unfold of restaurants.

The place we went to commission about $100. I did only a little evaluation last night. There's a helpful lodge in Ubud. – For two nights…

/ – It looks as if… They're the following at our travel firm. Jiyoon was like a day outing advisor. Did you do the studies your self? I usually do it myself.

– I plan out the finest itinerary. / – That's brilliant. Trees are so partaking in Bali. The wood merchandise are fairly too.

Rattan luggage. Trays. – Chopsticks. Spoons.

/ – We'll purchase as little as viable. What's a rattan bag? Something colossal and dear. – Shopping. / – Must purchase them.

Rattan luggage? I bought 100 cat dolls in Bali. – Cats dolls? / – Wooden cat dolls. Maybe for the reason that she's been on thousands foodstuff suggests. She's a foodstuff expert.

It's so scrumptious. (The dish is empty) 220. 220. 220.

– Did you go to Ubud? / – Ubud. The traditional market, yes. Photo spot. Photo spot.

– She looks so fairly. / – Picture of a entire life! (Jiyoon is the queen of social media) Dongseok, you're keen on taking graphics, don't you? Actually, I favor taking movies to graphics not too long ago. Once we're there, you might imagine we have two administrators. Goodness! Isn't that an authorized camera? Whose camera is that? – It's his.

/ – On every one of the trips I've been on… I've certainly now not been prepared to do as I wish. Because I ought to do as I'm told. He don't have his personal will.

Even if I do one factor on my very personal, it ought to nevertheless now not determine. When I tell him to load the bags, he does. When I tell him to stand up, he does. Wait for me.

You have been in reality fairly. Because you're fairly. It's like an paintings. A guy…

Should walk subsequent to the road. (The hidden romanticist, Choi Dongseok) – Are our fighters a married couple? / – Are they? It's Zin Taehyun and Park Sieun. They're now not an actual married couple yet. I wager they usually in reality feel like they're in paradise.

We did a immoderate-5 in hell on the other hand up to paradise… Do you may have to have a battle on the outing? You're now not preventing, correct? We usually have a day outing identify. Since I'm again to work… Then? – Reset Tour? / – Reset Tour? Reset Tour sounds respected.

It means today outing… – Will reset love and strain… / – Same with work. It'll be a restart.

– Reset Tour. / – Great identify. Let's commence with "turn matters again." ??Turn matters again ?? ??To in the past I met you ?? ??To the methodology I was once in the past I met you ?? Let's go again to when we first met every one other. Let's reset our love.

??Turn matters again ?? What was that? – Was that slapstick? / – He did slapstick. My goal is to introduce symbol spots which will get 10,000 likes. Concentration, purity, 100%. – So thick.

/ – It's fairly even now. My goodness. I'm only a little fearful of heights. Why is it so immoderate? (We ought to go there) – What is that? / – There was such a spot? – It's like their honeymoon.

/ – Your first time, correct? It's so powerful. That's an brilliant symbol. – It's in reality like their honeymoon. / – I ought to go.

It's a romantic couple outing. We have been holding our fingers. It has been my dream to go on a communicate over with like this. A romantic love will smartly up the following.

Oh, this… I ought to delete this one. Oh, this! You look so sizzling. – You look in reality sizzling.

/ – Reset Tour. ??Turn matters again! ?? I don't have faith you ought to reset the remainder. – You two look so happy. / – I know.

This is only a preview. What did you pack? Why do you look so down from the origin? Because he has to hold every one of the bags. I packed rather a number bricks for you. He looks like her manager.

He's her manager. – She walks forward. / – Wait… Sikyung, which is what occurs.

You transform a manager after you get married. Except for the plans, your husband does each little factor. There would have to be any person who makes the plans work. And carry the bags.

How over and over have you ever been to Bali? Bali? You've been there greater than I have. I haven't traveled to Bali without you. There are persons who usually ask that. Really? Who did you go to Bali with? Who did you go along house without me? What are you affirming from the origin? Have you been wherever without me? I'm a great deal surprised within the within the period in-between.

Does one factor are evoked? This is corresponding to the last time. That eating place in front of Kyunghee University. I've certainly now not been there but you have. It's nevertheless a thriller to me.

I have certainly now not been there. – Who did you go there with? / – This is why… You usually ought to say you haven't been there. You usually ought to say you do now not know the remainder.

I imagine this can be the correct component of traveling. This might be the last moment we're feeling respected. Let's hurry. Jiyoon, come down now.

This is so powerful. I love the commence of the outing. – Wow. / – He's carrying her now.

How romantic! I've certainly now not executed that previously. I ought to nevertheless are attempting that too. – The teens usually do it so… / – You'll bust a wheel! – Only infants can do it.

/ – I was jealous. I thought we left the children but I realized a refreshing one. Is that it? Please load the bags. (Ubud) (Seminyak) (Nusa Dua) (Nusa Dua) It's so colossal.

(Hahaha) The resort personnel thought it's our honeymoon… – And they arranged these forms of. / – It's so powerful. I've certainly now not viewed that previously.

Gosh, look at that. Goodness. It's too a lot. – In the bath? / – The bathtub.

Who's going to blank all this? Isn't that too a lot? It'd be a disgrace in case you simply blank it and sleep there. I wiped clean the bath. I ended up with a full basket of petals. Can't you simply use the bath like that? Must take graphics of this.

This is in reality smartly made. Since you sometimes make the reservations… – Mr. Park Jiyoon.

/ – They identify me Mr. Park. – It's a pool correct in a front. / – A swimming pool.

I've certainly now not been to a room which might be ideal subsequent to a pool. We haven't bought any time to kick back, do we? Let's meet up within the lobby the following day at 7:30 a.M. (First day of Park Jiyoon's outing plan) (Everyone targets of a trip in a heat country) So powerful. Where are we going? We're going somewhere a long approach-off.

A taxi… No need. I arranged one factor. Are we strolling there? I rented a automobile.

Do I ought to drive? If you appoint a automobile in Bali, a driving energy comes with it. – We're traveling with a driving energy? / – Yes. For 12 hours. I are now not prepared to agree with it's only $forty.

So happy. Bali is rather colossal. So, many persons either discontinue going to numerous locations or transfer to numerous lodge. – You're correct.

/ – I have certainly now not executed this in the past… But it was so respected. We bought the following every one of the methodology to Bali to refresh ourselves from the actions of methodology of life. Let me exhibit you what's brilliant.

We ought to beat our trauma. I do now not ought to do the remainder upsetting. Let's now not do it. He would have to be faint-hearted.

This can leave us with a symbol of a entire life. – This equals 10,000 likes. / – For a symbol? How would you ride that? It was so upsetting. This is frightening? It's very upsetting.

I don't have faith which is a helpful suggestion. Everything looks like a photoshoot. They're all doing photoshoots. So fairly.

(They're scared now that it's correct in front of them) Mommy! Why is this place nevertheless unknown? Many Koreans do now not find out about this place. Shouldn't they do magazine shoots there? If it's this fairly? It's considerably… It looks like we ought to signal an contract. A stamp.

It's only a little over $35. What do you get for that value? – All-you-can-consume foodstuff and drinks. / – You get foodstuff? You additionally can ride the swing as a lot as you need. So foodstuff is blanketed.

I thought it commission $30 to simply ride a swing. It'd be too costly for simply that. This one is 5m. Yes, 5m.

10M, 15m. I'll take the 10m one, respected for sharing on SNS. That one's primarily less upsetting. This one's the scariest.

Is this the upsetting one? I'm more nervous. I don't have faith I can do this. My outfit stood out the least there. They all wore dresses.

Bravo. – Why? / – You ought to wear a gown. – It calls for to flutter. / – You ought to.

– That's correct. / – You ought to flutter. All for a symbol? That place is so widespread not too long ago. People wear dresses to take graphics.

To let their dresses flutter as they take graphics. I'm certain he did now not assume us to go to Bali Swing. Because I'm only a little fearful of heights. I are now not prepared to even go on rollercoaster rides.

But this was the article I essential to do the foremost in Bali. – It's that respected? / – If I don't are attempting it now… I thought I'd certainly now not be capable of. – Hello.

/ – You can do this. The personnel are very expert. – They adjust your gown for you. / – They adjust it.

– So it flutters smartly. / – Yes. – Ready? / – Yes, I'm prepared. Bali Swing! Ah! Mommy! Mommy! Good factor you wore the gown.

You look fairly. – Bali Swing. / – She in reality looks fairly. Bali Swing! They tell you to seem left.

You ought to seem when they tell you to. That's the methodology you get a helpful symbol. They know all about it. Left.

– It's like a advertisement. / – Left. (She manages to take the finest symbol in Bali) So partaking. All for that one symbol.

You ought to body that one. I did imagine the logo looked fairly awesome after I had taken it. The symbol bought the following out very nicely. (Laughing) Stop.

Never discontinue. Never discontinue. Stop it. (The swing soars up to the sky) If you open a gown keep there, you'd rake it in.

It's so widespread the following. We ought to take graphics when no one is circular. Let's take one over there. Let's go into the nest.

(Dongseok enters manager mode) (He takes her shoes without being requested to in achieving this) Move again considerably more. Move again more. You ought to seem at the component. – I ought to go to Bali.

/ – He's an most amazing photographer. He's respected. It's so fairly. How about this? That's perfect for Jiyoon.

It was in reality putting to see him take the graphics and be as excited as her. Stay nevertheless. Look at me like you're in love with me. I are now not prepared to trust you.

That's so fairly. They in reality appear to be newlyweds. Let's consume. I ought to communicate over with this place.

With Ubud… I did only a little evaluation last night. There's a smartly-knownshows roasted duck eating place there. – Is it grilled mineral-fed duck? / – No, it is now not.

Is Bali smartly-knownshows for roasted duck? China pops in my head when I component in duck. This roasted duck is numerous from the sole in China. You know the smartly-knownshows traveler spots in Ubud. The temple and the palace.

Monkey Forest. You can walk there. (Park Jiyoon's 10,000 Likes Photo Spots) Roasted ducks sound scrumptious. Is this the eating place? – Yeah, it is the following.

/ – He even gets the door for her. – I know. / – Such a gentleman. We're only speakme about how respected the husband is.

– Really? / – He's so respected. – That's what we've been affirming. / – He's a one-of-a-sort. – Anything respected about me? / – So respected.

– Excuse me? / – Anything respected about me? You're the worst. Why? I imagine we'll in reality feel each little factor in Bali the following. We can see the lotus vegetation and the trees. This has a unconditionally traditional vibe.

Hi. Our first. So I do now not know what to order. Oh, I know.

I studies what the eating place's signature dishes are. What that eating place is thought for. When I settle on a eating place, I studies their widespread dishes by SNS and blogs. I look at comments.

– That's in reality respected. / – I order the correct dish. Makes it very easy. – She has the finest menu.

/ – When we consume… I let my wife decide the dishes. They are most amazing for each body other. Her orders usually taste more proper than mine.

Crispy duck? Have you been the following in the past? And rice. And? And one draft beer. – She knows in all chance the greatest methodology to consume. / – When you order foodstuff…

I'm the happiest. – Didn't I look happy? / – You do look happy. (Video-calling their teens concurrently waiting for foodstuff) Mom. Ian.

Oh, correct. They have teens. I forgot referring to the children. – We forgot too.

/ – I forgot that you had teens. We are in Yangpyeong. Are you paying attention to your grandma? Yes, but Dain isn't actually paying attention to grandma. – She's now not? / – She's now not paying attention to grandma? I ought to nevertheless scold Dain.

(Dain expresses that which is faux accusation) Mom, in case you miss me, come the following. Yes, I ought to go. I'll be there. – That ought to've broken your heart.

/ – They fought. – They're great, correct? / – He cried and tattled. I incredibly misplaced my appetite. Let me consume my meal after I wipe my tears away.

This is the crispy duck. Good factor we ordered rice. – Let's take a symbol of the foodstuff. / – We ought to nevertheless.

– Shots from above are the correct. / – Here we go. Drone shot. Drone shot.

(He motion graphics the foodstuff and his wife) Jiyoon is taking graphics. My husband is taking a video. Welcome to Reset Tour. – Welcome to Bali.

/ – You need an proof shot. (Sweet) Don't keep up a correspondence to me now. Let's are attempting it without the sauce. Just the blank flavor of duck.

That looks respected. That's… Does she give you the respected aspects first? My wife eats every one of the respected aspects. That's considerably…

You're the worst. – What? / – What is this? The Joseon Dynasty? Just consume first. I made certain it wasn't poisoned. I ate it first to be certain it wasn't poisoned.

I shouldn't say this but my wife separates the bones for me. That's too imply. (I like you, duck) Sambal sauce is easily-knownshows the following. It's the hugely spiced sauce with chili peppers.

– And the onion sauce. / – Onions. This one looks candy. It looks like bean paste.

This is so respected. It's more proper with the sauce. I'll consume it with the chili pepper sauce and the rice. It's respected.

The 3rd one is the onion sauce. Onion sauce. My gosh, you do love to consume. – You're the correct.

/ – It looks so respected. Try it with the rice. When it's in reality respected, she has this non-public expression concurrently chewing. I for my segment identify that expression, Spinning Windmill.

She chews like a spinning windmill. Like this. She eats so smartly. I like it when persons cash in on foodstuff.

So do I. – You ought to nevertheless consume smartly. / – On a definite exhibit… – Hwang Gyoik…

/ – You ought to nevertheless chomp it down. – Right. / – Does this when one factor tastes respected. My wife does a equivalent factor.

That means it's in reality respected. When she does those matters, it means it's respected. They are a married couple of 9 years indeed. You're the correct eater.

You're only dining the dermis. – Isn't that the correct segment? / – It is respected, yes. Should we verify out the dish you ordered? Everything I do is a fail. It's more proper to stick to her lead.

Whenever he desires to are attempting one factor, it certainly now not tastes respected. I fail 100%. Those are ribs, correct? (They are habitual barbecue ribs) My gosh, Dongseok… – He went with a reliable preference.

/ – Right. You ought to consume it with your fingers. The appealing factor is that only Jiyoon eats with her fingers. Dongseok makes use of his fork.

Fork and spoon. He's very refined. – He eats so quietly. / – It's respected as temporarily as I tasted it.

She in reality loves foodstuff. Muslims don't consume pork, correct? But persons in Bali agree with in Hinduism. Seriously… We don't feed every one other foodstuff or the remainder like that.

Couples who've been married for 3 months try this. I imagine newlyweds who don't consume a lot can order two dishes. She are now not prepared to consume a lot because she's gotten ancient. – She's dining less? / – Yes.

– It was incredible. / – During her peak? Of course. Before our first youngster was born, we went to a barbecue. The proprietor looked at the invoice and reported…

"Something is inaccurate the following." Where? He thought there has been a mistake. We ate about 7 or 8 servings. – He might now not agree with that we did. / – Excuse me.

You're now not badmouthing her, correct? She reported her ears are burning. Were you badmouthing her? Not terrible. – It's 1:30 p.M. / – 1:30 Pm.

Since Bali is an island of deities, there are a unfold of temples. I heard there's this partaking temple. We can communicate over with the temple. We ought to keep at the ancient market.

We ought to nevertheless purchase a bag for Dain and conventional garments for Ian. Look at his face. And mine. Just only a little.

Ubud is more within your means than other cities within the South. That's why we ought to nevertheless do most of our browsing the following. I will are attempting difficult to discontinue you from acquiring. Try it in case that you may.

I can get 10,000 likes with only a symbol during this spot. We have been close the middle of Ubud. From that eating place, that you may walk… To the smartly-knownshows temple and market.

Unexpected, correct? They're respected at highlighting the individuality of Bali. – That's so attention-grabbing. / – The Starbucks was smartly-knownshows. The Starbucks the following is one of the ten most non-public Starbucks on this planet.

– The custom… / – It looks as if Bali. And modernity comes mutually. – They're lotus vegetation.

/ – They're so fairly. We went there when the lotus vegetation have been blooming. It's the finest time within the within the period in-between. Lotus vegetation bloom in February.

We bought the following at the finest time. They're so fairly. And this bridge is the spotlight the following. – Seriously.

/ – So fairly. Photo spot. – A respected spot for graphics. / – Photo spot.

You only went to partaking locations. (They are taking graphics again) When we stand over there, we'll have the temple since the backdrop. Make certain you get the bridge… – And the lotus vegetation.

/ – Hand me the camera. The symbol looks awesome the following. Does it? I'll do four poses. Are we executed? How do I look? You're an authorized.

You might take fairly outfits because it was simply the 2 of you. – You'd need pants with your teens. / – With teens… – That's correct.

/ – Since you ought to sit down. – That's awesome. / – It's partaking. Please keep your feet mutually.

Are you doing ballet? Make your feet out of the blue. You appear to be you're 185cm tall. My peak is 184cm. Right the following.

This is the second one symbol spot. Make me appear to be a lotus lady. I will cup my face. There are precise matters that women need of their graphics.

– Background, physique proportion… / – Great photographer. – They simply like the balance. / – He's in reality respected.

Have your husband meet with mine, so he can… – Teach my husband. / – He'll tutor him. – Right.

/ – Seriously. The moment I noticed the logo, I might in reality feel it was Bali. It was simply like the meaning of our outing was signified within the logo. I simply took the graphics the methodology she necessary.

The graphics I ought to take… And the graphics she desires are obviously numerous. (Despite their transformations, they seem affectionate) We get to take selfies since the children don't appear to be with us. Seriously, we haven't bought many graphics of simply us.

– The teens. / – They look so affectionate. When I go on trips, I usually take graphics first. – The environment there's so fairly.

/ – Pretty, correct? It's brilliant. The view itself relaxes me. You can calm down there for considerably. I in reality ought to nevertheless communicate over with Bali.

– If we continue on this road… / – So a lot to purchase the following. There's so a lot to purchase. It's the Mangnidan-gil or Hongdae of Ubud.

– It's simply getting widespread. / – It's growing in acceptance. You can explore each little factor the following. Everything.

It's like a country market… Women like it because it's moderately-priced. That bag looks so fairly. I hate it.

I hate it the foremost. She has the accurate related one at domestic. That's so cute. Hello.

Don't you imagine Dain will like this one in pink? Excuse me. How a lot is this? – You ought to keep the following. / – three hundred? Discount. 100? 250.

– Oh, no, no, no. / – 200. How a lot is that? 3? What? – How a lot is that? / – The zeros at the again… Just take away them.

So the 200,000… 20… No. It's 20,000.

20,000? Something like this. (Jiyoon likes the plates made of pineapple trees) This is partaking. How a lot is this? 100 and twenty. 100 and twenty? They do look fairly.

How many are you going to purchase? (She enters the keep) It has commenced. (The wooden tray quotes 250,000 rupiah) The soundtrack for Jason Bourne is gambling. But you ought to powerful buy an lousy lot the following. – You ought to offer half the value.

/ – That's correct. It's ok to go as low as 30%. 430. 430.

430. Okay, 430. – Do you need one factor else? / – No, no. 430.

After so a lot bargaining, I forgot how a lot powerful buy I bought. Right? You might've given more. Thank you. Have a helpful day.

Going from 560 to 430. Isn't it fairly respected? When the episode airs… Please write on the discussion board. – The correct value.

/ – We might be known as boring. Shopping the following is thrilling. Let's now not purchase more plates now. – Plates? / – Yes.

I'm a married woman. What might I purchase if now not plates? Huh? These look fairly. You ought to buy for it. I bought it too.

I bought that. Ian, Dain, you and me. It's the four of us. We need a neighborhood of four, what else? The cabinet is full of plates.

Why purchase that? I know. How a lot is this? 350. 200. – 250.

/ – 220. – 220. / – 250. 220.

You ought to nevertheless purchase it. So you simply ought to haggle. 220. So you bought it for $16.

– It was circular that a lot. / – Bought for $16. Good value. Thank you very a lot.

Thank you. Have a helpful day. – You haggled. / – I bought circular half off.

You did but… But she smiled so brightly as she offered it. But they'd like to make a living too. Let's purchase Dain and Ian's supplies.

We only bought mine. This one is made of wood. This is partaking. I'm uncertain.

How does it odor? I don't odor the remainder. That market looks in reality appealing. – I ought to nevertheless in reality communicate over with Bali. / – I ought to go there.

– They sell handicrafts there. / – Handicrafts. They are in reality low-priced. I ought to communicate over with Bali to keep.

Everything there's partaking. What about that one? The Avengers? It's cute but… The guitar? I don't have faith they might adore it. I are now not prepared to appreciate their psychology.

I appreciate they like those cute matters… But will they ever use them? We do. – Of course we do. / – We use them.

– I'm placing it to respected use. / – The pineapple plate. What do we ought to buy for subsequent? Next? No one stores according with a plan. (Excited, sick of it) (Scanning with her sharp eyes) It's like Bali work pants.

Mark my words. You may not wear them in Seoul. This is what I imagine. When you travel…

They don't commission a lot. Cheaper than Korea. I've certainly now not regretted it after acquiring. Why purchase them? I may not wear them.

I tried them on but they have been for ladies. They don't even swimsuit. Why did she purchase them? She ought to nevertheless've checked the dimensions for me to wear them. I might've worn them at domestic, at the very least.

That was boring. I imagine we bought sufficient. There it may smartly be. My fingers…

My fingers are already in suffering. The blood isn't actually circulating. (Thank you on your assist) We'll wrap up the following for browsing. Let's conclude it the following.

(Calculating the full amount) (Total, $97 approximately) I bought so excited when I visited that market. I kept acquiring so a lot… And they… Bows.

They offered bows there. – Bows? / – Bows. – The bows. / – Bows? They have been so fairly so I bought a coupon.

I bought a bow and circular 8 arrows. – It commission circular $12. / – That's low-priced. – That's so low-priced.

/ – It bought confiscated at the airport. – Why? / – Guns, canons and bows don't appear to be allowed. Since it was a weapon. In Bali, you ought to communicate over with a eating place whereby that you may cash in on the view of the rice paddies.

At first, I did now not needless to say. He thought it supposed there would not be any view. – Rice paddies? / – Bali is a granary. – There are many rice paddies.

/ – Oh, correct. Like an ocean view… – You ought to see it. / – It's a rice box.

– That's appealing. / – We ought to nevertheless take a symbol… With that since the backdrop. If which is what you need, shouldn't we simply go to Yeoju? – That's correct.

/ – For some clarification why, it's non violent. The palm trees swimsuit the fields. That was with Tim. (You ought to see from above to see the rice paddies) That's so fairly.

– This is the sole we went to. / – Since… Wow, which is powerful. It looks more dramatic.

It's a helpful spot to simply zone out. (A place for the logo of a life time) That's a widespread shot. You in a roundabout approach took that symbol. We're the following…

– But it's raining. / – It's raining. But it's fairly the following. It has a classical grace.

It's fairly. It's my first time seeing a paddy like this in Bali. Same for me. – I've viewed plain rice box.

/ – Before… It looked like Gimpo. Say that again. Does this look the remainder like Gimpo? No, this can be numerous.

It's well valued at the communicate over with, correct? I'd favor to go down there if it did now not rain. There are a unfold of cafes that overview the rice terrace. – We took a break there. / – Hold on.

What's taking place? – She calls for to take a symbol. / – Of course. That'd be difficult for me. The rain will get in our drinks.

Hashtag Ubud, view of the rice terrace. You took an most amazing symbol. – I did, did now not I? / – Yes. The pink watermelon looks so appetizing.

You need that sort of composition. Isn't the correct segment about traveling the unpredictability? The rain wasn't component of our itinerary these days. Trips certainly now not go according with plan. Just seeing this view makes me happy.

Should we watch the sundown the following? It's raining. How can we see the sundown? – After it rains… / – In the sky… I see dark clouds.

Clouds over there are establishing to obvious away. Why are you so pessimistic? The sunlight will set temporarily. I ought to go down there. Would it's too muddy? Your feet will get caught.

(Dongseok feels lazy but his feeling is brushed aside) The sunlight is out. I was correct. The sunlight bought the following out. Excuse me.

Wait for me. Madam. Wait for me. Follow me.

Can't you walk in front of her for once? Please. I'm style of like… – A guy within the 70s. / – I ought to nevertheless go tell this to her.

I'm sorry to interrupt, but can your husband walk in front simply once? No, no. My again looks fairly so he would have to be within the back of me. Can you notice the remainder down there? Did we come every one of the methodology to the base? I need this sort of symbol. I will stand on the edge.

Make certain you consist of the stairs and me. (Wobbling) Oh, no. (He leans again for the finest composition) I bought it. That looks cool.

You're in reality experienced with graphics. I'm like a machine. – These look awesome. / – We're executed.

Let's go. – Why are you so rushed? / – Let's go. We are now not prepared to take a prettier symbol than this. We went there because she essential to.

But I don't have faith it was valued at taking place there. After taking place there… I realized that it was more proper seeing it from the head. That's an most amazing tip.

It looked like Yangpyeong down there. How is it… – Why? / – It's numerous. – Why take graphics there? / – Isn't it so fairly? We took the time to go down there.

But I imply you stay awake the head. – I recommend you go down. / – Right? – You ought to go down there. / – You do.

You ought to go down. I imagine I'm seeing your face too a lot these days. – Now… / – I'm becoming bored with it now.

– I need a break. / – Let's take a rest. Mothers would like this. Saying how respected a husband he is.

(The 2nd morning of the outing) What's that? (He's doing a morning foot rubdown for her) I are now not prepared to agree with this. I'm so jealous. What are you doing? – This isn't actually correct. / – That's so now not correct.

He's awesome with foot massages. I explore it troublesome to uprising within the morning. – He's so awesome. / – That's so awesome.

(Foot rubdown filled with love) (Wary) We have an lousy lot to do these days. – But these days… / – I made the plans for these days. I'm so anxious.

You've certainly now not deliberate the remainder in the past. Have you ever? My husband deliberate for today. I was in reality fearful. My wife usually looks after every one of the planning.

So I haven't bought any clue what's going to take place on the outing. I cash in on traveling with the circle of circle of relatives but I'm anxious. I do now not know what's going to take place. I was only a little disillusioned about that.

He would now not know how a lot accountability it may smartly be. I ought to inform him to cash in on the successful. – Isn't that the attraction of traveling? / – That's the attraction. I wish any person would plan all of it for me.

So fairly. My husband, Choi Dongseok. Think of him as having no sense of identification. He hundreds the bags when I tell him to.

He's my husband and my porter. Airports are willing to be powerful. – Jiyoon married smartly. / – Gets up when I tell him.

Whatever I are attempting, it fails. Wait for me. I'm going to are attempting and plan the day. I hope he did smartly.

A romantic couple's outing. A memorable romantic couple's outing. – It's sizzling. / – That's so sizzling.

I deliberate an brilliant course for these days. (He will do the remainder for her) (Annoyed) (Annoyed) I'm going insane. I ought to nevertheless've deliberate it! My trust for you has certainly now not been so low. I'm going to homicide you.

The day begins with graphics. An habitual morning in Bali. You're now not capturing your husband, correct? – You're capturing the foodstuff, correct? / – Yes, the foodstuff. We tell our husbands to get out of the shot.

To transfer their fingers. Nice symbol. (I ought to do it within the within the period in-between) Since we're in Bali, we're going to take marriage ceremony graphics. – Who will? / – In Bali pattern.

(What?) We are. (Worried, what if she would now not adore it?) He even drinks with two fingers. That's so pitiful. We ate nasi goreng when we first dated.

Our first date? At Apgujeong. I don't have faith so. I be aware it being Pyeongchang-dong. – What's taking place? / – Their testimonies are numerous.

What's with Apgujeong? We ate paella in Pyeongchang-dong. Forget your remind marriage ceremony! Everyone, I bought scolded loads within the back of the camera. – I bought scolded loads. / – I in reality feel so sorry for him.

That's terrible improving. They're the following already. You keep dining. I'll go and meet them.

– I'm fearful. / – Don't fret. – I'm fearful. / – A marriage ceremony firm bought the following? My husband deliberate a remind marriage ceremony.

It was a Bali pattern marriage ceremony. There are a unfold of shiny matters. – Forget your remind marriage ceremony! / – Bali pattern… He even chose the outfits.

I had no suggestion. Outfits are indispensable to women. I essential to devise a romantic outing which may trap a lady's heart. I deliberate it but I was so anxious on the day.

I was fearful that she might get mad. And she might now not adore it. (The very first factor he arranged is remind marriage ceremony graphics) It will transform respected testimonies later. It'll be awesome for after you're feeling down.

– Being reminded of that time. / – It so would now not fit your wants. It's in reality funny. He even bought makeup executed.

Is that an actual Bali traditional outfit? (Dongseok are now not prepared to take his eyes off Jiyoon) (You look so fairly to me) It in reality suits you. He would have to have fallen in love with you again. No, he kept affirming that in case I did now not adore it. – He's being wary.

/ – What? He's being wary. (Jiyoon is in suffering since the personnel is nervous) – You okay? / – Okay. They put thousands of pins in my hair. I imagine it was additionally their first time doing this.

I do now not know why I'm so harassed. Did you place mutually this since you ought to battle me? (So wary) You're so fairly regardless of what you wear. I love those compliments. You imagine which will forgive you? I'm fearful this can be getting out of hand.

I express regret. (Jiyoon is especially executed) Your hair would have to have been in reality heavy. They placed on a primarily colossal wig. Doesn't this look respected on me? It in reality does look respected on her.

She did now not adore it within the origin. But she commenced to adore it concurrently she was being dressed up. After I was dressed up, I looked like a neighborhood. – A native? / – It in reality suited me.

You're like a Bali princess. The persons at the resort are taking a look at me. Everyone at the resort… Taking graphics.

They thought I was placing on a exhibit. – You know the persons you are taking graphics with? / – Yes. With traditional outfits. I'm embarrassed.

It's a temple the following. They even grant a photographer. – It's a photographer. / – He's an actual pro.

I've certainly now not been so widespread. Even a Hollywood colossal identify would not be so widespread. People are taking a unfold of graphics. Everyone at the resort waited in a line to take graphics with me.

You're sweating, don't appear to be you? – It would have to be so sizzling. / – She's wiping his sweat away. You'd sweat. (Newlyweds of 9 years) (They even are attempting a Bali marriage ceremony pose) Isn't this pose like an ancient textbook pose? You're so ancient faculty.

(His wife is simply one year youthful than him) – He even told us in all chance the greatest methodology to pose. / – Bali pattern. Since we do now not know what Bali weddings are like. – It was numerous to our poses.

/ – Right. (Thinking difficult) (Wary) (They know every one other to the core) (This is what a seasoned married couple is like) I in reality feel like a techno female warrior. He desires us to hold fingers. It in reality suits you.

Since the outfits are fancy. You need graphics like that. Check out the water. (I'll certainly now not let go of this hand) (Just trust me and stick to me) Did you in reality ought to do it or did you ought to do it for her? – I essential to do it for her.

/ – Right? – No guy desires to take those graphics. / – Of course. (Dongseok desires a numerous symbol) (Recreating their marriage ceremony symbol) That's our marriage ceremony symbol. Doing a equivalent pose.

(They every one modified an lousy lot as time handed) (But please love every one other like you sometimes have) – They have been so young. / – I'm only a little sad. My husband hates traditional garments the foremost. And he hates dressing warmly and sweating.

He even hates wearing hats. But he did each little factor for me. – He did it for his wife. / – Husbands are props.

It's now not a marriage ceremony symbol if it's concentrated on the man. That's simply for Jung Woosung. You're correct about that. Weddings and marriage ceremony graphics are for brides.

– I keep falling for Dongseok. / – Me too. – Right? / – I additionally grew to be Dongseok's fan. Should we create a fan membership? (Dongseok's Romantic Couple Trip) (Traditional Bali foodstuff) You have been in reality fairly.

I imagine Bali suits me smartly. I thought it ought to nevertheless be relaxed and enjoyable… – Since the children don't appear to be the following. / – Yes, I thought so too.

I essential to go to the spa. But it's like we're in boot camp. It's more proper with the children. I imagine it's more proper with the children.

You ought to take breaks in case you're with teens. But it was primarily difficult traveling like this. Really? (They're the following to fill their stomachs after the shoot) – The eating place is in reality colossal. / – It's colossal.

Bali's babi guling. – The crispy dermis and wet meat? / – Yes. We'll have babi guling and one other dish of your preference. One? Can't I order two? (Back to being Jiyoon's photographer) (Scanning the menus with hawk eyes) (Placing a sizable order) (After ordering the foodstuff, they commence chatting) Is that a refreshing necklace? Yesterday, after we had coconut ice cream…

– The keep in front. / – That's why you took so lengthy. She ought to've thought he would not notice. I ought to nevertheless've simply reported it was from domestic.

Women imagine adult males don't notice matters. But we do notice. We know after you narrow your bangs. (The drinks arrive simply on time) The lid opens.

The coconut ice cream we had was in reality respected. Let's go again. (They had ice cream after browsing the day prior to this) This is so respected. In Ubud, there's this in reality respected coconut ice cream keep.

Wait a minute. Give me only one sip. He's so pitiful. – They ought to nevertheless simply purchase two.

/ – Seriously! Want to take separate flights on the methodology domestic? – Do you're keen on coconuts? / – I love coconuts. – Did you now not know? / – I had no suggestion. I've cherished it my entire life. What do you find out about me? What's my favourite ice cream? Coconut ice cream.

I imagine the coconut ice cream we had was actual respected. Let's purchase one. – Coconut ice cream. / – No.

I like vanilla ice cream. You and I aren't getting along. – You're being untrue to your self. / – I am now not.

(My lips are so dry) I know your favourite foodstuff. – What is it? / – You like sushi the correct. (He feels upset for some clarification why) – I bought it, did now not I? / – Yes, you did. (The personnel give Dongseok a raffle to recuperate) Her favourite music? Song? What about her favourite action symbol? – Movie.

/ – Movie? I do now not know either. This will transform a sizable battle. – He has no consideration in her. / – Favorite action symbol…

Oh. It's a romantic comedy. She likes "Sex and the City." And "Bridget Jones's Diary." – I survived. / – Is he correct? "Notting Hill?" Did he get it correct? It's a equivalent author.

– Goodness. / – She's being untrue to herself. Did he get it? (You can explore out when the exhibit airs) I'm so curious. It's now not like he reported "Mad Max." (Surprised) That's now not ours, correct? – It's a entire pig.

/ – That's it. That's the methodology it's served? That's now not ours, correct? (They exhibit it first, then cook it) (First time having babi guling?) They'll cut it in front of you, then serve it. – Wow. / – They exhibit it to you in case you're curious to see.

– That looks so respected. / – How many servings is that? – It can serve 10 persons. / – 10 People? In Bali, they historically consume the complete roasted pig. The dermis is crispy.

It's crispy like chips. That looks scrumptious. There are two of them. It's like chips.

(Crunch) (Crunch) It's so crispy. It's sort of like pork hocks. It's now not gamey at all. All the fats's gone too.

There's tender meat. The meat is like boiled meat. You consume so smartly. – It's like a curry sauce.

/ – Isn't it respected? It's respected. It rings a bell in my memory of the windmill. The meat is so tender. The dermis is so crispy like chips.

Kids will like it too. I'm so happy because I get to do matters that I might now not do on account of the children. (I agree) We usually cater to the children. We go to a zoo.

We consume one factor which is now not hugely spiced. Food without chili powder. We are now not prepared to go to a eating place that serves hugely spiced dishes. You are now not prepared to consume sizzling soup frequently.

Try this. This salad with sizzling pepper. I imagine… I'll put tender babi guling on rice…

And add chili sauce. Maybe it's since you went on many foodstuff suggests but you're an authority. Actually, my wife and I have numerous tastes. When I consume…

I don't love adding sauce to my foodstuff. I simply like the pure flavor of foodstuff. But my wife loves adding a unfold of sauce. She loves marinated ribs.

She tells me to feature sauce to each little factor. But I don't love that. Whether he likes it or now not, I ought to let him know. It's his preference.

But I certainly now not energy him to consume it my methodology. If Dongseok went there by myself, he would not know. – Right. / – He'd simply consume it the methodology it may smartly be.

– But you tell him each little factor. / – My husband… Is the kind to consume cup noodles within the lodge if he travels by myself. And certainly now not pop out.

Try the shrimp I chose. You ought to consume seafood in Bali. Bali is easily-knownshows for seafood so I ordered some. – So meaty.

/ – Looks so scrumptious. That looks scrumptious. (They consume diligently for their subsequent time table) I'm hungry. – Right? / – Yes.

What's the correct factor you had so far? Everything's so respected. The sambal sauce. Can't you simply say it was the sole I chose? – The babi guling. / – Yes.

– The babi guling. / – Yes. I'll have babi guling again subsequent time. Two plates of babi guling.

This isn't actually one factor that ought to nevertheless be shared. I'm full. You're full? What did you consume in the past you met me? Did you consume at all? Your waist was 27 inches when we first met. You have been so skinny.

You have been too skinny. After I met you, in 6 months… You gained 7kg. My waist grew to be over 30 inches.

That's why your mom approved of me without asking any questions. My mom usually essential to make me gain weight. You have been the first woman who made it viable. You ought to drop some weight now.

– When you have been relationship? / – Yes. – Because you had to consume with her. / – Amazing. My mother cherished that.

– Because she ate smartly? / – Yes. When couples go on a communicate over with, they usually feed every one other at the very least once. But you guys certainly now not try this. I love that.

– Alright. Let's go. / – Let's go. Should we take a symbol? We completed each little factor.

We ate our fill so now we'll head to the seashore for yoga. Where does he add all that? – Social media? / – He saves it for himself. For his non-public sequence? He loves watching it by myself. (They're planning their outing) I ought to are attempting yoga.

(Right?) There's a smartly-knownshows yoga middle in Bali. (It's a spot whereby that you may calm down) I imagine this can be in reality powerful. I essential to cash in on the remainder and yoga in Bali. I might now not are attempting it in the past on account of the children.

– Didn't it get better-knownshows on account of the action symbol? / – Right. – "Eat Pray Love." / – And yoga. – For Jiyoon, it's consume, consume… / – And consume some more.

My wife loves yoga. On a powerful seashore, beneath the sizzling sunlight, with the ocean since the backdrop… That's what I imagined. (Was seashore yoga amazing?) Why did I enroll this? Is it simply for the 2 of you? I thought it'd be non violent yoga.

That's what I pictured but what we did was rather complex. (12-Minute drive from eating place to seashore) (A picturesque ocean unfolds) (You can do yoga concurrently having fun with nature) (Seminyak Beach) – I in reality feel like I can do yoga smartly the following. / – I imagine so too. Hello.

It's $31 for two persons. Did you two put mutually that? Or is there a application? Each lodge has a yoga application. And this can be a smartly-knownshows place. (They stretch in the past they commence) Aren't seated yoga poses easy? That's what you imagine.

(That looks easy) (Put your fingers mutually and lift above your head) (This is easy) (However) (Starting to grunt) Can you in reality feel the burn? I'm especially a log. I'm incredibly stiff. (This is alleged to be romantic yoga) (Fascinated) We ought to've looked appealing. Tourists took our symbol.

You get your graphics taken in each unmarried place. (Just then) – It's raining. / – It's briskly raining. What ought to nevertheless we do? Everything I do is a fail.

– It's raining an lousy lot. / – It rained an lousy lot. I thought it was fail. If it rains and time gets now not on time…

What's the foremost indispensable time table? It's watching the sundown. If we miss that, the outing would now not conclude on a helpful observe. So I was in reality anxious. (The rain stopped as if it understood Dongseok) I was so sizzling so I made it rain.

Amazingly, the rain stopped. Even my dad born in 1937 would now not make those jokes. – He's an most amazing guy but tells lame jokes. / – Amazingly…

The rain stopped after you reported it ought to nevertheless. I told you it'd discontinue at four p.M. Are you a climate fairy or climate monster? – It's powerful because it's cool now. / – It is.

The waves are brilliant. (The sky is obvious too) I'll go beneath. – I'm nervous. / – That's in reality painful.

(The lecturers elevate every one feet) (Argh) (Smile) (Smile) Smile. Jiyoon's expert at yoga. – She's in reality bendy. / – She in reality is.

Isn't it awesome to try this mutually? Not the strikes you apply but the ones you do mutually are a chortle. I don't have faith I've ever touched soles with my husband. Was it awkward after you kissed or after you touched soles? I felt nervous when our soles touched. He's so cool the methodology he makes an effort for his wife.

Come down. – He's so stiff. / – Come down. Goodness.

Why did I enroll this? You mustn't ever determine a lot. I'm no respected at stretching. (They would have to be caught to one an industry for this pose) That pose feels in reality respected. This is an most amazing application.

Look at their faces. (Their love grows since the yoga session continues) Look at your partner. You ought to try this pose. (Jiyoon and Dongseok gaze at every one other) Excuse me, please look at me.

You're alleged to seem at me. – If I do, I will lose my balance. / – The instructor reported to. (They are attempting again) Look.

Look at me. Looking at you is the hardest. Looking at you is the hardest. Do you need an industry partner? – No…

/ – You keep glaring at me. No. I'll fall if I turn my head. I lose my balance because it's too funny.

It was so funny when we met eyes so I might now not keep my balance. Such a moderately symbol. I love this yoga application. Thank you.

Thank you. You know that I'm now not bendy at all. I'm usually wired but this relaxes my muscle groups. How did I look with the pose? Did I look respected? You have been more proper than the trainer.

Please don't. I will make a powerful video of this. What's wrong? He's usually complimenting her. So awesome to see.

(I keep hunting at you, you're so fairly) This is the conclude. Was it too short? This is a piece of artwork. – You look awesome. / – I can tell he loves Jiyoon.

– Right? / – Yes. – He might complain and whine by then. / – Yeah. – And say to discontinue.

/ – Right. – But he does what she desires to the conclude. / – So powerful. Let's take a couple symbol to commemorate.

– W? / – W. One component first. We'll do the left component first. My goodness.

– Don't let go of my hand. / – He's Choi-sama. He does sort of appear to be Yon-sama. They ought to like that.

– If you look at it like that… / – Smile. Look at the camera and smile. Smile.

I in reality ought to are attempting that. – They look so respected mutually. / – Yes. Let's simply break up.

We've come too a long method to break up. The very last factor to do is watch the sundown. The sunlight is over there. – It's in reality cloudy within the within the period in-between.

/ – Within an hour… Or an hour and a half, the daylight will go down. We're going to face there when we watch the sundown. That component? – It's cloudy over there.

/ – It's obvious over there. – Do you now not trust me? / – No. Let's go over there and watch the sundown. We ought to nevertheless cash in on our last night over there.

I've certainly now not distrusted you this a lot until now. They bicker nevertheless it is so powerful to see. – You're correct. / – Let's do this as our last pose.

Whoever are now not prepared to uprising will pay for dinner. Reset Tour. – To watch the sundown. / – Reset Tour.

– They exhibit up as if mates. / – Let's go! Geez, Dongseok. My wife's going to nag me if she sees this. I'm in colossal difficulty.

The husbands are at chance. (Dongseok's Romantic Couple Trip) (A bar with a glorious sundown) I'm considerably fearful. What in case you're now not prepared to see the sundown? It rained concurrently we have been doing yoga so we have been within the back of our time table. The sunlight was about to set.

– What is this? / – Will it's okay? Look at the color of the water. It's a unconditionally smartly-knownshows eating place whereby that you may watch the sundown in Bali. I certainly now not noticed the remainder like this. I'm sorry.

This is what I'm like. Why did we ought to do the yoga session? We did now not get to see the sundown but we are organic now. I imagine my fitness is deteriorating. I don't in reality feel respected.

I in reality do now not know what to say. This would have to be it. What? This place is so powerful. It's a ought to-communicate over with place for newlyweds.

Sunset dinner. You take a gondola? They outfitted it on a cliff. So you're now not prepared to succeed in it unless you are taking a gondola. I did now not know such a spot existed in Bali.

I knew. I learn an lousy lot about this on-line. I in reality essential to communicate over with. – We are now not prepared to come the following with teens though.

/ – Exactly. That's why I gave up on this. You picked an most amazing place. (What a relief) If we noticed that perfect sundown…

– I would've been 10 out of 10. / – 10 Out of 10. It's now not terrible though, correct? Why do you retain asking me that? – I'm nervous. / – He's like a youngster.

The methodology she's grabbing his shoulder… I'm watching for him to take out money and supplies it to her. (The gondola automobile arrives) I'm scared. (Squeeze) – Hey, I'm scared too.

/ – That looks a chortle. We can look out. – The view at night… / – It's powerful.

The atmosphere was gorgeous. Should we take a seat the following? (Their day is coming to an conclude) – Was that your last night? / – Yes. – How sad. / – We have been sad at that moment.

(They haven't bought a lot time left) I thought we would not be capable of see the ocean but I can see the waves lapping. Bali has its personal non-public attraction wherever you go. That's why persons love going to Bali. It would have been more proper had we gotten the following in advance.

I'm sad that it's ending nevertheless it was an most amazing outing. If you guys arrived there in advance… – You might've viewed the sundown. / – Yes.

Take thousands graphics. I missed out on circular 100 graphics. – What is that? / – What's that? It's smoking. They suggested this.

It was a a chortle outing. Traveling with circle of circle of relatives is noticeable in its personal methodology but I imagine it's powerful to travel simply us two once shortly. When we are with our children, our talks are purely purposeful. – It's about our everyday life.

/ – Day-to-day life. We haven't bought the time to component in every one other's thoughts. Spending time mutually like this, that you may learn matters like my facial expressions. And we'll verify how we're doing.

There's no clarification why to battle. Let's share our happiness and disappointment. I ought to come again with Ian and Dain. – We most likely are now not prepared to come the following.

/ – Not the following. – Up there somewhere. / – This might be my last. – You are now not prepared to go there with teens.

/ – Right. – We'll be capable of come again. / – So powerful the following. I in reality ought to communicate over with there.

– I ought to go. / – So lengthy since the goal market is shocked. – What's that? / – What is that? (Why is he smiling suspiciously?) (We acquired a textual content after the preliminary meeting) "I have a favor to ask. Is there an house whereby we'll watch a video on our second night?" I certainly now not bought to propose to her.

I requested her for a last date in the past we bought married. I was going to order a eating place but Jiyoon bought the wind of it. She reported that she did now not would have to have dinner. She reported that she did now not ought to go to the eating place.

I had already deliberate each little factor but she reported she would not go. To comfort her, I went to her apartment. I was struggling to get the hoop out. I was trying to get it out and my wife…

"Just put it on." My goodness. You have been too imply. He ought to've made it too apparent. I'm going to make a powerful video to exhibit her when I propose to her.

– It'll be a existing for her. / – So cool. Please cheer me on. That's why he necessary the video.

He's lovable. Did you now not know referring to the shock? That's the first time in my life I did now not catch it. I was on cloud nine on account of the outing. I had no suggestion.

It says, "Will you marry me again?" That's so romantic. Why is Sia being moved by this? That's so romantic. There's an most amazing seasoned thistle with rice place in Pyeongchang. – What's taking place? / – What's this? Look at him acting like he would now not know.

– He's now not acting. / – That's a blooper. What is this? – It's now not like you arranged this. / – What's that? That's me.

– She in reality had no suggestion. / – I in reality did now not know. It was only a little awkward. She knows now.

My goodness. That's why he is largely capturing movies. (A lot of time has handed) He's in reality awesome. I only take graphics of my teens.

– Goodness. He brought every one of the captions too? / – Yes. (Hands are trembling) Look at his fingers trembling. He was about to cry.

(He's so grateful to her for working difficult for their circle of circle of relatives) Did you edit this your self? It's like he is supplying for the first time. You're moved by your personal work. That's so touching. "Even in a more proper life…" – Geez.

/ – "Will you marry me again?" I'm going to inform my husband to do this too. Will you marry me again? Oh, dear. Oh, dear. What's taking place? He's so brilliant.

Hwijae. What's taking place? Why are you ruining the mood the following? What's wrong? You married an most amazing guy. He's so cool. – It would now not swimsuit.

/ – It's embarrassing to watch this. Do you be aware this? This is our marriage ceremony ring. Where did you explore this? I hid this fastidiously. Hug me.

I love you. – He necessary a hug. / – Who? I imagine the marriage fee will elevate after persons see this. I'm certain that husbands like this don't appear to be now not abnormal.

That's so gorgeous. I'm usually grateful that you're quietly being a shade for me, like a tree. I'm now not respected at expressing it. But I'll do my perfect to exhibit it from now on.

Even if that might now not work… You know me more proper than any one. I'm certain that you're going to know how a lot I in reality feel for you. – I love you.

/ – They're a helpful couple. People have their personal match. I'll thanks silently. Why would you do it silently? Why are you crying? – He arranged it and he cries from it.

/ – No… And he asks her to hug him. He would disappear… – In the hour of darkness.

/ – He's crying within the within the period in-between. – Really? / – Again? – He ought to've felt one factor. / – Is he in reality crying? Is he in reality crying? Excuse me. – What does this make of me? / – Please hug him.

Quick, hug him. – I'm so embarrassed. / – Hurry. – Hug him.

/ – He cried so a lot. – Goodness. / – He cried so a lot. – What's wrong with you? / – Goodness.

I'm sorry but let's now not air this. Let's simply ignore this. This shouldn't be aired. – No, this ought to nevertheless be aired.

/ – A lot of adult males will go by. No, he in all fairness a lot as respected as Choi Sujong. – Yes, he in reality is. / – I'm now not fairly a lot as respected as him.

Did you edit this? You would have to have executed all of it night. I had to do it after you might now not see. – Once the children have been asleep. / – I don't sleep a lot.

I was usually awake. I awakened at 3 or four a.M. To edit this. I awakened and also you weren't there.

I have an lousy lot to do. What do you do? I had an lousy lot to do in the past this outing. (Moved) I was usually so sorry because I did now not propose to you appropriately. I in reality did now not assume it this time.

It was incredibly unpredicted. – Was it okay? / – Yes. You succeeded these days. Congratulations.

I in reality feel like I completed an venture of my life. I thought we did now not have a actual honeymoon location. When persons ask, "Where was your honeymoon?" "What was memorable?" I might now not say the remainder. – Now it's Bali? / – Now I can say it's Bali.

– Let's reside happily. / – Thank you. I love you. I love you.

(Jiyoon and Dongseok's day outing was filled with love) That was awesome. – Seeing Choi Dongseok cry… / – No… All I did was watch our outing but why do I in reality feel like a sinner? – No, no.

/ – No. Have your tears dried up now? I met Sikyung for the first time these days and he goes, "Why are you crying?" He's methodology older than me. As a man, I essential to appreciate. – Why he is crying? / – The clarification for his tears.

One factor I was only a little upset about. Why would not she exhibit her gratitude only a little more? "Honey, thanks. I cherished it. I love you." Can't you assert that to him the following? I imagine that'd be awesome.

I was in reality sad when he reported, "Hug me." I might cry again. – Do it for him. / – The "hug me…" – Look into his eyes. / – Say it to him.

Don't look at the camera. I might now not in reality feel it then. But I contemplated an lousy lot after watching the video. I complained an lousy lot greater than I thought.

It ought to've been difficult for you. I'm sorry that I don't exhibit myself very a lot. You know I'm usually grateful, correct? And I love you. She reported it in a whisper.

The viewers will know more proper. They're such a perfect match. Those tears have been partaking. We ought to see the prices.

– They in reality did an lousy lot. / – I'm only a little fearful. We did so a lot. Excluding airfares, how a lot did you spend over the three days and 2 nights? – Excluding airfares, fastened with adult.

/ – Per adult. $550.70. $550.70. – We went to Bali.

/ – Right. We spent circular $490 then. We felt that in contrast to the last time we went, the value for foodstuff and such had risen. The marriage ceremony…

– The marriage ceremony graphics. / – That was $three hundred, correct? – That was the foremost dear. / – $100 and fifty Per adult. Sia, in case you went to Bali with your husband and he essential to do a now not abnormal remind marriage ceremony…

How would you two respond? Sia would do it. I do now not ought to wear that outfit. Something else. I make assured this.

Your husband would look awesome in it. Is this how we're going to watch the clips subsequent week as smartly? Taehyun was like… "That's simply now not correct." "Must he try this?" "Come on." – There was some pressure. / – Really? He will exhibit one factor actual.

I are now not prepared to say the remainder. Did you do one factor? I imagine there might be one factor. What will Zin Taehyun be like? And what will Park Sieun be like? Please look ahead to subsequent week. A couple's outing is love which is like war.

Battle Trip! (Next episode) There's a spot known as Penang in Malaysia. This is awesome. It's our first outing to take simply us mutually. It's respected we bought the following.

With my wife. I love you. – It's a mystifying metropolis. / – It's a mystifying metropolis.

You get that feeling. See that? It's perfect for the Korean palate. I might consume these two on a on a daily basis foundation. It's so respected.

It's okay because I'm with you. – We're flying. / – We're flying. (Battle Trip) ("Starry Night" by MAMAMOO).

Battle TripEp.74Hong Kong Tour with Moon Byul & Solar of MAMAMOO! [ENGTHA2017.12.17]

Battle TripEp.74Hong Kong Tour with Moon Byul & Solar of MAMAMOO! [ENGTHA2017.12.17]On Saturday night, we present excellent regulations for trips. It's time for Battle Trip. We have now not been succesful to assert hello in tons of years. – It's been a few years.

/ – It's so nice to see you. – I virtually forgot your faces. / – I know. But Sikyung, you posted two excellent songs concurrently we've now not noticed you.

Those of you who know will know having acknowledged that I not too long ago made my debut in Japan. – I posted my first album there. / – A new get began. I felt so terrible for my Korean followers.

– They appeared as if it'll hate it. / – Japan… – Why? / – That I do now not even… Release a song in Korea having acknowledged that I posted an album in Japan.

So I compulsory to do a factor for listeners in Korea. Good process. Sook, I assume you have been very busy. I was just working troublesome like an ant.

– Like a bull. / – I've been working very troublesome. For me, with out Battle Trip, that's persistently… – What do you do? / – "The Return of Superman." – Your lifestyles, you mean.

/ – Oh, your lifestyles. But I imagine being a homemaker suits you since you look so a lot superior now. Yes. – I can see you as a homemaker.

/ – For actual. We have now not met every unmarried different in tons of years. – So we've been chatting here. / – Yes.

But when that's establishing as much as get chilly… People broadly have the good factor about Battle Trip as they could now not get out. – We make an apology for now not being here. / – I know.

First of all, we do have a travel request nowadays. Yes, we do. – Let's see the request. / – Let's see.

Hello. My elect is Shin Nayeon, I'm 21 and I'm a faculty pupil who likes to travel. I've been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Vietnam and largely nations near Korea. Among these, I've persistently compulsory to revisit Taiwan and Hong Kong.

I am trying to determine which nation to head to. Other than already exhibits tourist spots in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I hope Battle Trip can introduce web content which would be continuously now not smartly-recognized in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Before we split communities. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3.

Hong Kong. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3. Taiwan. Taiwan or Hong Kong? 1, 2, 3.

Taiwan. – It's 2 to 1. / – I've by no means been to Taiwan. – Me neither.

/ – I've been to the two. – Really? / – Yes, I've been to the two. I will be honest. Hong Kong suits me superior.

The liquids and nutrition suit me superior. – Really? / – Yes. It's like that. – For me…

/ – Haven't you been to the two? – I have now not been to Taiwan. / – Me neither. I've persistently compulsory to head to Taiwan having acknowledged that I have now not been succesful to. People say Taiwan feels extra like China.

Yes, when in distinction with Hong Kong, that's true. So I imagine the nutrition will suit me superior. Battle Trip has lengthy gone to Taiwan and Hong Kong… – Twice already.

/ – Yes. – A film day out to HK. / – With Hong Seokcheon. – And Hwangbo went as smartly.

/ – Hwangbo went. – She lived there. / – She acted as a day day out guideline. – Our BTOB pals went to Taiwan.

/ – Yes. And Ji Sangryeol and Kim Jongmin went too. They out of place so miserably. – They broadly out of place.

/ – Yes. And Kim Shinyeong and Shin Dong had such a lot of excellent foods there. – Right. / – Yes.

Hong Kong and Taiwan sense comparatively near us having acknowledged that these website online website online visitors made up our minds new points to the two nations. Let's bring in our day out designers. There's so a lot to do here. Can we just have amusing then? Amazing! Let's move! It's like Hong Kong having acknowledged that now not like Hong Kong.

Look forward to it. – Yong Kong / – Byul Kong. Kong, kong, kong. Kong, kong, kong! This is MAMAMOO's Solar and Moon Byul who went to Hong Kong.

Welcome. – 2, 3. / – Hello. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. – Byul Kong. / – Yong Kong. – Moon and…

/ – Sunlight. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! I idea they have been communicating Cantonese.

– It was so lengthy. / – At the end… They even harmonized. – Really? / – We obtained here up with it in the past.

– It's curious about they are MAMAMOO. / – I see. I heard that Solar acted curious about the day day out guideline this time. – The older member.

/ – Yes. Actually, my dream was to turn out to be a travel guideline. – My gosh. / – So…

Now I'm a singer having acknowledged that through this chance, I could correctly act as a travel guideline. – Really? / – Yes. Usually, different men and ladies who want to be travel courses have lived in another america locations for a extraordinarily lengthy term. Or different men and ladies who broadly like to travel.

I love to travel. Where would you adore to be a travel guideline? In Korea. – A travel guideline for foreigners? / – Yes. – Something like that? / – Yes.

She want to've finished broadly smartly. But you two have lots on your shoulders curious about they do now not want a predictable day out. The request was for an intermediate travel course. We've already been there twice so there's force.

When many of us imagine of Hong Kong, when they get out of the airport, they move to Hong Kong Island first for their day out. Hong Kong Island. Yes, having acknowledged that we spent 3 days and 2 nights in Lantau Island. – Lantau Island? / – Yes.

– I've by no means heard of it. / – It's strange. If you examine about the locations we went to, you are likely to be taken aback that that's honestly Hong Kong. That's how I felt.

I'm so curious. Shall we hurry and spot? Then let's shout the day day out elect and take off. – The day day out elect is so troublesome. / – Can you assert it as briefly as extra? – Do it one time beyond regulation.

/ – Until the end. – You must unavoidably harmonize too. / – Say, "Let's move" too. – Until "let's move?" / – Yes.

Start. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. – Byul Kong.

/ – Yong Kong. – Moon and… / – Sunlight. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! Let's move! You guys are so terrific. Yeah. They're so excited.

– My gosh. / – They're now not drunk. – We're at last here. / – Yes, at last…

We're going. (MAMAMOO is such an enthusiastic company) Oh, my eyes. (Solar, actual elect is Kim Yongseon, in significance of amusing) What's the rfile? (Moon Byul is a amusing and quirky girl) – This feels so strange. / – What did you bring? This is our…

Travel trip spot. Hong Kong. These are all advice on Hong Kong. She's honestly very severe roughly her function.

She studied lots for the day out. Moon Byul, have you ever been to Hong Kong? I've been there for a fan meeting and for work. I did now not get to look spherical. I'm pondering roughly being the day day out guideline for this day out.

My dream used to be a travel guideline. Can I watch for it? – You can watch for it. / – Okay. So we'll Hong Kong for this day out.

The program has been to Hong Kong twice ahead of. – Already. / – At Battle Trip? Yes. So the goal market can also be tired of seeing Hong Kong as briefly as extra during this program.

– But there's now not  to be nervous roughly. / – Why? People will are anticipating to see the exhibits night view and structures. – Right. / – Hong Kong is exhibits for that.

That's what you are anticipating as briefly as you imagine of Hong Kong. People generally imagine of checking out to purchase groceries and such. And all these web content are centred on Hong Kong Island. So here…

Wow… They're so a lot to do there. Shouldn't we stopover at here then? – It's urban… / – We're unlikely there.

– We're unlikely there. / – Why? We're going the contrary way. – We're going to Lantau Island. / – Lantau Island.

I've by no means heard of Lantau Island. (This is the Hong Kong we generally know) (Battle Trip has lengthy gone to Hong Kong twice) Are you inclined? Everyone! Come with us to Hong Kong. Let's move! This broadly does now not sense like Hong Kong. It's no joke.

It's greater than my face. – What was that previously? / – Was that squid? – It's squid. / – A king squid. – For Hong Kong.

/ – Hong Kong. (It's unpredictable) Mickey, Mickey! Oh, my eyes. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

Hong Kong, kong, kong. Kong, kong, kong. We're heading to Lantau Island. You organized so a lot.

– Right? / – Yes. This is the place we take the cable automobile. She's persevering with to seek and examine about? I appeared up lots. This is terribly terrific since you see as a lot as you recognize.

– You're proper. / – You see as a lot as you studied. I'm looking out spherical locations to head. You're so hooked in to Battle Trip.

If we want to win, I must unavoidably examine about this a lot. I have accomplished faith in you. (Their exhilaration explodes) That's habitual, proper? Let's move! I can now not attain. You can do it.

Stretch your hands. Don't you get that excited when the date is made a resolution? – Yes. / – Especially the day ahead of leaving, proper? Usually, now you may stay broad awake the night ahead of since you are so excited. (First day, Disneyland) (Second day, Ngong Ping Village, within sight nutrition, cafe) (Incheon International Airport) (Takes 3.5 Hours to Hong Kong) It's Hong Kong! Hong Kong! There's no one here.

We're at Hong Kong! We're here. We must unavoidably move travel now so I organized this. – You know I'll guideline this day day out. / – Yes.

– What's that? / – Look here. No way… You purchased that? No, I had this at homestead. That's what the drill sergeants use.

You're proper. You purchased this? No, I had this at homestead. It's humming. Just a minute.

She's proper beside you, you do not want a mic. This is welcoming us to Hong Kong? You must unavoidably hit it when that's now not working. It's working now. I must unavoidably hit it to make it work.

– Now… / – Where will we move now? This is the place you compulsory to head. – I broadly compulsory to head too. / – Our outfits…

Is it the place you imagine? – The flawless place for our outfit? / – High-five. Today, we'll… – Disneyland! / – Let's move. What was that pose? – We must unavoidably get on a train.

/ – What? – Train. / – Yes, train. – Follow me, Moon Byul. / – I'm coming.

The sparrow goes… (Sunny Bay Station, 10 minutes from the airport) (Sunny Bay Station) (There's a great train that goes to Disneyland?) – We're here to take the train. / – Yes. I'll tell you the extremely important difficulties when it comes.

It's here! This is it! It's the Mickey train. – It's so cute. / – What is that? – Mickey Mouse? / – Yes, Mickey Mouse. It's so cute.

– Really? / – It's only at Sunny Bay. – Mickey! / – Let's get on. The train is so cute. – Even the handles! / – So cute, proper? That's so cute.

– That's inside the train? / – Yes. I was so surprised how all the matters was Disney. This is miraculous. – I sense like a teenager as briefly as extra.

/ – Yes. – What was this is which is known as as briefly as extra? / – Look at the handles. It's Mickey. – Look at that.

/ – It's cute. – It will take only 3 minutes. / – Really? – It's broadly close. / – Because it calls for to travel back.

– It's only 1 station? / – Yes. (While they laughed and chatted, they have arrived) We're here. My goodness. We're here.

We're in Disneyland. Disneyland. (Hong Kong Disneyland is came upon in Lantau Island) (Opened in 2005, that's the fifth Disneyland on the earth) They even have Iron Man. (They have limitless sights) There have to be a vast deal of products to take photos of.

There have been such a lot of. I'd superior pay besides realization to Hong Kong. We're now at the ticket workplace. I already purchased our tickets and printed them out in Korea.

– Thank you. Bye. / – Thank you. I imagine we must unavoidably do a factor like…

– You know? / – To in form in here? We want just a considerable range of styling. (Where are Moon Byul and Solar headed to?)  Let's get going, stuffed with exhilaration  – Gosh, examine about that hat. / – It's Mickey. – Solar, examine about this.

/ – Mickey is wherever. (The shop is stuffed with cute souvenirs) There's so a lot there. (Impressed) I want to are trying this on. Isn't it meant to be some wrong way? You must unavoidably put on these over there.

– You must. / – You're proper. You must unavoidably are trying this on. – It looks cute on her.

/ – How do I look? Children would love this place. There are such a lot of matters to purchase. Open it. It's…

That's implausible. Oh, my eyes. What are you doing? (Check out Solar and Moon Byul's pattern at the current) I'm so curious as to what they purchased. (On one sunny day) (Solar and Moon Byul divulge up on the highway) It looks terrific on her.

I have a Mickey watch and Mickey rings…. – Mickey rings. / – Really? That was funny the way wherein you revealed the watch. We mustn't have that in Korea.

– They're the two terrific. / – They're terrific. – Seriously. / – The gifts look terrific on them.

A lot of persons have been watching us. They do now not even come near you. You the two look excellent though. (They are trying their optimal) This is what you call pattern.

Now let's move. Mickey, let's move. (They appear more than cheerful all dressed up) What? – We're dressed up. / – Okay.

Shall we move meet the real Mickey? – Mickey. / – Mickey, the place are you? – He have to be over there. / – Let's move. (It's crowded here) Why are there such a lot of of us? For images? Yes, to take images with Mickey Mouse.

So many of us have been blanketed up. We blanketed up as smartly. To take photos, we must stand inside the line. – Are you certain that's here? / – Yes.

– It's over there. / – This is the queue. Like this. – Mickey and Minnie, wait there.

/ – Okay. Did you need unavoidably wait lengthy? We had to wait for ages. The queue does now not appear to get any shorter. – This queue is so lengthy.

/ – I'm sweating so a lot. There are two corporations left. We can at last meet Mickey and Minnie briefly. Mickey, Minnie, wait for us.

Hi! – She sounds excited. / – Hello. – Solar appears happy. / – Oh, my God.

– They appear excited too. / – Hi. 1, 2, 3. I'd like to take photos with them too.

1, 2, 3. (They met Mickey and Minnie Mouse in character) (Where are they headed now?) Isn't this it? I imagine this is it. It's the roller coaster. – It appears so.

/ – But… I do now not imagine that's as frightening as we idea. It did now not look so frightening? (It's a roller coaster in an American Western village) (The optimum famous enchantment inside the theme park) Isn't it beautiful gentle? We are continuously now not so terrific with frightening rides. We have been range of scared.

This is how I move on rides. Solar, I do this. I persistently do this. Even if it does an the wrong way up turn, I journey like this.

She looks evidently nervous. What's wrong with your heart? It's beating so speedy.  Bounce, bounce  She just can now not give up. It's just the get began.

– The others are so calm. / – I can now not journey that. (The roller coaster is slowly hiking to the main practical) The weather is just proper. (Relaxed) – I'm scared.

/ – There's… – A surprise here. / – There's a surprise. What? – It want to've been frightening.

/ – It wasn't that frightening… Until it speedily begun moving backwards. Why is it moving backwards? – Why is it moving backwards? / – Are you smiling? Or are you crying? Which is it? Look at them. – Your mouth is intensive open.

/ – Was I like that? I was so taken aback. – What? / – What's going down? It goes forwards and backwards. Solar's face is the optimum terrifying factor here. It was so frightening.

They are so loud. All the others are doing this. The entrance seats are the least scariest. (The roller coaster hastens out of the cave) (Moon Byul's face is hidden) Oh, my…

At least she closed her mouth now. (Glancing) You're aggravated there, proper, Sola? It was beautiful frightening. People are clapping and are all happy. (Blank) – My throat hurts.

/ – I'm dizzy. Solar, the place did your whole pleasure move? – Was it broadly frightening? / – It was. What's over there? – Where? / – It have to be "Toy Story." It looks miraculous. A full day mustn't ever be enough there.

– It was titanic, immense. / – It was indeed. One must unavoidably input the park as briefly because it opens. I sense like I'm inside the toy world.

I sense like I'm back in my childhood. Even the relaxation room is crafted from toys. – Look at this. / – It's broadly smartly made.

Everything is crafted from toys. Come and characteristic a glance. – I have Woody at homestead. / – Woody.

Woody. – She just calls his elect out. / – Woody. You're posing.

Woody. Woody is so cute. (Toy Story land appears peaceful) (Screaming) What took place? (Toy Story land appears peaceful) (Screaming) My gosh. What's that? – But that does now not look so frightening.

/ – This one was… It went so immoderate up. Solar, your mouth is so titanic, immense. (Her mouth is intensive open as briefly as extra) That one does now not look so frightening though.

This one was scarier. – I'll lose your voice. / – I out of place my voice that day. (They noisily finished having fun with every unmarried of the sights) – What an inconceivable sound.

/ – Sounded like a dentist. – I'm getting hungry. / – I'm very hungry now. Shall we move devour now? Where must unavoidably we move? Which eating place must unavoidably we move? Where must unavoidably we move? How roughly…

Let's have a glance over there. I see a menu. Alright. Let's move.

Let's move. Let's move. I ask your self what they promote. The visuals and extremely important difficulties are replacement.

– If you look… / – Really? Food is here! It's nutrition. We're at last having nutrition. The visuals…

It's a Mickey Mouse pizza. That's so merciless. So you are  his face? – From the ear. / – Starting with the ear.

(Rice crowned with purple meat, $19) (Mickey Mouse pizza, $18) There's Italian, Thai… – Lots of global dishes. / – Really? – We just must unavoidably significance on. / – Okay.

Let me diminish it. It's considerably merciless. It's range of titanic, immense. – Let me taste one ear.

/ – Let's are trying it. – To Hong Kong. / – Cheers. To Hong Kong.

It's terrific. – It was broadly terrific. / – Yes, it was very tasty. I like that the dough is thin.

It's like chips. It's so crispy. It's tasty. It's considerably merciless though.

We have been complimenting on how cute… – Mickey's ears are. / – That's so funny. And we just diminish them.

We're so into Mickey nowadays. (Rice crowned with purple meat is tasty as smartly) Is that rice? It was risotto. Both the dishes have been tasty. – It was a legit eating place.

/ – Yes, it was. How is it? – It's terrific. / – I want to are trying it too. (She takes a sizable chunk) – I was nervous…

/ – It's so tasty. – That the nutrition would not be terrific. / – Me too. But that's terrific.

All the dishes are tasty. (They gobble up the nutrition) – It looks broadly tasty. / – It looks tasty. – It wasn't there ahead of.

/ – What? Only in Hong Kong? The theme appears to be house. That, that, that, that! Iron Man. Make certain you get the speedy circulation. – Did you get them? / – Yes.

We obtained them once we checked in. With them, you need now not queue. We checked in at the resort ahead of we get began our day out. Is the resort inside the park? – Yes.

/ – Yes. – Check in. / – Here it with out a doubt is. Some advice gambling cards.

Very beautiful card. It's a little bit immoderate priced having acknowledged that it provides you a vast deal of benefits. – I see. / – Fast circulation tickets.

It incorporates the free circulation tickets which involves the resort? Yes, I idea in the way wherein forward for luxury was terrific. Free circulation tickets are already costly. Thank you. (This is the only place one can meet Iron Man) It looks miraculous.

What is that? Even character men would love that place. Let's move meet Iron Man. He's setting on his suit now. He's ready for us now.

I was terrific at this when i was in immoderate faculty. On the bars, proper? I'm so excited to see Iron Man. You two appear to broadly get along. My goodness.

(Staying alert) Iron Man! – Iron Man. / – Where are you? – This have to be his base. / – This is his base. Let's watch.

It's now not only for tots. – I'd like to head there too. / – Looking like that… Let's move save Hong Kong.

It's from Iron Man's standpoint. Yes, it was broadly amusing. Being 3-d, imagine how immersive it would be. (Seems like they're nevertheless being attacked) No! No! We have been avoiding the enemies.

Hong Kong is safe now. It's safe. – This is… / – This is the place we will be able to see Iron Man.

– This is… / – And take images. I put forward this place so a lot. You guys inclined? – Yeah.

/ – Yeah, flawless. What's going down? (Where is he?) (Iron Man is touchdown) – He comes down? / – Iron Man! Yes, you may broadly see the silhouette touchdown. Iron Man! I obtained goose bumps. Iron Man.

– Goose bumps.  / – It was cool. It was broadly cool. I closely obtained goose bumps.

Seoeon and Seojun would love this, would not they? – It would be extra than that. / – Right? It'd be like their birthday. You must unavoidably move there as briefly as. You look very scorching.

Iron Man, I'm so happy. Standing here conversing to Iron Man and your respond wasn't awesome? Okay, I'll are trying to now not be offended. – Yeah. / – Yep, take it effortless.

Do you recognize MAMAMOO? Yes. What? It's Robert Downey Jr.'S voice. He was conversing in that voice. Yes, we could honestly communicate with him.

– Really? / – Yes. Search. You must unavoidably seek. Yeah.

Search MAMAMOO. – Okay. / – Okay? Absolutely. Iron Man appears to be flustered.

– He's taken aback. / – Yes. Thanks to you, Hong Kong is safe. Thank you for saving Hong Kong.

Thank you. (They took photos with the Iron Man) It's like he is grabbing you saying, "Please pipe down and just take the photo." – Iron Man looks a little bit tired. / – He does, proper? We ran into Star Wars characters as smartly. That's nice.

You took a vast deal of nice photos. Yes, we have got been so happy. Awesome. Then we went to observe "Lion King." That sounds amusing.

I sense like we're speedily in nature. Seriously, there are a vast deal of theme matters. This place is titanic, immense. What must unavoidably we…

– It's broadly titanic, immense here. / – I'm burdened. We must unavoidably… It appears like there is a Korean guideline as smartly.

– Hello. / – Hello. Do you converse Korean? I'm a guideline who can converse Korean. Is she from Hong Kong? – Yes.

/ – Yes. We would really like to observe "Lion King." But we don't know the place it with out a doubt is. You can move immediately this manner. – This way? / – This way? Your Korean is terribly terrific.

– You converse Korean quite smartly. / – Thank you. I'm come what can also happy and touched. I'm happy to satisfy anybody who speaks Korean.

Just seeing Korean writing in another america locations makes you content. – Thank you. / – Have a delightful day. – Thank you.

/ – Thank you. – This way? / – Yes. It want to sense weird to hear that range of Korean greeting from a foreigner. – Thank you.

/ – You should have felt relieved. I'm so glad that we met her. I was more than cheerful. This is the place "Lion King" takes place.

A lion is welcoming us. Hello, lion. Lion. Lion King.

– It looks amusing. / – I want to be there too. It was miraculous. – It was desirable.

/ – Was it like a musical? – Yes. / – Yes. It's establishing up. It's a concert.

I informed you it gave the impression of a concert. You did now not hear me, did you? I idea it would not be. It looks fabulous. I obtained goose bumps.

(This divulge is especially famous among Koreans) (You could have the good factor about acrobatics as smartly) I get goose bumps even by watching it on display screen. It was actual fire… They saved spinning on every unmarried aspect. (Simba regains peace and the divulge ends happily) – Hi.

/ – Hello. (The performance ends with immoderate-fives from the actors) I put forward you sit down proper inside the doorway. You can immoderate-five with the actors there. – You can attach with the actors.

/ – That's proper. It looks miraculous. It's time to devour a factor. Tell me how hungry you are.

Okay. You're very hungry. – Could you hear me? / – Yes. Let's move devour a factor.

Let's devour a factor and… I heard there will be an evening parade here later. It's so very just proper. You mustn't move away out that.

– It's so cute. / – This is the highlight. – It's a want to. / – I love you! I love you! – Hello.

/ – Hello. I love you! Yeah! They appeared at us! They pointed at my hairband. After we devour a factor, it'll be the flawless time to observe the parade. Should we move over there? – Okay.

Let's move. / – Let's move and fill our stomachs. Okay. – It looks nice.

/ – This place looks nice. We're going to devour a factor great nowadays. What is it? Battle Trip has been to Hong Kong often. Right.

When you move to Hong Kong, you devour dim sum. Right. They had dim sum every character time. But there is a factor great roughly our dim sum.

The dim sum we're having is now not very habitual dim sum. – Does it appear like Mickey Mouse? / – It's replacement. It's very exclusive. It's here.

Their reactions are so terrific. – What is it? / – I was very taken aback. – What is it? / – It's Olaf! It's Olaf. They made Olaf with dim sum? – They have been all characters.

/ – There was Baymax. That's miraculous. – Isn't it so beautiful? / – Kids will find it irresistible. They'll be excited to see that.

(Little Green Men bun, $12) (You can only have the good factor about this great dim sum here) It's a lunch menu having acknowledged that they cooked it chiefly for us for dinner. If you are watching this on TV, be conscious you may only have this at lunch. How would you devour it though? – It's so beautiful. / – It was too cute to devour.

Do you need to are trying this Olaf? Olaf? How will we devour it? How will we? Just snatch him. He's staring at me. How can I devour him? Then devour his eyes first. It's purple bean.

Gosh, examine about this. What's that? Is it okay to air this? Isn't it too merciless? What's this? It's okay. It's terrific. I a twin of the purple bean.

– Me too. / – It tastes like steamed bun. But this one looks lots cuter. – So visually it tastes superior.

/ – It broadly is cute. And that's terrific. And that's terrific. This one smells replacement.

It's Star Wars. (Star Wars bun, $9.70) Can you devour this? Don't you sense sorry? You bit off the head first. That's proper. This is manju.

It has nuts in it. – It tastes like cinnamon. / – Right. – It smells like cinnamon.

/ – That looks terrific. It looks scrumptious. It's crispy on the external. When you're taking a chunk..

It's crispy like cookies having acknowledged that then it goes like this in your mouth… You must unavoidably divulge us. It's broadly amusing to devour them. – It's troublesome to present an explanation for.

/ – Since every unmarried ones replacement. Okay. It's in your mouth. (Melting) It's nevertheless there? It's now not melting.

The dim sums look so cute. What is that this? It's from "Big Hero 6." – "Hello, I'm Baymax." / – Oh, "Big Hero 6." – It's so cute. / – Baymax. – I did now not know Baymax was so small.

/ – It's cute. Baymax is beautiful titanic, immense inside the film. He blows up, like this. I'm sorry having acknowledged that I must unavoidably devour you.

I'm sorry. You may as smartly now not say that. This one tastes terrific. It has nuts and meat in it.

– Like… / – It tastes like dumplings. – It tastes like that. / – It tastes quite like dumplings.

It's very detailed. (What does this one taste like?) It tastes like a dumpling. This is terrific. This is terribly terrific.

– It has meat and greens in it… / – You're proper. This is precise dumpling filling. (The great dim sum pleases their eyes and mouths) I do now not imagine I'll order it unless I turn out to be a father.

We'll have the good factor about it with the small teens. Thank you. – This is… / – This is suckling pig.

It's broadly terrific. – I find it irresistible. / – It's excellent. Is this a course meal? I love that.

Look at the carrot. The carrot is Mickey. Oh, my. Oh, my.

Such extremely important difficulties. (Cute) It smells like chips. It goes broadly smartly with rice. I can devour it eternally.

– Is it terrific? / – It was miraculous. It's like chips on the main practical. Right. It's very crispy.

– It's gentle. / – That's so scrumptious. – It's crispy on the external. / – This is terribly terrific.

And that's gentle indoors. – It looks like bread crusts. / – It's so gentle. – That'd be so terrific.

/ – Looks so terrific. It's savory like scorched rice. It's terrific. – When you flip it over…

/ – That's terrific in Hong Kong. – It's like… / – It's very tender indoors. It's broadly tender.

It feels like… Everything is terrific. – But we must unavoidably devour rice. / – Right.

– Should we order a rice dish? / – Sounds terrific. Excuse me. Do you have rice? – Rice? / – Rice. Okay.

Steamed rice? No. – Mixed… / – Fried rice? – Yes. Fried.

/ – Fried rice. Okay. Anything else? No, thanks. That was just acceptable.

"No, thanks." "No, thanks." – Your English is terrific. / – Right? I was terrific, proper? I did now not know you'd say, "No, thanks." – People generally just say no. / – That's proper. Thank you.

(Chinese-fashion fried rice with scallops, $27) – Hong Kong's fried rice is true fried rice. / – Right. It was broadly terrific. Is this anchovy? It's anchovy and egg.

I imagine that's what's in it. I want that they had kimchi here. That'd be nice. We just love kimchi.

Everything is terrific. With a factor extra… It is also the flawless dinner. Really? You want? – Without kimchi…

/ – Say, "Kimchi please." No way. – Pray for it. Kimchi please. / – To who? Kimchi please.

I've heard your prayers. "I've heard your prayers." I've heard your prayers. (Dreams do come true) I delivered it from Korea. What was that? – I delivered kimchi.

/ – Really? You're the optimal. No joke. We can now not move on a stopover at with out this. We can now not sense free with out it.

It's kimchi in a can. I'll snatch one. This is kimchi. (Packed with nutrition) Are you going down a camp? Is it stir-fried kimchi? – You asked for permission, proper? / – Yes.

Koreans want their kimchi. – This is miraculous. / – It was broadly terrific. It's recreation over with kimchi.

– It was miraculous. / – Fried rice with kimchi is the optimal. Now it feels accomplished. Yeah.

(It's now not fancy having acknowledged that that's filling) I'm so full. – I broadly enjoyed it. / – You ate all of it? – You ate virtually all the matters. / – We ate so smartly.

What's wrong, captain? I like this watch. – It's cute. / – We must move see the parade. What time does it get began? – The parade? / – Yeah.

Now. – Right now. / – Aren't we overdue? Wake them up. Wake up, guys.

– Wake up. / – Wake up. We enjoyed dinner. Don't embarrass me this night.

Don't allure different men and ladies's realization. I'm so embarrassed. – Let's move. / – Okay.

It was broadly terrific. You two are like just a considerable range of… You're like a comedy duo. Watching them feels like watching comic juniors.

(Night has fallen over Disneyland) – This is the object you need to observe? / – Yes. Everyone returns to their childhood. Wow. (Everyone has been ready for this second) Wow.

– All the characters want to seem. / – Yeah, wow. (Night parade) Isn't that the Monsters, Inc. Right? He's DJ-ing.

He was DJ-ing. It was so cute. So cute. (Scream!) (So a lot exhilaration) Like this.

– Look at that. / – The Little Mermaid! The Little Mermaid. – She looks so splendid. / – She was so beautiful.

Hello! Hello. Under the sea!  Under the sea  Under the sea! Under the sea! Under the sea. It's Toy Story! – Hey! / – I watched the film! (Men and girls of each age benefit from the parade) – It have to be entrancing. / – Really.

– You're so beautiful! / – Pretty! Pretty! – Minnie will be here briefly. / – Wait. Let's prepare. Mickey and Minnie are the volume one characters.

– Let's prepare. / – Let's prepare. – Here they come. / – We can now not lose.

Our rivals. Mickey. – You must unavoidably get this on video. / – I love you.

I love you! Yes! – She appeared at us. / – She saw this. They can now not move away out you. Both of you are so loud.

Mickey! Here! Mickey! Gosh. My throat. – Minnie appeared at us. / – Yes.

– She acknowledged we have got been cute. / – That's proper. – We have been a hit. / – We're a hit followers.

We're a hit followers. We're a success. – Nice. / – We succeeded.

– Was that the very last factor nowadays? / – Time for mattress now. – Okay. / – We did it. – Let's move.

/ – Yong Kong. Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Kong, kong, kong. Battle Trip! (It was a glorious first day in Hong Kong) – They visited Disneyland.

/ – That was terrific. First of all, the train makes you get excited from the get began. – The train itself. / – Right.

That was excellent. It was very close and had a vast deal of benefits. You're tired at the end of the day and the resort is proper there. So you may just move and sleep.

– It was so practical. / – Such a very just proper course. – It was so excellent. / – Without moving spherical too a lot.

As I watched your day… I was thinking when to head. – When will be the optimal weather? / – Really? – I nervous roughly these matters. / – For your little ones? Yes, curious about when i went to Tokyo, I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

And that wasn't enough to see all the matters. – You could now not, proper? / – Because… You must unavoidably wait an hour to get on a journey. That's classic.

But had I recognized, I would've stayed at the resort inside the park. If I'd recognized touching on the speedy circulation. But I did now not know. When I move there next time, I'll stay in that resort.

– Because of the advantages. / – Why will you move there? – What? / – Why? I sense like I must unavoidably at the least as briefly as in my lifetime. Would you adore to come with us? – With my circle of companion and tots. / – What? No.

I'll move by myself. For the first half of, we watched the Disneyland. I ask your self the place they went inside the latter half of. I'm anticipating it.

– Moon Byul, what comes next? / – In the first half of… You saw a vast deal of flashy matters in Disneyland. Yes, the fancy aspect. Now you are likely to get to see the lungs of Hong Kong.

Ah. You'll get to see the elegance… – Of Lantau Island. / – Sounds terrific.

Let's inspect the latter half of of the day out. Here's the latter half of. (The morning is offered by… A beast?) (This is MAMAMOO's charismatic rapper) (Moon-celebrity's enchanting inside the morning) Who is that? She'll radically swap briefly.

(Her venture is to get up Solar) Yongseon. It's time to arise. (Solar is up) It's chilly. I'll close the door.

Joking spherical as briefly as you get up. Say, "Please open the door." (Please open the door) Where are we going nowadays? Somewhere new. What was that? You're yawning equivalent to you are bored. It's only too early.

Don't soar for pleasure since you are too excited. How joyful. They used up all their calories… – Had a legit sleep.

/ – Right. Then get up and use up calories as briefly as extra. – Start the day energetically. / – That's Solar.

It's a breakfast buffet. – Does it incorporate breakfast? / – Yes. – There was so a lot to devour. / – There was.

I love this. (They put lots on their plates) There's so a lot range. Everything is Mickey Mouse here. You're proper.

Let's devour his ear first. (Chomp) His ear is lacking. You're merciless. He looks unbalanced.

Shall I devour some different one too? (You're such a merciless character) (They do now not give up ) Breakfast is scrumptious. I hear Mickey Mouse walks spherical in here. He's over there now. He's tremendous famous.

– They're dressed up nowadays. / – Yes. Will they come here? I do now not imagine so. Shall I call them over? Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse take photos with you.

Hi. Okay. Let's move. Let's do hip hop.

– We blanketed as much as take a photo. / – We did. – Did you? / – After you had breakfast? – Yes. / – After breakfast.

The line was speedy because it was inside the morning. – Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you.

(Moon Byul kisses Minnie on the nose) – He's a boy. / – It felt weird. – Let's amendment. / – Thank you.

– Thank you. / – Nose. (Moon Byul kisses Mickey too) – Thank you. / – It feels weird.

– Thank you. Bye-bye. / – Bye. His leg.

So cute. (See you next time!) That's nice. (Spectacular) (New Hong Kong) Are you inclined? It's part of Hong Kong that does now not appear as though Hong Kong. What's that? This is the get began.

This is by no means the Hong Kong I know. There's so a lot nature. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

Hong Kong! That's nice. (Day 2 in Lantau Island) (Ngong Ping Village) (40 minutes to Tung Chung Station from Disneyland) Okay. – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong.

– Yong Kong. / – Moon and… Sunlight. – Yong Kong.

/ – Byul Kong. Hong Kong. (They're tremendous excited) (Congratulations on your 2nd day in Hong Kong) (Why are they doing that?) Applause please. I have lots add-ons for nowadays.

– A lot… / – Can you hear me, Moon Byul? (Flag, loudspeaker mic, guideline newsletter) – Do you recognize the place we are going? / – Where? We are going to… Ngong Ping Village! After Disneyland, we'll move down. And we'll uncover Ngong Ping Village down here.

There's Ngong Ping Village. They reworked a domain into a village. They have a sizable bronze Buddha statue there. – Are we going to see that? / – It's with a objective to…

Ngong Ping Village. We must unavoidably journey a cable automobile there. – You like cable automobiles, proper? / – Yes, I do. (Cable automobile) Cable automobile.

– 30 Minutes? / – It takes 30 minutes? – It's a extraordinarily lengthy journey. / – It takes 30 minutes? Gosh, that's regarded as one of most practical 10 cable automobiles on the earth. – 5.7Km. / – It's the longest in Asia.

(A mini theme park at the end of the cable automobile) – It's a sizable island. / – Wow, what's that? That's the Tian Tan Buddha. – Is it on most practical of a mountain? / – Yes. How did they make that with bronze? You must get a ticket to journey the cable automobile.

Did you buy it? Of course. If you buy it on-line, you should not must unavoidably line up. With this ticket, you may journey the cable automobile. Also you get unlimited bus rides and boat rides.

It's 5.7M lengthy. – You mean km. / – Right. I'm sorry.

It's 5.7Km. I forgot the K. That makes an necessary distinction. There are two forms.

Standard and crystal. – They're the cable automobiles. / – What's the distinction? Standard is slightly classic. Crystal is luxurious.

So we chose the crystal cabin. – I see. / – Because that's our only day out. I organized a factor great.

Let's move. Yong Kong, Byul Kong, Hong Kong. (Let's get began the Solar day day out) We're going to skip this line. This is just proper.

If you buy the ticket in Korea… – You mustn't must unavoidably wait in line, proper? / – That's proper. Let's move. Hello.

Okay. Oh, yeah. Come on. (Luxurious crystal cable automobile) Please sit down down.

This is miraculous. Be wary. Now for five.7Km… Welcome to the crystal cable automobile.

– It's like a journey. / – Yong Kong, Byul Kong, Hong Kong. Welcome, all different men and ladies. You would make a very just proper day day out guideline.

It was so a lot amusing. The door has closed. It capacity we'll head away. Let's move.

– It's speedy. / – Wow. Wow, inspect the ground. Oh, my.

– Wow. / – I obtained goose bumps. The guideline is scared so she's now not saying a factor. Why would almost absolutely now not you examine about the ground? It was frightening.

The ground is awesome. The ocean is emerald shade. Let's take a photo. Can you sit down down? – Here? / – Yes.

Why do now not you sit down first? Me? I can do it. Wow… Wow… It feels so close.

– From here… / – This is miraculous. – Wait… / – The standpoint…

(Taking photos on the cable automobile ground) Wow. It looks equivalent to you are floating on air. We can now not capture… Everything correctly inside the photo.

– It's… / – You're broadly terrible at taking images. – How could you're taking it like that? / – Yes. – Your torso looks titanic, immense.

/ – I know. It's like I'm sitting on the ocean. – Come forward. / – That's proper.

It looks like pocket book desktop graphics. Should I sit down like this? Think of it as a core exercise session. 2, 3. How did the photo turn out? You can see a vast deal of the ocean.

– It looks equivalent to you are floating. / – Oh, oh. Good photo, proper? This is the way wherein you're taking images. Aren't the photographs same? You must unavoidably lie down and take a selfie there.

The ground and the points are all crafted from glass. It allows you benefit from the pure landscape. (Today's trip spot) – This is the Ngong Ping Village. / – We're here.

– There's a vast deal of persons. / – Wait a minute. – Why? / – I must plug the mic in. Let me test the mic.

Okay, that's working. If you look to your proper… That's so titanic, immense. Can you see that? It's an necessary Buddha statue.

That's the place we're going. Are you going to stroll there? Yes, that's close. (Ngong Ping Village) (A 15,000m man-made village on Lantau Peak) (Souvenir stores, eating places and different amenities) (It's attached to Ngong Ping cable automobile's last give up) – There's furthermore a day day out guideline here. / – Yes.

Hi. That's the day day out guideline pride. (Moon Byul's camera) Puppy. He's strolling over there.

– What is that? / – What is that? Cows wander spherical here. Really? (You can see animals roaming freely) We've arrived at the Tian Tan Buddha. Drum roll. We've arrived at the Tian Tan Buddha.

It's the most straightforward bronze statue of Buddha on the earth. It's so a lot larger. There's lots to see. This is just proper.

It weighs 202 tons. – It was broadly titanic, immense. / – It was broadly titanic, immense. Let me present an explanation for.

They call this place the Tian Tan. If you stand inside the middle and talk, it'll echo. – Why? / – It echoes. Do you hear it? I don't know.

I did now not hear it. It's echoing. Wait a minute. – It does now not echo from here.

/ – Can you hear it? – Yes. / – It's echoing. I can hear echoes. – This is awesome.

/ – Isn't it on account of the mic? I can hear echoes. This is so awesome. – Try it here. / – You must do it here.

Ah. You must do it here. It only echoes inside the very center. This sound is from the mic.

You must unavoidably turn the mic off first. It feels like this. – Yes, to present an explanation for it. / – I'm trying to present an explanation for it.

Over here that's habitual. But here… Ah. It broadly echoes! It's broadly exciting.

Let me present an explanation for. There are 268 stairs. In Cantonese, 2 capacity "effortless." 6 Means "keeps." And eight capacity "wealth." So it capacity you are likely to get terrific fortune here. – Do you need to run the stairs? / – No…

I do now not want to waste my calories like that. – Get inclined. / – Ready. How lengthy will they be succesful of run? She was so self-guaranteed that we would run to the main practical.

Wouldn't they get tired halfway? Ready. Set. Go. You can now not do two steps at a time.

One step at a time. Why are you doing two steps at a time? (Her made up our minds hand is flailing) You can tell who's older. I can tell from this. – Is she already tired? / – She compulsory to make a threat.

What are you doing? Moon Byul broadly climbed up immoderate. I'm finished. – Yongseon. / – Moon Byul's stamina is miraculous.

What's that? You're the rule. Solar, you compulsory to do it first. This is the first time seeing her frown. She was persistently so colourful.

This is miraculous. It's broadly titanic, immense. – So titanic, immense. / – Super awesome.

(It's extra magnificent from up close) When you see nature like this… It's magnificent having acknowledged that regularly times frightening. Why? Because nature is so grand. I imagine that's why that's often times frightening.

(Day 2 of Lantau Island) (Enjoy Hong Kong within sight delicacies) Hong Kong within sight delicacies. – We're going to 1 different place. / – Where? Where are we going? Can you see that? We're going to Tai O Village. To one different village? – Okay, let's move.

/ – Let's move. If you buy the 360 circulation, you may take this bus for free. You must unavoidably purchase the 360 circulation. It's broadly practical.

(20 Minutes from Ngong Ping Village to Tai O Village) We're here. – What is that this place? / – We have arrived. – Where is that this place? / – This place is… A village of floating residences.

We're here at Tai O Village. Is that mic working? It's run out of battery.  My battery died   So I neglected your call  That's Unnies. I love that song.

You increase spherical so a lot… What's that? (So bubbly) She's colourful as briefly as extra. I delivered one different mic just in case. – You're awesome.

/ – I am, proper? This place does now not appear as though Hong Kong. It's Hong Kong having acknowledged that does now not appear as though Hong Kong? – It's totally… / – Here, that's… This is by no means the Hong Kong I know.

It feels like we're in a replacement nation. It does now not sense like Hong Kong. Floating residences. These are the last floating residences in Hong Kong.

They're being redeveloped. These residences have been meant to head. So the tourists flocked here. People made a resolution to safe the floating residences then.

That's why it remains to be in here. – That's excellent. / – Yeah. (There's dried fisheries market inside the village) – There are floating residences here.

/ – Yes. So a vast deal of dried fisheries are sold here. There are a vast deal of exciting matters here. What are these? There have been a vast deal of exciting dried fish there.

Aren't these mussels? They promote all the matters dried here. What did she see? You're now not meant to touch that. – I was just looking out. / – Oh, my.

This is terribly titanic, immense. – Why? / – Look at this. I was so taken aback. What is that this? I imagine that's a dried shark.

– Wow. / – They dried a accomplished shark. Where do they use that? This… It's awesome.

We did now not devour a factor at Ngong Ping. I'm hungry from this smell. Oh, my. Is this a squid? It's a extraordinarily titanic, immense squid.

– My goodness. / – It's broadly titanic, immense. – It looks terrific. / – It's broadly terrific.

– Really? / – Is it boiled? – Yes. / – It's boiled. How is it? It's heavy. It looks broadly heavy.

The shade looks like purple meat hocks. – It's greater than our faces. / – Is it seasoned? – Yes, I imagine that's seasoned with soy sauce. / – Right? – They preserved it in soy sauce.

/ – It looks so terrific. That is terribly terrific. I've had it ahead of. It was broadly terrific.

– Everyone is ready in line. / – Wait a minute. – Are all of them in line? / – This place is famous. There wasn't a line once we first obtained there.

Suddenly, A line shaped… People speedily begun to obtain. – They're largely tourists. / – Yes.

Thank you. (Ready to devour after adding great soy sauce) – That looks broadly scrumptious. / – It tastes like? This is terribly scrumptious. It's agency.

Should I say that's sturdy? The indoors is… – So chewy. / – That's proper, that's chewy. It's broadly terrific.

As you may see, it looks very chewy, proper? It broadly is chewy. We've by no means had such thick squid ahead of. – That's proper. / – The texture have to be…

– Really terrific. / – Yes, that's broadly terrific. I'm curious. It's scrumptious.

Let's are trying one different place. (Take care) I want to are trying just a considerable range of. – If you look there… / – Wow.

It's broadly floating on the water. It broadly is a floating rental. The locals broadly reside here. It's broadly exclusive.

It's now not a factor you see continuously. Nice. It's broadly nice. – Moon Byul.

/ – Yes? I'm scared as briefly as you call me. – Knock, knock. / – Why are you tapping my shoulder? – Is your abdomen okay? / – Yes. – Oh, like this? / – I heard it rumbling.

– Did you hear it? / – Yes. – Follow me. / – Is it here? Squid would not be enough. – It's here.

/ – We have been hungry. It already appears scrumptious. – Can you already tell? / – Yes, it normally is terrific. – Is it a legit place? / – Yes.

It's going to be a legit place. Sikyung can tell from the door. It looks scrumptious. (Fusion cheese seafood with steamed pumpkin) (You can benefit from the two within sight delicacies and fusion dishes) This is a floating rental.

A fisherman who lives here is running this eating place. I like locations like this. The nutrition is terribly fresh at locations like these. I reserved this place a few month inside the prior.

– You did? / – Yes. It was broadly troublesome. Are you pals with this fisherman? Yes, I obtained to know him smartly. I call him uncle.

Uncle. – I went too a long way, proper? / – Yeah. I did now not know that we would broadly devour on most practical of water. Look at that.

It's miraculous. We could by no means see that in cities. – It's replacement from the Hong Kong I imagined. / – Right? For me too.

It want to sense very exclusive. – It feels great. / – I imagine so too. Thank you.

(The nutrition obtained here concurrently they have been having fun with the view) This is what we ordered. – It's rice steamed in lotus leaves. / – Say it speedier. Rice steamed in lotus leaves.

(Rice steamed in lotus leaves in a bamboo steamer) Is that meat indoors the rice? This is meat, this is squid. – Anchovies? / – Anchovies. The lotus leaves are hidden here. Okay.

I want to offer you a chunk of all the matters. 1, 2, 3. (Oh, my) What does it taste like? (Hmm) It tastes like seafood. That's curious about there's seafood in it.

(Analyzing the taste) It's like when your mother persistently makes you kimchi fried rice at homestead, then she feels like she must unavoidably make a factor else. So she put anchovies and different healthful materials and fried them to make a scrumptious dish. That's what it tastes like. What are you conversing roughly? Try to present an explanation for the taste.

It just tastes like seafood. It tastes like seafood having acknowledged that… It has a dwindled and necessary flavor. – Perfect? / – They all move smartly at the same time.

– Is it flawless? / – Yes. Oh, my. – This looks scrumptious. / – It is.

There are a vast deal of fusion dishes for the tourists. That looks scrumptious. Look how plump the shrimp is. Let's are trying it.

(The seafood is so titanic, immense, it perfectly fills the mouth) It's so scorching. It's scorching. The cheese, pumpkin, and seafood. The seafood is terribly terrific here.

And that's all broadly titanic, immense. The shrimp is titanic, immense. They do now not skimp on the materials, proper? The dishes have been appreciable. This is terribly terrific.

The cheese and seafood indoors the pumpkin makes it appear as though a cream pasta. It's a nutrition plan nutrition. – What? / – It's a nutrition plan nutrition. With all that cheese? – It has pumpkin.

/ – Yes. It'll relieve bloating only so's a nutrition plan nutrition. – It's like cream pasta sauce. / – You're proper.

– It's thicker. / – Yes. While  this, this is cheese and I do now not like greasy nutrition… – Will she want kimchi as briefly as extra? / – It can now not be.

It can now not be. – Do you need it? / – Yeah. Close your eyes then. – Make a want.

/ – What range of want? – Say, "Please give me kimchi." / – Give me kimchi. Please give me just a considerable range of kimchi. They broadly know the flawless thanks to have a legit time. Ta-da.

Ta-da. – Here. / – It's kimchi. I be conscious  this last time.

Does it melt in your mouth? Eat up. The eating place thankfully allowed us to devour kimchi. We could benefit from the nutrition extra. – You're the two in your 20s, proper? / – Yes.

(Sunset cafe) When the solar is roughly to set, we'll profit from the sundown concurrently enjoyable. You like that range of factor? – Relaxation. Healing. / – Rest.

– Healing. / – Right. Relaxing concurrently having fun with the sundown with pals. (The sundown disappeared on account of sudden rain) – Did it rain? / – Yes.

It's even extra very just proper with the rain. – This is what it was meant to be? / – Yes. – You could now not see this. / – You neglected that? This place has an totally exclusive vibe.

– Doesn't it sense gentle? / – Yeah. This place is terribly gentle. I heard that when it rains in Hong Kong… – People like to drink scorching honey lemon tea.

/ – This? Yes, honey lemon tea. Thank you. – Thank you. / – It's broadly exclusive.

– It's like green tea. / – Doesn't it smell like citrus tea? (Honey lemon tea, $5.30) Cheers. Cheers to Hong Kong. It's scorching.

I know why they drink this lots. – When that's chilly… / – You would almost absolutely now not catch a chilly. It broadly warms you up.

It feels like your whole body is calming down. Finally, Solar… – She's calmed down. / – She's calmed.

She only calms down when it rains. I imagine that's been a extraordinarily lengthy term since I've drunk a factor from a teacup. – When we move to cafes… / – That's proper.

You use plastic cups. – Or that's persistently paper cups. / – But a true cup… It feels range of replacement.

– It feels like we're being served. / – Right. That's proper. We're coming to the end of our day out.

It's our last night. What was the optimum memorable factor inside the midst of this day out? Everything was very just proper. But Disneyland was the optimum memorable for me. It was so amusing for me.

I made up our minds it desirable. She screamed so a lot. – Solar's mouth. / – For me…

I cherished it curious about I could come here and stopover at nice locations and luxuriate in terrific nutrition with different men and ladies I like. That's what I cherished. I'm going to dwell during this day out for… – At least 3 months.

/ – Will you dwell on it? I'm going to work troublesome concurrently pondering roughly this day out. Sounds terrific. – I can last 3 months. / – Okay.

The month ahead of the day out is so terrific. – Right. / – Then you relive the memories… – For roughly 3 months after.

/ – Right. (To Byul) (To Yongseon) – Yong Kong. / – Byul Kong. Hong Kong! Battle Trip! ("I sense happy now not when i attain the holiday spot") ("But concurrently I take a stopover at" by Andrew Matthews) We saw a fresh aspect of Hong Kong.

Yes. I do now not imagine I've ever noticed this in Hong Kong. Shall we investigate your valued at range? They had a fruitful day out in Hong Kong. We saw a fresh aspect of Hong Kong.

The Yong Kong Byul Kong Hong Kong Tour. Let's uncover out their final valued at range. Our Yong Kong Byul Kong Hong Kong Tour spent… – For 3 days and 2 nights.

/ – 3 Days and 2 nights. Final budge was… – It was? / – It was? – Per character. / – Per character? $426.10.

– Well, with this… / – It's… – It wasn't significance positive. / – Right.

But have self confidence travelling a theme park, obtaining a free circulation. And staying at the Disneyland resort. – If you have self confidence that… / – Yes.

I idea it'll significance extra. They furthermore appeared spherical every corner of Lantau Island. That's proper. Considering all the matters, you broadly had a fruitful holiday.

Yes, we broadly did. Hong Kong was like an onion with its infinite layers. We offered a fresh aspect of it. You acknowledged you'd last 3 months.

– It hasn't been 3 months but, proper? / – Right. Call us if one different hardship comes along. We'll send you on a stopover at which will last as lengthy as a year. – Really? / – That would be excellent.

– Latin America? / – Europe, maybe? But are we able to come during this divulge as briefly as extra? – Of course. / – Really? Many different men and ladies have come during this divulge twice. – Really? / – In Sandara Park's case… – She's been here 3 times? / – She's filming now! – Really? / – Yes.

You two had such excellent calories. – We all felt happy watching you. / – It was amusing. Next week, we'll see you as briefly as extra with an intermediate course to Taiwan.

– Thank you. / – Thank you. (Intermediate course to Taiwan, overcome the south) (Chorong and Hayoung's Tour) So amusing. – So beautiful.

/ – Seriously. Wow. (Healing day out, excellent view ahead of your eyes) Amazing. This place warms you up indoors.

Wow, that's so beautiful. – This is miraculous. / – It has hidden attraction. (Battle Trip) ("Holding On To You" by Sung Sikyung).

Battle TripEp.62fun water Tour [ENGTHA2017.08.18]

(Numerous excellent instructional substances on trips) (Lee Hwijae, Jisook) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is struggle. Battle Trip! Today, as a substitute of DinDin, a man or females sexy is status beside me. – It's Jisook. Nice to fulfill you.

/ – Hello. I'm Jisook. You have been certain to seem on this present since you're keen on to travel and also you take excellent snap shots. – You take tremendously rather snap shots.

/ – You cook dinner wisely too. She's additionally first rate at cooking. Good at the cut price. – I love taking snap shots.

/ – Right. I additionally love delicacies. So I even traveled to Italy to be informed cooking. – You went to Italy for that? / – Yes.

That's an analogous factor as going to India to devour curry. – Where have you traveled to? / – I've been to… – Canada, U.S., Japan… / – She's been a ways away.

China, Italy. I've been to these nations… – My gosh. / – You've been to lots of places.

– It's no longer that much… / – Yes? But since I've been to several nations, I assume I'll be prepared to do a treasured activity at the present time. – Please assist us out at the present time. / – Okay.

– Thank you beforehand. / – Okay. Most importantly, this can be an overwhelming opportunity for us to staff up as Team Sook. – Team Sook? / – You're proper.

Our names are Jisook and Kim Sook. – How excellent is that? / – Kim Sook. – Jisook. / – This works perfectly.

You're first rate. As I watched this present, I in most cases thought it may be excellent to have… – This range of staff. / – You're proper.

I'm glad you're here. Anyway, everybody's happening trip this present day. From the end of July to early August… – Summer trip.

/ – It's the peak season. – It's the peak season. / – Yes, it is. The three of you may have been web hosting this present for a couple of yr and a 1/2.

– Do you may have any trip plans? / – To be straightforward… I already went on a journey this week. – Really? / – You did? So that is why you seemed so chuffed. It used to be just for 2 days.

And I went on the Hwangbo Tour. – Hong Kong? / – Hong Kong. – I envy you. / – Remember that eating place…

The Michelin superstar one? I waited in line for 20 minutes. It's known to be the principle rate-green Michelin eating place. There have been three of us and it only rate us $20. – Really? / – Yes.

Then we went on the Night Goblin Tour. So you arrive on Tuesday morning. It's no longer since you modified proper into a goblin at night time? No, that is no longer why. You leave at night time and arrive here in the morning so that you simply're going to head straight to work.

But I'm nonetheless tired. I used to be with connection with to claim that you simply are so crammed with potential. – I'm nonetheless tired. / – Still? You're fatigue from touring.

You would want to go on a in a unmarried day journey as briefly as viable. Sikyung, you're no longer going circular the global, are you? I had a fan assembly in Japan and I enjoyed in the end at a sizzling spring. – You went to a sizzling spring? / – That sounds excellent. Did you fill the sizzling spring with alcohol? The sizzling spring is meant to be excellent for your body but I drank too much and made that lifeless.

– I evened it out. / – You went forwards and backwards. According to a survey conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. 83.6% Of americans who're planning on a summer time trip said that they would travel domestically.

– Domestic trips are nice. / – Even if they go foreign places… They'd hinder it close in Asia. – Because of work.

/ – Since they do no longer want lengthy. They say brief trips are popular this present day. – You're proper. / – Really? That's why we prepared this.

There are many places to head in our state. – Of direction. / – Yes, there are. So at the present time's Battle Trip…

Matched the development of brief trips. We prepared brief distance trips where that you simply're going to get advantages from the water. – Fun water trips. / – I love it.

– It's excellent. / – I love it. This is why I love Battle Trip. If you may have not made any trip plans yet, you may as smartly watch this and cause them to.

– You're proper. / – Yes. – It's the principle wisely known. / – Alright.

Let's welcome our journey designers for at the present time who've mastered a substantive choice of water goals. – Welcome. / – Hello. (Eunkwang, Minhyeok, Changseob) (Yuju, Umji, SinB) Why are there only three members of GFRIEND? You would want to've gone all jointly.

Are you guys tremendously no longer close? – No, that is no longer true. / – No method. We're tremendously close. – The three of us are the youngest members.

/ – Right. The youngest in typical can be inclined to have a diverse connection. That's proper. Lots of errands to run.

Oh, I see. That's how we ended up going jointly. – Really? / – Yes. What approximately BTOB? We're the eldest ones in our staff.

– We're the eldest. / – You're proper. – You guys are the eldest? / – Yes, we are. We're the eldest ones.

Is that how you ended up going jointly? – Yes. / – I see. You guys left the younger members to work flat out? – Yes. We desired to have exciting with ourselves.

/ – I see. But seeing how you screamed last time… I tremendously thought you'd never go once more. There wasn't something like that this time.

– It's nice to head on a journey, proper? / – Yes, of direction. To be straightforward, I'm a little afraid of water. What? But these two tremendously love the water. – So…

/ – Then did no longer you swim? – I did swim. / – Did you scream once more? – Did you scream? / – Will your jaw drop down? That's an obstacle for us. I sense like there's going to be a lot to locate out. – You're proper.

/ – Yes. BTOB and GFRIEND went to have amusing in the water. But there's one definite factor. Hey.

– What used to be that? / – He's just blissful with himself. I used to be just reacting. But you guys just  went silent. – Sometimes you do meaningless reactions.

/ – Right. We heard that both teams had an overwhelming time with water goals on this journey. I'm tremendously longing for it. Both teams did go for water goals but every unmarried staff has an theory.

– How did you intend your journey? / – SinB. We're planning to take you to the global of water parks, which is never as familiar to everybody as you'd assume. We first went to the luxurious water park in our state. Then we went to a water park that is next to…

– The ocean. / – A water park next to the ocean? – Yes. We went there. / – Really? Do any of you concern water? SinB is afraid of water.

And I'm afraid of rides. – And Yuju is a little… / – That's the worst. – We went to bother ourselves.

/ – I see. – Did you conquer your fears? / – Yes, we did. – That's a relief. / – That's adequate.

Okay, I tremendously have exciting with water parks too. What approximately you, BTOB? I'm sorry to claim this in front of GFRIEND. But many americans already go to water parks. – Yes.

/ – Aren't I proper? It's too regimen? – Water parks are too regimen? / – That's proper. So we enjoyed something more animated. We enjoyed our time with water sports. Water sports? It's no longer something that you simply're going to simply have exciting with.

We went to the luxurious water sports park in Asia. – Really? In Korea? / – Another splendid… It's the luxurious in Asia? We've heard both of their memories. We've never heard of a water park next to a seaside.

Never knew the luxurious water sports park used to be here. – How is that viable? / – That it's in Korea. So you believe you studied some strategy to have exciting with water sports in a valley? I tremendously did no longer know that the valley can be so thrilling. – The valley used to be thrilling? / – Because valley water…

Is natural water. But theirs is… I see. – Swimming pool water? / – There's a change.

Water parks for GFRIEND, water sports for BTOB. They planned their amusing water trips. According to a survey on social media regarding summer time trip spaces, many females appreciated water parks and lodge swimming swimming pools. But men want valleys and wooded area lodges.

– Men want that? / – Yes. – That's bizarre. / – I'm positive that is incorrect. I used to be surprised that there are swimming swimming pools only for adults in Korea.

– Really? / – Without little ones? Didn't you recognize? Wait. How are you aware approximately that? – How are you aware? / – Have you been? Let's welcome the only hundred judges who're here with us at the present time. It's going to be a unmarried-circular match. After having a look at every unmarried of their trips, please vote for the only you like to head on.

Okay, then. Let's go first. Let's transport with GFRIEND's journey. LOL Park Tour? – Yes.

/ – Why? It's a tour that is crammed with laughs. – That's a fulfilling identify. / – But is never that a little… – It sounds like they're mocking us.

/ – It's like this. No method. You may've used Hehe Park. My gosh, Sikyung.

You sound so historical. – Is it out of development? / – Not many americans use that. Hey, are you severe? There's this historical book, "Hehe Joke Book." – Oh, that. / – I did no longer read that book.

He's first rate. My gosh, you're first rate. – Hehehe. / – How may he…

– Hehehe. / – Sikyung. – Yes? / – Can we go first? – Yes. / – Hehehe.

– My goodness. / – My gosh. Okay, we'll go first then. Let's go on a journey with LOL Park Tour.

(The season for water goals, summer time) This have got to be it. That have got to be proper next to the ocean. (Water park with both thrills and centers) That's so scary. I love that range of stuff.

(Battle Trip's amusing domestic water journey special) – Hello. / – Hello. It's Battle Trip! I used to be tremendously excited to have GFRIEND on the present. If we desired to divide up the employees, we are the youngest members of the organization.

– A lengthy time period in the past… / – She's range of in the center. No, we're only 365 days apart. Gosh, how refreshing.

Every time we go on any range of reality screens, we might in most cases seem on the present as a organization. It's the primary time the three of us have accomplished something. – She's proper. / – I'm excited.

The theme for this journey is amusing domestic water trips. I'm tremendous with going to an indoor pool so lengthy as there's water. – Just a pool? / – Just going to a pool in summer time… Is thrilling in itself.

But permit's go to love a park even as we're at it. – A water park? / – They'd wish to head so unhealthy. – I like water parks. / – Also, us three…

We ought to present the audience a amusing journey. So permit's go to someplace nice. – It wants to be amusing… / – That's no longer exhibits.

To benefit from it. Kind of like hidden eateries… Not someplace that everybody's expert about. Let's go south.

South? Are there water parks down south? South? Haeundae? Busan? Remember that broad place in Gimhae? – Where we went? / – People don't know those places. – In Gimhae? / – Gimhae? I heard it used to be the luxurious in Korea. The splendid in Korea. Yes, that is the luxurious.

That's most almost undoubtedly proper. – 17 Times the soccer topic? / – It's tremendously broad. It's tremendously broad. – It looks amusing.

/ – It looks thrilling. What is that? The location is perfect, it's proper next to the airport. – It's the luxurious in Korea. / – Biggest in Korea.

So broad, you'd lose weight just by strolling circular. Then permit's positively dedicate to head here. Let's visible appeal for excellent places nearby… – Look it up.

/ – I'll visible appeal it up. Okay, okay. Let's see. – I'm first rate with searches.

/ – Here it is! Great. This is it. – Is that the ocean? / – The ocean and swimming pool. – Look.

/ – It's nearby. Look closely. It's amazing. It can get stuffy just being in the pool.

But the ocean is applicable next to it. Here it is. There's such an location? – It's tremendously rather there. / – So rather.

– It's real. / – Wait. Even marines cry after this. – That's the slide.

/ – That's it. – seventy two Degrees? / – Eunkwang would want to ride that. If you're keen on scary rides, you'd love that. If you're keen on those gyro drop rides at theme parks…

It's so steep. Everyone on this present goes to devour delicious delicacies. – Where would want to we go for delicacies? / – We may go there. – Let's go additional down.

/ – Let's go over here. I wish to head on a journey that will make americans jealous of us. There are a lot of delicious meals at water parks too. We seem tremendously good proper now.

– Like first rate planners. We visible appeal clever. / – You're proper. It would want to be something linked to water…

How approximately we incorporate Park… So, to mean a journey crammed with laughs, permit's call it LOL Park. Great rhyme. – That sounds excellent.

/ – Hehehe. – I like it. / – Incredible. Please write it out that method too.

Join GFRIEND on the LOL Park Tour! – That's lovely. / – It works. (We introduce you to GFRIEND, in most cases crammed with laughs) (They special the cut price with their faces) (Laughing) We're the principle wisely known! – Master of expressions. / – So lovely.

– Look at Yuju. / – Master of expressions?  Yeosu seaside  Put your hands up! It hasn't been lengthy since I rode the Viking. – She's so lovely. / – Umji will get scared simply.

That one… It's known as the never-ending pool. You can only devour pike eel shabu-shabu here. – It's the season for it.

/ – I tremendously studied a lot. (SinB, the official advisor of this journey) GFRIEND's LOL Park Tour! LOL! – That's so nice. / – The ocean! (Water park on the ocean, Korea's splendid water park) It's a waterfall. – We're at last here.

/ – The sunlight and climate… Are so excellent! – Look on the palm timber. / – Oh, yeah, palm timber. This place is 17 occasions the length of a soccer topic.

– It's tremendously broad. / – It's gigantic. They developed this with the South Pacific because the theme. – You studied a lot.

/ – You tremendously looked into this. – I studied a lot. / – You seem intelligent. – Right? I'll be your advisor.

/ – That sounds excellent. – I studied a lot. / – We'll belif SinB then. – Just follow me.

/ – She got all of the tickets. GFRIEND's LOL Park Tour! Go, go. It's broad. (The first water park of the LOL Park Tour) (The splendid water park in Korea with Polynesian theme) ($fifty five to $seventy four relying on the season) We would want to go have amusing on the wave pool.

(Excited) They head for the wave pool. You mustn't run. It's dicy. (The highest depth is 2.4M and it's 135m lengthy) (Very strong waves of 2.4M in prime) Goodness, goodness, goodness.

Right from the transport. It looks as if a sports drink industrial. (The intense warm temperature goes away with the wave) It does no longer seem like they're having exciting with it although. It looks as if they're enduring it.

– We're going to transport having exciting with it. / – We enjoyed it. We'll transport having exciting with it. They chose the principle wisely known rides of the water park.

It have got to be so thrilling. – It's sizzling. / – There are so many subjects to ride. This place is so picturesque.

Check that out. – Wait, that appears scary. / – Did you notice it? Isn't that a a ways bigger model of sledding? A bigger model of sledding? – No. / – Those rides are amusing.

– That… / – That's tremendously amusing. – Oh, my God. / – That's a lot amusing.

– So lengthy… / – That looks amusing. You come down and it goes up like the Viking. That's a lot amusing.

So amusing. I tremendously wish to head. Remember our staff identify? LOL Park Tour. – We…

/ – We ought to have amusing. We agreed to hinder laughing across our journey. So permit's no longer frown. – We mustn't frown.

/ – If we do… We'll ought to get punished by getting hit by a water bomb. That waterfall? And you ought to shop for snacks. – We just deserve to hinder smiling? / – Yes.

We ought to hinder smiling.  Don't frown  Is she smiling even if it hurts? – Yes. / – Since it's the LOL Park Tour. We mustn't frown.

Don't ever frown  (No more smiling) – I assume I'll frown. / – You go upside down. Actually, I might no longer go on rides  than but I'm a lot more intriguing now. Are you okay with rides? I do on the grounds that in in any other case it is a waste of cash.

– For me… / – I'm like that too but… I do no longer tremendously get advantages from the buzz. You're tremendous although, proper? – She's totally tremendous.

/ – I like those rides. She can most almost undoubtedly stand up on those rides. My gosh. (I'm scared!) (This is nothing) (They get on) You deserve to investigate if any one of us frowns or no longer.

– We made of venture. / – We made of venture. – Do no longer put your head down. / – I'm so scared.

It'd be so amusing with pals and family. It's scary. (Make it speedy) (Let's go) This is never too unhealthy. – This is superb.

/ – This is amusing. I'm scared. Those styles of rides are amusing. My goodness.

What is this? Did she just break her neck? Water stored going into my eyes but I tried to no longer frown. I'm so scared proper now. (Can they hinder the smile on?) I'm so scared. (Screaming) It looks so amusing.

My goodness. Someone's screaming. It looks amusing. Goodness.

I'm so disoriented. I did no longer frown. – I did no longer frown both. / – No.

– I positively heard screaming. / – I used to be smiling… But I forgot how I used to be after a definite point. I'm a bit suspicious of SinB.

– SinB's digital camera lens is foggy. / – That's proper. I'm a bit suspicious of SinB. – It's SinB.

/ – Wait a minute. SinB! I instructed you. I said I used to be suspicious of SinB. (Laughing) Well, I would want to get punished then.

The digital camera used to be so heavy so it hit my face. Doesn't that hurt? That have got to harm a lot. My gosh, visible appeal at that. – I'm positive she's no longer tremendously smiling.

/ – It may… Look like a industrial since it's SinB. SinB. – I'll cheer for you.

/ – It's 1.5 Tons. – It'll sense cool. / – It'll sense refreshing. Shouldn't we cheer for her? 1, 2, three, four.

Bang, bang, bang, Hwang Eunbi  You're rather. – She even needed to shop for snacks. / – I used to be tremendously scared. You would want to smile if you end up getting punished.

Try to visible appeal rather. – Move your hand out of the method where. / – It's coming down. (All smiles since it's no longer them) I hope her hair does no longer come undone.

My gosh. She's getting hit by that? (three Seconds  than getting hit by water) – It looks painful. / – My gosh. I thought my neck used to be going to interrupt.

She tied her hair so wisely. You tied your hair so wisely. That used to be natural. (Goodness) Hey, you nonetheless visible appeal rather.

You're rather. – Really? / – You're rather. It's so strong. It's like getting smacked on the prime.

It's amazing. – I tried to stroll out proudly. / – You did a treasured activity. My voice is shaking.

Why did I pick my nostril? – She just touched the tip of her nostril. / – An idol… She got hit in the back so the snot got here out. So…

I've never seen her doing that  than. – Is that the water coaster? / – It's 22m high. It's tremendously high and lengthy. – It's very lengthy.

/ – It's the nation's tallest coaster. It's 22m high. It's 300m lengthy. – It's 300m lengthy? / – This is…

Not that scary although. It's just amusing. – It's no longer that steep? / – Right. It's something everybody could have exciting with.

– It's nonetheless thrilling. / – It looks amusing. It has a lot of slopes. It's unfulfilling if it ends too rapidly…

– After waiting in line for so lengthy. / – It's unfulfilling. Isn't this ride for two americans? – It is, proper? / – Then we would want to always… – Split into two enterprises? / – It can no longer be.

– One of us has to ride it alone? / – No. I have faith they've got a tube for three. If you do no longer play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors.

They love to play games. (Umji will ride the waterslide alone) – Umji said she used to be scared. / – Right. (Cry) Here we go.

(SinB and Yuju go first) (Screaming) (Screaming) (Bump) The digital camera! (Screaming) (Shouting) It looks amusing. It used to be tremendously amusing. – It's very lengthy. / – This is stunning.

This is a lot amusing! – You can scream for three minutes. / – It's price the wait. (A steep slope looks everytime you cool down) It's tremendously lengthy. This ride is so lengthy.

What's this? It's no longer ending. It's like a practice. – You'd sense bored… / – She says it's like a practice.

After going approximately 200m. You'll meet a steep slope everytime you're bored… So it's amusing. (The 300m-lengthy slide just never ends) (Her moist hair is fluttering) (Excited) She looks like she's tremendously having amusing.

– Thank you. / – Please get off the tube. I wish to are attempting it. – What? What's incorrect? / – Stumble.

(Who are we? We are GFRIEND) – Who are you? / – She's a little scary. – I did no longer have a the varying. / – Where's Umji? She's no longer down yet. – Let's watch Umji.

/ – She's riding alone. That's proper. I would want to've gone along with her. I get scared real simply.

– She's simply frightened. / – Is she riding it alone? – The security guard is so lucky. / – The security guard! The tube is for two americans so she can no longer ride it alone. Someone has to ride it along with her.

It wishes to be balanced. Let's take off. (She starts off screaming as briefly as it moves) Goodness. (Screaming) (She's smiling along with her eyes) – It have got to be amusing.

/ – I know. – It have got to be thrilling. / – She seems to love it. She's having exciting with it the principle.

Mommy! – She's so lovely. / – It's more amusing in the front seat. (Screaming) – She's like a pansori singer. / – It's over, proper? – Excuse me? / – Is it over? It's tremendously lengthy.

There's nonetheless lengthy to head. (Isn't it over yet?) (Everyone completed the water coaster with a smile) Umji, you're so lovely. (Did you simply call me?) – It used to be amusing, proper? / – It used to be amusing. – I had amusing.

/ – I screamed out of exhilaration. – But it did no longer end. / – Right. So I stored shouting once more nonetheless it nonetheless did no longer end.

– I like that feeling. / – Let's ride it once more. – I wish to ride it once more. / – No, no.

Instead of riding this once more, permit's ride something else. – Let's go. / – Let's go. – They would want to devour something.

/ – Yeah, permit's devour. They went to Yeosu to devour? – Yes, an alternative water park. / – Lots to devour in Yeosu. The place used to be sexy.

– This place used to be so nice. / – There are… – Many delicious meals in Yeosu. / – So clean.

The sea is so nice. (The sea is quiet and non violent) Let's devour something first. – I talked approximately it  than. / – Right.

Pike eel. Pike eel? Pike eels are in season from June to August. Let me visible appeal it up. Pike eel? As briefly as I kind in pike eel, it screens Yeosu pike eel shabu-shabu.

Yeosu pike eel shabu-shabu. Shabu-shabu with pike eels? It's proper here. They decrease pike eels like this. Once it is cooked, it looks like popcorn.

– That's stunning. / – It looks like a flower. It tastes so first rate. But pike eel shabu-shabu can be unfamiliar.

– It's cooked in clean broth. / – Blooming flower. (This is pike eel shabu-shabu) We can see the ocean from here. – The view used to be very sexy.

/ – You ought to devour… While having exciting with the ocean view. – So I heard. / – Pike eels are impatient…

So that you simply're going to only devour them here since they die. – Because they're impatient? / – Yes. Now that we're here… – We would want to are attempting it.

/ – We can devour it only in Yeosu. Yes, only in Yeosu. – It's $a hundred thirty for three americans. / – $a hundred thirty? – For three americans? / – It's $one hundred for 2 americans.

– The part dishes have been so first rate. / – The dishes… That looks stunning. Was that an octopus stick? We tried all of them.

– I wish to are attempting it. / – It's cockle. Is that your chuffed visible appeal? – Thank you for the meal. / – Thank you for the meal.

– Is this skate? / – Yes, it is. Let's are attempting skate, everybody. – I like skate. / – We would want to are attempting it.

Dip it into salt… – And devour it with kimchi. / – With mustard leaf kimchi? Yes. No method.

– I'm scared. / – Me too. You would want to are attempting it. We're in Yeosu now.

We would want to are attempting it. (Umji tastes skate for the primary time) – You would want to devour the complete factor. / – That's proper. – You mustn't bite into it.

/ – Right. Oh, no. Try it. It's first rate.

It's first rate. – It's tremendously first rate. / – I'm nervous. – What do you assume? / – Keep chewing.

– Your nostril can be cleared up. / – With a bang. Was that your first time? – Yes. I'd only smelled it  than.

/ – But she… Ate it all. (Yuju takes a bite) It's first rate, proper? She's a little… It's her first time.

That's an straightforward response. I recognize how it feels. (Her nostril is all cleared up from the skate) You would want to are attempting this. It looks first rate.

– The cockles have been tremendously first rate. / – They are broad. – It used to be tremendously broad. / – Why is it so broad? It's known as a substantive cockle.

It used to be tremendously first rate. It looks salty… – But it tasted just proper. / – You'd be full after two.

It's perfect with rice. The cockles. I've never had cockle this broad. – Isn't it first rate? / – It's first rate, proper? Great cockle.

Great cockle. Great cockle. Right. It's tremendously first rate.

– You ought to chomp on that. / – That's no longer free, proper? Cheers! – Is it covered in the menu? / – It's covered. The purple sauce here… They say it's their special sauce.

This is first rate. – The broth used to be stunning. / – It's boiling. They make the broth with the bones and heads of pike eels.

They're no longer just delicious. These are all wholesome delicacies. Let me let you recognize how that you simply're going to devour this. You would want to blanch the veggies slightly, except onions.

– Eat the onions raw? / – Raw? Yes, you would want to devour them raw. Onions are in season from July to September. – The onions are sweet. / – They're real sweet.

So that you simply're going to just devour them raw like that. Many americans devour raw onions. – I'll hooked up the veggies. / – Okay.

Plop, plop. – Boil for 5 to eight seconds. / – I thought… They'd have pizza and beer.

It feels range of new as they're dining pike eels. Right. – It is additionally amusing. / – 1, 2, three…

– How lengthy? / – four, 5. It's accomplished? That's it. – It's rather. / – She said it's rather.

– I'll are attempting it in a wrap. / – It looks like a snowflake. I'll devour it with a perilla leaf in a unmarried bite. – It looks so first rate.

/ – I'm curious linked to the style. You have got to be curious. – It have got to be so first rate. / – It's first rate for your wisely being.

– What do you assume? / – Is it first rate? (The eel) The eel… – The texture. / – The texture. – Is charming.

/ – It's charming? The pike eel is in season now. You can style it in Seoul nonetheless it expenditures double. (Let's are attempting it) – It's first rate, proper? / – It has tremendous bones… But it's no longer dicy.

– It's no longer dicy? / – They sliced it up. This is intensely chewy. Let's transport. – Let's make a hope.

/ – 1, 2… – three, four, 5. / – three, four, 5. It shrinks in the broth.

That's partaking. – With onions… / – You're purported to devour it like this. I see why americans devour it with raw onions.

The onions make the eel less greasy. You would want to devour eels to play at a water park. To tremendously have amusing. Our mouths are too…

They devour tremendously wisely. – You're purported to open up broad. / – That's the method where. Girl enterprises would want to devour wisely being meals like that.

– Thank you for the delicacies. / – Thank you for the delicacies. (What does their 2d water park seem like?) – Is it the 2d water park? / – Where is it? Yes, it used to be our 2d trip spot. It looks so sexy.

We took a lot of snap shots there. Water park above the ocean. This place has a curative influence. It looks quiet.

This is the place we've been watching for. – Those who like the ocean… / – Exactly. – Would love this place.

/ – It's positively a have got to-see. – Shall we go in? / – Let's go. – It's in a resort. / – Is it a resort? It's a resort.

They have a new range of waterslide here. – What is it? / – 1.5 Tons of water used every unmarried time? What? You fly into the air. – It's silver? / – What is that? What is that? Why do no longer we first ride it after which introduce it to americans? – Okay. / – This place is amusing.

(The new ride is on one part of the water park) So this can be that place where americans add on SNS. So you're shot into the air. – Yes. / – Simply put…

– It's like a resounding bidet. / – A bidet. – Bang. / – So you go flying.

You disappear for a moment. You'll fly farther in the improvement you're pale. (Checking out the ride) Can we survive here? – You fall proper into a 3m pool. / – Can you notice it exterior? – Yes.

You can see. / – That made it scarier. Can we survive here? They'll come and rescue us, proper? The lifeguards… I don't recognize how that you simply're going to swim.

A lifeguard is in most cases on standby. It's stunning with a purpose to locate out the pool from exterior. We got here here to introduce this place to everybody. – Here I go.

/ – See you briefly. What do I do? – Do I get rescued right now? / – Yes. She's afraid of the water. – Can't you swim? / – It's scary.

No, I can no longer swim. – I tremendously wish to ride it. / – It's 3m deep. – It looks a lot amusing.

/ – Wow. – Here we go. / – Okay. three.

2. 1. Fire! (Have you seen SinB?) (Astonished) – Unbelievable. / – Incredible.

No method. Fire! (SinB disappears with the broad quantity of water) That looks a lot amusing. You fall in the water. – I can no longer have faith it.

/ – It's amazing. The water pushes you from on the back of, proper? Exactly. It's superior. I can no longer see her.

(Splash) She went proper to the backside of that 3m pool. I've never seen something like this  than. – Is she crying? / – Rather than amusing… I assume it is quite new.

I assume it'll be amusing. – What would want to we do? / – It's scarier than I thought. It used to be too speedy. I'm stunned.

It passed off too speedy. Everyone… You drink a lot water from this. My nostril hurts.

I put forward this to people that have stuffy noses. My nostril got unclogged. I can no longer wait to locate out Yuju. Eunbi.

The water tension is much stronger than I thought. Is it thrilling even as you're flying? I did no longer have time to perform that I'm flying. I just disappeared. You can no longer tell if you end up in the air and in water.

You appeared of a fairy everytime you fell into the pool. It'd be amusing to take images from the outdoors. Wait. Wait.

Yuju looks terrified. (Umji can no longer snicker comfortably in the mean time) There she goes. Here we go. three, 2, 1.

Fire! Fire! She's tall so it took more time for her to fly. – Your back have got to sense first rate. / – Oh, no. It's like a massage.

I drank too much water. Seaweed hair. – Umji is afraid of this. / – It  looks scary.

Are you prepared? Here we go. three, 2, 1. Fire! (The members are more stunned than Umji) (Fly like the butterflies, Umji goes flying) Umji looks cool. – She can swim.

/ – She got here out by swimming. (They come to search at Umji) We would want to've taken a picture. They photoshopped it. It looks like an aquarium.

It passed off in a flash. That used to be charming. – I assume this can be amusing. / – Yes.

– Because… / – But you would want to no longer be afraid. If that you simply're going to swim, you may be prepared to… – Enjoy it more.

/ – You're proper. This is something tremendously new. Usually, you fall down from a high slope. – But you are pushed on this one.

/ – Right. They're prepared to fly like that on the grounds that they may be slim. – I do no longer assume I'll be prepared to fly. / – Sure, you would definitely.

– Will I? / – three, 2, 1. Kim Sook. Fire! Huh? Why am I nonetheless here? (You can no longer miss the wave pool in a water park) It's a water mushroom. 1, 2, three.

(Umji trips and falls) They mustn't ever be thirsty on the grounds that they hinder drinking. Right. We drank a lot of water. They're having amusing.

It's just amusing to play in the water with your pals. The water park is no longer that crowded. Wow, critically… It looks terrifying.

It's very as regards to like leaping from above. The ride that is seventy two ranges? – What is it? / – The ride that is seventy two ranges. That's lousy. Goodness.

– I have in mind it. / – seventy two Degrees is practically… – I can no longer ride that. / – Wouldn't you float? Check out the velocity.

It looks so terrifying. Even although it's seventy two ranges… It'll sense like ninety ranges. – Like a straight drop.

/ – Straight down. – The velocity is… / – It's the steepest mindset. Let's do it even as smiling, no longer frowning.

I'm no longer positive if we can do it although. Eunkwang would want to have ridden it. That would've been a sight. Please take a seat down.

Cross your legs and arms. It's scary on the grounds that there isn't a security gear whatsoever. I'm surprised that SinB is quite courageous. – SinB is never afraid of rides.

/ – Please. Here we go. – Just like that… / – She's gone.

She's gone. – She disappeared. / – That'd be so scary. It's virtually like falling straight down.

It's like you're falling straight down. (After one scream) (It's over) When you visible appeal at it like this, it does no longer visible appeal that scary. – It took three seconds. / – When you fall…

Oh, my God. How used to be it? She might no longer reply whatsoever. Like a zombie. What are they doing? They're lovely.

Umji, everytime you go down, present me if it's okay or no longer. Are you prepared? – Here we go. / – Okay. (Screaming) It's so speedy.

It ends straight. Goodness, goodness. So lovely. I can hear a doggy someplace.

So lovely. Because of the mindset, your higher body floats in the air. – When you fall down? / – Yes. – She looks lovely.

/ – I might no longer open my eyes. You would want to get out of the method where now. – She is scared. / – Umji screens it's okay.

She says it's okay. – It ends in an fast. / – Right. – Unfold your legs and cross them.

/ – I'm scared. – It ends  than I thought. / – Yes. It's too brief.

Why does no longer she come down? Is she singing a observe or something? I used to be so scared. – I'll shout now. / – Okay. – Push me after I shout.

/ – Okay. (She asks some questions too) – There are americans like that. / – You would want to just push. She's there for too lengthy.

– I'm prepared. / – Go? GFRIEND is the principle wisely known! GFRIEND is the principle wisely known! Here we go now. She got here down effortlessly. – They're working so hard.

/ – If you ride that… – It'd blow away the warm temperature. / – She got here down effortlessly. I assume her face is funnier than Eunkwang.

That face… That used to be funny. Yuju, it ended in an fast, did no longer it? I very as regards to died. How did you sense even as falling? It felt like I used to be falling even as status.

– It used to be okay, wasn't it? / – Yes, it used to be. – It wasn't unhealthy, proper? / – Yes. There is something new over there too. You can get advantages from the pool even as having a look at the ocean.

That sounds romantic. – That looks wonderful. / – That place is… – It's in the resort.

/ – I like that pool the principle wisely known. – What is that? / – The pool looks amusing adequate. You can see the ocean. The Yeosu sky is the varying to Gyeongsang-do.

You can drink it like this. It's following me. Yuju, that is cool… It's tremendous.

Us jointly… It looks like this spot is associated to the ocean. Really. You deserve to take images and submit it on social media.

Of direction. This is perfect for social media. It feels first rate with out doing something. – You're proper.

/ – You're proper. (The most memorable slide is?) To let you recognize the fact, the principle amusing for me used to be the water coaster. It did no longer end so speedy so I knew what used to be happening. The Direct Slide and the Cannonball have been so quick.

Unless you ride it like 3 occasions, you might not sense something. It used to be amusing on the grounds that they all had diverse elements. The most memorable one used to be the Direct Slide. I used to be tremendously scared  than I dropped down.

But the moment I said what I desired, I wasn't afraid. That feeling used to be substantive for me. – I tremendously wish to ride that. / – That's moving.

The Cannonball used to be the principle memorable for me. Even although I can no longer swim, it used to be the principle thrilling for me. I tremendously wish to are attempting the Cannonball. Was that more thrilling to you than the Direct Slide? – It used to be for me.

/ – The Direct Slide ended too briefly. The boundary between floor and water disappeared. – You're proper. / – That used to be partaking for me.

I'm sorry for BTOB… – But this can be more amusing. / – Water parks are the principle wisely known. They tremendously packed in the amusing.

It does visible appeal tremendously amusing. GFRIEND's LOL Park Tour! LOL! (In numerous minutes, Battle Trip's legend comes back) (Tremendous popularity) (Lipstick Prince, Seo Eunkwang) (This time, he attempts out water sports) (Water-ski) That looks amusing. That's proper. You can no longer odor chlorine there.

– That's it. / – You wish to providers the nature. That tremendously looks amusing. – There's such an location? / – We're anxious.

– Anxious… / – Lipstick once more? Can't leave it out. The water parks are all real new. – That's proper.

/ – People only know approximately Yongin. – That's proper. / – In Gyeongsangnam-do… People might no longer know approximately them nonetheless the centers have been fantastic.

– There's one in Gimhae and Yeosu. / – In Yeosu. They did a treasured activity at finding hidden attractions. – We did no longer know approximately these places.

/ – That's proper. If you go as wisely as to little ones, they ought to take naps. – Resorts are first rate for that. / – That's proper.

There are additionally a lot of first rate places to devour. – That's proper. Try out new subjects. / – Yeosu is superb.

I'm most curious linked to the Cannonball. The Cannonball is approximately experiencing a new global… – Rather than having exciting with it. / – It's an providers.

– That's perfect. / – That's a treasured factor. Is it like a substantive throwing you? – 1.5 Tons of water… / – It feels like a substantive bidet.

If it is a bidet, what would that make you? I'm sorry, but a bidet? Does it sense like it's washing your back? – Kind of. / – Like this… Stop speaking approximately bidets. – The steepest slide…

/ – seventy two Degrees. – The Direct Slide, used to be it? / – Yes. I assume that'd be a lot amusing. – I like rides like that.

/ – Men like those. – That's proper. / – I like it on the grounds that it ends… In three seconds and the slope is so steep.

It used to be the principle thrilling. I assume it would sense like this. Families desire a pool for the little ones. – It's perfectly set up.

/ – Is it? – Yes. / – It's a have got to for households. – They have the cut price. / – Do they? It's paradise for us then.

– You can go. / – Take Seoeon and Seojun. – I deserve to head. / – Yes.

It's time to vote. Will you go on the journey planned by LOL Park Tour? Please vote. (A water park journey planned by LOL Park Tour) (What will the judges opt for?) – For at the present time… / – This time…

Why is your staff known as the Best Water Sports Tour? We're going to are attempting out water sports for our journey. We desired to present you the more intriguing of water sports. – That's why we chose it. / – That's a treasured which implies that.

It's no longer that much of a substantive deal nonetheless the response is stunning. – It's excellent here at the present time. / – Too many BTOB followers. No, it used to be a witty identify.

You've already seen theirs. – Do you assume you would win? / – You did no longer sound confident. – Be straightforward. / – To let you recognize the fact…

It looked amusing. – It used to be amusing. / – I'm no longer positive approximately something else… But I'm nervous on account of Eunkwang.

When we observed the preview, we observed that you simply additional lipstick with you once more. Getting soaked by water is never funny there. – That's proper. / – He'll present us what funny is.

He will unquestionably present us what it is. Let's go see their tour. Hello. – Hello.

/ – Hello. Hello. Great members are here. As a man or females that has skilled Battle Trip  than…

I already have a plan all thought out. – Do you already have a plan? / – What plan? I have a plan. – Can we just follow Eunkwang? / – Wait a minute… You did no longer do something last time.

You just went there, screamed and put lipstick on. I watched it. Beep, beep! Seongjae and Hyeonsik have been here last time. What is that? – That looks amusing.

/ – This used to be tremendously scary. – Really? / – Where is this? (Eunkwang showed off a stunning visible) Stop, give up, give up! I used to be tremendously surprised. That's amazing. Battle Trip goes to have a water goals special.

Have we started already? We started so . I did no longer know. – For summer time, water goals are the principle wisely known. / – Nice.

Who's the other staff? It's GFRIEND. (Oh, my, GFRIEND?) You're no longer going with them. Whose girlfriend?  My coronary heart flutters closer to you  – Oh, that is why. / – Our GFRIEND.

– GFRIEND. / – We'll introduce water sports with them? Shouldn't we do it jointly since it is a diverse? It would want to be a real match. Which members are collaborating? Who are the members? – Yuju, Umji… / – Yuju and Umji? – And SinB.

/ – SinB? (It looks as if his appreciated member is never amongst them) No! Eunkwang. Eunkwang, who's your appreciated member? – Who's your appreciated? / – This is unbelievable. – Your enhancing is amazing. / – Who is it? We're introducing water goals.

What comes to mind first? – Water parks. / – Boats. Water parks. – Boats.

/ – Boats. We would want to hinder a ways from subjects like these. – Should we? / – We'll hinder a ways from what others would do. – Something totally new.

/ – Uncommon goals. Let's are attempting something new. Since we are men, permit's uncover something thrilling to do. Let's do subjects like that.

That looks amusing. That looks scary. You ought to leap from so high. – Let's go to Gapyeong.

/ – Gapyeong is too evident. We would want to… Gapyeong is… – To be have shyed away from.

/ – It's an hour from Seoul. That's too evident. We deserve to hinder a ways from evident ones. Okay.

I additionally wish to are attempting that. You can no longer are attempting this water sport normally. The one where you hang on the back of a ship. – Wakeboarding? / – Yes, that one.

– Wakeboards. / – That's no longer on hand to do. Who is that? Is that Eunkwang? – It's hard to do. / – Recently…

Wakeboards have gotten highly regarded. – Really? / – A lot of americans try this. Both men and females are attempting it. – It's something like paragliding.

/ – I know that. This is tremendously amusing. That's scarier than it looks. I tried that.

That factor… You carry on like this. And water tension comes out below. It spins circular…

And water comes out like this. I assume it's known as something-crusing. I thought you would lead us as a man or females… – Who has Battle Trip providers.

/ – That's no longer true. You're no longer contributing. You just say you will need do that and that. What would want to we do? After speaking to you, I made a resolution to just belif and follow you.

I did assume of something. Since we're doing water sports, we may identify it… Let's call it the Best Water Sports Tour. – Best Water Sports Tour? / – Best Water Sports Tour? – Best Water Sports Tour.

/ – Water Sports Prize Tour. That's first rate too but I tremendously like Best Water Sports Tour. Me too. – BTOB is tremendously funny.

/ – They're comic idols. We would want to do our most wisely known. – I looked it up. / – Yeah.

This is the luxurious place in Asia to have exciting with water sports. – In Asia. / – In Asia? They have docks for water-skis and wakeboards. They even have motorboats, Peanut Boats, Flyfish, Disco Pang Pang, Hexagon, Blob Jump, water skis, wakeboards, Banana Boats, stepping-stones, water polo, slides, water seesaws, Aqua Festa Tower, rocket, new swing, high leap, water rafting, kayak, water bicycle and so on.

In my 28 years of existence, there are such a large amount of sports I'm hearing for the primary time. I additionally assume there are going to be a lot of water sports that I've never skilled for 28 years. I'm attempting water sports for the primary time in 27 years. Really? I've never tried water sports  than.

Okay, permit's go. – Where did you go? / – We went to Seongju. – Seongju? / – Seongju? Can you do water sports there? They have that connected to the inland. – It looks stunning.

/ – B. (His legs reduce to rubble proper from the transport) – He does no longer disappoint us. / – TO. – That looks cool.

/ – B. Hello, we are… – three, four. The Best Water…

/ – The Best… Let's do it once more. (Totally unusable) B. TO.

– That's it. / – They're doing first rate. B. Okay, we are…

Best Water Sports Tour! – They did a treasured activity. / – Welcome, Battle Trip… Viewers. We additional trophies on the grounds that we are the principle wisely known.

That's proper. We're going to get advantages from the principle wisely known water sports. We named ourselves perfectly. I instructed you they've got stuff from "Dream Team." They have this.

It's like a suite. You can see that man or females riding something. – That's stunning. / – That's wakeboarding.

You can additionally water-ski. That looks like a film set. Best Water Sports Tour. Let's go! – Let's go.

/ – The centers are stunning. – Let's have amusing. / – It's tremendously broad. You can opt for  you will need do.

They have over forty water sports. – That's proper. / – They have the cut price you desire. – You can do  you desire.

/ – That's proper. – Are there forty water sports? / – It's amusing to opt for. – Do they've got that many? / – Yes, there is a lot. Water sports on the ocean and inland feels the varying.

It does. They even have canoes. They have the cut price. (Water-ski) – We can water-ski here.

/ – Nice. They are tremendously skis. That's tremendously hard. – Water-skiing is…

/ – But they're BTOB. The safest and simplest water sport. It's less demanding than it looks. Isn't it hard to straighten your legs? Men can do it if they be informed it.

Wakeboards visible appeal cooler. This is it. I'm going to are attempting it after seeing how Minhyeok does it. I do no longer want the braveness to do it first.

In our hearts, we're imagining him getting up and succeeding in a unmarried take. Up, up. (Minhyeok succeeds in a barrel roll right now) I'm a greater sportsman idol. Was that your first time at water-skiing? It used to be the primary time for all of us.

Go down. Lower your knees and feet forward. – Put your knees forward. / – So bloodless.

Hold on tight. You ought to clutch that pole first to be informed. That is how you observe. How is it? It feels the varying from doing it on land.

– Does the jacket will permit you float? / – Once you transport… – Waterskiing is tremendously addictive. / – It feels surprising. It's so cool and thrilling.

Was it tremendously deep? Totally. 3M, I assume? Is it hard to stand the primary are attempting? Why? Why? Why? (Wow) Is that viable on the primary are attempting? Minhyeok is tremendously first rate at sports. He's very athletic. That looks so cool.

– He stood. / – What the? He stood automatically. – He's so first rate. / – He's tremendously secure.

(Beginner level mastered) It feels so cool. – Actually… / – Finally? – Right away. / – So that is next.

I assume he will stand up on the primary are attempting. As if. Wow. More, more, more, more.

– Acknowledged. / – He used to be tremendously first rate. – That's tremendously first rate, proper? / – Yes. That's tremendously first rate for a first are attempting.

So refreshing. (So much amusing) He's tremendously first rate. (He returns safely) – Nice, nice. / – It's tremendously refreshing.

That's stunning. This is why americans love this. It's so amusing. I've never felt this  than.

– Really? / – It's tremendously cool. Minhyeok will water-ski forever now. It used to be tremendously amusing. He's going to continue water-skiing any longer.

The wind is blowing on you… – He looks scared. / – It's only the starting. (He's approximately to cry) Why am I so nervous? – I used to be scared.

/ – Why does he seem like a idiot? – His voice is shaky. / – It's my first time in 27 years. I used to be so scared. Put your feet forward and take a seat back.

Go in slowly, do no longer rush. Sit down and do no longer stand up. (Take off) (Mood change of a typical coward) (He succeeds on the amateur's direction simply) (Wow) He's first rate. They're all first rate.

That's it. Hey! This is amusing! Hey! This is amusing! (So much amusing) There's a lot house. He's first rate at it. It'd be more intriguing if he straightened up.

It's a entire exercise. Did your back hurt a greater day? My entire body ached. It's tremendously amusing. But I'm scared.

(What?) – This is imperative. / – This is… – If he stands up right now… / – It's a greater step.

You get a broad self warranty elevate. Here goes! Changseob! Here goes! Changseob! – Stand up. / – You deserve to seek out your knees. Gather your knees.

– His butt have got to harm. / – You mustn't clutch too tight. He's status up. Did he stand up? (This is the amusing of water-ski) – I assume he did it.

/ – He did it. – I assume he did it. / – He did it. – Splash.

/ – Oh, my. That would've hurt. You deserve to manipulate your force. It's scary everytime you fall into the water.

It's nonetheless cool everytime you fall. – It's refreshing. / – You ought to fall in the water. – It used to be more refreshing than painful.

/ – Don't you sink? Since you may have existence jackets. It's safe. I felt confident after seeing you do it. But after having a look at Changseob…

Minhyeok used to be too first rate at it. It's tremendously amusing. – Are you tired? / – It's tiring. You sense it the moment you fall into the water.

– Wild splendor. / – He's additionally athletic. He'll be tremendous. I used to be swimming in a lodge pool alone and something terrible very as regards to passed off.

– You got cramps in your legs, proper? / – Right. – He got cramps in his legs. / – Really? I thought he used to be joking circular. – What? / – We stored splashing him with water.

– They have been all laughing. / – He looked severe… So we got in and dragged him out. Please be cautious in the water.

The utmost purpose of our journey is… – Safety. / – Safety. If your feet do no longer contact the ground, it might be scary.

I can no longer lose. Music from "The Terminator" is gambling. I'm afraid of the water. Should I go down? At occasions like that…

You desire a lady to no longer act like that, proper? Eunkwang will fall down a minimum of 3 occasions. Not from the transport nonetheless the moment he grabs the rope. – The rope feels the varying. / – It's the varying.

The present of the water is the varying. They're relaxed on the grounds that they may be accomplished. (It looks like he will cry even  than starting) Grab that part. Wrap your thumb circular the pole.

Straighten your arms. Gather your knees. Gather your knees to your chest. Look forward.

Here we go. (Struggling) Here we go. Look at his furry legs. – It's no longer dirt? / – Thought it used to be dirt.

– It's seaweed. / – He says it's seaweed. He's first rate. – He's got first rate posture.

/ – This is on hand. Most guys can try this. His posture looks excellent. Did the screen give up? Look at his lips.

Why are your lips so tense? I used to be scared. I would want to have shaved my legs. (Roaring) (He overcomes his trauma bit by bit) How do I visible appeal? – Good, first rate. / – You're first rate.

But all I can see is your furry legs. (He's furry) This is tremendously hard. Isn't it tremendously amusing and cool? Yes, it's stunning. – Now it is time for the rope.

/ – Nice. I'm longing for this. (Sir, please) It's going to sense the varying to the pipe. – They sound like specialists.

/ – Don't be stunned. – Isn't this their first time? / – Yes. He stood up right now. He stood proper up.

– What a shock, proper? / – He stood up. Really? (Respect) What's happening? Want to appreciate how? Fear makes you stand. – You turn out focusing. / – You tighten up.

He fell. (Exclaiming) What are you doing? I drank a lot of water. Are you crying or laughing? Okay, I'm prepared. (Eunkwang prepares to are attempting once more) Again.

(To others, it might no longer be much) He's first rate. He looks cool. This is superior. You ought to straighten your arms.

– Straighten your arms. / – He made the boat curve. That's excellent. (Eunkwang managed to not sleep to the end) – Good activity.

/ – So tiring. (Who will receive the principle wisely known award?) The most wisely known award for water-skiing goes to… Seo Eunkwang. How do you sense? Today, I used to be prepared to beat my concern of water.

It's all owing to your improve. It's tremendously substantive. – Let us move on. / – Okay.

– Let's go. / – How much is that? It's approximately $sixty five including lessons. – It's no longer within your means. / – I guess lessons are required.

You can get a package deal. The entrance rate alone is approximately $32. That covers the "Dream Team" providers. The water-skiing is $sixty five with lessons covered.

Anyone can see this reminds you of "Dream Team." – You two play in pageant t every unmarried other. / – Race it? And the winner will face off in pageant t me. (Best Water Sports Tour "Dream Team" ladder) Water sports "Dream Team!" That's striking. – They positively developed that.

/ – Like "Dream Team." You do the overall direction. – It's an obstacle direction race. / – Those are amusing. (1.

Cross a narrow bridge and transfer the nook) (2. Pass the swing) (three. Cross the slippery bumps) (four. Pass over the stepping bridge) (5.

Use the rope to climb the incline) (From there, a slide takes you into the water) – It's amusing to head as wisely as to pals and functionality bets. / – That's amusing. – You can wager over dinner. / – That's proper.

Or that you simply're going to wager over speaking to a organization of females. You're so excited. (Water sports "Dream Team") That's such an overwhelming theory. You ought to head and try this.

I'm getting nervous. Get prepared. Begin. (They pause for some rationale why) Things like that may be amusing with pals.

It's hard to keep balanced on account of the water. – Is the primary man or females to end the winner? / – Yes. (They arrive on the swing) You're purported to ride the swing. They're just skipping it.

You forgot the swing. – They just passed over it. / – I know. Gosh.

Oh, that is dicy. That one used to be hard too. (Gosh, what's this?) (While Changseob hesitates) – Look at him go. / – You ought to head like that.

He's so first rate. You're purported to stroll over it. (They have got to clutch the trophy to win) That's sizzling. (Blowing bubbles) (While Minhyeok's victory is being anticipated) Hey, the fellow or females that grabs it first wins.

The man or females that grabs it first wins. Do you achieve straight for it? What will happen? What a twist. (Will the tide turn rapidly?) (Changseob seeks to grab the trophy) (However, Minhyeok picks it up first) That used to be so anticipated. There used to be no suspense.

– Then is Minhyeok dealing with off with Eunkwang? / – Yes. You're too speedy. Minhyeok has gained and he's in the finals. The two americans, with the exception of the winner, will board the Flyfish.

– Flyfish. / – It's rather amusing. – That used to be amusing. / – That seems amusing.

– I can hear Eunkwang. / – I can hear him. It's audible. It's a fully familiar voice.

You have got to take virtue of lipstick even as riding the Flyfish. At the end, the fellow or females that fails to take virtue of the lipstick, will lose their opportunity to have exciting with a feast. – No delicacies in the end that? / – That's too harsh. – These bets make subjects amusing.

/ – How brutal. – It's so harsh. / – That's too much. I'm wasting spirit even  than we transport.

Get prepared. Go! (Minhyeok pushes the coward aside and speeds on) Minhyeok is first rate. With Minhyeok… (What?) (Minhyeok is already a ways ahead) – How embarrassing? / – What would want to he do? It seems hard to get back up as briefly as you fall.

It's complex to push your self up. (Minhyeok, Eunkwang) – What are you doing? / – He would want to wait a bit. He would want to take a break and ride the swing. – He would want to go for a swim.

/ – Wait, Minhyeok. (Very frail) What is this? – Oh, no. / – Wait for me. Minhyeok goes back.

(Minhyeok returns to save Eunkwang) He's waiting. (Eunkwang is here) (The battle is on once more) Eunkwang, Eunkwang, Eunkwang… (What would want to we do approximately him?) (Should I will permit you?) It's complex. How once more and once more did you fall in at the present time? It's so hard.

(Splashing approximately) (Forget you) I used to be going to save him but he took too lengthy. He takes method too lengthy. I can no longer wait any longer. (It seems Eunkwang's virus has been shriveled) I used to be most worried approximately Eunkwang.

I used to be most worried approximately him. That's scary. How does he come up like that? There used to be no incorrect method. (He fails at every direction) (Minhyeok, Eunkwang) You're the funniest.

(Observing seems more amusing than triumphing now) I'm critically… What is this? What is this? Minhyeok has already been by means of it. I'll be off. (Zooming) Minhyeok is intensely made a resolution to win.

(Eunkwang catches up with frightening pace) (He comes up from on the back of) He has to clutch Minhyeok. Eunkwang has to grab Minhyeok. It used to be unimaginable to tug myself up. (Unable to climb) (You can no longer go up that method) I tried and gave up.

(Where do you assume you're going?) (Minhyeok is the very last winner) He's first rate. It's hard to hinder up with him. The indeniable verifiable fact that we're physically contending with Minhyeok used to be incorrect. (Looking exhausted) – Look at his expression.

/ – The punishment… Will now transport. So we deserve to take virtue of this effectively to win, proper? Oh, the lipstick. – As for the consequences…

/ – It wants to be rather. I'll ought to locate out for myself and come to a desire. I got to are attempting this last time. I needed to take virtue of lipstick even as riding a roller coaster.

(Last journey to Taiwan) (He demonstrated his lipstick abilities) I smeared that circular the global. (Will his legendary diversity present abilities floor once more?) – So we take a seat like this… / – We carry it jointly. – We carry it like this? / – Together? It's unimaginable to take virtue of lipstick like this.

You'll ought to allow one hand go. Is that even viable? – You'll fall off in the improvement you permit go. / – It used to be scary. You can clutch on with your foot.

There's a foothold, proper? Yes, it's very secure. (What?) My lipstick is damaged. Gosh. This is frightening.

(It's the calm  than the typhoon) This is rather scary. I'm scared. I'm tremendously scared. – Gosh.

This is frightening. / – This is frightening. I'm scared already. Here it goes.

(Let's go!) (Exclaiming) It's like they're status. It's too speedy. That looks so amusing. It used to be my first time so I had a lot amusing.

(Just listening to their hooting is thrilling adequate) (They're perpendicular to the water) When do you apply the lipstick? (Their placing it on now) (The skilled contender begins applying lipstick) (Changseob begins applying his broken lipstick too) (Skillful) He's applying. He's doing wisely. (Messy) You got this. They did it.

How scary. (Just like the rattling Flyfish) (The two cowards utter frightful nonsense) What's happening? Doesn't he seem like he got punched? That looks scary. He looks like Ronald McDonald. – Look at them.

/ – It's like Ronald McDonald. (It seems obvious from a distance too) They have been vibrant adequate to view from afar. That have got to be a lot amusing. It looks refreshing.

It used to be tremendously intense. He looks like Ronald McDonald. (They arrive even as shrieking) It's applied so wisely. Oh, high priced.

He did such a treasured activity. As anticipated… (Hahaha) Now, that is like a horror film. For me, the lipstick used to be broken.

It used to be broken in 1/2 so I needed to take virtue of that. I have nothing say. Looking at Changseob's face… You may see the smear from a ways away.

– He painted 1/2 of his face. / – Who is eradicated? It's Lee Changseob. Why does he win? He did a horrible activity. – It's my combating spirit.

/ – He gained on the grounds that… He made us snicker. He gained  than too. My combating spirit impressed victory! – What's with him? / – Is he crazy? I guess he's lost his mind.

It's so scary. That's so scary. – He's scary. / – What is that? (Today's lunch menu that Eunkwang can no longer devour) (It's numerous snack meals) It tastes all of the more intriguing after gambling in the water.

– Really. / – That's the principle wisely known. There are only two chopsticks too. Oh, no.

– This makes me speechless. / – Seriously. We'll devour all right. Listen to that crunch.

The rooster… I'm going to have exciting with this. They need some beer. It's amazing.

It's critically first rate. (Sniffing) It tastes first rate. Gosh. They're tremendously delicate.

The meat just melts. The rooster is superb. Beer please. (Beer has entered the image) – It's game over.

/ – That's the stuff. That looks so first rate. I can drink this, proper? It's just water. I'll savor this with the mind of a miser.

– Cheers. / – The water looks tasty. The water looks tasty. That's the worst.

– It have got to be refreshing. / – Goodness. They're both carbonated. – But all he will get is obvious water.

/ – Plain water. Just imagine that it's beer. Gosh. But I do no longer assume you may be prepared to end all this.

– Well, at that age… / – Whatever… – You devour, it all tastes first rate. / – That's brutal.

– We just deserve to have exciting with. / – Changseob eats wisely. He eats so wisely. (He even gnaws on the bone) It's so first rate.

(I wish to devour so badly) (The style that Eunkwang already is aware) Water sports are positively quite tiring. – That's proper. / – You get so hungry. – Gosh, the beer.

/ – Gosh. This is more torturous than… If you probably did no longer know the style. Then, I'm going to head devour at Inje.

(He runs off with the delicacies) He's no longer the kind to keep nonetheless like that. – You went all of the method where to Inje? / – Yes. That looks so first rate. We gained.

– This is making me depressing. / – That looks first rate. Whether it's Seongju or Inje… We're no longer telling you to head to both.

– That's proper. / – We're introducing you to both. – So that you simply're going to opt for. / – There is a lot to devour.

I'm hunting up subjects to devour at Inje. There are a lot of spicy tofu stew and buckwheat noodle places. Buckwheat noodles with boiled purple meat… Wow! Changseob, would you're keen on to devour buckwheat noodles? Of direction.

Then permit's go devour it for him in his stead. Sure, we'll devour and leave reviews. We would want to devour his cravings on his behalf. Only those two went.

Let's devour buckwheat noodles. – I've waited for this. / – Because of your time table? Yes. (Freshly cooked buckwheat noodles chilled in ice water) – Buckwheat noodles…

/ – You ate that? (Sweet and bitter broth is poured in) I tremendously desired this. That's a potato pancake, proper? That looks so first rate. That tremendously looks first rate. (Buckwheat noodles $6, boiled meat $15) (Potato pancake $6) (Applauding) Should we give this a are attempting? Do we devour right now? Gosh.

Now, how much of this do I pour in? Oh, that… – Just pour a lot! / – Just adequate. You would want to pour in precisely a bit. With the breeze blowing…

The surroundings is superb too. There's nothing more therapeutic than this. – The backdrop is like a portray. / – Eating at a valley.

Just being here is already refreshing. Food can no longer style unhealthy in the improvement you devour it there. And it's tremendously wholesome. The air is superb too since we're in the mountain.

(Slurping) (The style) I tremendously desire some. (It's explosive) The sauce… – That looks first rate. / – It looks so tasty.

Hurry and devour some of that potato pancake. We got here all this strategy to devour this. I sense alive. It's first rate.

(Now that they may be dining refreshing buckwheat noodles) Can we've a bottle of soju, please? He is aware how that you simply're going to devour. You need soju here. We have boiled meat and buckwheat noodles. The potato pancake used to be tremendously stunning.

– That looks so first rate. / – Since the potatoes are first rate. (Korean angelica is boiled with the meat) (Boiled meat, $15) Add that. (1St lick) Add the radish…

A piece of kimchi. (2Nd lick) Garlic. (3Rd lick) (All wrapped in a lettuce) (It's so first rate that he flutters) He's fluttering. Korean angelica? – That looks so first rate.

/ – Where's the soju? Only historical idols can try this. The colour of the sky… Compared to all of the other boiled purple meat I've tried… – The one they serve here…

/ – So first rate with angelica. It's incomparable. The wrap is first rate. Then I'll wrap one for you.

– Will you? / – Sure. Then would want to we feed every unmarried other out of love. We'll wrap one for every unmarried other. I do no longer assume they can be wrapping regimen ones.

– That's proper. / – They're as much as something. – Make it very spicy. / – The major is the meat.

I'll hooked up two for our high priced, Eunkwang. Add this… It'll most almost undoubtedly be first rate with the potato pancake. It's like including hash brown to a burger.

You're proper. That's what it's like. On prime… That aggregate can no longer style unhealthy.

Will it fit? – Eggs? / – Where did the egg come from? I do no longer assume that'll fit. – Are you making a sandwich? / – It's too broad. It's rather much a burger. Wouldn't this be the luxurious unmarried bite you have ever taken? Only Moon Seyoon may devour that.

(The splendid problem of his existence) Challenge? It's too substantive. – Challenge? / – Challenge! No method? That positively suits? Now, end it off your self. It's falling out. It might not fit.

(Feeling content) No. It can no longer fall out. (He just shoves it back in) Wow. It's first rate.

– I can no longer chew. / – Do you lack the home? That have got to be first rate. It wants to be tasty. Your turn.

(Are you broad awake approximately the regulation of equivalent enterprise?) (I will give as much as I've received) His one is doable. Good. That's it. We can no longer give thought the style of these wraps.

All I sense is love. Isn't that basically a full bowl of rice? It used to be rather much a full meal. This is intensely therapeutic. Playing in nature.

– And dining in nature. / – It's so nice there. I wish to be a typical on Battle Trip. Let's do it jointly.

It's known as Argo Argo? Amphibious automobiles. – That's… / – They're ATVs. I know he is never going…

– But Changseob would want to've joined in. / – You drive here. At that point… I used to be attempting to in finding subjects to do at Seongju.

They have been hunting up Inje. This looks amusing. It seems one-of-a-kind. (Rumbling) (What is that?) What is that? – Amphibious.

/ – Is that the amphibious vehicle? It has eight wheels. It's eight-wheeled. – That looks amusing. / – There's something like that? – That looks so amusing.

/ – You can travel on water. (Amphibious 8-wheeled vehicle that will travel) (Land, water and dirt) – Can we drive these too? / – Yes. We can? Is a driver's license the only factor required? – You do no longer want it. / – You can do with out.

– Really? / – It's real on hand. – You get standard instruction. / – Let's go! It's like a motorbike? – Yes, it is a bit related. / – A motorbike, proper? – Yes, it's an ATV.

/ – You can go over water too. Wow. The engine is a bit stronger than standard ATVs. – But they're positively less demanding to drive.

/ – Amazing. This is intensely potent. It's so refreshing. This is intensely as regards to a theme park ride.

(It drifts up a blaze) – The U-turns are so on hand to do. / – Even drifting. I assume the landlord is range of exaggerating. He spun like 20 occasions.

This is the primary rate half. It's amphibious in the end. (The 8-wheeled vehicle is tremendous even in the water) There is never an location this factor can no longer go. (Exclaiming) (It is rather amusing) (But the ride is rough on their behinds) It's range of like the disco bounce ride.

– That's the method where it feels like. / – In the back. That's true. (Despite the screaming it assists in keeping dashing in water) (It did seem very striking past) (But it hurts our behinds too much) Are we going all of the method where to the end? – It tremendously hurts.

/ – With that, it may be more amusing… – To positively drive. / – You're proper. I assume it'll be nice just going there.

Would you're keen on to are attempting riding it, Umji? Yes, as briefly as could be nice. Gosh, sir. (Out of his mind) Everything they ate most almost undoubtedly got digested. I wish to are attempting driving it as a substitute of riding in the back.

When you go down, it wants to be straight. (You can drive as briefly as educated by the specialist) ( I got a automobile, I'll be there to select you up )  I'll pick you up   Baby, permit's ride  Let's go. (Minhyeok's bold driving) – You're driving like that on your first are attempting? / – Yes. – A license is never required? / – That's proper.

(Splash) The owner is aware so he is never sitting down. He is aware it'd hurt his on the back of. – That's why he used to be status. / – It's very painful.

I thought he used to be status to direct us… – For our very own security. / – Not whatsoever. I see.

(Charge!) That looks like a lot amusing. He never sits. He stays status. He's status.

– It's more amusing driving, proper? / – Yes, it's very amusing. (This child is rough) You're tremendously first rate at driving. (They return safely) (This time, it's Eunkwang's turn) (Eunkwang is silent) This is sweet. It's nice.

(Rigid) It's making a dirt cloud. – But he's driving so calmly. / – It's like a film. Turn.

(Safe driving) (He even drives safely in the water) ("Country Diaries") (Slow) "We're heading to the farm." The trainer is solely relaxed. (Unlike  than, he's totally relaxed) (Chuckling) ("Country Diaries," the end) – This last hobby used to be amusing. / – It used to be so amusing. – Driving used to be the principle wisely known.

/ – It used to be amusing. You're all expert about the quad bikes, proper? – ATM? / – ATV. Come on. I wish to are attempting riding an ATM.

A lot of cash will most almost undoubtedly come out. – I'd like to ride it. / – That sounds amusing. – ATV.

/ – Everyone loves ATMs. It's akin to an ATV. But it's on a full the varying scale. Now, we obviously deserve to offer out the very last award.

With the cut price covered. Now, here is BTOB's appreciated water sport. 1, 2, three. – Water-skiing.

/ – That have got to've been amusing. This one used to be amusing too. – "Dream Team." / – It'd be amusing with pals. It seems a lot of amusing.

I wish to are attempting that one. The Flyfish is amusing. But it's most almost undoubtedly more amusing when dealing with forward. I assume americans's opinions may also vary.

Now, here is BTOB's appreciated water sport. 1, 2, three. – Water-skiing. / – Water-skiing.

Okay. Good the varying. Alright. We got to providers it ourselves and it used to be the principle specialist.

– Okay. / – And it's on hand to be informed. Let's head to Seoul. Should we head back now? – Bye.

/ – Bye! They hooked up a lot of hard work. Gimhae and Yeosu would want to no longer close both. – But they traveled to Inje from Seongju. / – Right.

They announced both places. Many americans go wakeboarding this present day. Isn't water-skiing an analogous factor? It's a bit like evaluating skiing to snowboarding. One is on two forums.

Water-skiing takes both legs. – Like snowboarding, wakeboarding… / – Sideways? It's accomplished with both legs on a board. Wasn't it your first time, Minhyeok? – Yes, it used to be my first time.

/ – You're like an trainer. Didn't he do tremendously wisely for his first time? Yes, he's first rate. The three of them are athletic. It tremendously works out your entire body.

Well, I can no longer neglect the buckwheat noodles. The buckwheat noodles? You're proper. Just sitting below the shade. – With potato pancakes.

/ – The delicacies used to be first rate. – But the placement… / – So first rate. Alright.

But in my view, I assume our force is… That our spaces seem more refreshing. Sure, we're all gambling in the water. – But that crisp refreshing mountain air…

/ – Nature. – That's proper. / – Of direction. But obviously…

Eunkwang is the luxurious profit in your staff. – I agree. / – Acknowledged. The "Dream Team" game may've been tremendously silly.

Eunkwang stored the cut price. But that you simply're going to no longer try this on purpose. Nothing used to be accomplished on purpose. I gave it my most wisely known.

He used to be very self-confident firstly. But on account of me, perhaps the audience used to be too distracted with laughs. – No, no longer whatsoever. / – That considerations me.

– I see. / – Then shall we… Cast our votes? If you had a day to have exciting with your self, will you follow Best Water Sports Tour or no longer? Please solid your votes. (Best Water Sports Tour explored water goals) (What will the judges opt for?) Is everybody accomplished vote casting? You can no longer all vote for us? Then we'll win by too much.

(When will his remarks end?) Will you in deciding for stylish water parks? Or be animated and revel in water sports? What will the very last result be? (Which trip spot will the judges opt for?) – I'm so nervous. / – Will you in deciding for water parks? (Expectant) – LOL or the Best? / – No. That can no longer be. The last digit is observed out first.

Eunkwang have got to be denied. – Eunkwang, that you simply're going to no longer. / – Let's go, Eunkwang! – Eunkwang, that you simply're going to no longer. / – Let's go, Eunkwang! – Eunkwang…

/ – It's a 1. No. – Please. / – One more time? – Please.

/ – One more time? – LOL. / – Is it LOL? – LOL. / – Is it LOL? (Best Water Sports Tour wins with 78 problems) Isn't that 2 wins? That's proper. Since we've 2 wins…

You would want to uncover an opponent that will beat us. That's what I assume. – Hey, Eunkwang. / – Yes.

Stop proper there, okay? Let us be offering very last reviews. Today used to be a couple of journey with water goals. Please be definite you be safe everytime you go. – Great closing reviews.

/ – That's what I hope. He's so warm. – Hey, Sikyung. / – Yes? Don't we've an alternative special next week? – It's in most cases a diverse.

/ – It's crazy. – We've been doing specials for a yr. / – Next week… Among all of the places we've been as much as now, we're revisiting the places…

– That proved to be most popular. / – Czech Republic? It'll be our encore special. Please visible appeal forward to it. Look forward to next week's special.

We bid you farewell. The global is a school. Life is a journey. Battle Trip! (Next episode) (It's the encore special of Vladivostok vs.

Hokkaido) (Muzie, Yoo Saeyoon vs. Lee Gookju, Park Narae) (Russian sauna, have exciting with both sizzling and bloodless) (Brown shrimp crammed with eggs) What more may you prefer to to have? (Purplish lavender backyard is crammed with feminine charms) Let's go, Hokkaido! (Battle Trip) ("Catch You" by P.O.P).

Battle TripEp.54BBali Bali expedition Tour [ENGTHA2017.06.23]

(Numerous great thoughts on trips) (Lee Hwijae, Yura of Girl's Day) (Kim Sook, Sung Sikyung) Travel is conflict. Battle Trip! Ladies and gents, cutting-edge special host is the beautiful Yura of Girl's Day. – I've been taking a look out forward to this moment. / – Really? Yes.

I incredibly love to journey. It's such an honor to be the special host of a vacationing application. – It's great to fulfill you. / – It is.

So, the place have you ever been this may be the reason far? I've been to Kota Kinabalu. – Italy. / – Italy. – Singapore, Japan.

/ – And? Los Angeles and Hawaii. – That's definitely a superb deal. / – Including undertaking trips, ideal? – Pardon? / – Mostly for work, ideal? What I've indexed just now was largely for enjoyment. – They were for enjoyment? / – Yes.

– You incredibly like to journey. / – I do a great deal. Is there a place you'd recommend? A place the place you have been to. I do have a destination that was unforgettable.

– Where? / – In Kota Kinabalu… There is a comparatively unknown place. There's a firefly course. At first, you cross a lake.

You need to take a send. – On the aspects? / – There are bushes lining either aspect. Suddenly, fireflies line the banks from one conclusion to the other. – Do they sparkle? / – Like a Christmas tree.

It almost seems artificially illuminated. And all of unexpected, the boatman instructed us that he'll call the fireflies to us. He grew to emerge as on the sign diminished. Then, all the fireflies…

– Followed our boat. / – Really? – Are you sure it wasn't a dream? / – I thought it was. – There is such a place? / – I almost cried. We were like praying the entire time.

I thought I was born to see this. – Really? / – Yes, incredibly. – We need to close to go. / – If you get the chance…

Please check it out. – Now, cutting-edge special is called… / – What's it called? It is Battle Trip's Hand-definite Holiday Destination. – Hand-definite Holiday Destination? / – It would possibly be…

Really reachable for those making plans a holiday soon. – We're hand-choosing destinations? / – Right. – It'll be our suggestion. / – In actuality…

For the approaching summer, there are so many special flight charges. All you deserve to do is watch Battle Trip and grab a range of deals and leave. That sounds great. Now, let's see cutting-edge day out request.

Hello, I'm Kim Jeongung, a 32-year-old Battle Trip fan. Summer holiday season is almost upon us. The pattern is to be instructed something new once you go journey. What are you in a function to be instructed and the place? – What's the most reachable way? / – That's so onerous.

Please level out… – Destinations the place you'll be able to more than likely be instructed. / – A finding out day out. – An instructional day out? / – That's onerous to pinpoint.

So the day out has to be instructional, ideal? – Learn what? / – History or way of life. – Maybe a fresh sport or delicacies? / – New language. You can now not be instructed to drink on a go for holiday at. – No, that's illuminating too.

/ – That's now not a bad theory. – You would more than likely be instructed and return. / – But actually… Educational journey is the fashion currently.

Without a visa, viewers are granted approximately 30 days. Based on the time given, you'll be able to more than likely be instructed or event something. But instructional trips are actually more enriching than just having fun. – It's like bringing something back.

/ – That's ideal. We're also curious to see what we would more than likely be instructed and the place. Let us perceive who designed cutting-edge trips. We will now introduce you to our day out designers.

Please come on out. (Tim, Hyun Woo) – Hello. / – It's been a similtaneously. (Hong Seokcheon, Yoon Bak) Well, as of late…

All the adult females folk look elated but they're all going via left. – You need to all glance ideal here too. / – That's ideal. I will verify you have you have got a pleasant time ideal here as of late.

– Sikyung, please be sincere, okay? / – Sure. You do now not like your crew, ideal? – What? / – But… – They do now not look pleased. / – Excuse me.

I'm sorry… But I prefer this crew too. My goodness. – Happy? / – Now…

Part 1 of the Hand-definite Holiday Destination. The instructional day out. Let's begin with Hyun Woo's crew. Where did you go and what did you be instructed? We went to…

– The Island of the gods. / – Island of the gods? Bali. What did you be instructed there? – We learned how to surf. / – Surfing.

– Surfing. / – Surfing. – Bali is superb for water sports. / – That's ideal.

– It's a surfing paradise. / – That's Bali. – It's pretty confusing. / – Uhm Junghwa learned too.

– Uhm Junghwa too? / – She learned personally. There are lots of of us who surf in Bali. But now that I suppose approximately it, weren't you on a surfing application upfront than, Hyun Woo? – So you're an authority? / – You need to be incredibly realistic. I'm realistic sufficient to stand alone and just journey the waves a chunk.

– You can journey the waves. / – That's ideal. So Tim, you're definitely knowledgeable approximately Bali? That's ideal. I stayed there for a month to shoot a drama.

– One month? / – Beyond the identical old attractions… I know bearing on the agricultural components as I lived with locals. I came to apprehend all the hidden attractions. – Really? / – This is going to be amazing.

But critically, he even speaks the language just a little. – There's now not whatsoever he does now not know. / – Gosh. – Then now…

/ – What did you be instructed though? – I… / – I always run into Seokcheon on the airport. I ask the place he went. He says, "You know.

That place." I went to Thailand. That place, Thailand. – That's tough to vanquish. / – We're set.

– How many instances have you ever been? / – Altogether… Over 40 instances. He's close to Thai. He knows even more than the locals.

He also knows a superb deal bearing on the delicacies. – I'm getting confident approximately nutrients. / – Oh, no. He even runs a Thai restaurant.

What did you be instructed in Thailand? – You mentioned you learned how to surf. / – Right. Not solely did we be instructed how to surf… – It was given.

/ – Yes, it was. What is exhibits in Thailand? – Thai delicacies is exhibits. / – The nutrients. – Cooking.

/ – Thai massages. – Thai massages. / – What else are you in a function to recall? – Guys like this. / – Muay Thai? – Muay Thai.

/ – Muay Thai. It's pretty cool to be instructed Muay Thai in Thailand. – This is the precise day out of Thailand. / – True Thailand.

Alright. We have four male friends joining us as of late. Please recall their trips moderately. Please welcome our 100 judges in the audience.

Clips of the trips would possibly be divided into the first half and the 2nd half. You'll vote once each in the first half and the 2nd half. So you get to vote two times. The 2nd half votes would possibly be used for the last phrase rating so please vote more conscientiously in the 2nd half.

Why does now not Team Bali go first? – Sure. / – Let's see Bali day out first. I've been to Bali upfront than. – It's now not that fun.

/ – Isn't it hot there? – It's hot. / – Right? I suppose it is easy to watch the clips and fall for Bali. Here is the Bali day out planned by Hurry to Bali Tour. – Let's take a glance! / – Let's take a glance! It's Bali.

It looks so nice. – Goodness. / – Keep watching. It's so huge.

– Hello. / – Hi. ("Ah-choo" is his theme song) (Hyun Woo and Lee Seyeong, the Ah-choo Couple) – What is that this? / – Why are they appearing that? I wanted you to be excited upfront than watching our day out. He looks so younger.

When I went to Bali upfront than… I failed to keep there for long but I solely worked there. – I wanted to go for holiday at Bali all over again. / – Bali.

– I wanted to have a first price time in Bali. / – Second time? Yes, it was my 2d time. It was a chunk uncomfortable due to the actuality that I don't know the language. Since I do now not have definitely a superb deal of event on range screens, I'm hoping that I can get some aid from my wife.

When I tell my friends approximately his song, they recognize it ideal away. I had auditions when I was younger and I sang his song many instances. To be sincere, I solely observed him on TV. I solely observed him on TV when I was younger.

Are you saying what more or less wife you'll be able to like? You're picking one now? – The song… / – I suppose you sang in the wrong key. It's due to the actuality that I failed to have the accompaniment. – That's how he looked upfront than.

/ – He looked candy. Tim's debut song was written… – By Yoon Sang. / – That's ideal.

The song "Ah-choo" also is written by Yoon Sang. Both of the songs are Yoon Sang's song. – That's ideal. / – They have that during long-hooked up.

Nice to fulfill you. – Hyun Woo. / – Yes. It's nice to fulfill you.

I observed you a superb deal on TV. How did you recognize things that I do now not even know? (He was many instances on TV long time ago) How long have you ever stayed in Bali? I stayed in Bali for a month upfront than. A month? I stayed with Indonesians. We went to villages scattered ideal via Bali.

There were no one. It took us two hours to go there. It was fun though. It's when I filmed a drama.

A drama? On which one? It was an Indonesian drama. – You filmed an Indonesian drama? / – Yes. – This is a accomplished deal then. / – Then of us…

– Must recognize you in Indonesia. / – No. This is a landmark for locals. (He speaks English as neatly as Balinese) I'm just a little scared of the water.

You know I'm scared of this. So why… Who's that? Who? Who's that? Who? – That's so solely the different from Hwijae. / – It's Tim? An angel has descended from the sky.

We can attempt this too. And we can lock arms. I'll do it since Tim's doing it. I love you, Tim.

How need to we journey in Indonesia? Since the other crew is doubtlessly instructed something… You know that surfing is trending currently. I failed to get to see much there upfront than. I solely surfed when I was there.

If this may be how you are hunting to journey, ideal here's my theory. When of us go to Bali, they go to Seminyak… – Kuta. / – Seminyak? – People go to Kuta beach a superb deal.

/ – Since I lived there… I can introduce you other places. – Really? / – Some of us would know. But lots of of us don't know approximately this place.

Let's go for holiday at the unknown places. – "Grilled backed ribs". / – That sounds tasty. It's the restaurant he knows.

– Hurry to Bali Tour. / – Hurry to Bali Tour. That was so cool. That was so cool.

– The sea, Tim and me. / – It all began. That was outstanding. – Look at their outfits.

/ – This is Bali. He rides all the way in which to the shore. He's realistic at surfing. You incredibly learned definitely a superb deal of motives.

I feel like I am flying. (They will divulge the seen tourist attractions in Bali) I incredibly don't know this place. – This is a hidden place. / – This is sturdy.

For actual? – You did that? / – I failed to apprehend such place existed. – Is that actual? / – Oh, my God. Ta-da. This is how the within looks.

Follow me, please. It's nice ideal here. Hurry to Bali Tour. – This is my dream.

/ – They leap off there? – Let's go. / – Go. I do now not suppose I've been to that aspect of Bali. How long is the flight? – It was amazing.

/ – It's 7 hours. – That's approximately ideal. / – 6.5 Hours? – It takes 6.5 To 7 hours. / – Bali.

We have in the end landed. Yeah! Hey… – Is it night time ideal here? / – It is. I landed in the afternoon final time.

So we were in a function to take the realistic flight. – Night flights are better? / – Yes. The final flight is the premier. – Our day out starts tomorrow.

/ – You know that? – We can relaxation tonight? / – Exactly. – Let's go to our hotel first. / – You landed at night. You can beginning early a smarter day.

But they should pay for the excess night on the hotel. – We are ideal here. / – Thank you. Here's our room.

I haven't viewed this for a similtaneously. They glance like they're on a honeymoon. What is all this? I've been to Bali upfront than. They always…

– Make the towels into swans. / – They always do. I guess it always comes with the room. When you spot the rose petals with your man friends…

– Are we newlyweds? / – It feels weird. It does. It does feel weird. (Breathing closely) – You guys like figuring out.

/ – We are exercising. – We will take… / – Off our shirts. – What are they doing? / – Why attempt this upfront than bed? – Because you'll be able to take your tops off tomorrow? / – Yes.

That wasn't the conclusion of it. We went to the health club all over again after that. (Their first night in Bali passes by) Today is the first day! Let's do our premier. (Are they going to divulge their muscular abs?) (They gained 2 abs shirts) This is the outcome.

My physique looks just like this. This is the first day I keen. (Water Blow, surfing, conventional Indonesian nutrients) These are the places I wanted to go and I had to go. I am going to visit the places I would need to go for holiday at.

– How did you get around in Bali? / – To get around… We rented a automobile and employed the driving force. Including the charge for the driving force, it value $40. – Including the charge for the driving force? / – Yes.

– It was $40 per day. / – Per day? It's a chunk dicy to drive in Bali. It's better to rent a driver. – Did you prepare something? / – Yes.

There is that this thing called Water Blow. The water… That's ideal. This is amazingly exhibits.

Do you recognize Water Blow? Water Blow? (The driver says something else) Water Blow… Do you recognize what Water Blow is? Yes, I know what it's far. Let's go there. – I was so relieved he was with me.

/ – Let's go. – He failed to get it when I mentioned it. / – Let's go to the sea. I asked him if he knew what Water Blow is.

(He makes an try and copy what Tim mentioned) I sounded stupid. (27 Minutes from their resort to Water Blow) This is Bali. Take a glance. I surprise how it feels to live there.

We solely go for holiday instantaneously in a similtaneously… But to close to live there… – That's ideal. / – Isn't it pretty? There is a obvious view of the sea, Tim and me.

I can maintain your hand and take this more or less snapshot. Taking that snapshot was a fad. – Why? / – Please do now not attempt this. This is the place.

– Water Blow. / – That's ideal. – Does it mean water will burst? / – That's ideal. We went to the sea first.

You can feel the vibe, ideal? (So far, the sea still looks serene) What was that? What was that? – What was that? / – What is the Water Blow? – What was that? / – Water… It's now not synthetic or man-made. Take a glance on the coloration of the water. – The coloration is astounding.

/ – Yes, the coloration. – Admission is free. / – That's ideal. They did work on the rocks a chunk to make the waves strike more.

The rocks weren't eroded naturally. They minimize into the rocks a chunk to help them form waves better. – It looks frothy like cream. / – Yes.

– It's like the froth that tops beer. / – You're ideal. You know this attraction is called the Water Blow. Then mustn't it be like…

It need to shoot up. Did the water levels decline by any possibility? – That's massive. / – You need to plot the time ideal. It's much less irritating to see larger waves in the morning.

I are hunting to go there to take photographs ideal in front of the waves. I guess you should have to be lucky for a favorable sighting. However, this may be now not the conclusion for us. I shall escort you to a more awesome place.

– Let's go. / – Are we off? We did wait a similtaneously nonetheless it remained reserved. It gets weaker as the day goes by. That's ideal.

Since we're in Bali now, we would favor to be instructed something. The theme require us to be instructed something. So… Bali equates to surfing.

– It's in the end popping out. / – Surfing. (July 2016, surfing in Gangwon-do) Was that An Yeongmi? Was that An Yeongmi? – That was Hwijae. / – Why…

Why is the water coloration so solely the different? Gosh. She's a neighborhood. – Women surf so neatly too? / – Who's that? Gosh, I thought that was Hyun Woo. Gosh, that's a chunk unfortunate.

Others be instructed by throwing themselves into colossal waves. But ideal here, you'll be able to more than likely be instructed slowly at your very own pace. – I are hunting to effort. / – That's a pool.

– It was so fun. / – Bali is the place to be instructed. – First you be instructed there. / – I see.

The pool is first. You get a grasp on the pool first and then head out. But honestly, I'm just a little scared to surf. Will I be in a function to be instructed? You've learned how to surf formally, ideal? I've been to different seashores and learned how to keep standing on the board.

If it is easy to stand, does now not that mean you're realistic? Let me tell you approximately my phobia. I went to Hawaii, and I teen you currently not, I observed a sizable shark. Not too long ago, there has been a headline. A shark attacked an individual at a surfing contention.

Because of such incidents… I'm more or less wary of what's doubtlessly lurking below me. I'm scared. (There is something scarier than a shark) (That is…) Get up.

– What? / – He mentioned, "Get up." – He's very informal. / – I know. – Hold on. / – The surfing instructor…

– Is a neighborhood, ideal? / – Yes, he is. – But he knows, "Get up?" / – He speaks Korean neatly. – Stand up. / – He's now not bad at Korean.

– Stand up. / – Stand up. Stand up. He injects some Korean ideal here and there.

(Wobbling) I suppose I would hear his voice in a nightmare. That seems very confusing. Do it all over again. A lot of Koreans need to be instructed there.

– He's livid. / – To do Eskimo roll, you should have to… Using this one hand for the… I learned ideal away on the beach and it was provoking.

– This was far better. / – Learning on the pool… Seems a superb deal safer and safe. This is called the Eskimo roll.

As you exit a wave, it is easy to get washed out. It's one way to evade a wave. It's very confusing. It's very onerous.

Did you currently not be instructed, Hwijae? I on no account learned. – It's very confusing. / – You just flip up like that? Yes. – Show them what you bought.

/ – Is this feasible? You would find yourself drinking definitely a superb deal of water. (Starts off with paddling) (At the neatest timing, do an Eskimo roll) Then the wave just washes over the board. The Eskimo roll is intended for the longboard. The duck dive is intended for shortboards.

You can just journey under the wave. Gosh. Drinking water seems unavoidable. It's a crucial technique to evade larger waves.

That's ideal. Gosh. That's great footage. – Stuck.

/ – Tim, are you okay? You're realistic as dead. It was tremendously onerous. It can now not be played with power alone. Don't I look to be a sea otter? I suppose we would favor to hand him a clam.

I'll find yourself drinking water. Gosh. – Tim's first time, ideal? / – You'd be drained… Before hitting the ocean.

– It was my very first time. / – That would need to've been tiring. But that first step is tremendously extreme, ideal? – That's ideal. / – The sea would more than likely be dicy.

– Let's effort all over again, Tim. / – Yeah. – Let's attempt this. / – Let's go.

Hurry up. (Kuta Beach for novices) (Balangan Beach for more experienced) We're ideal here. This is Kuta Beach. Most vacationers head to Kuta Beach, ideal? The pool is sweet nearby Kuta Beach.

– She's very realistic. / – That's awesome. – She's so realistic. / – It looks like a game.

He's tremendously gifted. The waves ideal here are great because of favorable tides. First, you apply finding out how to stand ideal here. – Because they live there.

/ – Look in any respect those surfers. It's apply. It's definitely a superb deal of fun. Everyone just relaxes on the beach.

You can watch of us as they surf. You can go out to surf yourself, eat and relaxation. Well, you each glance like very experienced surfers. They actually glance like locals.

That's a pleasant view. – This is just ideal. / – This is what… We think of when we recall Bali, the beach.

– Surfing. / – Surfing. And also… Girls.

Hurry up! – Hurry up. / – We'll be there ideal away. Hurry up. (Making haste) – You're now not riding that.

/ – This isn't it? It's now not. It's now not that one. So, novices beginning with longboards. – Are shorter boards more tough? / – Yes.

It's more tough to stand on the shortboards. Longboards have more buoyancy so that's much less irritating. (Hurry to Bali Tour) (They enter the waters of Kuta Beach) But do you suppose I'll be in a function to aim this? You practiced upfront. That's all there may be to it.

You just need the stamina and yours is superb. Let's just provide it our all and effort. – Sounds realistic. / – This is so picturesque.

Gosh, the waves are too gigantic. (Welcome, is it your first time going via Bali waves?) It's exhausting after the first run. I wanted to offer up. That wave is so over the head.

(A move to evade waves and head out to the ocean) (When a sizable wave approaches) (You evade it like this) Hurry. Gosh. (When a sizable wave approaches) (You evade it like this) They did it. (Holding his breath) – He's struggling.

/ – Oh, no. He got it. Are you sure we're now not too far out? We're far out. Tim, your time is coming.

– That's now not realistic. / – It's ideal here. You need to paddle far out to evade the continual waves. You wait purchasable and when a wave approaches, you seize it and get on most realistic.

– Stand up. / – Stand up. Try all over again. – Okay.

That's realistic. / – Who is that? – Get up, Tim. / – That's Tim. Stand up, Tim.

Gosh. – He's standing longer than Hwijae. / – He's going to fall. If there are of us, you should have to evade them.

I like this. I love feeling remoted in the sea, alone. (Hyun Woo appears to be busily hunting approximately) There are too many interesting of us in all places. Just staying like that need to be satisfying.

That's ideal. It's definitely a superb deal of fun. Right? (That's sufficient appreciation, that's time to get surfing) – The instructor pushes you. / – The wave is sweet here.

– Oh, no. / – Oh, no. He offers a nudge in the starting. Yes, upfront than everything.

It's now not that I was bad. To see the wave in the back of you, I heard it takes a year to get a feel for it. – Looking back? / – Yes. I was drained from paddling so I couldn't get up.

– He did it. / – Who is that? – Oh, no. / – That's dicy. – Oh, no.

/ – He crashed into somebody. Only one surfer can journey a wave at a time. It's an etiquette to go looking at and hop off. If you go quicker, it is easy to cause injury.

– Why is he taking off his shirt? / – Who is that? – I'm now unsure. / – But he's now not even trained. He's trying to tan. I observed a few of the trained surfers surf without sporting the most realistic so I copied them.

(Taking off) He began to surf better after he took his shirt off. The wave is pushing me forward. – Don't I glance great? / – You glance great. Hold your thumb.

– You're better and not using a shirt. / – Right. (Hyun Woo is taking a look out forward to a wave) – Go! Yes! / – Who is that? Hwijae, you should have to effort it all over again. – Hwijae, go to Bali.

/ – Hwijae, what did you do? He can alternate directions as neatly. That's Hyun Woo. You can avoid of us if you get used to it. They're checking you out.

(He's realistic) (A wave is coming for Tim) It's coming. It looks fun. It need to be such a lot fun… – To journey a wave.

/ – That's amazing. It's so solely the different from Jeju-do. (March, 2017, at Jungmun Beach in Jeju-do) (It was solely the different from Bali in many strategies) – Hwijae, you should have to visit Bali. / – You need to.

(The waves and the wind are the presents from Bali) (Tim and but the other surfer rode to the shore) I thought she was your loved ones member. – Is she a stranger? / – Yes, she is. – That's a western pattern. / – I see.

Since we rode the wave collectively. – They copied what they observed on TV. / – It's time to eat. You need to eat something.

– They need to be drained. / – They glance so drained. (Hyun Woo, are you dead?) (Tim wakes up) (I'm hungry, I need to go and grab something to eat) – Two portions of nasi campur. / – Two portions? – Nasi campur? / – Yes.

– What's this? / – What's this? It's called nasi campur. It's highly regarded in Bali. – You heard of nasi goreng, ideal? / – Yes. Nasi campur is related to that.

– It's more or less stir-fried rice. / – It looks like mixed rice. I don't know what it's far nonetheless it looks delicious. Sambal sauce please.

Oh, incredibly hot. This sauce made me go to a clinic. – What's this? / – It's solely $1.30. Is this more or less road nutrients like spicy rice muffins? This is a terribly exhibits conventional Balinese dish.

– It looks delicious. / – Nasi campur? – Yes, that's delicious. / – Where's the beer? Hey, cease. This is now not how you eat.

– In Bali… / – Are you dining with your hands? You need to eat with your hands. – Do you suppose that's convenient to aim this? / – Yes, I do. It's now not as convenient as you suppose.

My Indonesian friends eat it with their hands. – You use the 3 fingers? / – That's ideal. It was more tough than I thought. – It wasn't convenient.

/ – You need to push with your thumb. I suppose I observed them dining like this. It tastes realistic. Basically, that's just like Korean pattern stir-fried rice…

Cooked with solely the different spicy and candy sauces. It has vegetables, deep-fried nutrients, meat and noodles. You can eat all of them right now. The noodles are great too.

Above all, that's carbohydrate. It tastes even better once you eat after you exercise session. (Tim has a chunk first) (Hyun Woo has a chunk after him) (Then, he gulps down the nutrients) It's so delicious that it makes you slurp it in. This is so realistic.

– Hyun Woo. How did you like it? / – Yes? I incredibly loved it. It need to be since he just exercised in the water. We're dining ideal in front of the ocean.

Using your mouth is faster. I'll divulge you the way to do it. Tim. You practiced at Kuta Beach for newbie and intermediate surfers.

However, I suppose you should have to… – Move up to the simpler level. / – What? You need to move up to the simpler level. (Kuta Beach for novices) (Balangan Beach for more experienced) – The level differs? / – Is it an intermediate course? – I suppose so.

/ – It's a worldly course. If it is easy to surf ideal here… The waves are much larger ideal here. He's holding a camera similtaneously surfing.

– He's very trained. / – Exactly. Tim did an unique job in the newbie course. – I heard that's a full physique exercise session.

/ – That's ideal. – It's such a favorable exercise session. / – I heard… – It's fun and…

/ – All surfers' dream is… To contact the wall of water. Is that true? – Barrel riding? / – Yes, that's true. – Right? In the barrel.

/ – Surfing in the barrel… Touching the wall of the water barrel. – Ouch. / – What's that? – The flooring is…

/ – The flooring is… – You need to put on water shoes there. / – That's ideal. – There's gravel on the beach.

/ – Right. – They're incredibly sharp. / – It hurts to stroll on. – If you crumple ideal here…

/ – You will die. (Let me see) (There's sharp gravel hiding under the clear water) – The waves are very gigantic there. / – It's massive. – You'd get a scrape if you fall.

/ – That's ideal. We had better to now not surf ideal here. Let's go back out of the water. It was too late when we got there.

The tide was already out. – The water was too shallow. / – I see. – It was too dicy to surf then.

/ – I see. You missed the timing to visit Water Blow and you missed the timing to surf there. He already learned how to surf. I wanted him to move on.

– Way to go, Hyun Woo. / – This is a worldly course. We made the neatest choice. Safety always comes first.

Safety is extreme. I'm disappointed though. – Safety comes first. / – Absolutely.

Tim. – I planned everything for as of late. / – Yes. I planned something else just in case.

– I keen… / – You planned something else? Something else. Hang on a 2d. You're making me fearful.

You need to go there even though you do now not surf there. – The beach is so fascinating. / – It's so nice. – What did you plan? / – Watch this.

I mentioned I had planned something. – Paragliding? / – Oh, my. – What's that? / – Paragliding. – I always wanted to effort this.

/ – What's this? There's a story in the back of this. This was the backup plan. The other crew meant to effort this in Laos but they couldn't. – Hey! / – I'm sorry.

What do I do? What do I do? – You know that I'm fearful of this. / – But… Why would you attempt this to me? This isn't ideal. Why are you doing this to me? Hello? Is this Tim's mother? Tim is crying similtaneously hunting on the ocean.

Your son is now not an individual like that? – Of course. / – My mom is in the U.S. She wouldn't solution the cell due to time distinction. (I know that I'm going to journey it in the conclusion) Let go of me.

Let me go. Let go of me presently. A neighborhood of of us are grabbing me by the collar. Relax.

I failed to even need to run. The wind was hard sufficient to fly us away. – It's floating so purely. / – Normally, you should have to run.

– Are you flying and not using a motor? / – Yes. – That's superior. / – The wind helps to keep blowing. – You failed to take off on a hill.

/ – Right. – It was a cliff. / – That's superior. You took off without even running.

It's so fascinating! The water is so clear that I can see the underside. The sky is so clear that I can see very far. Can you spot the sun going down over there? – It's fascinating. / – The ocean looks great from above.

– It was magnificent. / – Indeed. – Plus, the sun was going down. / – It was amazing.

– Sunset. / – The premier. – The sundown was fascinating. / – The timing is extreme.

I'm up ideal here. I feel like I'm flying in the sky. I hope Tim will take off safely. I feel bad for him.

– I failed to suppose I could attempt this. / – He tried it in the conclusion. – Hyun Woo, you're dead meat. / – Oh, my.

I failed to apprehend you mentioned such a thing. This isn't over. (Tim, come up to the sky) It would need to've been provoking as the wind was so hard. I was so scared, to be sincere.

Watch this. (Exclaiming) – It looks provoking. / – It has a motor. It's great due to the actuality that during paragliding, You can solely go backward and forward.

– But with this… / – You can go forward, down. – And even up. / – You can do it all.

Thanks, Hyun Woo. Look on the ocean. What was the name of the blowhole upfront? We went there upfront. (They can go anywhere due to the motor) (Water Blow viewing deck) The cliffs were formed by the hard waves.

He can now not let go. – I'm on the threshold of the flooring presently. / – How provoking. I was that close.

Tim mentioned he shook of us's hands. I could've given them over the head fives. (I are hunting to go up) – You're flying so low. / – What approximately your fear of heights? I was fearful on the time.

But now that I'm back, that's all I would more than likely be acutely mindful. Tim's coming from excess of there. – Hey, bro! / – I floated there till he came. – It was picturesque.

/ – Tim likes it. – During sundown. / – That's a resolve. – You're dead! / – It's so amazing.

– You're dead! / – Thankfully, the elements was nice. Why is he saying that? I know he's having fun. I love you. – Feels realistic, yeah? / – Good, realistic.

I rode a swing in the sky. Tim, are you okay? An angel has come down from the sky. Just now. – I went incredibly far.

/ – Right. I went all the way in which to Water Blow. I knew it. We wanted to go there too.

But if there may be not any ocean breeze, we can now not aid but descend. You had a motor in the back of you so that you just can move around. I nearly touched the sea. Really? I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…

– Just once. / – Thanks to you. Let's go, Tim. To have a delicious meal.

I can now not eat presently. Hold on. You can now not eat?  If you stroll along   If you stroll along   If you stroll  – Hyun Woo, you're old. / – Yes.

– You know the old song. / – Yes. (31 Minutes to a conventional Indonesian restaurant) – We're ideal here. / – Alright! Good night! Welcome.

– That place is astounding. / – It's the premier. It's a terribly exhibits restaurant. – Thank you.

/ – Thank you. Thank you. – The flower was a first-price for me. / – You glance sturdy-hunting.

I've on no account had a welcome like that. I was so surprised. – Everyone has a flower. / – It incredibly feels like Bali.

– Everyone greeted us. / – So what… – Are we dining? / – When you recall Bali… You need to have nasi goreng.

– Nasi goreng is a signature dish. / – It's a would need to. This is it. We also need to effort red meat rendang.

Have you heard of rendang? – Is it curry? / – It's the international's quantity one dish. CNN chose the premier three dishes in the international. Number one was Indonesian red meat rendang. – That's it.

/ – Number one in the international. This looks amazing. – What's this green onion? / – It's lemongrass. – It's a garnish.

/ – Garnish? – We need to effort it. / – Alright. – Nasi goreng. / – Nasi goreng.

They sell this a superb deal in Korea. – That looks delicious. / – It looks great. – It's delicious.

/ – That need to be basil. – Nasi goreng… / – That's always the neatest choice. – It's realistic.

/ – Nasi goreng is always tasty. – It's delicious. / – It's so realistic. – They had different of sauces.

/ – This is it. You can now not go wrong with this. You need to eat this ideal here. I've had nasi goreng many instances…

– With my Indonesian friends. / – Right. The cracker is amazingly extreme. (The cracker is the seen level) It tastes like puffed rice or shrimp crackers.

– Like shrimp crackers in Korea. / – Right. – Is that true? / – It's a shrimp cracker. It tastes just like that.

But that's made from scratch. Top the cracker with rice. – Eat it like that. / – That's how you eat it? Only Tim knew how to eat the cracker.

This is how you eat nasi goreng. Eat it like this. Top it with sauce. That's how my Indonesian friends eat it.

– It tastes realistic. / – Right? – It tastes more savory. / – I've on no account eaten it like that. – The savory flavor…

/ – I'm hungry. Enhances the salty flavor. This is the premier. It's the premier.

It's authentic nasi goreng. I always wanted to effort this. I found out out that it was on CNN's record of the international's premier ingredients. – It's the premier.

/ – It was quantity one. Beef rendang! It looks like rib stew. It tastes just like rib stew… When you chew it, that's like braised red meat…

– It's delicate and salty. / – I can see that. – It goes neatly with rice. / – It's incredibly delicate.

– It's great. / – It's now not closely spiced. It goes neatly with something. (How does the red meat rendang flavor?) (Yum) It's incredibly delicate.

It has a neatly-famous flavor. When you journey in a foreign country, you'll be able to now not be in a function to eat familiar nutrients. But this may be now not the identical as that. – This tastes familiar but new.

/ – That's ideal. It melts in your mouth. What is that this? There's soup too. It'd be just ideal with rice.

– It'd go great with rice. / – That's it. – That's it. / – It's fried rice as neatly.

Come on in. (Amazed) You need to eat it with rice. Beef rendang isn't limited. It goes neatly with everything.

– It's tasty. / – It's incredibly delicious. We exercised upfront. – That's why it tastes even better.

/ – How much is it? It's around $11. – $11? / – It's just a little over $10. You can recall that place as an upscale restaurant. (Eat like there may be not any tomorrow) I'll emerge as a pig if I live ideal here.

I admit it. Exercise is a would need to. (It's so realistic) How was as of late? What did you recall my itinerary? I thought it was just ideal. But…

That was your Bali. Now, that's time for my Bali. You know now not whatsoever, Hyun Woo. You can now not event the Bali I know unless you live ideal here.

Hurry to Bali Tour! – Look forward to my Bali! / – Seriously. What is that this? That's how it ends? Time flew by. – That was Hyun Woo's Bali. / – Wow.

– It was all great. / – The resort was incredibly nice. Wasn't it too luxurious? – It's now not over the head-priced? / – Not in any respect. If 2 of us share a room, that's $140.

– $140? / – The hotel has a wholly personal feature. – Chocolate hour starts at four p.M. / – Good theory. The chocolate flows.

– You can dip. / – It's fondue. If you dip marshmallow and eat it, that's all over! – I love that. / – Is it free? – You two ate that? / – Of course.

– Come on, you guys. / – Then we exercised. I went surfing too but a smarter day my arms went missing. – They were like this? / – I couldn't management them.

– I kept doing this. / – Like that? There are many precautions. Can you tell us? There are a bunch of precautions. There's a fin under the surfboard.

– Right. / – Be careful once you maintain it. Since crashing into each other would more than likely be dicy… – Only one consumer rides each wave.

/ – Right. Beginners like us in some cases tend to journey straight so that's pleasant. But mid to expert-level surfers… – Surf the wave diagonally.

/ – They journey sideways. So if there is a collision, it may neatly lead to a bad injury. You have watch out. Everyone…

– This is surfing. / – It's dicy. – No, no. / – You do now not deserve to fret.

There's always a train in the back of you for up to two weeks. – Always. / – You can now not surf and not using a train. We loved the first half.

Now, that's time to vote. Would you go to Bali? Please vote! (Hurry to Bali Tour's finding out day out) (What will the judges decide?) – We have the effects. / – Here we go. – My coronary heart is pounding.

/ – The two of us will glance first. – Let's glance. / – Just the 2 of us. – No.

/ – Wow. It need to be a over the head rating. Will you be okay? I guess they do now not like surfing. What is it? Didn't you like the nutrients? – This is their vote subject.

/ – You're merciless. (He screens the outcome solely to the audience) (They got 81 votes in the first half) – They are… / – Wait. – They are actors, ideal? They are now not? / – No, no.

– They are very merciless. / – Yes… They are cold-hearted. They say one thing and mean but the other.

This isn't over but. Tim would possibly be the book in the 2nd half. It'll be solely the different. – Is the 2d half solely the different? / – Tim's Bali…

– Has to be incredibly realistic. / – Okay! – I promise. / – Got it? Yes. Let's watch the 2d half, planned by Tim.

Hurry to Bali Tour. Let's watch it collectively. Let's go! – It's the 2d day which is Tim's day. / – So nice.

Hey, that's too early in the morning. It's too early. – Just follow me. / – They awakened at 6:30 a.M.? We did.

We have such a lot to do as of late. So we had to awaken early, we have no choice. Bear with me. Let's briskly eat and be energized.

Trips are all approximately breakfast. It was my first time to have breakfast at a hotel. This place looks so realistic. (Excited) There are so many things to eat.

Women care approximately breakfast… – Oh, my gosh. / – So much. – They have many end outcome.

/ – This place looks so nice. Bacon is always ideal. Croissant. I'll eat lightly.

I'll brown a slice of bread. It's a mild-weight meal. They be offering a terribly nice breakfast. I'll have it toasted.

– I need to toast it two times. / – Is he doing it all over again? No, it chefs either aspect right now. (Ta-da!) – Is it accomplished? / – It's burnt, isn't it? – Oh, no. / – It's burnt.

It looks like charcoal. – Is it chocolate bread? / – You mustn't toast it two times. You're now not supposed to do it two times. People do it solely once for a purpose.

(The leisurely breakfast time) (Makes a go for holiday at more delightful) (He starts his first breakfast) (At a hotel with butter) – Are you dining the burnt bread? / – Yes. It's crispy. It was crisp and realistic. I thought something was missing.

– He's a man with manners. / – You suppose? You need to scraped it out. We are now not dining something later as of late? You need to eat this for as of late or you could be drained. Where are we going as of late? Today? First of all, the thought of this day out is Bali you recognize and Bali I know.

Your Bali and my Bali. When you recall Bali, first thing comes to brain is the sea. But Bali also has mountains, fields and valleys… – It has everything.

/ – He's ideal. There's a waterfall that I are hunting to divulge you. We'll go there. (Amazing) It was incredibly provoking.

You'll see. You need to eat a superb deal. You'll see what I mean. You can glance forward to it.

(Aling-Aling Waterfall, back rib restaurant, Ubud) (Aling-Aling Waterfall) To be sincere, I do now not are hunting to notify of us approximately this place. We can go into the jungle and leap off a cliff. (Are you jumping off a cliff?) I incredibly wanted to see this. You wanted to see me leap? – I like these things.

/ – Yeah. (Hotel) It's a chunk far. – About 3 hours. / – It takes 3 hours.

I failed to see any mountains ideal here the former day. Is it far? No, that's now not that far. We'll be there soon. When you come to Bali, you should have to take things convenient.

– I need to settle down. / – Right. You need to settle down. – Stop asking questions.

/ – Okay. Just settle down. It's an island life. Enjoy the island life.

(Island life) (Relax) There are monkeys. – Where? / – As we were passing by… – There was a monkey. / – There it's far.

(Driving down the maintain road) (You can see monkeys) Look at that. – They're now not running away. / – They do now not run away. They like of us.

– It's a toddler monkey. / – So cute! (They eat apples) (And they eat crackers) They're so cute. What need to I do? Feed the infant monkeys. Can you eat this? – You can? / – It's so cute.

It eats crackers standing up. You can eat it. I ate it too. – Enjoy it.

/ – It's so cute. (Crackers!) (What?) It took the camera. – What? / – Really? It stole my crackers. Give me that.

– Give me. / – It shouldn't provide it back to you. Give me. (Turning away) It's now not giving it back.

I need it back. Give me that. It wouldn't budge. That's brilliant.

It wouldn't provide it back to me. It appears like human. It's so greedy. I'll come up with this.

Give it back to me. Hey. – It took each. / – Gosh.

(Hey!) Hey, provide me that. (Oh, no!) Good job. I can now not believe I'm doing this with a monkey. It looks like a human being.

It's so funny. (Leaving) You're so funny. (They head to Aling-Aling Waterfall all over again) Are we almost there? – We're almost there. / – In four minutes? (Aling-Aling Waterfall) (They arrive at Aling-Aling Waterfall after 3 hours) This is Aling-Aling Waterfall.

Am I supposed to aim this? Look. (Hyun Woo, this may be the jungle of Bali) This is a hidden place. We're almost there. Hyun Woo, take a glance at this.

Isn't it amazing? The view from down ideal here is even better. (Aling-Aling Waterfall) (It is situated in the northern region of Bali) (Difficult to go for holiday at by journey agency or public delivery) (It's approximately 35m over the head) (Divided into 7 waterfalls) Are there many vacationers? It's a hidden place that solely local residents know. – For actual. / – Look at that.

What's that? – Why? / – Is there something? – There's an individual. / – A consumer? What's that? What's that? (Ta-da) (Let's play collectively) He failed to jump off. Wow, it looks incredibly fun. It need to be fun.

(It is a water slide made by nature) It looks so thrilling. (It's approximately 10m over the head) We need to effort this. – That's it. / – You need to effort it.

Try it. This is fun. No. We're just ideal here to go looking at it.

– What are you talking approximately? / – Let's go! – Hey. I can now not… / – Let's go. Oh, no, no.

– There it's far. / – Stop it! You're a fool. I failed to are hunting to do it but I had no choice. (You're mean) (Hyun Woo, you're so mean) I'm scared of the water.

(But he did surfing) You know I'm fearful of heights. Why would you attempt this? I'll kill you. He likes it. What a resolve.

(He even tried paragliding) I mentioned I wouldn't attempt this. (He mentioned he wouldn't, but all over again) (But he's doing it all over again) How much does it value? It bills approximately $10 including other activities. It's safe due to the actuality that we have got the tour book. Right.

It's safe. Let's go. Okay. – It need to be fun.

/ – Watch. – It looks fun. / – It looks incredibly fun. We can attempt this! Let's attempt this! (Once you are all set) He just lets go of you.

– That's amazing. / – Wow. Wow, it looks incredibly thrilling. (It feels like he's turning into one with nature) With the rapid current and the life vest, I keep floating in the water.

(Excited) – Tim goes next? / – Goodness. Oh, no, Tim. I had no choice. He's coming.

(Tim sets off) Once you get up there, it is easy to now not turn back. I guess so. (He can feel the natural waterfall in his entire physique) (Splash) (You're the premier!) – It's amazing. / – It's great.

This has on no account been viewed in the history of Korean broadcasting. (Wobbling) Hold on. I do now not have power in my legs. Are you sure you're now not doing all of your undertaking? – No, I'm now not.

/ – By the illusion of it… He's either doing his undertaking or passing fuel. But incredibly, that's tremendously refreshing and intensely rapid. That need to be such a lot fun.

Well, we did it. Let's head to a smarter course. What next course? Tim would need to've been very anxious. (This was just the starting) – What, incredibly? / – You incredibly did it? There's something worse? (The just ideal way to relish the Aling-Aling Waterfall) Jumping off like which could be superior.

Is there more? – No way. / – That has to make you fearful. I do now not suppose I can ever attempt this. – That seems terrifying.

/ – Look at that height. – It's 16m. / – There's a 16m fall? Oh, my goodness. – He's our book.

/ – He's a neighborhood. 11M is scariest height for humans. You're ideal. (Screaming) That's amazing.

That's critically… (Screaming) Is it time for screeching apply? I can now not attempt this. It's way too over the head! No, no. You can do it.

That one seems impossible. Before landing, you only straighten out your physique. Straighten your physique. (Goodness) The view from the most realistic and bottom are solely the different.

It's solely the different – That's very over the head. / – You can now not glance down. – You can now not glance. / – It's ridiculously over the head.

(I can now not attempt this) – Did he just get pushed? / – It's due to the actuality that… He's assisting them leap. (I can now not attempt this) (Suddenly, at that moment, Tim notices somebody) (Tim, I'm terrified) (Don't fret, Hyun Woo, I shall muster my courage) – So that's approximately 11m over the head, ideal? / – Yes. 3, 2…

– Look. / – He's going to jump? It's provoking even from 1m or 2m, that's onerous to jump. – Really? / – Did he incredibly leap? Really? My goodness. (Tim leaves his phobia in the back of and leaps) – Really? / – Yes, incredibly.

Tim! It was terrifying. That would need to've been provoking. You can see the terror in his toes. – That's still awesome.

/ – It's incredibly provoking. He's a man. (I'm actually pretty cool) (You can do it too, Hyun Woo) You need to do it, Hyun Woo. – You need to do it.

/ – You loopy consumer. You loopy consumer. I can now not attempt this. (Scrambling down) Oh, my God! Just come down.

(So the place do I leap all over again?) – Over there. / – Where's a safe level? (He courageously takes a step) (Scrambling away) You can do it. – I can now not attempt this. / – If you leap incorrectly…

– You would collide with the ledge. / – Unfortunately, I… You're jumping backwards? – You couldn't do it? / – He's jumping backwards. (Sure, I can attempt this) – I'm all set.

/ – Ready? (If Tim can do it, I can do it too) – How provoking. / – No, do now not open up. – Straighten out. / – Oh, no.

– Gosh. / – Oh, no. (I'm so proud of you, Hyun Woo) (Splash) (I jumped, hello) (You did a pleasant job) (It's a a hit end) But the sensation of success on the conclusion is the premier. – Head to the 16m fall.

/ – Do it. – Come over to Aling-Aling. / – To Aling-Aling. You failed to do the 16m leap? Well…

(What is Hurry to Bali Tour's next destination?) Have you heard of a place called Ubud? I've solely heard of it. Ubud is commonly known… – For its art and way of life. / – I see.

There's a marketplace. It more or less has an Insa feel to it. Whenever, you spot photographs of Bali, Ubud is always featured in no much less than one in every of them. – I see.

/ – Yes. – You like to eat, ideal? / – Yes. – Do you relish meat? / – Of course. – Do you relish back ribs? / – Yes.

There's a place I've been to with my Indonesian friends. Tourists do now not incredibly know approximately it. It's now not that over the head-priced. We would need to go and effort the back ribs.

(They head to Ubud from Aling-Aling Waterfall) I'm hungry regardless of everything the water sports. – That's why I keen. / – Okay. – You keen? / – Yes.

I incredibly wanted to come ideal here. Check it out. Look at that! (Wow) That looks great. This has to be eaten.

The votes will go up by no much less than 10 ideal here. I couldn't overlook that flavor. You can aid but go in there since they're cooking out of doors and draw you in. ( Barbecue is tasty ) (If you do now not effort this, you'll be able to remorseful about it) Gosh, that appears realistic.

(Meat, meat) (Wow) – Finally, the beef is sweet here. / – Oh, my gosh. These are now not useless. – Where are we? / – We're in Bali.

He makes me eat with my hands. Why do you are taking my utensils? We're in Bali. (Feeling dismayed) (Feeling free) – What are you squeezing? / – Lime. – Lime.

/ – I see. It's lime. They're the usage of their hands all over again. (Chomping away) It's fantastically delicate.

– He eats so neatly. / – You mustn't divulge this… It'll be onerous on the audience. – Doesn't it glance realistic? / – That's cheating.

– It's so realistic. / – Right? It's slightly candy. It's solely $10 for a rack of ribs. The bones are smaller It tastes slightly candy.

– Sauce? / – Barbecue. Look at it just disintegrate. If that's too candy, it is easy to add chili sauce and samba sauce. You also have the opportunity to blend in some ketchup.

Like this. The flavors do now not clash. – It's much less irritating to eat than anticipated. / – Right? The bone slides off instead neatly.

– It slides ideal out. / – It does. When the ribs are bad quality… – The bones in some cases tend to stick.

/ – Right. But take a glance. (This is the standard of Bali's pork) (The harmony of smoked flavor with candy BBQ sauce) – He eats so neatly. / – That's incredibly…

The sauce is barely tasty and to die for. (Gorging away) This is so realistic. Already? Shall we order but the other? – One more rack? / – That's ideal. (They eat one more rack like they haven't eaten but) This is match for a monarch.

We are the kings of Bali. – Looks realistic. / – I need some. It's ridiculously delicate.

Let many of us know of this place. I thought I wouldn't be in a function to eat pork. Bali is the solely place in Indonesia… – Where pork is served.

/ – Right. (It's a heap of ribs) I ate such a lot. It's still tasty. They ate all of them.

Wait till you spot Ubud. You know the place we're, ideal? – Cultural village. / – There need to be a superb deal to see. There is.

(Next is a tour of Ubud) Ubud market… – Welcome to Ubud. / – Ubud. You can now not say you came to Bali without visiting Ubud.

(Bali's characteristic Hindu way of life is unfold ideal via) It's convenient to equate Bali with all its tourist zones and the resorts. Bali has its very own ambitious and charming way of life. This place appears to be more bustling and vigorous. – The metropolis is alive.

/ – You're ideal. You can go for holiday at them and take photographs. – Temples? / – Yes, that's a temple. Ta-da.

That's what it looks like within. Gosh. – This incredibly feels like Bali. / – See? This is the true Bali.

– Let's go. / – What's next? We take a ideal. We're on the market. It's so within sight.

Are we ideal here? Everyone, we're on the Ubud conventional market. (Hyun Woo's camera) Please follow me. (We introduce you to Ubud market) There are lots of artwork. There's that and different other units like garb.

You should purchase different units ideal here. Many of you purchase hand-crafted units in Southeast Asia. Most of them are actually manufactured in Bali. Ubud is a cultural metropolis.

It's neatly-known for its paintings. There are many of us who come to purchase them. Artwork like this may be in all places. Dishes like these also are very exhibits in Bali.

So many vacationers purchase them. – They'll be pretty on a fridge. / – Right. – "I love Bali." / – Yes.

How much is that this? Only one? – Is she asking if I'm searching for one? / – Yes. – It's $20. / – Right. – It's too over the head-priced.

/ – It's a rip-off. For solely one? – How much do you'll be able to like? / – Too over the head-priced. His shrieking sound was realistic. – You need to beginning haggling.

/ – It's an extreme tip. Watch it, please. – Start by haggling half of their be offering. / – Really? – Do you are hunting to purchase this? / – Yes.

I are hunting to have it. – Then you effort it. Push forward… / – How much? With self guarantee.

(The price conflict has began) (As Tim instructed him, he suggests half of the cost) (About $10) – I suppose this may be a nice price. / – Nice. – Nice? / – Isn't it? Oh, no. They are narrowing down.

(His response is outstanding) – How can I purchase it? / – How much do you'll be able to like? – The final price. / – She desires the last phrase price you'll be able to like. Yes. The final price.

Then $12. – There you go. / – Wow. – Are you searching for solely one? / – Only one.

Okay. – Look at her. / – How much is the value price? – You got ripped off. / – You lost.

How much is it? – It is approximately $thirteen. / – Yes. – $thirteen. / – $thirteen? (It feels like something is wrong) I suppose I paid an excessive amount of for this.

I got ripped off. I need to be loopy to purchase this for $12. Why did you purchase it then? I'm telling you, once you're there, it is easy to now not aid searching for. Wow, they're pretty.

– Hello. Hi. / – Hi. – Look at them.

/ – They're low value. They're low value. – Are they incredibly low value? / – They're so realistic at Korean. – $25? / – They are over the head-priced.

– Per dish? / – They incredibly are over the head-priced. (His eyes waver as they do now not look involved) – I'll come up with. / – It's okay. – A low cost.

/ – It's fascinating but an excessive amount of. I do now not actually need the dish. You're ideal. – Just $5.50.

/ – It's okay. – Next time. / – He decreased the cost a superb deal. We left without saying something but he decreased the cost.

– Now, $2.80. / – They minimize the cost when we leave. – It's now $2.80. / – Gosh.

That is loopy. – Are you extreme? / – 10 Times? That's the tip. Just leave without hesitation. – You should purchase 10 dishes now.

/ – This is an extreme tip. I'm going loopy. I offered this for approximately $12 and I could purchase 3 of them. – Hyun Woo, you were ripped off.

/ – I was. What is that this? – What is that this? / – It's fascinating. What is that this? – It's Balinese costume. / – A Balinese sarong.

– A sarong? / – A sarong. It's fascinating. How much is it? – It's $25. / – Oh, no.

Too over the head-priced. It's hand-woven. – Handmade. / – Hand-woven? – Yes.

/ – They always say that. You effort to make a deal this time. Relay, beginning. One, two.

I'm going. – It's my first time in Bali. / – Okay. Let me suggest $12 each.

How much is it then? – Smile, smile. / – Okay. – Okay. / – What? She agreed too purely.

– That was too convenient. / – Change it to twenty-five. (Please) (Smiling) (I mustn't attempt this) (What? I already obtained the money?) – Okay. / – I love you.

Now you're realistic at it. – Thank you. / – Say "I love you" in Balinese. I love you.

– Did you assert I love you? / – Yes. – I love you. / – I love you. Since we have finished procuring, let's get out.

You glance like adult females folk coming from a public bath. (Where are they going now?) In Ubud… – There is a place you should have to go to. / – Where is it? We would need to go to an biological cafe.

That is… An biological cafe? People don't know approximately this place. (Surrounded by exotic green palm bushes) (You can relish a soothing time in Ubud) – Hello. / – Hello.

(Let's go to Tim's secret place now) (On the way in which to a restaurant near the market in Ubud) – Hyun Woo. / – Yes. The actual purpose we came to Ubud was for this place. Here? (Here?) But it looks uncommon ideal here.

– It does glance uncommon. / – What is that this? It looks like a structure internet website online. This is the precise Bali. The place solely locals know.

– Let's go. / – Are you sure? It's a residential region. We're going to the region the place… He used to live.

– Hyun Woo. / – There's now not whatsoever. – Where are you going? / – Road… Tim, road…

What's occurring? – What is that? / – Is this a road too? – Is that still a road? / – Yes. – You can solely go that way. / – Where are they? – You can now not go by automobile from ideal here. / – Right.

– It's a stone wall. / – Isn't it great? You're now watching a stone wall road in Bali. It sure is a road since the motorcycle is passing by. It is a road.

Don't difficulty. – Trust me. / – However… You can now not go ideal here by automobile.

– Exactly. / – It's such a narrow road. And that's a place solely a bunch of know. Only two of us can squeeze in.

This is sturdy. (Where is Tim leading me? Where is it?) – Come on, Hyun Woo. / – Okay. It feels like I'm more or less being kidnapped.

– I'm getting curious. / – Aren't you? Hyun Woo, take a glance at that. It's a pleasant view. (The rice fields of Ubud) The palm bushes and the rice fields make an odd harmony.

Is the yellow coconut ripe or now not? (In the rice fields of Ubud) (They can crop three instances if weather facilitates) (They can transplant rice as soon as they harvest) Since it's far choked with green, my eyes are cushy. Right, my eyes feel relaxed in Bali. But the sun is hard so please put on sunglasses. This place is like, each so many instances that's downtown and other instances its nature.

It's all close. That place is so nice. What's that? I are hunting to be there too. – Don't you feel happier? / – Yes.

This place is sturdy. Please follow me. – Please follow me. / – Follow me, briskly.

(Ubud makes you are hunting to keep longer) We are ideal here. – It looks just a little mysterious. / – Is this it? Come on in, come on in. We are in the end ideal here.

There are so many of us already. (This is the biological cafe, the secret place in Ubud) (Cafe and restaurant that solely makes use of biological vegetables) – It's now not the Bali we all know. / – It is wholly solely the different. Thanks to Bali, I learned to settle down.

(They drink biological liquids) This is superb. After watching our divulge… Those who solely thought bearing on the sea in Bali will suppose in a solely the different way approximately Bali now. – I hope so.

/ – I'm 100% sure. You made it feasible to see the other aspects of Bali. I was so comfortable that I could see that. I also like the Bali you recognize.

It was amazing to apprehend that I can surf too. I am incredibly thankful. I feel like I achieved something… So I feel great.

(Along with Hurry to Bali Tour, the sun starts to set) I do now not are hunting to leave, do you? I are hunting to live ideal here permanently. – Do you are hunting to live ideal here? / – Yes, I do. If I get uninterested in ideal here, I can log on all over again. – And if I get uninterested in surfing…

/ – You can come again. When do we go home then? – We do now not go home. / – Yeah, I do now not are hunting to go home. – Hurry to Bali Tour.

Bye. / – Bye. – Gosh. / – The final scene was awesome.

People who have been to Bali a superb deal would possibly be surprised… – To see those new internet websites. / – They would possibly be amazed. Right.

I've been to Bali too but I've on no account viewed those places in addition the market. – I had no theory approximately them. / – Which places did… Tim introduce? – The falls.

/ – Yes. Aling-Aling Waterfall… – And the biological cafe. / – Okay.

There are of us who come to go for holiday at and make a choice to live there. – Because they love it. / – Permanently? Especially, many Europeans or Australians go there and find yourself living there due to the actuality that they fell for it. – Where? / – Near the biological cafe in Ubud.

– That's true. / – Right. – It is… / – Thank you in your records.

– Thank you. / – You're welcome. There was something that amazed me. There is a Monkey Forest the place you pay to see them.

But they observed the monkeys on their way to the waterfall. That's our tip. You can go to the Monkey Forest as neatly. However, monkeys also are there on the way in which to the waterfall.

– You can cease by. / – Give them something to eat. Right. – You do now not incredibly deserve to…

/ – There are many of them. – Go to Monkey Forest. / – That's ideal. How was the haggle at Ubud market? – Instead of haggling…

/ – Say that you just're now not searching for. Just say that you just're now not searching for. Another tip is to visit a supermarket first and check the cost of the souvenirs. – That's ideal.

/ – Scan the prices first. If you purchase it much less costly than that, that's a low cost. Let me tell you something. I'll tell you my technologies to procuring in a foreign country.

If there is a market like that, ideal next there may be… – A wholesale market. / – That's ideal. – Always.

/ – There's always a wholesale market. There's one ideal next to Ubud market. Seokcheon, thanks for assisting our crew. – Thank you.

/ – It helped a superb deal. – Thank you. / – Now, that's time for the expense. Let's perceive the last phrase expense for Hurry to Bali Tour.

The final expense for 2 nights and 3 days excluding the airfare is… – Per consumer. / – Per consumer! $492. – For 2 nights and 3 days.

/ – For 2 nights and 3 days. Wait a minute. You went surfing, paragliding and… – Stayed at a most realistic level resort.

/ – That was over the head-priced. – Paragliding. / – This expense covers all of that? – It accommodates everything. / – It's coated.

– Even the charge to exploit surfing. / – It's all coated. The ambience feels great. Let's vote.

I will say something upfront than the voting. To be sincere, you be instructed a superb deal similtaneously vacationing. Language and way of life. However, I believe that there's something more extreme.

Learning approximately yourself. Because of Bali's vigour, I learned that I could even triumph over fear. I learned this on this day out. Because of this, I urge you to visit Bali.

It appears like you're preaching. If you'll be able to go to Bali in step with their itinerary… – Please vote presently. / – Please vote.

(Hurry to Bali Tour planned a finding out day out) (What will the judges decide?) We're curious what the rating would possibly be in comparison to the former half. We shouldn't announce the effects presently. – That's ideal. / – In the conclusion.

– Please watch till the conclusion. / – Next week. We will make a choice it collectively. We hope you voted a superb deal for them.

Next week on Battle Trip, they'll go to Phuket, which also is a finding out day out. – That's ideal. / – We will glance forward to it. (Next week) It incredibly feels European ideal here.

(Friendship, Phuket) (Forget bearing on the past trips) (Learn similtaneously having fun with, stand agency in difficulties) (Dreams of Phuket, the sensation of victory) (Battle Trip) ("Wind" by FT Island).

Bastiaan journeys balls on LSD (Acid)Drugslab

Bastiaan journeys balls on LSD (Acid)DrugslabHello, I'm Rens.
-And I'm Bastiaan. And welcome…
-In our Drugslab. It does not feel adore it's my head.
It's shifting. It's going like…

Oh, I'm in actuality spacing powerful. In this lab we are observing no doubt different varieties of remedy
to seem what effect they have have been given on our physique. If you are curious a number of drug,
permit us comprehend in the comments… And maybe we'll are observing it for you.

Dan Naman…
-Mr Scrapflow… And Nisha, notwithstanding in actuality half the arena,
they're all curious pretty smartly… LSD. Also is repeatedly called acid.
-Let me get it out.

The active substance in LSD
is lysergic acid diethylamide. It's a semi-man made compound
made from the fungus ergot… Which grows on rye and wheat. In the Middle Ages
it changed into utilized in medicinal drug…

For instance to consequence in contractions
true by approach of labour. In the 1940s Albert Hofmann did research
into scientific applications of LSD. By opportunity he published
it furthermore had a psychoactive effect… When he acquired some on his pores and skin and
began tripping.

That's shocking funny. I put on gloves, because the LSD
would possibly just additionally get absorbed by approach of my pores and skin. We have a paper ride. Liquid LSD
has been dripped onto blotter paper.

A normal to potent ride
is pretty smartly 50-150 micrograms. We have 75 micrograms here.
-We don't forget that brought on by we had it shown. Liquid LSD which you'll be put to your hand and
lap it up, or dissolve it in water and drink it. You even have microdots, capsules with LSD.
They're most often substantially extra functional.

In the Netherlands, LSD is on
List 1 of the Opium Act. That ability it's illegal
to provide, possess or promote it. Tripping on LSD every regularly gets
compared to taking magic mushrooms. I did mushrooms once,
and that changed into relatively intense.

But LSD is acknowledged to be
so much extra intense. People evaluate tripping on mushrooms
with a pastel-like feeling, mushy and pleasant. LSD is extra like a neon-dwindled effect,
so very intense. Sounds and shapes get intensified,
so which you'd possibly just additionally see figures on the lowest.

I'm curious touching on the results of LSD. I did mushrooms for Drugslab once
and comprehend how meaningful a consult with sitter is. So I take into accounts I'd make a tight ride sitter. So once you ought to do it, I'm excited by it.

I'll do it.
-Deal. Oh, this would just additionally be a snigger. I've put on my belt.
-Your heart well worth is fine. I are expecting my heart well worth
and physique temperature to move up.

You would possibly just additionally get nauseous, which is why it
is counseled not to eat in the past. That reduces the likelihood of nausea. I put it under my tongue.
Your mucous membrane absorbs it.

So merely depart it there until it's long gone.
-Yes. Chemical. Not very nice.
-I can inform from your face. Kind of bitter or what?

It starts working after 20 to 60 minutes. After 2 hours you are at your peak.
That lasts 3-6 hours. And coming down
takes pretty smartly 3-five hours.

So it's good to take a full day for it. And a higher day as smartly, so which you have gotten have been given time
to manner the entirety and get a tight relaxation. It's been two hours. How do you are feeling? It's in actuality weird.

I've by no means felt like this past than. No?
-But I'm very comfy. I'm very active by nature,
so I'm form of puzzled now. When you are inebriated, you get active.

It's the comparable feeling, notwithstanding the other. It does not make sense.
It's in actuality weird. Wow, it appears identical to it's shifting.
It's so uncommon.

It's shocking funny, in actuality. Keep taking a look at it. No, then it in actuality turns into weird.
No, then I…

When I preserve taking a look at it,
it's merely as if… Give it a are observing.
-No, put it away. You're establishing to get shocking active again.
-My head feels uncommon. What do you are feeling?
-It does not feel like my head.

-Yes, precisely. Yes, LSD it appears makes concerns
appear to have a exclusive architecture. It's form of chill. This feels nice.

I'm in actuality spacing powerful.
-Yes? Yes. Shit. Being stoned or utilizing XTC.

You can't evaluate it to either of these. Your physique temperature is up: 38.3. Does this have glitters on it
or am I merely imagining that? No, there are not any glitters on it.
-No? Yes, there are. Let me see.

-No? Look, here I have a portray. It's shifting. It's going like… Shit, what the fuck? It permits to keep getting big and smaller
and big and smaller.

You're not doing it does not subject what else, are you?
-Look at my arms. It's like this color permits to keep going on
after which up again. LSD alters your sensory notion. Everything flows in mixture.

Things can birth shifting or modification structure. You can watch out concerns differently. You've been spacing on this portray now. I ask your self what is going to turn up
once you visible attraction at your self.

Okay, I'm turning the replicate round. I don't desire to visible attraction at myself.
-Why not? Because my head goes like this. It's very uncommon.
It's merely as if I'm not myself.

Maybe you have heard that LSD gets kept
in your spine and that creates flashbacks. Bullshit.
-Sheer nonsense. You would possibly just additionally get flashbacks, triggered
by reminiscences, emotions or intellect. It has not by any means to do together with your spine.

You would possibly just additionally get dizzy or nauseous. But you are not nauseous, are you?
-A little. But you do not should throw up?
-No, notwithstanding maybe we should eat something. Do you ought to eat something?
I'll get something.

Look at this. A whole bunch of food.
-Nice. That sandwich is shifting. What the fuck?
-How is it shifting? Like this.

It's going to and fro. If you put this in your mouth… It appears to change into smaller.
Cool, will by no means be it? That biscuit furthermore is shifting.

You acknowledged you spot the entirety transfer.
How will this move? No, I can't do it.
It permits to keep shifting consistently. I can't do that.

And that sound is driving me loopy. We'll put it away again. It permits to keep shifting, so I get thrown off course.
-I saw that. It changed into pointless.

What's your calories level like now?
-Very high. At the establishing you have gotten been very sluggish.
-I nevertheless had to to find out what it's like. But critically, it's in actuality intense.
It's in actuality intense.

Do you intend it?
-I wouldn't merely do it off the bat. It's so intense
that it's as regards to no a snigger anymore. Seriously. It's so intense.

I take into accounts I'll be KO
for 2 weeks after this. Would you maintain to do concerns
you broadly speaking can't? No, I don't take into accounts so.
Oh man, I'm spacing so powerful. Do you're taking into accounts you are in a quarter to capture?
-I do not comprehend. Throw me something.

That's moderate.
-Then we'll step it up a level. It's going like…
I'm absolute best focusing to your sweater. A nice ride sweater, will by no means be it? Your responsiveness concurrently catching
changed into in actuality nugatory. Therefore by no means use LSD
once you has to be a a segment of in in traffic.

How long you're taking into accounts you have been tripping?
-At least four hours. It in actuality lasts so long. You can sleep with out hardship after LSD.
-But I'm original you dream like loopy. Using LSD two days in a row is pointless,
brought on by you robotically construct up tolerance.

If you're taking LSD again a higher day,
you would possibly just additionally not even note. After four-five days
the tolerance is long gone again. But it's counseled to wait many no doubt different months
past than making plans an exchange ride. This guy goes to keep spacing
for masses no doubt different extra hours.

This changed into Drugslab for this week.
If there's a drug you are curious pretty smartly… Let us comprehend in the comments
and maybe we'll analyze it. And watch the do's and don'ts video
pretty smartly LSD. Like and subscribe,
and we'll see you again next week.

Bye. I'm in actuality extraordinarily worn-out.
I couldn't do it does not subject what else anymore last night time. I changed into so beat.

I went to sleep early
and slept for an namely long term. When I get up this morning,
I notion: Oh, I feel shocking reasonable. But now, many no doubt different hours later,
I realise I'm nevertheless worn-out. Because it changed into so intense,
all the ones colours and the entirety.

I'll merely take it moderate this day,
after which I'll feel fine again..

Athens and Side-Trips

Athens and Side-TripsHI, I'M RICK STEVES, BACK WITH












































































OF one hundred thirty SHIPS, AS THE GREEKS












10 School Trips That Went Horribly Wrong

10 School Trips That Went Horribly Wrong10. The Sex Tape A teacher become in significance of 29 pupils on a
tennis shuttle to Portugal. While there, he failed to impose curfews and
allowed the underage toddlers to drink alcohol and stay at a nightclub except for after 4:30am. On without equal evening, he allowed a 17-year-ancient
male to exploit his resort room to have sex with a girl hed picked up throughout the membership.

Midway through sex, the boy spotted a digicam
poorly hidden and pointing into the bed room. He scrolled through the pictures to peer his
teacher coming up the digicam. When faced, the trainer noted it become a
joke, yet hes now banned from teaching for 4 years after the boy said him. Source: The Telegraph 9.

The Brisk Mountain Walk In 2004 a teacher led 39 girls up a 2,500ft
mountain dressed in skirts and operating shoes. The teacher didnt think to extend a map
or compass and in the quit had to borrow a pupils cellular to dial 999 after they grew to spice as much as be
stranded in heavy, disorientating mist at circular 4:30pm. 10 Rescuers had been known as out to maintain the females folk
three hours later. They had been realized dressed in bin baggage to provide safeguard to themselves from the attainable picks.

Nobody theory to question why the trainer
received related here inclined with bin baggage yet no map or compass Source: The Guardian 8. The Classmates Brain A forensic know-how shuttle to a mortuary took
on a darkish twist for New York High School college students, once they received related here upon their 17-year-ancient former
classmates brain in a jar. The jar become categorised with the pick out of the boy
who had died in a car twist of fate most genuinely apt a pair of months prematurely. Although his mom and dad had agreed to an autopsy,
they had no longer agreed to his remains being saved in a jar.

Source: CNN. 7. Most Wanted A fugitive on the run from a sequence of crimes
become taken again into custody after he chaperoned his daughters elementary college matter shuttle. Donald Vasser featured on Washingtons Most
Wanted as a over the genuine-violent culprit with extra than 20 arrests to his pick out.

Another guardian on the varsity shuttle identified
him from the explicit and known as the police. When faced by an officer, Vasser ran
away. But in a fairly anticlimactic finishing, he later turned himself in. His convictions protected assaulting a police
officer, burglary, and harassment, which positioned him throughout the peak 10 most major americans throughout the

Source: CBS. 6. CSI: Florida Ms. Messenger had planned a relaxing college shuttle
for her elegance in Florida to reveal them extra or less forensics.

She laid out clues on a ridicule crime scene,
along side paper skeletons and fake weapons. When toddlers received related here upon a hand clutching
a fence, they presumed it become an threat clue it become in yes bet a vain frame. The frame become that of a homeless man who had
died of universal causes. Naturally, the kids had been comparatively shaken up
extra or less their locate.

Although it did added their understanding of crime scenes and likewise
gave them a bet to enquire extra than a few rigamortis. Bonus abilities! Source: The Guardian 5. Red Light District Two 17-year-ancient pupils werent satisfied
with their college physics shuttle to Geneva, so they took things in to their very own palms
by getting inebriated and hitting the pink smooth district. One of the boys then had his coins stolen
by a girl working in a nightspot they had visited.

They had been caught after complaining to bar
frame of worker's with regard to the robbery. The Swiss police determined to take no movement,
having noted that the boys had been sent domestic early from the shuttle after the lecturers realized. Sounds
like they had a fortunate holiday out from a know-how shuttle to me Source: The Guardian 4. Childbirth Trip While on a university shuttle, a 12-year-ancient girl
from the Netherlands begun to files violent abdominal pains.

Emergency revenue had been known as and once they
arrived they noticed that the girl become at the factor of giving origin. She become rushed to a shut-by building whereby
she gave origin to a extra wholesome baby. Neither the girl nor the domestic knew she become
pregnant, as she had no outdoor symptoms to precise it. Source: The Telegraph 3.

The Blister On a university shuttle to Barcelona, academics encouraged
the toddlers to wear ingredient 50 sunlight cream, as they had been journeying a water park. Kids being kids, most individuals of them lost sight of
the lecturers background, and effortlessly because the lecturers couldnt legally pressure them to wear sunscreen,
they received burned. Seriously burned. Temperatures had been circular 30 ranges C at the
time and the kids had been at the park for 6 hours.

15-Year-ancient Connor Pritchard had to struggle through
specialist medication at the burns unit on his go back and stayed in health facility for 6 weeks. Source: The Metro, Daily Mail 2. The Slavery Ambush An innocent, tranquil college shuttle to glance at
nature turned grotesque for a suite of heart schoolers once they had been ambushed and introduced to a slavery
re-enactment for the duration of the evening. The simulation concerned a ridicule slave furnish
files, being stuffed related into a darkish room, and being told to imagine that theyd certainly
noticed their father's murder.

The college students, or slaves, had been then threatened
faster than being chased through the darkish woods as they tried to holiday out. One girls report defined a teacher telling
her that if she had been to run, they would whip her except for she bled on the bottom, after which
the two decrease her Achilles tendon or increase her. Some toddlers also said the frame of worker's riding
the N phrase, no matter if the lecturers denied this, claiming that as an threat they known as them a dumb,
darkish-skinned negro grownup. Source: HLN TV.

1. The Disaster Trip to the Hebrides Geography teacher Mr. Harris led a suite of
toddlers on a fieldtrip to a remote island throughout the Hebrides [heb-rid-eeze]. The shuttle started out robust with a exercising experience
leading to the mass arrest of the overall elegance.

This become after a boy impaled himself on a
exercising compartment lampshade. Mr. Harris then had to chat the police out
of taking the elegance clear of him thank you to an attempted murder; sooner than the complete thing they believed
the boy had been stabbed. Once throughout the Hebrides, an arctic snow fall secured
the elegance in tents, giving them no hugely diversified yet to done their homework.

It took 3
days for the 2 feet of snow to refreshing. When the climate eased up, they hired a fisherman
to take them to the shut by Isle of Muck. Within hours, they had been stranded on the island. The vicinity almost starved and the full elegance
slept in a barn except for the fisherman rescued them two days later.

Source: The Guardian.